Matthew Owens; a speculative story that plays out across the country

Here’s what I think happened with Matthew Owens.

He’s driving home from work. Black kids playing basketball don’t get out of the street to let him go home. He honks or asks them, they keep playing. This has happened many times. THey simply ignore him, because they can; because now they can show dominance over a white man.

These Dominance Games happen across the country, but especially in the South, because of black density and the New South attitude of “give YT his comeuppance.”

he must have been a crazy dude because the teenagers didn’t call his bluff. they ran for their parents, who formed a Black Lynch Mob.

It was a lynch mob with primitive weapons. No guns. Like Gangso f New York, except the Whites had no gang.

One solution is for whites in the New South to live in neighborhood clusters and make a Gangs of New York type stand for their race

Alterantively, a White man who is living in such a situation should up and move to Kalispell, Montana, and defend by his demographics, a White bastion.

The Wild West was created by Reconstruction; if you read old dime novels about America in the late 1800’s, it’s all about Confederates who went West to escape Reconstruction.

Now you have a New Reconstruction, and once again the West beckons you with an offer of freedom and being White, and in doing so, you actually defend a piece of ground rather than living on enemy occupied territory.

And by living in enemy occupied territory and being White, you maintain that occupied territory for the occupiers.Let them sink, or form White Associations. Fight, or run, but don’t sit around and let yourselves get beaten down in the streets.

For the major problems of the White man, there is a White Nationalist 2.0 solution. The fundament of WN 2.0 is to change your mind; to live and think a new way. Repent doesn’t mean to say “I’m sorry” but to have a new thought:

Re — again

Pent — think

Turn off the pro sports, and turn on to Real Life here in the Real World. The relatives of your sports heroes are going to assert their dominance over you if you continue to watch them on ESPN.

Repent, for the end of America is nigh.

Repent, and think New Thoughts in the new WN Community. Take up a New Life.

The real White man’s Burden, is what he owes to future generations of White children. Take up your burden, and join us.


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29 Responses to Matthew Owens; a speculative story that plays out across the country

  1. DD says:

    I know you like the whole “white gang” idea, Kievsky. Maybe it will happen. Im not gonna wear suspenders though.

  2. Hunter Wallace is obsessed with the idea of the South somehow turning back the clock, and he criticizes Harold Covington for promoting the idea of a white homeland in the Northwest. But the South has *never* worked. Even when blacks were slaves, they represented a constant danger and a paramilitary force always had to be ready to respond at a moment’s notice- hence the Southern military colleges, the Citadel and VMI. The upper classes made enough money from slavery to regard it as worthwhile. The poor whites did not but had no voice in the South. People in the North and West did not want a hostile black population imported to live among them, and so the Civil War resulted.

    If you can’t forcibly keep the blacks away from you, and remove the ones that are near, you have to stay away from them. Wallace has said he’d rather live around blacks than white liberals. This is insane. White liberals are not people you want to know personally but they make excellent neighbors.

    • mindweapon says:

      That’s a great point, thrasymachus.

      Well, maybe this time the Whites will form Gangs of Old Dixie instead of Gangs of New York. Or flee to the West.

      I think Matthew Owens was probably a maniac fighter, a Bill the Butcher type who was ready to take ’em all on.

      • I suspect he was just tired from working all day and annoyed that some dumb kids were blocking the street. I’m guessing all he said was “Stop blocking the damn street!” and that was enough to get him beaten almost to death by a mob. Because a member of the inferior class *never* speaks harshly to a member of the superior class, if indeed he speaks at all.

      • ritarabbit says:

        Or he may have done absolutely nothing but try to drive his vehicle on a public street.

        Rita Rabbit

      • mindweapon says:

        Thats true, Rita. Of course the blacks will quickly concoct a lie. I was acknowledging the other side.

        He did make the kids go away. they did’t fight him on the spot, they ran and ginned up a lynch mob. If he screamed a racial slur at them, and they gang beat him on teh spot, it’s one thing. But going and recruiting a lynch mob is a horse of a different color.

        We need to call this an attempted lynching. It was an armed mob that came in a premeditated manner and committed attempted murder. IF Matthew Owens dies, then it IS a lynching.

    • Matt Strictland says:

      I think Hunters point is that its better to live near an honest inferior foe than an enemy who corrupts your people. Hence he’d rather be around Blacks than White Liberals. I can’t agree but its not crazy.

  3. Ryu says:

    LOL. I really like that picture with the beanie and the butcher knives.

  4. Freedom Cobra says:

    To borrow from Linder: “If niggers are flashmobbing you, go flashmob some niggers.” Say that at Amren. Watch how quickly they “moderate” you. Ha!

  5. April Gaede says:

    When we moved here to kalispell in 06 from California we had hopes of what it would be like. Our expectations have been exceeded many times over. It is so nice to be able to bike around town or have the girls run around and not be in fear for their safety. And the people here hate the government as much as any WNs I have ever met.

  6. Matt Strictland says:

    Its not White man’s burden. After all like the Hollies sang “he ain’t heavy he’s my brother.”

  7. FN says:

    Cops say it is not a hate crime, must be a LOVE CRIME. Read these MFing Demonrats:
    Democratic Underground
    Matthew Owens wielded butcher knives at kids? Has a lot of … ‎
    Some neighbors said they have witnessed belligerence from Owens in the past, and police reports show that he has gotten into scrapes before with others

    With all due respect to Brother MW’s “No Gun” policy I would urge all WNs to click on my name and visit GOA for facts on the topic of self-defense and firearms. If Obammy is re-elected well you may HAVE to take MW’s advice on that issue.

    • No thanks; Robama is as evil as Obamany. The actual, real defense of our Gun Rights isn’t politics and elections, lawyers and lawsuits. It is our Overt, Offensive Willingness to USE our guns on those who would violate those – and other – rights.

  8. will says:

    White men should learn self-defense like Krav maga training especially to defend against armed mobs whether melee weapons or firearms. Concealed carry is also an option

    • mindweapon says:


      Look into Comhrac Bas from

      • DD says:

        Are you doing it yourself? Does it take long to learn it?

      • mindweapon says:


        Yes, I have a video of it. Comhrac Bas is a different philosophy of fighting than squaring off like a boxer. It is more about running and pushing or running sideways, never stop moving, like a gladiator. that’s why it’s a way to fight off and/or escape from multiple attackers, which is what is awesome about it. I’ll email you more info.

  9. TabuLa Raza says:

    Steal toe sneakers exist- for a fast getaway with the loot.

  10. TabuLa Raza says:

    Steel toe sneakers are readily available:

  11. Joe says:

    is anyone goin’ to beat up the wall st bankers… they stole alot more from us than the blacks ever did

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