Very important post by Alex Kurtagic, “The Role of Party Politics in Culture War”

Worth reading.


A dissident political party can provide an alternative environment to the Establishment; a dissident political party such as A3P has a long time horizon, and is using political campaigns that they are unlikely to win, but rather to use as an arena of Kulturkampf.

This is of course a very good idea. Those who take part in it, however, are identified as such.

There also needs to be a vanguard of people who have not openly identified their allegiances. These people need to work to take over a town, by following the Woody Allen motto, “90% of life is just showing up.” ONly a tiny percentage of any town participates in town politics and town businesses, and the politics and businesses are hand in glove. The town workers (often a hereditary, nepotistic niche) have members of their own families who own the town businesses, and they are a revolving door of town business and government.

So the way to take over is to constantly volunteer and be at every possible thing, and then as soon as you can, get into some town gov’t position by election or appointment. PLE’ers should definitely do this. Just by being a constant presence, you can eventually get into positions, because people retire, or don’t wnat to do it any more. Eventaully, you become part of the “5 families that control the town.”

The goal is affordable family formation for WN families — large, homeschooled families. A generation of Mindweapons.


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9 Responses to Very important post by Alex Kurtagic, “The Role of Party Politics in Culture War”

  1. Freedom Cobra says:

    Werewolf meme tie-in:

    Remember “The Howling” at all? Nice little Werewolf colony in the Northeast that operated under the guise of a “therapeutic retreat” (actually, it was). Nifty model, before the head Wolf invited a self-hating Werewolf. Then it all crashed and burned.

  2. Ryu says:

    That is a great idea. I wish I could clone myself and do it.

    Politics is a tedious business and local meetings are sparsely attended. I also believe that if someone showed up and made a hobby of it they could be mayor in 5 years. Nothing to it. It’s a wide open area.

    • mindweapon says:


      You said it best. If we made a hobby of showing up to town events. The thing is, the PLE’ers could do it as a group, a secret group, like Masons. I’m sure Masons did it this way.

      Business and government go together hand in glove. It’s not idealistic capitalism, but it is reallity. Somebody gets the contract to fix the roads; somebody gets the job of principal, vice principal, superintendent, teachers, et cetera.

      What would be espeically awesome would be if the fed gov no longer controls the public schools because they can’t pay for it. The teachers are going to be volunteers. Think of Animal Farm — Napoleon’s pups.

  3. urbandumpsterdiver says:

    MW – I plan on doing this within the month.

    I’m moving to a rural area in a few weeks. Church is 3 times a week so I’ll be going at night. I will be making friends with the local ladies. We can having sewing night, cooking night, budgeting night, you name it, at Annie’s house or I can do a workshop at the local church.

    My hubby can volunteer with the local search and rescue or other type of emergency management volunteer agencies. He can also join a local hunt/fish/shoot club where local men hang out together.

    Another under noticed portion of our white population are the middle aged “walmart” workers. I call these people walmart workers because they are the white middle-aged laid off workers (40 and up) who hurt no one. They’re either underemployed or not working at all (unemployment, food stamps, disability, etc).

    Since the upper class DWL’s despise poor working whites, I’m going to step in and befriend them. Not to just make allies but to make friends. Many of these walmart workers are pretty smart and can navigate through armageddon when things fall apart.

  4. Ah, the long view.

    Now we might start getting somewhere.


  5. ritarabbit says:

    I’ve been trying to explain why the A3P exists to people for months. WN 2.0 is about being a normal American doing normal things, instead of living on the fringe, being radical, going to jail, etc. Look at the conversations Ron Paul has been able to instigate! He probably knows he can’t win the presidency (sorry RP supporters) but he’s getting new (to many) ideas out there.

    BTW, friends tell me Ron Paul political meetings are a great place to meet a few like-minded people.

    Rita Rabbit

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