RIP Jonathan Bowden



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8 Responses to RIP Jonathan Bowden

  1. DD says:

    Are you serious? Dead? When did this happen? He is not old. WTF??

    RIP Jon.

  2. Bowden in fine shape mentally. Not physically. HardRights must emphasize physical culture, 2-3 hours of solid exercise every day, even if its only de-weeding the turnips, Kievsky-style. That’ll keep your mind alive and healthy…longer.

  3. DD says:

    Definitely. I work out religiously. It is shocking how many white guys don’t. I notice that gun-lovers are usually chubby (I mean no offense guys, so don’t get all huffy, you notice it too).

  4. Tomas de Torquemada says:

    From the England First site:

  5. anon334 says:

    WNs value physical fitness more than other types of rightists. You’re right that guns nuts are some serious fatsos. Southern conservatives are fat too.

    • DD says:

      Yeah dude, I was just making an observation. I hope I didn’t upset gunner or Southerners, but it is true. It seems that a lot of guys may think that because they have the weaponry to defend themselves that they need not be in shape. It is the idea that a man must be in shape for defense, since we have guns for that it no longer matters. A man should be in shape for it’s own sake, it is right.

  6. Freedom Cobra says:

    We lost our finest living intellectual! RIP , Mr. Bowden.

  7. ritarabbit says:

    I’m a newbie so I wasn’t familiar with Mr. Bowden. I found this on recording on Counter-Current’s website and I’m going to listen to it shortly. Thought I’d pass it along. or here:

    Rita Rabbit

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