Unsustainability will save the White Race

System Failure is inevitable, and soon.

I’ve been noticing in the comments a lot of people banging their heads over religious debates and wringing their hands “where did we go wrong?” I’ll tell you where we went wrong.

We were too good at creating prosperity and civilization, and we shared it with everyone, while in our collective imaginations we allowed ourselves to fantasize that everyone in the world were white people who just happened to have a different paint job. Let’s call it the great prosperity delusion.

This particular set of conditions could have been managed more sustainably; thank God it has not been.

Every white person who has ever opposed us has been part of the great prosperity delusion. They believe that “there’s enough for everyone” and “it’s our duty to share” and “we’re a country of immigrants.” These delusions are only supported in a perpetually growing economy, which, thankfully, is no longer possible.

TM: To establish that we have reached our limits, you refer to the findings of the Global Footprint Network that it takes about 1.5 Earths to sustain the current global economy. What does that mean? And how did they arrive at that figure?

PG: This is a really very exciting bit of work done by some very eminent scientists organized around an NGO called the Global Footprint Network. Their Web site shows their scientific advisory board and their methodology in great detail. To summarize, they worked out how much land area would we need to sustain this economy. How much forest would we need to grow to absorb the CO2? How much ocean do we need to support global fisheries? How much land do we need to filter the water that we use? How much land do we need for growing the food? … and so on.

They translated all of our economic system needs into land area, and their conclusion was that we’re running about 50 percent past capacity. That’s one methodology. Everybody who looks at it from any methodology comes to the same conclusion, which is that our current economic model is not sustainable in a physical sense.

It’s important to differentiate that from being not sustainable because it’s “not nice” or “not fair” or because “it’s bad for polar bears.” It’s not sustainable in the simple physical sense of supply of resources.

We’re using up our capital. If, for example, land area of soil is not strong enough to sustain current food production, then the soil is being degraded. We’re not running out of food yet but we’re degrading aquifers. We’re depleting water supply, we’re depleting soil quality, and we’re polluting the air with CO2 and other gases. The essence of the problem is that, whether it’s the millennium ecosystem assessment; the Stockholm Resilience Center’s work on planetary boundaries; the Nicholas Stern report on climate change; or the Global Footprint Network, everybody who looks at the whole global system comes to the same conclusion. We’re not behaving sustainably. We’re using our resources faster than the earth can provide them.

TM: You point out that it’s not just that we have to figure out how to deal with using 150 percent of Earth’s capacity, but also that — between population growth and economic growth — we’re aiming to multiply that number by two, four or six times.

PG: Correct, this is where the math becomes unarguable in my view. The simple math of 3 percent growth per year — which is forecast in the long term globally, remembering that China is growing at 8 or 9 percent — means a global economy four times this size by 2050. So even allowing for improvements in efficiency and renewable energy and a whole range of ways to improve resource consumption, we’ll need three or four Earths by 2050.

My point is not that that’s unpleasant, not that it’s bad for biodiversity, which it certainly is, my point is: It’s not possible.

There won’t be enough resources for the economy to grow that much, and, therefore, the economy won’t grow that much. That is actually a very big social crisis because our economic system depends upon growth to sustain employment and social stability and so on. We have to recognize that we have not just an environmental problem but a fundamental human problem.

So it’s not just about peak oil. Speaking of which, we are on a downside of the bumpy plateau at the moment, with the price of oil around 80. Enjoy the cheap gasoline for now, and thank the demand destruction of a contracting economy.

However, there are many other “limits to growth” besides peak oil: soil erosion, depleting aquifers, depleting fisheries.

So what happens at the end of growth? What happens when it finally “sinks in,” and the momentum of past decades of growth ends?

It’s hard to say, but one can now for sure that the great prosperity delusion will be over. Combine that with the Internet WN movement; we are like the mold in the cheese. There are certainly enough of us that, when we are no longer actively and harshly suppressed by a well funded nanny state, our views will go viral. At the very least, Whites will understand that charity begins at home; that one should only help those who are likely to reciprocate. The hearts of Whites will harden against the special pleaders; and many people will be enraged at how YKW usurped the country and drove it into the ground with foreign wars, bank bailouts, and cheap labor/race replacement immigration.

The case against YKW is made by YKW himself. They are very blatant and open about their perverse desire to make white people a minority in our own countries. This is much worse than their usury or “killing our Savior.” It’s about killing us!

Economic growth has been a soporific; it has kept the White werewolf tranquilized. The tranquilizer is just about to wear off.


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The Fundamental Theorem of this Blog: We can defeat ZOG and take over the state just by having enough smart people in our group to overwhelm the Democracy-Idiocracy of 2040.
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33 Responses to Unsustainability will save the White Race

  1. Ryu says:

    Yeah, that’s the thing. Many whites want other nations to live to the white standard. The thing is impossible, but maybe the only way to do it is if they themselves give up their living standard. And we see this! The US donates a large portion of its economy to the Chinese, giving them our manufactoring base.

    What they never mention in their pollution figures is that economic activity and pollution are very much the same. You cannot dump CO2 into the atmosphere if your country does not have power plants or cars. Thus white countries are “punished” for the productivity.

    But I dont believe any of it. Lowering your own living standard so that others have some more? Your own kids suffering? The answer better be no. Problems of nature and the environment are EASY to solve. The hard problems in life are people problems. The non-whites cannot even solve their problems with nature, but they are rather good at swindling foolish whites.

    • mindweapon says:


      The prosperity delusion is what keeps Whites from coming to our camp. This prosperity delusion must be destroyed.

      I have work experience with successful business owners who should support the white race, but instead are in the enemy camp because of their prosperity delusion. If these people were on our side, the enemy aliens would not be hired or supported.

      The successful white business owners need to get smacked down. They are the sticking point; they are the golems used against us.

      When they lose their goodies and their cushies, they will have no choice but to “come home” to their race. That’s why I welcome ruthless economic contraction.

      The white bourgeouis needs to lose it’s Sally Struthers delusion.

      I knew this was BS when I was 12 years old. But successful business owners, rich people, buy what Sally Struthers is selling, and will continue to do so as long as they have their McMansions and monster SUV’s. The white American rich have adopted Judaic mores, and need to be stomped on hard by reality.

      • Columnist says:

        “The successful white business owners need to get smacked down. They are the sticking point; they are the golems used against us.”

        Almost Marxist.

      • mindweapon says:

        It’s so true though, Columnist. They get contented, they watch Tiger Woods on TV, they tranquilize themselves with their wealth and say “it’s all good” with their fat faces. Ba’al Tanit over at WN Think Tank says “rich people are the enemy.” He sees it totally as black and white. I say that most rich people are the enemy. There’s a few who work for the White race. Clearly they aren’t. But most rich whites are race traitor scum, just as most poor whites are pill popping losers. There’s a few exceptions at each end of the spectrum, but this pattern is pretty clear to me.

        And a lot of America’s rich nowadays, got rich off the government, rather than from productive industry. They are more like freelance Soviet nomenklatura than captains of industry or Ayn Rand heroes.

  2. Intellectuals came up with the idea that prosperity was created by “capitalism” (even Marxists believe this) rather than “white people working diligently and creatively”. “The market” does not create discipline and future time-orientation; evolution or God does, depending on what you believe.

    • Columnist says:

      The market denies the free will of business men, who operate along the laws of the market, but not of others who have the option of leaving the market free, or interfering with it.

  3. Eric Hale says:

    You can kick a sleeping wolf just so many times…

    Being a werewolf is so fun. I love the whole concept.

    • mindweapon says:

      Mr Sutherland, who is non-executive chairman of Goldman Sachs International and a former chairman of oil giant BP, heads the Global Forum on Migration and Development, which brings together representatives of 160 nations to share policy ideas.

      He told the House of Lords committee migration was a “crucial dynamic for economic growth” in some EU nations “however difficult it may be to explain this to the citizens of those states”.

      Speaking British, thinking Yiddish!

  4. I’m going to put in a good word for this post by abovetime.

  5. boer kommando says:

    I think economic growth will still happen for Whites even after the collapse, but it will come at the expense of White liberals, Africans, Mexicans, and Asians.

  6. It would seem the Reverend Malthus was right, after all is said and done.

    • mindweapon says:

      Yes, I think Reverend Malthus was correct. It’s a convergence of several resource peaks — water in the aquifers, the soil base, and liquid fuels. And if none of those get us, peak phosphate most certainly will.

  7. Hereward Saxon says:

    “Economic growth has been a soporific; it has kept the White werewolf tranquilized. The tranquilizer is just about to wear off.” Tranquilised werewolves! Brilliant!

  8. Craig says:

    Australia will be the last to drop off the prosperity band wagon. Our great grandfathers rode on the wool of the sheep’s back till the 1920’s, when the agricultural export industry finally collapsed. We were the last to fall into the great depression in the West. The same is happening today when more then half of our GDP is from riding on the mining trucks back, our standard economy has been stagnant for 5 plus years.

    The Aussie population knows deep down the savage down turn is coming, heavily since 2007, family houses have been deleveraging mortgages on mass, it increased more dramatically since 2008-09. It’s also reflected in some of the “secret” future trends discussed (but leaked) by the politicians and bureaucrats, who have been preparing for, such as mass riots in the event of worsening economics, increased refugee boats(plus the bloody generous benefits they receive) and a higher resistance to mass immigration. 51% of Australians already desire to close the borders to all immigration, that was from a respectable polling agency, this is when Aussies are still in the prosperity bubble, though I believe it’s very close to bursting. I give it 12 to 18 months.

    So prepare while you can as our current masters kick the proverbial can down the road to the great reset. In my mind the reset is a hand brake on the transfer of global power, wealth and technology from West to East, as it’s called, and the continuation of the cold war, fuelled, pun intended, by fossil fuel acquisitions. The East and West are preparing for the fossil fuel end game itself, which no longer wholly resides in the Middle East, but Africa. Interesting blog post below.

    “Few would argue that the overthrow of Libya’s Muammar Qaddafi was a bad thing… except the Chinese. As NATO-aided rebels overwhelmed Qaddafi’s forces last summer, 36,000 Chinese engineers, tradesmen, and technicians fled Libya, leaving $20 billion in infrastructure and oil development projects behind in disarray.

    China’s refusal to support the NATO attacks – and rumors that they offered to sell Qaddafi weapons to squash the revolt – didn’t sit well with the Libyan rebels. Yet, less than one year later, China managed to get itself back in the good graces of the new Libyan leadership by offering to take a major role in the country’s post-war reconstruction – clearing the way for Chinese buyers to receive preferential treatment for access to Libyan oil.

    But China wants much more than Libya’s crude. They see the country as the perfect springboard to a far bigger prize – control of Africa’s massive untapped oil reserves, estimated at 200 to 210 billion barrels. It’s all part of their “grand plan” to buy up all available energy resources, which they’re doing at an alarming rate…”


    All this is leading to a different type of warfare, and most possible global war scenario, thankfully the mass slaughter of white soldiers/civilian will not be the main stay this time. Though I have no doubt our collective will take some of the pain in the change of lifestyle and anti-white epidemic that’s out there. It looks like our main militarises will be pulled home(Leaving Afghanistan in 2014) possibly for martial law, while our special forces, drones, surveillance, IT warfare, and humanitarian units, will manipulate the battle field of oil fiefdoms, between the powers of East and West for the last of the cheaply accessible fossil energy.

    IMO aiming our propaganda for short, medium and long term projects is best, along with local activism, which will hopefully grow to more national levels as it has in Europe to a degree. Though as the facade’s of liberal democracy crashes down into the totalitarian and the leash on our necks tightens to keep the status quo, so will our fanaticism increase.

    What I think we need, is to make our propaganda more fluid and effective is to be able to project the reality into the unfolding future into said propaganda, so as to add to the narrative as it all plays out, into our favour, by planting the futurist seeds subconsciously into the zombie masses. Which I think has been happening to a degree anyway, with short, medium and long term propaganda. When we start organising on a larger scale locally is when the snow ball will happen for our communities.

    • mindweapon says:

      Brilliant comment, Craig. So the Aussies know the Big Reset is coming? I think that people who live close to nature can sense a storm or a disaster, like animals can. I live in a rural area, among a mix of urban and rural types, and every rural person I have ever met believes in the big reset. They don’t know when, but they know it’s coming. I worked at a family owned, small slaughterhouse a few years ago, and one of them would get a fearsome look in his eye and say, “when the hordes come down from New York City there won’t be enough bullets to stop them all. Actually, I disagree. People probably own 10’s of millions of bullets. But I get his point. He viewed dense urban populations like a dammed up river of demography; the dam could burst and flood us all.

      So you get the sense that the NWO have stepped up multiculturalism as a hedge against the Big Reset? I have had the same thought. It’s sort of like a “race against time” is going on, but there are enough White families out there still that “time is on our side.” Indeed, the mudsharking is a nightmare on earth, but that is mostly because we have to see it at Walmart. If you run the numbers, we are still OK. And mudsharking is only going to be happening while they maintain the Delusion of Prosperity. When the Big Reset comes, we will again determine our own reproduction. We will no longer be livestock.

      We go for ice cream at a local rural homemade ice cream place that fronts a farm on a rural road. The ice cream is from their own milk. Despite the horrible and disgusting fact that 20 billion dollars a year is spent keeping food so “cheap” at the marketplace, Americans didn’t give up their farming completely. And this doesn’t even take into account that Big Ag is also supported by the Fossil Fuel Regime. if you accounted for maintaining the massive amounts of fossil fuels to Big Ag, the subsidies are even more billions. Every calorie of Big Ag food represents 10 calories of fossil fuel at the farm gate, and multiple times more by the time it’s consumed. The 3000 mile Caesar salad is bloody insane, if you think about it.

      So there’s still a good bit of farming going on around here, just as a self funded hobby. I hear on the Internet how farming is hard work and people were glad to stop doing it. A certain percentage of people still do it, even though it is not profitable or barely profitable. So its in our blood. And this terrifies the New World Order, because it means that the second they are not able to maintain the subsidized food regime, tens of millions of seditius, government hating, inchoately anti-semitic and anti-bankster White people will go into full time farming again, and feed themselves and their own famiilies first, not the brownvaders.

      this means that the NWO will have to do a Ukraine to us, as FeminizedWesternMale/CompassionateFascist talks about. They fear that possibility, because they fear Awakening the Giant. An example of the Giant Awakening was of course the Third Reich. They were very lucky to be able to use a young America, and Hitler’s mistakes, and a certain situation in Russia to put that one down. It was a certain set of historical circumstances that worked out just perfectly for YKW.

      The next time the Giant Awakens, however, it will be global. It won’t be a nation-state that they can smash in a set piece war.

      Their big plan of course is to use a domestic brownvader militarized police force and Sonderkommandos to crush YT — kill the men and boys, take the women and girls for integration and sport. It will be a big gambit on their part. If it doesn’t work, and if we aren’t killed off all at once, then the Giant, albeit a smaller one after the culling by the brownvaders, the Giant is Awakened with a thirst for vengeance. This would be the Werewolf.

      However, they believe that if they do not act, the Giant will be Awakened anyway, and we won’t have been culled by the brownvader Holocaust of us. We will grow our own food and determine our own economic policies, agricultural production, reproduction and education of our children. The New World Order will be set back generations, if not millenia. We might even recover their archives and write books about them and learn how they did what they did, their ethnicities, their motives, their weaknesses.

      It’s a race against time for them more than for us. We have LOTS of people who know higher math, science, who grow food and raise small livestock in their back yard, who are still breeding White. I am optimistic. I see the same thing Craig sees — the rural people know what’s coming and are actively fighting it.

      I have learned how to grow 1000+ pounds of food (mostly cabbage, tomatoes, potatoes, beans) for about 200 dollars and 50 hours of labor. I could scale this up, and the money curve would only have a shallow rise, labor hours would rise sharply, because even of that 200 about 75 was from purchasing seedlings rather than growing them myself. Also, if I put more time into gathering organic matter like leaves, grass clippings and horse manure over the fall and winter, I can put virgin, hard, clayish land under cultivation with a minimum of effort expended. You take some rocky, clayish, uncultivated land here and put 2 feet of leaves on top of it, and a couple inches of horse manure on top of that in the autumn, the next spring you are ready to go, you barely need to till or turn the soil. The worms tilled for you over the winter. Even if you don’t have horse manure, enough leaves will kill off the weeds and the worms will till for you. the horse manure is just good to get some nitrogen in their and “seal” the leaves off from the air. One could also use humanure for this, if you coudln’t go get horse manure.

      So yes, there are a lot of people implicitly fighting soft control, even in these late days. In fact, I think the numbers of those fighting soft control are growing. The NWO peaked in the 00’s, and now their power declines.

      • Columnist says:

        “kill the men and boys, take the women and girls for integration and sport.”

        So they won’t kill the females. If our side does, we lose the moral highground.

      • Denise Barber says:

        Actually – your pal in the slaughterhouse is wrong. The Hordes can be easily turned back, if the Rural types have the stones to do what needs to be done. That’s the key though….ever read “Camp of the Saints”? The Westerners let the Brown Tide roll over and drown ’em…

      • Craig says:

        Most rural Aussies diffidently know something not so pleasant is coming, hell the leftist government destroyed half the cattle trade virtually over night after one documentary of cruelty to the cattle in Indonesia was put to air, by our tax funded ABC. Rural and semi rural people talk about it openly, from economy, politics, geopolitics, race and immigration. Well the random people I’m able to sniff out any way. 🙂

        For example the other day I was buying some shoes, and the two ladies in the store were talking about Indian call centres, how annoying and difficult the Indians are to communicate with. I even butted in with the recent off shored bank jobs to India, the Bankers even had the gall to fly in Indians, have white ladies train the Indians, send the Indians back to India with the White women’s jobs. One of the ladies works in the bank as a customer services operator. It’s good when you live in a town where the women are on your side.

        Is your rural town like that in the USA?

        Over the last 3 decades Aussie politics tends to influence peoples spending habits to, as we know who gets us into debt and who pays it off. At the moment Labor(our Dems) have borrowed the most money in Australia’s history. Interesting enough the only two cities in Australia that are going against the fiscal consolidation trend, have the largest South Asian and East Asian demographic, as well as the 200 odd minorities. Either they are blinded by ethnocentrism of the so called Asian century, or more likely they don’t know how the two sided coin of politics works yet.

        Multiculturalism is one huge hedge for the reset, and the ever lasting hope to keep global trade and migration open. Plus the egalitarian utopian one peoples, one world baloney depends on it. In the end they’ll run out of food, water or shelter, and when peoples bellies grumble, it doesn’t matter how many games and toys are thrown to the masses.

        You and I have a tone of common thoughts, from growing food organically, to family orientation and promoting community/communalism, rather then the individualistic consumer based degeneracy of the globalised Americana world.

        I don’t know how keen the governments would be to do a Ukraine on us, even the sociopath USA politicians, there are still good people in our militarises and police forces, and I don’t think there is enough trust in the UN. The closest they could get to a global military is what we witnessed in Iraq 2, the “Coalition of the willing” when NATO, ANZUS, ect… was invoked. As long as white people play it cool with WN 2.0 all should be fine, if to many go Rambo then it will give the beast an excuse to act. It’s really hard to predict the future. One thing’s for sure the elite be it politician, bureaucrat, banker or corporate pig, is trying real hard to scrap what they can out of the barrel, so it seems the gig will be up sooner rather then later.

    • Columnist says:

      China has severe demographic problems; too many old people and too few young. Europe has the same problem, but many countries use euthanasia. China will need a religion that allows for euthanasia in many cases. The same holds true for Iran.

  9. robroysimmons says:

    Well said MW. It is the jump from the soft control taboos to hard control that is the great unkown. As a friend says all this feminized nonsense goes up in smoke once the last piece of bread is looked upon in the bread bag. White women will probably be the meanest, since all these years they were convinced they were angels upon Earth doting upon the coloreds and now the coloreds turned upon them, betrayal in their minds.

    • mindweapon says:

      Thanks RRS! A lot of people are going to be surprised nad betrayed by what is coming.

      • Columnist says:

        It is also possible that the NWO will give free more and more of their alternative energy sources. After all, among New Agers, Transhumanists and the like, they accept it as a known fact. Others with intelligence can deduce it for themselves. If the world was dependent on oil, and the oil sheiks were REALLY Muslim, the world would be far more Islamic.

  10. Hereward Saxon says:

    NEVER “take the women and girls for integration and sport.” HISTORY shows that alien race women will integrate and make sport of you!

  11. Hereward Saxon says:

    “As a friend says all this feminized nonsense goes up in smoke once the last piece of bread is looked upon in the bread bag.” So well said. They’ll finally submit to the bread GROWER.

  12. Hereward Saxon says:

    “The Hordes can be easily turned back, if the Rural types have the stones to do what needs to be done.” Yes, there IS a difference between the urban-“wised” and the truly wise RURAL type of Western man.

    “I will look to the HILLS (not the city) from whence cometh my help.”

  13. Columnist says:

    It is very well possible that after the Illuminati are destroyed by the Chinese secret society, they will release all sorts of technologies that make unsustainability something of the past.

  14. Outlier says:

    i certainly hope so, otherwise this ….

    ” Europe in 2029 ”

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