Fascinating story of Dick Parsons, Rockefeller House African-American

h/t to Mark Ames for an incredible expose on Rockefeller using a black man for a front. Especially fascinating was how Parsons was “the valedictorian” at a law school, and scored the highest score on the bar exam:

Dick Parsons, Law School Valedictorian

Whereas before, when Parsons didn’t study he failed out, now, after meeting Nelson Rockefeller, by some magical twist of fate, he was the law school’s valedictorian. Sandy Stevenson, a fellow law school classmate of Parsons’ who became a professor at Albany Law,recalled: “He didn’t study hard. He played a lot of bridge. He was so smart he didn’t have to study, and he was in the cafeteria playing bridge a lot.”

Parsons took the New York state bar exam, and scored the highest in the state, beating out all the high-achieving Ivy Leaguers that year. It may have been a complete coincidence, but Nelson Rockefeller’s right-hand man, Harry Albright, was in charge of both the law school internship program with the governor, and in charge of scoring the New York state bar exams.

You have to read this to believe it.


Citgroup’s outgoing chairman Dick Parsons’ career is the perfect example of how 1 percenters reward utter failure at the expense of the rest of us.

May 21, 2012 |

Last month, shareholders finally rebelled against Citigroup, the worst of the Too Big To Fail bailout disasters, by filing a lawsuit against outgoing chairman Dick Parsons and handful of executives for stuffing their pockets while running the bank into the ground.

Before Citigroup, Parsons headed AOL Time Warner, where he helped pull off what is widely considered the single worst business deal in corporate American history: a fraud-rife merger that wiped out $200 billion in shareholder value, ruined employees, retirees and investors, sparked numerous criminal investigations and dozens of lawsuits, and yet somehow managed to enrich a tiny handful of executives—including Dick Parsons—to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars.

Why would the government agree to name the AOL Time Warner failure Dick Parsons, Chairman of Citigroup in January 2009, just as the world’s largest banking institution was taking the biggest bailout packages, and just as its legal ownership was taken over by the American public?

It’s a basic question that goes to the heart of Dick Parsons’ rise to the top. It’s a question that should have been put to AOL Time Warner when he was thrust to the top of that firm, considering the giant S&L failure Parsons oversaw before moving over to AOL Time Warner.

Now that Parsons is finally stepping down as chairman, I want to briefly re-trace Dick Parsons’ career. His rise from a middle-class, frat-boy slacker, to suddenly find himself at the very pinnacle of American power and finance– offers us some insight into the culture and ideology of the ruling One Percent. To quote Starship Troopers: “To defeat The Bug, we must know The Bug.”

Why Dick Parsons? Why is failure so valuable? Why was Parsons so handsomely rewarded in perfect inverse proportion to the spectacular damage he caused to so many others? That is the big question.

Dick Parsons’ biography can be summed up in two phases of his life: before meeting Nelson Rockefeller, and after meeting Nelson Rockefeller.

Before meeting Nelson Rockefeller, Dick Parsons was a self confessed clown from a middle-class African-American family in Brooklyn. “Left to my own devices, I don’t feel any compulsion to strive,” he told to the New York Times. Race was never an issue with Parsons either: ”I don’t have any experience in my life where someone rejected me for race or any other reason.’

So Parsons dropped out of high school with a “C” average, earning a GED certificate. He enrolled in the University of Hawaii for reasons he could never really explain, joined a frat, and became their social chairman. As one of Parsons’ frat brohs recalled to journalist Nina Munk, “Here’s this guy who’s at the bar sixty-seven days in a row and, as you can imagine, he did very poorly in school.”

Parsons did worse than poorly: He flunked out of U. Hawaii. Without earning a degree.

And then slacker Dick Parsons met oligarch Nelson Rockefeller, and from here on out, Parsons lived out a Cinderella fairytale for the One Percenters. As luck would have it, Dick Parsons’ grandfather was once a favorite groundskeeper at the famous Rockefeller Compound in Pocantico Hills and lived in a hut on in the shadow of the oligarchs’ mansion. Soon, Dick Parsons and his wife would move into one of those same groundskeepers huts under Nelson Rockefeller’s patronage.

As Parsons later admitted, “The old-boy network lives…I didn’t grow up with any of the old boys. I didn’t go to school with any of the old boys. But by becoming a part of that Rockefeller entourage, that created for me a group of people who’ve looked out for me ever since.”

And so, magically, despite failing out of Hawaii without a degree, Dick Parsons was accepted into the Albany University Law School program. Nelson Rockefeller happened to be in Albany too at the time, serving as governor of the state of New York. Dick Parsons was chosen to be an intern for Rockefeller.

Whereas before, when Parsons didn’t study he failed out, now, after meeting Nelson Rockefeller, by some magical twist of fate, he was the law school’s valedictorian. Sandy Stevenson, a fellow law school classmate of Parsons’ who became a professor at Albany Law,recalled: “He didn’t study hard. He played a lot of bridge. He was so smart he didn’t have to study, and he was in the cafeteria playing bridge a lot.”

Parsons took the New York state bar exam, and scored the highest in the state, beating out all the high-achieving Ivy Leaguers that year. It may have been a complete coincidence, but Nelson Rockefeller’s right-hand man, Harry Albright, was in charge of both the law school internship program with the governor, and in charge of scoring the New York state bar exams.

By another coincidence in the 1980s, the same Harry Albright headed the Dime Savings thrift, and this same Harry Albright appointed Dick Parsons to replace him.

Parsons did something right at Dime Savings. Something wrong for everyone else, but something right for those who mattered. A handful of executives pulled off what looks remarkably like the sort of “control fraud” scheme described by Bill Black: Quickly saddle the thrift with enormous amounts of bad mortgage loans, inflate the assets, loot, cash out, and dump the problem on the public.

Parsons proved himself useful in that scam. He played wingman for Harry Albright as they loaded Dime up with bad mortgage loans in warp-speed time, practically doubling the asset base from less than $7 billion in early 1987 to over $12 billion in late 1988. At the same time, as reported in the New York Times, “Checks from thousands of homeowners stopped coming.”


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56 Responses to Fascinating story of Dick Parsons, Rockefeller House African-American

  1. Columnist says:

    Yes, a house African-American. Rockefeller is behind population control, and therefore behind the one WN-organization tolerated and even protected: Planned Parenthood.

    • mindweapon says:


      I keep hearing statistics about massive increases in diabetes, especially among NAMs (non-Asian minorities, Blacks and Hispanics). I did a post already about “pest management” aka “population control” using bad food, and I really believe this.

      I have potatoes, onions, carrots, tomatoes and peppers and cabbage growing this year. I think the way we can avoid the Rockefeller pop control, besides having lots of babies, is to grow gardens and feed ourselves, thus avoiding diabetes and other negative outcomes of obesity. And growing a garden, I think, is a large factor to avoiding obesity.

  2. Ryu says:

    That’s an incredible story. I can accept that a man might not get great grades. But that is a tremendous improvement in very little time. There should at least be a hint of intelligence in K-12 or in college. It’s unbelievable. The 1% has their networks. WNs must develop our own networks, while at the same time promoting excellence.

    • mindweapon says:


      The career of Dick Parsons doesn’t even have a fig leaf of honest merit. they don’t even care about appearances any more.

      • ritarabbit says:

        They didn’t have to. The host population thought everyone else was as honest as them so they could do everything in plain site. Fortunately we are waking up.

  3. crunchie says:

    Why is it in their interests to hire incompetents to be their lackeys?

    • mindweapon says:

      Because an incompetent like Parsons is not idealistic like a white person, so he won’t turn against them. Loyalty and willingness to be Rockefeller’s cat’s paw and do any manner of evil is more important than competence.

    • Hipster Racist says:

      Why is it in their interests to hire incompetents to be their lackeys?

      So we believe it when they say “never attribute to malice what can be explained by incompetence.”

  4. uKn_Leo says:

    Another attack on a famed US legacy, that being the worlds leading meritocracy (in as much as that was ever true – more a 33rddegreefreemasonocracy).

    Coming from possibly the worlds foremost poshboyocracy it was always inspiring to buy into the US ‘anybody can make it’ dream/fantasy.

    Now, ‘it’, means something entirely different. Nothing less than selling your soul to the biggest bunch of schmucks and losers to have ever walked the planet.

    They can keep ‘it’, thanks. Count me out.

  5. ritarabbit says:

    Indeed, how many ragstorichesstartedthisbusinessinmygarage stories have we been fed? YKW needs us to think that if we can’t make a go of it, it’s because of a moral failing on our part, not that the system is set up where virtually all who make it BIG, do so because somewhere down the line, they f-ed someone over or have been elevated an unseen hand. Still, as long as we believe that every Amurkan has a chance to be wealthy, we stay on the hamster wheel, paying taxes and fees.

  6. ritarabbit says:

    *by an unseen hand.

  7. barb says:

    “Loyalty and willingness to be Rockefeller’s cat’s paw and do any manner of evil is more important than competence.”

    Right. If your goal is to STRIP a company of its assets and dump the empty husk on the taxpayers, then low IQ in your puppet is not a bug; it’s a feature.
    Low IQ not only means your lackey is too dumb to see what you’re really up to and perchance get infected with Sudden WhistleBlower Syndrome, but it also means the low-IQ-associated preference for immediate gratification means for his own insatiable, blind greed will he gladly bondage himself to you.

    And low IQ in a Black guy? DUDE!!! You get MSM-mediated “anti-racist” brownie points while you carry out the stripping, as a bonus.
    What’s that you say?
    Me? A Conspiracy Theory nutjub? Why, thank you!

    Holy cats, it’s amazing how sharp Occam’s Razor becomes when one surrenders to one’s inner suspicious nature.

  8. Trainspotter says:

    Fascinating story, reading much like a book on serial killers. Who is this guy gonna off next?

    Of course, it tells us something that readers of this blog should already know: belonging to a networked, mutually supporting group allows one to run circles around the unconnected, deracinated and atomized masses.

    This fact has enormous implications – racial, social, political, cultural, economic, legal and so forth.

    One of the opiates of the masses is the Myth of Meritocracy. This is very effective at keeping people atomized, as it would be unseemly to be part of a fiercely loyal network. Of course, there is some actual truth to the myth. It is true that America has offered more economic opportunity for the average person than most countries over the last couple of centuries. It’s also true that the guy who goes out and works hard is likely to do better, all things being equal, than the guy who doesn’t.

    But all things aren’t equal and, therefore, it is also true that networked groups have been able to make a killing, blowing everybody else out of the water. The average white person is encouraged to believe in meritocracy. Meanwhile, the Jews, Asians and Arabs network like it’s going out of style. Basically, it’s a case of “Networking for me, meritocracy for thee.”

    This dual code has been wildly successful. As the networked group rakes in the wealth and power by the truck load, the average person puts his nose to the grindstone and, IF he is lucky, and if everything breaks his way, he exchanges a life of hard work for a comfortable retirement. Meanwhile, his networked peer has aquired more wealth and power in ten years than the believer in meritocracy will achieve in forty. And since there is a lot of truth to the idea that it takes money to make money, the gap only explodes from that point on.

    Yet even today, with the scams ever more obvious and the injustices ever more odious, lots of normal whites still seem to believe in meritocracy. In a sense, this speaks well of them. They don’t seek handouts. They think it’s wrong to cheat. But the result is that networked groups, particularly Jewish, are leaving dust in their faces.

    Generally speaking, whites won’t help one another out very much (I’m not talking about charity for the poor, but rather helping one another become genuinely successful). Often even well to do families will not help their offspring beyond college, even though a bit of strategically placed help could yield literally decades of returns. When I look at my social circle, the difference in outcomes between those who recieved some strategic assistance from their parents versus those who did not is startling. The ones who received some strategic help are so much better off than the ones who didn’t that it isn’t even funny.

    Again, by strategic help, I’m not talking about just giving a person something that they don’t deserve and aren’t capable of handling. That’s just a recipe for disaster. I’m talking about helping someone acquire a house, when that someone is solid and responsible. Same for starting a business. The sort of boost that helps a hardworking, responsible person get over the top. Networked groups do this, but whites are more apt to let the person waste twenty years scrimping and saving in order to be able to launch a business. Now the guy is already middle aged, and doesn’t have that much time left to develop the business. Maybe he has health problems to boot. How far can the business really go? Because of his financial insecurity, he never married or had children. Nobody to work in the business with him, or to take it over from him. But he certainly has demonstrated “responsibility,” and he did it on his own!

    Whites don’t steal from their friends…but they also typically don’t help them much either. They are atomized, and damn proud of it. It’s very, very foolish. I’ve also noticed that it is highly typical of successful whites to believe, more or less, that they “did it on their own.” Very, very rarely is this true.

    The solution? We’re going to have to network, whether that be in the form of stronger family clans, or simply groups of whites who develop a model for mutual support and advancement.

    • Hipster Racist says:


      Really excellent comment, and you are aboslutely right about networking. The KMac-o-sphere has often talked about how Whites are individualistic to a fault.

      We used to have these sorts of networks. It was expected you would join a college fraternity and help your frat brothers in business later on. Our elites joined the Freemasons and had elaborate codes, handshakes, and signals to recognize each other and communicate, right in front of non-members without them even being aware. (Old guy I used to know loved to tell the story of getting bumped to the front of the line at the airport and getting upgraded to first class since his business partner and the airport guy were Masons). Working class guys had their unions and their Elks clubs and the like, when one guy needed money it was expected everyone would pool together some cash and help out in an emergency or even to take some new business opportunity.

      Those networks and clubs were bashed and mocked in the media, everything from mocking the Grand Poobah of the Order of Water Bufallos in the Flintstones, to the anti-frat boy stereotypes in Hollywood movies in the 80s, to attacks on “institutional racism” by left academics and civil rights law firms. Many people are justifiably afraid that NOT choosing a non-white for something will be considered “racist.”

      Rebuilding those networks and clubs I think is a key strategy we need going forward. Not necessarily reviving past groups, but taking the best of our traditions and modifying it and improving it for the future.

      If there is any one project that I would be willing to actually spend some time on, it’s coming up with some real strategies to build such networks. I have done quite a bit of research and put some serious thought into this. I’d love it if Kievsky would devote some threads to this topic so we can generate ideas and discussion.

    • Columnist says:

      And still, meritocracy is called racist by the Left. Conservatives simply don’t understand how the game is played. Also, we could disrupt the networking by enemy groups. In order to keep an eye on enemy groups, solid knowledge of their languages is required.

    • HerewardMW says:

      The left have these networks based on loose political affiliation in the UK. They aren’t all “card carrying” members of the Labour party but they have a shared set of values and mindset and network successfully.

      There is a kind of revolving door system where insiders of the political class move between senior civil service positions, well remunerated posts in NGOs and directorships in connected private companies (usually those that benefit from and are heavily involved with government).

      The first few chapters of Sean Gabb’s The Culture War lays this out pretty effectively. He’s one of the few libertarians who seems to have a genuine attachment to his own country rather than some weird ideal of what he thinks it should be.

  9. Hipster Racist says:

    I used to be a daily reader of the financial press, and I remember when Parson was first promoted to AOL Time Warner after the fallout between Steve Case and top YKW Gerald Levin. Levin was routinely bashed as having lost the upper hand to goy Case, in sort of crypto-speak I didn’t fully understand at the time. Steve Case is a true White man of genius, having pioneered online stuff that we take for granted now. I remember a whole lot of AOL bashing in the early internet years, now something I can recognize now as being tribal defamation of one of our best men (kill the best gentiles) etc. Contrast that with how Google and Facebook were praised in the press and their YKW CEOs lauded as geniuses, etc.

    Parsons was brought in and much was made of his African-Americanness.

    I have found that the business press is actually quite informative, if you learn how to read between the lines. They usually get the facts right, but deemphasize the facts they don’t want noticed. Now that we are catching on to this, we can look at current news and read between the lines to know what’s coming. The next time a Brilliant African American is being promoted in the press, do some background research for the hidden hand that will inevitably be present. Expect that somebody is being set up. Like in gambling, if you sit down at the table and can’t figure out who the “mark” is, the “mark” is you.

    The next time a hot new startup is being fawned over in the press, check the NYT Weddings and Celebrations page to find out who did the CEO’s bris. Next time a company is being bashed, notice the CEO is likely to be one of ours. Once you understand the code, it’s all very predictable.

    In the last few years, ZeroHedge has really blown the lid on tribal networking in the financial world; it’s openly discussed and attempts at censorship have routinely fallen flat. The internet really has been a game-changer and you can see Skynet becoming aware. Victory really is inevitable.

  10. uKn_Leo says:

    Revert to clannish, group behaviour. Trainspotter, would it be fair to say that we actually need to regress, to de-civilise in a sense, in order to match our, to put it bluntly, less civilised competition.

    (BTW it’s exactly the same here in Europe – stand alone Euro man/family being out competed by 20 to a house, car sharing immigrants)

    • Craig says:

      Same thing is happening in Australia with the Africans and Asians. Thing is we have laws depicting how many people can live in one house, Whites obey this law, and if we don’t it’s enforced upon us, the immigrants on the other hand, it’s apart of their culture bullshit.

      So the disadvantages being forced upon us are obvious. The system needs to fall.

  11. Trainspotter says:

    ukn: “Revert to clannish, group behaviour. Trainspotter, would it be fair to say that we actually need to regress, to de-civilise in a sense, in order to match our, to put it bluntly, less civilised competition.”

    Unfortunately, I think that’s right. It’s the price we pay for letting these invaders into our habitat. They have now altered that habitat, just as one might expect of an invasive species.

    ukn:”(BTW it’s exactly the same here in Europe – stand alone Euro man/family being out competed by 20 to a house, car sharing immigrants)”

    Yes, and it’s a competition that atomized whites can’t win.

    Another issue is that we need to network at all levels, not just the lower rungs. The successful alien groups are networking in the professions and other influential sectors of society. Developing a lower rung model for working class whites who are really struggling is all well and good, and I’d love to see that come to fruition, but we also need to develop a model that will assist people such as computer programmers and lawyers and so forth, obviously with a quid pro quo in mind. If the two models, upper and lower, can be integrated into a symbiotic relationship, all the better. The point is that our opponents have networks at all levels and are capable of catering to all sorts of aspirations.

    Telling a fully trained computer programmer that you can help him get a job as a busboy at Applebees is not helpful, unless that programmer is literally facing starvation. Since he’s not facing starvation, of course he’s not interested. Therefore, he remains atomized. What is needed is a support group with possibilities commensurate with where most whites really are. The non-whites are no longer networking just to get dishwashing jobs at the Greasy Taco, or hard labor jobs on the construction crews. The Asians and Arabs are soaking up good middle class, professional jobs. Jews used networking to take over Hollywood and Madison Avenue. It doesn’t get much more glitzy than that.

    In other words, we shouldn’t fall into the trap of believing that networking and mutual support means that one has to live like a mestizo who dropped out of school in the fifth grade, or to be limited to his aspirations. This is about a lot more than scut work and hot cotting. Nothing wrong with the latter, of course, but it’s not going to fit what most people require…at least for now.

    Whites are reeling economically not so much because aliens have successfully networked to scoop up the lower end jobs. True, this causes incredible pain for the lower end whites, and I hate to see it. I want it stopped. But the real power is at the higher levels, and that is where the most consequential slaughter is taking place.

    I’ll also freely admit that I’m a worse is better guy. I’m not interested in atomized whites keeping their comfy jobs, while allowing their racial kinsmen to go down the tubes. I want whites to learn to work together, to know that they increasingly hold their job only because of the support of other whites. That will make a future radical movement possible. My goal is the enthostate, plain and simple.

    Atomized whites tremble at any threat, so precarious is their existence. Not so with whites who know they’ve got a crew behind them, a crew capable of providing economic opportunity, but also in-group status.

    This alleviates the two great fears that pro-whites have: they’ll reduce me to a bread crumb economically, and I’ll then be a social outcast, a loser. The networked tribe is the antidote on both counts, and it’s sustainable. Our enemies have proven as much.

    • Anon says:

      “we also need to develop a model that will assist people such as computer programmers and lawyers and so forth, obviously with a quid pro quo in mind. If the two models, upper and lower, can be integrated into a symbiotic relationship, all the better.”

      This should come into existence naturally. Labor scarcity is the chief friend of the upper class(but not 1%er), the entire justification for labor saving innovation is the high cost of labor after all. Likewise, what can happen to the construction worker with mexican “immigration” can just as easily happen to the computer programmer with indian “immigration”. The reality is that we are not atomized in fact, regardless of our beliefs, each part of ourself that we cut off will be a long time in healing.

    • Columnist says:

      And that is why welfare can be useful.

    • Skeeter says:

      Awesome comment, T-S! The networking idea sounds similar to an idea I had a year or so ago — Aryans Anonymous (just a working title) — after seeing how 12-step groups network and help each other out all over the world, mostly without formal membership lists. There have to be people identified at the very top of the national and international organizations for legal purposes, but otherwise no real names need be recorded at local chapters anywhere (unless it’s something like “Bill W.” or “Bob S.” and there are local chapters EVERYWHERE), a donations hat is passed at every meeting at which attendees can anonymously donate cash if they want and, over time, what do you know? These people get to know each other and help each other out in finding a job, house, spouse, anything — from the lowest to highest levels of the socioeconomic ladder. And the whole thing started out in people’s living rooms back in the 1930s.
      Now in the WN context, as with any and every group that’s already been tried, infiltrators would be a problem and no one would be anonymous for long. So doing or talking about anything illegal (beyond having an informal whites-only group) would be out of the question. I’d love to get this idea going, but Mrs. Skeeter (who’s given me beautiful white kids, bless her heart) still wants to cling to mainstream respectability and is, shall we say, less than warm to the idea of a group of WNs in our living room. So the status quo holds, and, like someone else said, the ZOG machine runs on.

      • mindweapon says:

        You and me both, Skeeter. It’s the responsible family men who are inclined to help the racial family function better, yet we cannot because we have to protect our immediate family.

  12. uKn_Leo says:

    Thanks for the detailed response Trainspotter.

    White network building. In the UK you cannot have a whites only anything. However any ethnic minority group can have organisations and institutions that are exclusively for their advancement and benefit. I believe this is roughly equivalent to the US.

    So, much like the freemasons, as Hipster suggests we take it underground. My issue with this would be, in short, along the lines of no way, i’m white, i’m proud, I don’t fear the authorities, I reject the current establishment and their restrictions that only apply to my kind. I would want this done out in the open, without fear nor favour. 100% openly pro-white all day.

    As such I can expect to be running the UK branch of the network from the inside of a prison cell.

    There are secretive networks and groups already in existence in England, working clandestinely on behalf of white indigenous English. Unfortunately, by definition, they are so secretive and invisible that they are rendered largely ineffective.

    Meanwhile the ZOG steamroller ploughs on.

    • Columnist says:

      “As such I can expect to be running the UK branch of the network from the inside of a prison cell.”

      Prison gangs are your friend.
      Also, we should unmask “White Privilege” as a conspiracy theory, supported by pseudo-science. Dispell the notion that only Whites can be racist. Claim Whites cannot be racist, because they work hard and pay a lot of taxes, or because they are oppressed. Charge more succesful groups with oppressing Whites. Two can play the Cultural “Marxist” game of double standards. “Fairness” is for Conservative idiots. Physically attacking Conservatives (No Platform) serves a dual purpose. It destroys enemies, and it confuses the Left, which considers WN to be a form of Conservatism, while being something completely different.

    • ritarabbit says:

      That’s a negative stance. We have to find workarounds rather than repeat the “we’re doomed” mantras.

      • ritarabbit says:


      • ritarabbit says:

        You all ever heard of the “Stink Eye”? Non-Whites have been doing it to us for years and our people knew how to do it in the past. Now I try not to go into places owned by non-Whites anymore but sometimes it’s unavoidable. You go into their establishment. You think they want you there because after all, you are planning to spend your hard earned cash there. They ignore you as long as possible before waiting on you. They don’t smile at you, and give you the bare minimum service. And they may even glare at you…or give you the stink eye.

        I say, we start our networking organizations. Call them generic names so they don’t attract bad attention…then when the browns show up, you don’t fawn over them. They are used to being fawned over and given a pass for their stupidity and poor English language skills. You ignore them. When they assert themselves, you look at them like they are from outer space. It’s especially easy if they have a broken accent. You just keep asking them to repeat themselves and finally say, I’m sorry, I can’t understand you. The more intelligent types you just ignore.

        You do this in your city. You do this at the library. You do this at the gas station. You do it everywhere you go. You start building your community. It’s legal. Do it.

        I’ll be adding to this idea as time goes by. Anyone else have any thoughts about it? And if you tell me it won’t work, I’m going to give you the stink eye!

      • Annie Oakley says:

        Rita – I’m loving the stink eye look. Absolutely loving it. I do it now on occasion but will be doing it all the time! One of the most brilliant ideas ever! You must put that on TT’s outgoing message line!

        Tonight we were at a local restaurant in this rural town we’re in. There were 2 vibrants in the restaurant in a sea of whites. I gave the two the “stink eye” when they got into their car upon leaving. They stayed in the parking lot a few minutes before they took off, and I made sure in no uncertain terms I gave them a telepathic message to LEAVE TOWN NOW!

        Trainspotter – you are dead on about whites not helping whites. Our waitress tonight told us she worked long hours and her feet hurt. My husband and I are good tippers so they remembered us. She was sitting down filling up salt shakers. I walked over to her and said you should roll your feet over a tennis ball at night to ease out the knots or get an occasional pedicure to massage your feet. I said maybe your hubby can massage your feet when you get home.

        She said my husband died a month ago. I just wanted to cry when she told me that. I hugged her and kissed her on the cheek. He was in his 30’s and died of a heart attack, sleep apnea in the middle of the night. I feel her pain, my first husband died when I was 33 in a car crash. She still cannot bear to go back to her house. So with all the stuff I’ve found (especially high end cosmetics and perfumes) she’s getting a feel better gift bag this week. It won’t bring her husband back, but it will remind her that whites do care about each other, even on a primordial level.

        We must be kind to our people. Pure and simple. The high point of my day is making a white man or a white woman feel better. I try and compliment every single white man and woman on their beautiful kids.

        I still have to remind my husband of that. We went to a local fair tonight. 99% white. One vibrant family came in. Most of the people there gave them the “STINK EYE” and they did not stay long. Good!

        We went into a local junk store and bought a few items. The woman who owned the store had an adorable 1 year old. He was crawling all over the floor. He started crying and I picked him up. He was simply precious. I asked Momma for a wet-nap and wiped his little face off. It was very hot today. She has another one.

        I told her, you have beautiful children, have more. She said ma’am, I plan on it. If the lord is willing I’ll have as many as I can. Oh God that made my night.

      • ritarabbit says:

        Awesome post Annie and I’m not surprised you like the Stink Eye idea as I believe I heard about it from you!

  13. Skeeter says:

    Thanks for the great read, MW. I first read about Parsons in the 2003 edition of “The New Media Monopoly,” in which author Ben Bagdikian said the controllers of the U.S. media could fit in a phone booth and proceeded to name Parsons (then with AOL-Time Warner), Michael Eisner (Disney), Sumner Redstone (Viacom), Rupert Murdoch (News Corp.) and the now-deceased Reinhard Mohn from German conglomerate Bertelsmann. Of course, to even get his book published, Bagdikian had to pretend he was deaf, dumb and blind to the fact of Eisner, Redstone and Murdoch’s ethnicity and that Parsons was cozy with Gerald Levin (also from YKW) at Time-Warner. I’m not sure why Reinhard Mohn was included in the tale — maybe to confuse readers. Or maybe ’cause reality is actually confusing!

  14. robroysimmons says:

    Slightly off the topic but still dealing with an AA propped up by YKW, Clarence Page in his passive/aggressive voice wrote some mind war boilerplate for the Trib this week. Standard crap but pure mindwar aimed at whites about the births deficit we suffer at the hands of the low IQ set.

    • mindweapon says:

      Thanks RRS:


      In fact, if anyone should be concerned about helping white Americans adjust to becoming a minority, it is African-Americans. We have lots of experience.

      Clarence Page is a member of the Tribune’s editorial board and blogs at chicagotribune.com/pagespage.

      Yes, we can learn from blacks to put our own race first and foremost!

  15. ben tillman says:

    How did we all miss out on making a fortune by selling Citigroup stock short? This is one way we should be able to cash in the objectivity of our existence outside the propasphere..

  16. Jimmy Marr says:

    “Prison gangs are your friend.”

    Yes, but the cost of joining them is prohibitive.

    I’ve been studying two other groups; Narcotics Anonymous and Alcoholics Anonymous. In my area, they are implicitly White, marginalized, and consciously aware of the salutary effects of in-group identity. At this point, that identity is addiction; “My name is John Doe, and I’m an addict”.

    If the addict identity was ever supplanted or supplemented by a racial component, those two organizations are already locked and loaded.

    The questions that need to raised within these organizations is “Why are White people disproportionately represented?” And, “Why is the cultivation of in-group identity (even when it is negatively expressed) critical to success?”

    • mindweapon says:

      A few people have been floating the idea of “Aryans Anonymous.” I like it! Not sure if we’d call it that, but I like the concept.

      • Annie Oakley says:

        I’m all for it darnit! Could we do a racists anonymous (pretend we’re trying to convert and we’re really aren’t?)

      • mindweapon says:


        Since only Whites can be racists, then racists anonymous will have to be all White! It will be the only white organization we are allowed!

        This is brilliant. Perfect taqqiyah.

        Racists Anonymous; helping white people adapt to a multiracial society.

        God grant me the serenity
        to accept the demographics that I cannot change;
        courage to stay as White as I can;
        and wisdom to acknowledge the importance of racial differences.

      • @Annie

        “Racists Anonymous” – brilliant. Totally taqqiyah. On cruise ships and in vacation spots, for the older crowd they will often advertize Alcoholics Anonymous as “Friends of Bill W.” (the man who started AA) as a sort of code word to keep it a bit more, well, anonymous.

        We can use the code “Friends of Ann O.”

        It WORKS if you WORK it!

      • mindweapon says:

        Very good idea, Hipster. A lot of commenters are objecting to the term “racists” and prefer “whites anonymous.” That may be preferable.

        In a PLE area you could do the whole church basement thing and even let the anti-white reverend show up and “be a facilitator” and play the Spanish prisoner game with him. In fact, anyone who shows up thinking it’s an anti-white group should be be played with.

        Whites Anonymous.

        For People Who Can’t Help But Be White. To Thine Own Self Be True.

        Friends of Annie O.

      • Hipster Racist says:

        “White Privilege Anonymous” or “Privilege Anonymous.”

        Well, they are right about one thing – it certainly IS a privilege!

      • mindweapon says:

        Even better! It might get past the pastor-pig at the rainbow flag church.

  17. TabuLa Raza says:

    My name is John Doh!, and I’m addicted to joos.

    I’m looking for a 12 step program. . .I want liberation from

  18. Jimmy Marr says:

    “I’m addicted to joos.”

    Brilliant. Provides plausible deniability when proclaimed in the presence of others who are struggling with the juice themselves.

  19. Attila says:

    Here’s how some get the power/their power!

    If you wanna compete- better have something as strong.

  20. Phil says:

    Kievsky– Are you aware of the pograms against the black Africans in Israel? Reports in Haaretz, Jerusalem Post, CNN, Fox News, Guardian, Occidental dissent, steve sailer, vdare.

    Jews insist that European societies are “propositional nations”- nations that are about ideas, not about race or ethnicity. But not their precious Israel. Oh no.

  21. Annie Oakley says:

    How about whites anonymous? I know some don’t like the racist labels. The media would think we’re trying to convert over but we’re really not. Since it’s an anon self help group, only whites would be allowed to rid ourselves of RRRRRACISM.


  23. Pingback: DONALD STERLING & THE RISE OF THE BLACK MESSIAH- NBA ILLUMINATI GONE WILD | The highest order of chivalry and the most prestigious honour.

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