Google John Derbyshire racist

So a conservative has defected fully to race realism. and the blogosphere is up in arms.

The Blaze is sympathetic. So much for Glenn Beck’s 8/28 MLK rally, LOL.

Matt Lewis at the Daily Caller whines but the commenters are hitting back. I wasn’t able to copy any of the comments, the page has some kind of security on it, but the commenters are overwhelmingly pro-Derb (pro-White).

I googled “John Derbyshire racist” and what I noticed is that the people who are supposedly “disgusted” with Derb’s, are quoting him extensively — in other words, making the Derb’s ideas go viral, even while screeching condemnation. They remind me of Randall’s narration of the honey badger:

Edit: Great comment from Atlantic Wire article by Elspeth Reeve calling for Derb to be fired:

TwoHatchet 16 minutes ago

If the editor of The Atlantic won’t do the sensible thing and fire Elspeth Reeve then the editor should give serious thought to transferring her to the fashion section of the magazine for she seems to rely on her talent for reporting on fashion rather than politics in this piece. Her entire essay reeks of fashionable thought, so send her to the minor leagues and let her ply her “Mean Girls” vibe as she disses other people for not being fashionable.

If she wants to play in the big leagues, in the world of ideas, then this essay of hers is a pitiful calling card. Really, calling for someone to be fired for having a thesis that she doesn’t find fashionable. That’s a disgraceful position from someone who is SUPPOSED to be engaged in the world of ideas. If you’re so engaged then the antidote to ideas that you reject is to present better ideas, not to call on the person you’re discussing to be fired. This is the tactic that the Communists perfected when they couldn’t defend their beloved Marxism from criticism.

I have to give credit to the director of Davis Guggenheim, the director of “Waiting for Superman” credit, at least he, unlike Elspeth, openly declared to the world that he was a hypocrite for not wanting to subject his children to the “benefits” of diversity while calling on these “benefits” to rain down on ordinary people. It’s far more admirable to forthrightly declare that you are issuing Public Lies as you live your life according to Private Truths than it is to be a Mean Girl engaged in character assassination and have nothing substantive to say about the topic at hand other than the fact that Elspeth is a good person for calling on Derbyshire to be fired. She’s a disgrace to the class of people who traffic in ideas and analysis. An utter disgrace. Maybe Gawker could better use her talents.


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46 Responses to Google John Derbyshire racist

  1. P K van der Byl says:

    The official 5 minute hate is overwhelming … Derb has gone out with a bang (given that he is old and unwell this was something of a swansong/FU to the NR crowd). With this, Derb has shown that – whatever differences we may have with him – he is a gentleman and a brave Englishman to boot.

    The real take-home here is that the ritual denunciations are indistinguishable coming from NR, MediaMatters, DailyKos, Forbes … they are THE SAME.

    One enemy, all massed against us. They can shout “RACIST” all day and night long, and they will, but they have no real arguments left. Derb simply stated, in bullet-point format, what at least 80% of whites (and I suspect Asians also) know to be true.

    Derb’s timing, as l’affaire Trayvon devolves into naked black hatred, was impeccable. Bless him.

    Also, in the age of the net and twitter, NR can’t ditch him quite so quietly as they did Brimelow, Sobran, Buchanan, and others. This is all delightfully public. That Lowry, Goldberg, and Ponnuru are just hacks who care about being “respectable” – keep those Georgetown cocktail party invites coming! – is now undeniable. NR are just a bunch of house-niggers.

    • mindweapon says:

      Great summation of the Derbyshire affair! It does seem like a swan song, like a Parthian shot from someone who has been “holding back.” The reactions about the web are priceless.

      Race realism fires a shot across the bow of SS Multikult.

  2. Ryu says:

    Randall sounds as queer as a three dollar bill. Badgers are cool animals though. It’s interesting to watch animals fight. If we gave them the ability to think, we would cause them to slow down and make more mistakes.

    • mindweapon says:


      I was comparing the reactions to Derb as Randall’s reaction to honey badger. Derb is honey badger, and the left blogosphere are Randall.

      Derby-badger don’t care! He’s a fucking racist! Omigod, look at that racist go, he’s even running backwards. Ooh gross, he mentioned racial differences in intelligence, and now he’s eating liberal dogmas whole while the liberals all try to sting him! Now he’s eating an anti-white cobra! The cobra got him fired from his job, and he’s asleep, but look, now he got back up and he’s eatin the liberal cobra again!

      • Ryu says:

        Ah. I gotcha. You were refering to Derbie’s sportcasting and baby talk. LOL.

      • Honeybadgers are the African eco-niche equivalent of the North American Wolverine. Saw a film awhile back of two timber wolves bringing down an elk. Sat down to their meal, then a wolverine – about 1/3 the size of one (1) wolf showed up and backed off both wolves…ate his fill, then sauntered off. To survive, Whites must become wolverines. Mindweaponed and withour fear. Invest in lead.

    • Tyrone South africa says:

      MW -you should have had a keyboard alert on that video…I had tosplutter onto my lap.

      Had the excitement of seeing a Honey badger (hand reared orphan – on a dog’s harness no less) up close at a JHB Zoo evening last year…they are hyperactive, intensely curious and *really* tough. Being bitten by a cobra…they do – somehow- seem to be able to survive it. Saw similar footage as part of the evening. Unbelievable.This one was amazingly cute. They’re not big…half the size of a Lab, but just muscle.

      A good emblem for WNs perhaps..

      Thanks for the great site – an inspiration. Here in (the NEW)SA, we see the raw black african daily – even less of a veneer of civilization than NA blacks. Like you’ve often said…it’s only when you actually live next to them do you see them for the (unversally ) failed race they are. No bigotry – observation only. Same hypocrisy though – but here AA is for the 90% majority – to ‘correct past injustices”.. They KNOW they can’t compete with Whites. YKW, *strangely* enough, also played a huge part in the ‘Struggle’, as theylike to call it.

      ****the evening was a book launch…so unsurprisingly, no pavement apes in the audience.***

  3. robroysimmons says:

    Every black has heard the Derbyshire talk because they have secret code de-coders. So when Guliani was running to displace BRA in the one city that matters all the jews and whites were talking in this language to a black person. On another thread I made sore lamentations about race realist leadership, well I think this incident will remove NYCs influence from the conservative side, and not a moment too soon.

  4. Booc says:

    The link for Derbyshire’s article didn’t work for me but found the content here.

    All I can say is hahaha……hehehe!

    • Columnist says:

      Also, is it a thing, white parents having “a talk” about black people with their kids?


      If you’re not racist, it involves discussing the historical legacy of slavery and the damage to a community that broken promises and ongoing prejudice cause. It affirms the fundamental dignity of all human beings and the need to be vigilant in respecting the dignity of others, regardless of skin color. It’s about teaching your children to be respectful and kind.

      If you are racist, then it’s about gangsters, drugs, and guns.
      posted by R. Schlock at 7:24 AM on April 7 [4 favorites]

      Funny, the Arabs had Black slaves, and don’t have a problem with Black hoodlums causing mayhem. “But, but, you WNs oppose Islam?” So what, you Leftists oppose Islamophobia, and should be glad when someone adopts something useful from Islam, nudge, nudge, wink, wink.

      • ritarabbit says:

        I’ll bet Asians have VERY VERY candid talks with their kids about Blacks. Wouldn’t you like to be a fly on the wall for that discussion?

  5. ritarabbit says:

    Now that I’m racially honest and awake, I have discussions with my now grown children about YKW.

    It works like this.

    Daughter: Mom, I was at a museum the other day and I was noticing how ugly the “modern art” there was. I mean, really ugly and weird. It doesn’t seem like art at all to me.

    Mom: Well Honey, that’s because there are PEOPLE in this country (she already KNOWS who I’m taking about) who don’t have the ability or perserverence to create beautiful art like Europeans always have. Because of this, they denigrate any type of art that requires study, discipline and talent. Anything of beauty. And they promote “art” that requires nothing of them or is ugly or disrespectful of Western culture. Like a red dot on a white background. Or someone urinating on a crucifix.

    Daughter: Hmmm…

  6. Freedom Cobra says:

    Well I’ll give him credit for not using his oriental bride as a talisman against “racism” charges.

    • Matt Strictland says:

      Thats less common these days and most times it wouldn’t work anyway Lefties see them as White unless its convenient for the narrative Happily for the Asians , many Whites (not WN’s mind but race realists) basically see them the same way.

      Frankly I think we probably too many or at least enough but at least these people are mostly civilized and reasonably smart. If they or even they and YKW were the only vibrancy we had to deal with I wouldn’t be here.

      However they aren’t so …

    • AnalogMan says:

      Didn’t work for George Zimmerman, did it? And that’s where I differ from Derbyshire’s article. Cultivating a “best black friend” as a talisman against charges of racism is not only useless, it’s counter-productive. For one thing, it makes you lose focus and integrity. For another, your BBF will turn on you in a heartbeat in precisely those situations when you need a “non-racist charm”.

      Avoid them. All of them, all the time.

  7. FN says:

    Derbyshire’s attack published in the American Conservative on Kevin MacDonald was the lowest of the low. Derbyshire is married to a Chinese national and has two chinese mongrel daughters. He is so philo-semitic that I wonder about his pedigree.

    To say that I despise this hasbara MF is putting it mildly.

    • P K van der Byl says:

      I disagreed with Derb’s famous column on Dr MacDonald (“The Marx of the Anti-Semites”) but it was fair, judicious, and scholarly in its tone – unlike 98% of the reviews of Dr MacD’s work.

      Must we get into Derb’s “miscegenist” family life? When the nig-nogs riot and come for us, do you think they will care who is half-white and half-Asian?

      And don’t knock the Asians in toto – Koreans in LA in ’92 did a helluva job defending themselves from the black mob, far better than any whites I saw.

      As for Derb and the Jews, it’s a complex topic. He has some philo-Semitic views, and some which Jews don’t like at all: it’s complicated (and I know Derb slightly IRL and we have discussed this issue: we have disagreed, but as with all things Derb, respectfully so).

      The Derb case shows that, no matter how careful you are about well known “redlines”, they will come after you eventually. Important.

      As I have said before: Those who are not against us, are with us.

      • mindweapon says:

        @P K van der Byl

        What does IRL mean? So you have corresponded with Derb personally?

        Here’s my thought on other races. The highest level White nationalists (and we should aspire to making all White nationalists higher level WN’s, or as many as possible) never



        admit to or reveal hostility to other races, excepting, of course, the talk we make among ourselves. If they want to listen in on us talking to each other, whatever. But there is no strategic value in being openly hostile to other races, or even to YKW. Taqqiyah is Rule 1.

        Our line is this; “Whites have legitimate conflicts of interest with Organized Jewry and with all other groups, just as every other group has legitimate conflicts of interest with other groups. Blacks and Hispanics have legitimate conflicts of interest, Eskimos and Whites in Alaska have legitimate conflicts of interest, Muslims and Jews have legitimate conflicts of interest, and so on.”

        Our problem is that we are not allowed to even acknowledge this legitimate conflict of interest, while every other group is allowed to wage a war of ethnic interest against us.

        So we have to frame it this way (h/t Kevin Macdonald). Legitimate conflict of interest. Hate, you say? Well, perhaps justified anger at not being allowed to have a group identity or express our legitimate conflicts of interest!

        As for the Asians. Here’s how we promote our interests as regard to the Asians — we must aspire to math/science/engineering and owning convenience stores, liquor stores (instead of the Hindus and Paks). The Jews, Hindus, Paks and Chinese are taking the elite positions in America because Americans have gone degenerate, lazy and anti-intellectual. My first post to Mind Weapons in Ragnaork was about the ruling elites in the New York Times Weddings and Celebrations page, and it is our job to compete successfully against these people. Not shoot them. Not gas them in gas chambers. Not blow them up. Compete against them and beat them.

        Here’s what America’s ruling elite looks like:

        America’s ruling elites

        Islam and Judaism both contain Mindweapon formulations in them — taqqiyah, chutzpah, jihad, asabiyah, kvetching, naches, kashrut and halal (control of one’s group’s food supply), frum, Friday sabbath (to separate from Sunday sabbath people), dar al Islam versus dar al Harb, and so on. Christians have nothing like these things. These are Mindweapons, and Semites wage Mindwar against other Semites and non-Semites, who are more vulnerable to Semitic Mindwar.

        However, we can evolve to adapt to Semitic Mindwar and push back againts it. see the video on this page:

        White nationalists are MRSA

  8. P K van der Byl says:

    Kievsky: IRL = In Real Life. I know Derb, and I know Kevin MacD – not just on the internet, IRL. They are both gentlemen and scholars of the highest order. They are, in different ways, profound gifts to whites and our struggle. I am a lot closer to Dr MacD in my views, but I treasure them both.

    And I love your site, and the entire Mindweaponization approach: sheer brilliance. I’m in New England too … you’ve got my email addy, ping me. We should know each other IRL too.

  9. Admirer says:

    @Mindweapon: This response isn’t about the veracity of Christianity per se in respect to your own sentiments, but from a factual perspective the Catholic Church had such formulations before it got aids (liberalism – hat tip to you!), Except they weren’t semitic sneaky like YKW and the arabs – they were right in your face! Prior to Vatican II, the Church had a much more restrictive view of religious liberty. The Church thought it was the duty of the state to suppress public demonstrations of alien creeds like judaism and islam because it did not want believers to be tempted by apostasy. Note that the dominant narrative now in the west about the Church’s efforts to enforce religious and societal unity is from YKW’s perspective (cue their critique of the inquisition, etc.). Further, Christians throughout history restricted the ability of YKW to interact with Christians in various ways. For example, jews were not allowed to teach gentile children, or to hold positions in government in gentile nations. These Christians understood implicitly that the jews had their own agenda that was hostile. But this has changed throughout all Christian sects, No one sees the need to defend kith, kin, or even their own faith or nation from alien interlopers! El Cid, Charles Martel and Pius V are rolling over in their graves!

  10. Admirer says:

    NB: I should have left El Cid out of that list.

  11. FN says:

    In a personal and private exchange JD was rude, arrogant, and so pro-Jew it was shocking, truly. I can understand the hysterical philo-semitism but the coarse, rude and vicious remarks are the hallmark of the Semitic mindset.
    The FRIEND of my ENEMY is NOT my friend.

    JD is a viper and he has reaped what he has sown, unlike innocents such as Matt Hale, et al. You cannot let YKW or their agents INSIDE the WN movement, if you do then it is DOA. Haven’t WN learned that by now?

  12. P K van der Byl says:

    FN: Are you an FBI provocateur or just trying hard to seem like one?

    • mindweapon says:


      FN is a hard core vanguardist. Vanguardists and mainstreamers are both welcome here. The big rule here is no incitement to violence, and FN doesn’t violate that rule.

      The vanguardists are right about being wary of who you let in. For example, Lawrence Auster is not on our side. He might as well be Rachel Maddow. If anyone demands that we do not name YKW as the main problem, that person is not on our side.

      • Booc says:

        Agree. Jeeper crow, what do we need Jews for? Don’t they have their damn groups? Seriously people.

      • P K van der Byl says:

        I am perfectly happy to name the YKW; the issue is tone and alienating people who are not our enemies, Larry A will never come over to our side, but there are pleny of whites who might, if not scared off immediately by rhetoric the sounds like Der Stuermer. Decades of MW against us have taken their toll, we need to accept that and fight smart. Being a vanguardist does not mean sounding loony – Dr MacDonald is the best one we’ve got, and his tone is always scholarly and learned, no shouting. That’s what we need to aim for, that’s what wins people over. I know, because he won me over.

      • mindweapon says:

        that’s great P K! It’s always good to hear conversion stories, and what works.

      • Josey Montana says:

        Remember: homogeneity might be good for communities but it’s counter-productive in shaping society.

        Think in terms of “segments”. Each segment of the population is motivated differently, reacts differently and thinks differently from the next segment. It’s definitional.

        Hard core has its place in moving the Overton window, if you will allow the reference. Radicals change the rules of the game.

        MW addresses a new, largely unrecognized segment: those with something to lose and who also have much to give if they don’t lose it first. Think of this as “preparing the ground” or even advanced “indoctrination and logistics”. A man does not learn to walk in a day. First he must learn to crawl. For us, WE MUST HAVE A FUNCTIONAL INFRASTRUCTURE IN PLACE OR ALL THE TALK AND ACTION IN THE WORLD IS WASTED.

        A3P, Constitution Party, Pro-Life, even the Catholic church can act as the public organizations, the “political fronts” so well exploited by the Bolsheviks. They implement the agenda of the hard core, piece meal, in a socially acceptable fashion, and are supported by the indoctrination and logistics division.

        Further, the “Political” and “Action” wings must operate in separate spaces, coordinated but independent, to preserve deniability, allow room for failure and success, and to do whatever the moment requires.

        At day’s end, a “movement” is more than pour own sense of political correctness: it is a whole lot of people who think more or less the same as each other, with a general sens that something is very broken, and who have a common idea of what must be done to rectify it. Keep the big picture in mind. It’s how we got screwed and we’ve got to unwind it much the same way … unless someone here has a few billion dollars laying around to
        start from scratch somewhere else

      • mindweapon says:

        Keep the big picture in mind. It’s how we got screwed and we’ve got to unwind it much the same way …

        Precisely. We have to unwind what was wound; to undo what was done, and it’s going to come from a cultural groundswell, and the cultural groundswell is going to come as a result of economic relocalization.

        Economics shapes culture; culture shapes politics. People working in offices and living in condominiums and driving cars are goign to have a much different outlook on life than a rancher, or an urban dweller.

        and if there’s one thing I’ve learned in my 40+ years is that things change quickly in the modern world.

  13. TabuLa Raza says:

    Easily copied a comment from Daily Caller (Opera browser):

    Jello Collapse

    You’re the stupid one. It has been proven that Zimmerman did nothing wrong. He will walk and morons like you who refuse to respect the rule of law will froth with rage. Minorities, especially blacks, are racist and I fully expect blacks to riot when Zimmerman walks. I hope you live near a black neighborhood, so a good DWL (disingenuous white liberal) like you can fully appreciate their handiwork when the day comes

  14. will says:

    This is what happens when people are in a matriarchal society. Brutal men rule. And the average person in a matriarchal society is less intelligent than lets say a patriarchal society. However because of the fact the black society is a matriarchal society yes it is prudent to stay away from areas that have majority black and the other advice that John Derbyshire suggests.

  15. Columnist says:

    Josey Montana says:
    April 9, 2012 at 4:25 pm

    Why Pro-Life, even the Catholic church? In some respects, these groups are even more inimical to WN than the Politically Correct. According to the Catholic dominated Pro-Life, Obama is a crypto-WN.

    • Josey Montana says:

      Lets put it this way… there are “WN” and then there are White folk who want to live to see their grandchildren … who resemble them.

      In my experience, those “WN” that fixate on the problems of this, that, or the other White institution, are confusing high-level generalizations, usually out of context, with granular fact.

      In other words, as we learn in Politics 101: NEVER LET THE PERFECT BECOME THE ENEMY OF THE GOOD.

      In many instances, I honestly wonder about the dataset involved in such observations. I am a pretty hard-core anti-Rome Protestant myself, well acquainted with RCs. My father and wife are both former RCs. Here in the Philly area, it’s impossible to go more than two feet without bumping into a Papist.

      But truth be told: they are whiter than most of the rather dusky and brooding “WNs” I’ve met, with beautiful, pink children with golden locks and sunny eyes. And yes, they’ve got scads of the little darlings. Seems to me they’re doing okay from the persepctive of old Mr Darwin while the Episcopal church looks more like an episode of “Waiting for God” with commercial interludes by Ellen DeGenerate.

      So while their hierarchy might love to import Mestizos and such, the actual parishioners would be horrified if little Mary Elizabeth came home with “one of them”. In certain neighborhoods around here, that remains just cause for a beat down. I kid thee not.

      Please, in the name of salvaging our own race, I ask you to cease and desist from the basic confusion of institutional corruption with the merit of individual human beings, esepcially of our own kind.

      When you start cutting the team because they are insufficiently politically pure … you end up with a pretty small team and one that resembles the USSR with its KGB political officers to enforce orthodoxy.

      As for abortion … my wife and I have suffered mightily through multiple miscarries. I cannot even think about them and maintain composure. But I will tell you this: the experience causes me to love and cherish my sons all the more and as for those that willingly destroy their own children … hell holds a special place for them. I’m not disputing the “Darwin Award” factor as a warped, twisted silver lining, but that is almost irrelevant.


      • mindweapon says:

        Who is bashing Catholics here, Josey? I definitely would not allow that, or any internecine, religious infighting.

        I agree that ordinary Catholic folks shouldn’t be judged based on the hierarchy. I’m glad to hear that the Cats are having lots of kids and not mixing in your area. Thanks for the interesting commentary.

      • Josey Montana says:

        MW, I didn’t say anyone was bashing Catholics. Would you rather I duck and run from Columnist’s direct questions, which do in fact play with it while ignoring the larger point in favor of a common — and self defeating — pet peeve among WN? You know I write this as no lover of the CoR, which I would think qualifies as something of a reality check for the entire meme, which is really little more than an antiwhite stereotype of its own.

      • mindweapon says:

        OK, no problem. I have no time for infighting here.

        Columnist is an odd duck. He says some very profound things, but don’t get offended at some of the things he says. He asks a lot of interesting questions, but I don’t think he’s a troll like “will.”

      • Josey Montana says:

        Very fair, and the spirit in which I write as well.

  16. uKn_Leo says:

    Sad to hear about you/your wifes miscarriages Josey.

    Great to hear you have successfully had kids. You sound like you’re a fantastic father.

    All the best to your family JM.

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