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McDonalds knew back in 1976 that blacks don’t like to tip

There’s no tipping! Mmmm mmmm good! Advertisements

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YKW are smallpox; Asians are cowpox

This post is in response to the following comment by FN: Lastly, you make the assumption that EXCELLENCE will be rewarded with employment. The End Game is the genocide of White race. They will not reward all the efforts Whites … Continue reading

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Israel’s Operation Wetback begins

h/t C of CC See how racially confident Binyamin Netanyahu is in preserving his people? We shall have such leaders again among us. This is the harbinger of the future. What is truly priceless is the interviews with the deported … Continue reading

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The Asian Overpopulated Mentality

I want to introduce a new meme — the overpopulated mentality. In other words, Asian immigrants.

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J.P. Morgan’s 2.8 million tax slaves

From Alternet Bill Moyers: Coincidentally, just before Dimon’s House testimony, Bloomberg News published data indicating that JP Morgan Chase receives a government subsidy worth about 14 billion dollars a year in taxpayer money. Money, said Bloomberg editors, that “helps the … Continue reading

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How the Byzantine Empire dealt with the YKW problem

h/t to commenter Barb – the Byzantines did not allow the Jews to take the levers of soft control. “Mullins’ NEW HISTORY of the JEWS By Eustace Mullins In all of recorded history, there was only one civilization which the … Continue reading

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Unsustainability will save the White Race

System Failure is inevitable, and soon. I’ve been noticing in the comments a lot of people banging their heads over religious debates and wringing their hands “where did we go wrong?” I’ll tell you where we went wrong. We were … Continue reading

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