“The End of My White Guilt” — the conversion of Mark Judge


Don’t look now — a nice Catholic kid in Washington DC just went up and smashed a few bricks on the Berlin Wall of multiracialism. Let’s see if he gets “excommunicated” by the Politically Correct Establishment. More importantly, let’s see if he cares.

My white guilt died on Good Friday, April 6, 2012. That was the day my bike got stolen.


I went to college at Catholic University, which is right next to the National Shrine, and I know Brookland pretty well. It’s home to several Catholic religious orders (Brookland was once known as “Little Rome”). I could be pretty certain that on Good Friday a member of the Little Sisters of the Poor, which is across the street from where I was parked, had not nicked my bike. Neither had the monks at the Dominican House of Studies on the corner. The students at Catholic University were on Easter break. That left the neighborhoods around the university. Since the time I was an undergrad at Catholic University in the 1980s, most of the crime that has occurred on campus has come from those neighborhoods, which are predominately black. As sure as it took the D.C. cops forever to get to the parking lot to file a report, I knew that the odds were very high that a black person had taken my bike — maybe one of the kids that had been described.

When I got home I vented to my friends. I told them I was going to scour those neighborhoods until I found the bike. In reply, a liberal friend gave me a lecture about profiling and told me to just forget about the bike. “That person needs our prayers and help,” she said. “They haven’t had the advantages we have.”

That’s when I lost it. I had been carefully educated by liberal parents that we are all, black and white, the same. My favorite movie growing up was “In the Heat of the Night.” Yet that often meant not treating everyone the same. It meant treating blacks with a mixture of patronizing condescension and obsequious genuflecting to their Absolute Moral Authority gained from centuries of suffering. It meant not treating everyone the same.

It meant leaving valuable things like a bike in a vulnerable position in a black part of town because you didn’t want to admit that the crime is worse in poor black neighborhoods.

Hearing the kumbaya song from my liberal friend, I immediately thought of a phrase Piers Morgan had recently used when he was debating the tiresome black liberal journalist Touré about the Trayvon Martin case. Touré had accused Morgan of not “fully understanding what’s really going on here and what’s really at stake for America.” To which Morgan replied: “What a load of fatuous nonsense you speak, Touré, don’t you? You think you have the only right to speak about what’s serious in America? You think I don’t have the right as somebody from Britain who spent the last six or seven years here to address the story like this with the seriousness it deserves?”

Score one for the Queen. In that moment, I had a change of consciousness. Why was I assuming that the kid who stole my bike was acting out of some terrible pain, as if he had been directly under the lash of Bull Connor? What if he has a car, a nice apartment, a hot girlfriend and good health?

What if he is just a selfish asshole?

I decided that I’m just going to let go of my white guilt. We’re all human, we all experience pain in our lives. And black pain is no different than white pain.

It felt good to say it: Black pain is no different than white pain. I’m tired of people using the moral authority of past generations for their own personal gain and self-aggrandizement. Soledad O’Brien, a Harvard graduate, acts like she just stepped off the Amistad.

I mentioned that growing up in a good liberal household, my favorite movie was “In the Heat of the Night.” It’s the story of a brilliant black policeman who has to solve a murder in a redneck town in the South. In one scene in the movie, the policeman, played by Sidney Poitier, is convinced that a rich white man is guilty of a crime. He begins to ignore the evidence, and says he is going to “drag this cat off his hill” and prosecute him. A white sheriff looks at him in disbelief. “Man,” the sheriff says with a kind of sad realization, “you’re just like the rest of us.”

Mark Judge is the author of A Tremor of Bliss: Sex, Catholicism, and Rock ‘n’ Roll.


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39 Responses to “The End of My White Guilt” — the conversion of Mark Judge

  1. Cranberry says:

    Bully for Mr. Judge and prayers that 1,000 more like him per day appear on the roles.

    I am conflicted about my own Catholic faith and what is the official position regarding race relations. Loving thy neighbor is not supposed to mean loving (and trusting) him so much that you allow his fox to raid your henhouse. If a neighbor, Catholic or not, is not contrite about his actions, than there is no need to forgive or even give benefit of the doubt. Protecting your home and custom is a Christian duty inasmuch as instructing a sinner in righteous living is. If the sinner cannot or will not repent, than you leave him up to God, and protect yourself. All life is purposed to give glory unto God, but some are lost: he came for us, and for many – but not all (this is a new interpretation of the Latin mass in the Novus Ordo. Not all will be saved or even care to hear the message, and we must focus on the willing many, and not the mixed willingness of the “all” to hear).

    The “all” are comprised of the lost, the deaf, the infertile soil. The sons of Ham are afflicted because of their unwillingness to believe in God, and so will forever wander in the wilderness of sin and shame, never understanding a moral or righteous purpose to life. Yes, some of the sons of Ham can be redeemed, but they are the “all” and not the “many,” as are the Jews likely the “all” and not the “many” if they refuse to hear. And hearing is not enough; hearing, learning, and changing action matters.

    It is within the Catholic worldview to see that some will not be saved because they, themselves, do not will it to be so. Some will always be criminals because they will to be so. We do not need to sacrifice ourselves on the altar of their sin and waywardness. It seems, and only from some anecdotal evidence on my part, that there is a return to traditionalism and catechism amongst Catholics and other Christians – a return to the European roots of the faith (see Cambria Will Not Yield @ wordpress for eloquent and erudite defense of European Christianity).

    Part of my own awakening had to do with a too-long backlash against religion and a desire to see the faith of my fathers and mothers NOT denigrated in secular, Jewish, Muslim, or pseudo-Christian circles. I know many have their arguments with Rome, and I am trying to understand them, but overall, we are European, and Christian at our core even with its attendant pagan rituals, and those are beautiful things. We know the outsider can be welcomed, and tolerated, but not assimilated, for our world is not his, and if our faith be the same, then we must truly forge alliances that bond along the lines of faith rather than race. Otherwise, when the lines are stretched thin, the bonds that form will not be those of a shared faith, but those of a shared ethnic heritage.

  2. Ryu says:

    Wow! The snow leopard. Usually when their pet negros get testy, the liberals run away or double down. Well, I hope it takes. The memory of this incident may fade. Hate is good, but he also needs a positive, a love for his own people. That’s much harder to gain and longer lasting.

    • Cranberry says:

      Jesus said to forgive your personal enemies (inimicos) not your national enemies (hostes). This could be extended to the enemies of your ethnos – your nation. If they are not of you, then they are not for you, either as supportive beings or worthy of your support or inclusion.

  3. uKn_Leo says:


    Cambria Will Not Yield – Thanks for the great link Cranberry]

  4. Firepower says:

    PC-ism in the west has decayed the zeitgeist, to such an extent that reason no longer works on Leftist Liberals. Hell, even “zeitgeist” has been dumbed-down into “meme.”

    Libtards can’t be warned “don’t wear your Rolex and take your hot daughter to downtown Detroit or LA.” Such obvious sense is branded as racist. Why warn them anyway?

    When common sense instruction fails to take the place of painful experience, let it be so. That is the first indicator that the painful experience needs reintroduction. Instruction is considered “abstract” now and experience, paramount.

    Sadly, The Craziness has taken-over to the point that the only way to make the blind see is if Rachel Maddow gets raped in a Central Park Wilding. Some years ago, the son of politically correct AOL’s ruler was abducted, tortured and murdered for his PIN number. Like any good PC Prince, he fell on his sword and retired before disgracing The Cause.

    • Columnist says:

      Maybe the elite is willing to lose a few fingers, in order to make the common White lose an arm.

      • Firepower says:

        If the common white is still so uninformed after the advent of the Internet – and blogs like this, and mine…and a billion others – it’s The Ash Heap of History, then. History, like Nature – is a bitch.

      • That’s right: the Jews are willing to sacrifice QUITE a few of their own in order to attain this or that Tribal objective. Consider the “Holocaust”, in fact a Zionist-Nazi connivance, and its prefigured outcome: Jew-state in Palestine.

      • Columnist says:

        MajikFireHornet says:

        April 11, 2012 at 12:05 am

        Could we use the sacrificed Jews for our own purposes? Do the sacrificed Jews like it that they are sacrificed? This theme is also found in “None dare call it conspiracy”.

      • Firepower says:

        I can’t be sure, but I think so. Levin was replaced by a black, if I recall.

        It would have been “Retaliatory Racism” to hire a white. Would’ve appeared AOL was “getting back” at the poor colored race who killed Levin Jr.

        Of course, the black CEO Messiah replacement promptly turned AOL into a spittoon.

        The Levins were victims of their own liberalism; I feel no pity for them. I’ve seen much worse in person. Levin went kind of “green hippie” after – like a breakdown. Probably trying to search for answers from I AM why his son had to die so grisly.

        I bet $1,000,000 no answer ever came.

  5. Columnist says:

    Ryu says:

    April 10, 2012 at 12:06 pm

    In-bloody-deed. Christianity forbids polygamy, Buddhism forbids polygamy, so if the Muslims want to have their rocks, it will be Odin.

    • Matt Strictland says:

      We need more Real Olde Tyme Religion and lots more Odin and Thor or Perkuna or Zeus for that matter

      With apologies to belivers here but the problem with Chritianity is that it started life as a Jewish sect. Because it was made by Jews for Jews than exported in a binge of Universalism it is a Jewish Mind Weapon filled with alien thinking. Unknowingly we are being sorta Jews with our own trappings grafted on. The fact that the West has put a stamp on it that doesn’t matter, the ethical codes and expected behavioral codes are not ours.

      Chrtianity is about obedience and meakness, something Pontiffs and Kings Love but our own values are about striving, honor and kinship

      A restoration of some kind of folk tradition, by Whites for Whites much as Shinto is for Japanese would enable us to to have a stronger sense of solidarity with our own kind and protection from Semitic Mind Weapons. It won’t be perfect, our original Holy texts were lost and what we have was translated by Chritians but its a start

      The Bible Mathew 5:5

      “Blessed are the meek: for they shall inherit the earth”

      an example from the Havamal (the Norse Bible) as vs an incite to personal glory

      Cattle die, kindred die,
      Every man is mortal:
      But the good name never dies
      Of one who has done well

      Cattle die, kindred die,
      Every man is mortal:
      But I know one thing that never dies,
      The glory of the great dead

      Which is more us, knuckle down and obey and get glory.

      Had we these weapons, we’d be able to fend off all the guilt (a weapon Jews use so muich that the Jewish mother joke is understood by everyone) and be better.

      We could have avoided White Mand Burden (which is us acting like YKW) and a lot of troubles that come from assuming that because you are smarter than someone you ought to run them.

      Its also perfectly compatible with Republican and Democratic sytems (the Icelandic þing is milleniums old) as a bonus.

      • Columnist says:

        But I get to be Prophet, or religious strife will begin again.
        Israel has a growing Ultra-Orthodox problem. The Ultra-Orthodox do nothing else but breed and study Talmud. As long as the rest of the population stays Jewish, they cannot deny that the Ultra-Orthodox strengthen Jewish identity, and maybe call down blessing. But it is still unsustainable. So they have to get rid of their Judaism, or perish.

  6. klaos says:

    Also popular at The Daily Caller:

    Pulitzer winner: ‘Soul of heterosexual white man is at stake’ in 2012

    “The nogs stole my bike” story is currently #2 most popular after “Zimmerman family challenges Holder on New Black Panthers: Why no arrests?”

    Number 1 on the “Featured Articles” is “How to Buy Your First Gun for Defense.”

  7. uKn_Leo says:

    Matt Strictland says:
    April 10, 2012 at 2:32 pm

    ‘We need more Real Olde Tyme Religion and lots more Odin and Thor or Perkuna or Zeus for that matter’


    Anglo Saxon warriors filmed marching to battle circa 1066 (apologies for poor picture quality-technology not so hot back then). There are some red flags with a white dragon on, this is the true English flag:

    Check out this artefact:


    Germanic paganism:


  8. Exposure to minorities will often make one a race realist, or at least push a person in that direction. Observing assholish behavior (either directly, or indirectly through articles such as this one, Worldstar Hiphop videos, etc.) does more towards undoing liberal brainwashing than mountains of research on IQ, crime statistics, etc. The advantage the internet provides us is that one does not need to live in a “vibrant” neighborhood or be a public school teacher in order to observe minority dysfunction.

    • Laconophile says:

      The key is to expose them to TNB in conjunction with HBD. That’s a double whammy that their rationalization hamster cannot spin its way out of.

      TNB alone is visceral but it can still be rationalized away as “culture”. HBD alone is too cerebral to shock them from their slumber.

  9. uKn_Leo says:

    Thanks Matt.

    I just wanted to make you guys aware of a recent upsurge in European interest in their ancient, pagan, warrior culture past. This has largely been in response to forced diversity and multiculturalism that denies and denegrates our own history, in favour of outside, alien cultures.

    This is not the outcome YKW wanted!.

    • mindweapon says:

      Yes, I was just talking to someone today how everything liberals/YKW does eventually causes the opposite effect.

      They have a stark choice — let us alone and we’ll probably segregate ourselves and have replacement birthrates, or attack us with genocidal intentions, and they’ll end up getting a nation of werewolves that wants to literally tear their flesh and drink their blood.

      • will says:

        As long as the liberals have children in their indoctrination machinery. They will manage to reproduce. But take away the indoctrination and they will be extinct in no time.

      • Columnist says:

        Reverse the indoctrination machine. Infiltrate the Public School System.

  10. uKn_Leo says:

    Hehe. They think they are so clever, so wise, so all seeing and knowing.

    Yet they make so many mistakes.

    They think they are our superiors in every way.

    But they lack some basic understanding of human nature.

    The more they tighten their grip, the more of us slip through their fingers.

    Our side always wins in the end. They will never destroy the human sirit.

  11. uKn_Leo says:

    Or the human sPirit! (sorry).

  12. robroysimmons says:

    Best scene in that fine movie is the hothouse scene where the old rich boss white man tells us the truth about blacks in general.

  13. Eric Hale says:

    This is the most positive and ass-kicking blog on the internet. I have been all over, and haven’t seen more proto-werewolves in one place before. The realistically optomistic outlook and acceptance of the “culling” of the race as a prelude to the inevitable victory is extremely refreshing. Best commenters on the net, easily.

    • mindweapon says:

      Thank you very much Eric! If you have a blog, let us know and we’ll link to it.

      I agree — my commenters are really great! And I look forward to slowly building up more high quality commenters.

      We are really a consortium of blogs, of which Mindweapons is only one. Apocalypse Cometh, WN Think Tank, Oogenhand, Yggdrasil Shrugged, and Deconstructing Leftism are the rest of the consortium (forgive me if I missed anyone).

      We have a common idea — promoting and educating people about White Nationalism 2.0.

      WN 2.0 has two foci:

      1. Competing with the Asians and Jews in their realms of business and science. We want to own convenience stores, and we want our children of WN families to get into graduate schools of science and medical school, and maybe some of these science grads become patent lawyers or pharmaceutical lawyers. If you want to see who our competitors are, see this page:

      New York Times Weddings and Celebrations

      I just went there and found a priceless picture:

      Two gay Jews in full Jew shawls getting married by a rabbi. Liberalism is allowing them to express their true whackiness; they aren’t trying to fit in with us any more, just like blacks are going full TNB on World Star Hip Hop. New York Times Weddings and Celebrations is the Jewish version of World Star Hip Hop.

      We shouldn’t hate on them, or be angered by this. This is very positive for us, because it separates them from us, just as World Star Hip Hop separates blacks from us. It’s all good!

      It’s not about hate; it’s about competition, separation, and regaining our White identity with very sharp distinctions of US and THEM. Letting the Jews be very Jewy; letting the Blacks be savages, “tolerating” that, is actually working in our favor! Assimilation is genocide; separation and distinction is survival.

      We don’t want to be openly against them. We observe them quietly, from a distance. We show our children the NY Times Weddings and Celebrations page and say, “that’s your competition. THey are a bunch of weirdos who force us to pay huge taxes while they dodge taxes. They are not loyal to this country;they are cosmopolitans; they want to bring in constant streams of cheap labor and make us all low wage slaves to them. That’s why you have to get the best grades possible, get into the best schools, hide your views, hide your connections to the White Liberationist Community, and infiltrate and seize the commanding heights of money and power.”

      It’s about a waging a quiet, low level but hard fight with these people for the niches, for the commanding heights of society. We won’t hurt a hair on their head; but we want to beat them out, or beat their children out for the slots at the grad schools and professional schools and corporate VP jobs.

      2. Discourse poisoning against the multiracial Berlin Wall, also known as meme war. Occidental Dissent and SBPDL.com and cofcc.org are really the big dogs of discourse poisoning. The WordPress WN 2.0 folks support OD and to a degree, ride their coattails. YKW mass media has been Psychological Operations, or Mindwar against us; we are now countering this Mindwar with our own, and we’re doing quite well. Ryu is correct that we aren’t winnning; our enemy is losing. But we need to grow our ranks, which is why we encourage people to make a blog and we all link to another. WordPress is sort of our Facebook, because we can all subscribe to each other and follow each others comments. Facebook for WN 2.0.

      So we welcome more blogs! Join the MindWeapon army! And thanks for the compliment!

      • jewelledcranberry says:

        This is clearest and most succinct description of the movement I’ve seen yet. Too often I’ve been loathe to jump straight in with both feet because of the Hate! Kill! Racism! assocations that people make with WNs.

        It’s not about hate for me, but separatism. In my day-to-day I encounter few black or Jewish people anymore simply because of where we now live, and when I do, the interactions are usually neutral to positive rather than negative, unlike the days of living and working in the city. I think that is because I now live in a majority-majority-white area rather than in a multi-ethnic or majority black area – being in the majority means you have implicit power and freedom from harassment or just the bad behavior of others, and WN 2.0 is about being the greater majority of your area, and not surrendering ground once gained. I like this frame for several reasons:

        1) at my core, I think there are good and bad people all around, but I’ve seen too many bad apples of other ethnics to keep that view front and center
        2) at my core, I am not a violent person though I would not hesitate to resort to it if necessary, and I don’t think unprovoked violence is good to engage in if you want to be seen as the upstanding citizen in a conflict situation
        3) this frames the issue for white people as one of legitimate cultural preservation

        Regarding #3, I think that is one area where we also need to push hard. The “soft” academics need to recall whence the greatness of our modern age: all built upon the intellectual, artistic, architectural, political, and scientific successes and failures of Europe, ancient, medieval, Renaissance, and beyond. Other great civilizations have and do exist, and get their due, but none have had the reach, the wealth, or the power of the West. It cannot be left to die. WN 2.0 needs cultural and thought leaders, philosophers, to augment and enrich the lives of business owners, scientists, doctors, and farmers.

      • mindweapon says:

        thanks for that comment, Cranberry! Very good.

  14. Tabu LaRaza says:

    Best commenters on the net, easily.

    Right you are!

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