Doom gardener’s notebook, July 26, 2012: There’s always a trade off

Southern New England gets ample rain and heat in the summertime, good for growing fruiting crops with a high water and heat demand. Squash, tomatoes, peppers, eggplants are actually tropical plants, but their life cycle is short enough (or was shortened by breeding), to thrive in a temperate climate that has cold winters. The seeds of these tropicals can survive the winter, and self seed, so they have arguably adapted to temperate climates.

Over the last two centuries, New England has declined as an agricultural region, supplanted by the vast cornucopia of the Midwest and California, and repurposed as a population center and urban/office worker region. However, the Midwest suffers from soil erosion and from a dependency on fuel based farming. Midwestern staple crops such as corn/wheat/soybean are grown in vast quantities, but are sensitive to fuel prices, as fossil fuels are used for the tractors, the fertilizers, and the transport to the public. The staple crops are a triple whammy of fuel dependence.

California has water problems as well. The vast production of fruits and vegetables are dependent on irrigation, which is salinating the water table. Water shortage is a fact of life in California. They are destroying their resource base by overproducing fruits and vegetables for export so planters can be fat cats, and destroying their water supply. They will always produce fruits and vegetables, but “peak fruits and vegetables from California” is either here or will be, unless they come up with a mass scale solar water purifying scheme.

California is naturally dry, and this has some advantages. You can get more control over water exposure, because it’s easier to control a plant to get more water, than to prevent rain. So by default it’s dry, and they add water as they see fit. Letting fruit plants go thirsty in their ripe stage makes them more dense in sugars. Here in New England, to control water intake of plants I’d have to put rain covers over them during a rain, and somehow prevent water from infiltrating sideways, from around the covered plants.

So we are at the mercy of the rain in New England; in California, they are the mercy of the drought.

Another advantage of farming in a drier area is fewer fungus problems. I have the Irish potato famine fungus on my tomatoes, phytophthora. I am treating it with Daconil now, but I should have been drenching the tomato and potato plants in Daconil since June, to prevent phytophthora from even getting a foothold.

So there you have it; tomato production in New England is dependent on anti-fungicides, or somehow controlling the environment to be dry. Potatoes seem to have been bred to be resistant. They get it, but I don’t lose much crop because of it. But still it’s better to whack phyophthora hard, everywhere it would grow.

You can’t grow wheat here, either, or it’s not ideal. Wheat gets the hallucinogenic ergot toxin that might have caused the Salem witch trials, because the Puritans were raising wheat for food.

So there’s always a trade off. California and the Midwest have distinct advantages, agriculturally. But they depend on fossil fuel inputs, and their resource bases are not being managed well. Agricultural is being done like strip mining.

One thing that’s for sure, is that the bankers do not want the people to ever have control of their food supply again. They want whiz bang techno solutions which preserves their leverage over our lives. Here’s a conference of the people running the world:

Reverse the Future

Reverse the Future? That’s quite an idea to unpack.

Be sure to listen to President Clinton’s speech, and whom he thanks. Here’s the relevant link:

The ruling elites are well aware that their most dangerous enemy is a mass movement of small farmers. They get a massive amount of leverage by having 1% of the population working in agriculture.

A yeoman country, where 10% or 20% of people work in agriculture, means these people control a chunk of resources and can conceivably create effective resistance against the Bankers. Unless we are all kept in a form of serfdom.

But let’s suppose the Bankers go Turbo Chutzpah and recreate serfdom. In fact, that’s probably the goal in implanting the Third World into the hearts of White countries.

The Bankers keep upping the ante.

But the masses of people are a Force of Nature, like a hurricane. The bankers are messing with a force of nature. Resisting enslavement is in our DNA, and all the corn syrup and public schooling cannot remove the will to resist enslavement.

What it will come to is enslaving ourselves, in order to escape enslavement by others. This is the meaning of Arbeit Macht Frei.

The Soviet Union understood production as a weapon, though it was the capitalists that perfected the use of produciton as a weapon.

Food production is a weapon used to distort Culture. People who are involved in producing food as owners and proprietors have a sense of public responsibility; they own and operate a piece of real estate for food production; they have a greater sense of political responsibility as well.

The Bankers do not want to have to deal with a country of White middle class farmers. They want serfs on one side, and bosses like Bill Clinton allied to them on the other side.

The victory of th War of Independence was quite temporary, because it was merely a hot lead and cold steel war. The City of London has waged perpetual Mindwar. They wanted their colony back; they got it. Bill Clinton is clearly BFF’s with Jacob Rothschild. And Hillary is Secretary of State playing Caesar of the Middle East.

The killing blow of the City of London MindWar was the creation of pop culture. It is said that Frankfurt school Jewish musicologist Theodore Adorno wrote Beatles songs in order to infuse American culture with pessimism. I grew up with pop culture, but I found it distasteful and alien. When I was a child I was hanging out with a friend in a trailer park and he showed me a “Kiss” album (this would have been the late 1970’s). I was disgusted and frightened by it.

Pop culture started out with white entertainers, in order to suck in the masses, but then they did a racial switcheroo, because their time window is running out.

The past century has been a century of manufactured consent to the Bankers. They have been able to manufacture consent by the generation of surplus wealth. They use money to control culture.

The surplus wealth ends; their soft influence and MindWar wanes. They will have to wage war and direct enslavement to maintain control. But if the infrastructures are destroyed, they have no leverage except to “Samson option” nuke the world.

Hence the Terminator technologies — flying killer robots(drones). It started with the Beatles, and it ended with flying killer robots.

The Banksters cannot accept the coming trade off of power. They will not be able to feed us; we will go feral and less in their control; they will want to kill us; we’ll fight back.

That’s why I say, to prepare for this war; farming and science and math.


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16 Responses to Doom gardener’s notebook, July 26, 2012: There’s always a trade off

  1. Ryu says:

    Good article. I’m not so bullish on CA. They steal alot of their water from nearby, less populated states. I expect declines in production as they become more Mexicanized.

    I don’t know what to think of New England. WHen I look at a map, I see NYC and Boston. Seems like everything in between would be city. The parts above are a bit too close to all that diversity. Plus, you’ve got Montreal just north of the border. Surrounded on all sides.

    I recently watched a documentary on how the FDA chases down small farmers, especially raw milk people.

    • mindweapon says:

      No, the diversity won’t be able to get that far. What are they going to do, walk 200 miles to my house to kill me? Disease and starvation will take out the overpopulated diversity.

  2. Wally D says:

    The Bosheviks used the vast agricultural resources of Ukraine against them by selling the wheat they produced to foreign countries for cash, while 10 million Ukrainians were starved into submission. If weapons are removed from the American people, the same tactic can be used against us.

    • mindweapon says:

      Nonsense. There’s a huge trade in antique and underground firearms. People even make guns from metal themselves. Also, are they going to outlaw the black powder muzzle loaders. Those things are 50 cal and very accurate.

      The machine shop guys could make cannon again, that would pierce armor and explode on impact. You only get one shot, but that one shot will probably be enough.

      Outlawing guns would create “gun cartels” taht are like drug cartels, except you will be able to get a LOT more than just regular old firearms. The gun cartels will sell grenades, anti-aircraft, biological and chemical stuff. The CIA/FBI will probably be involved in the trade even as they crack down on it. its will be a “Breaking Bad” world where the “meth labs” are cooking stuff that’s a lot more harmful than meth.

      I stay far, far away from all such stuff, but I know that it’s out there. Outlawing guns will be motivation for underground weapons machine shops and labs to expand their operations. The Ukrainians didn’t have a weapons making culture that the US has.

      this is why I am not in a panic about “gun seizure.” all it’s going to do is make people way way way more motivated to manufacture and trade in illegal and even homemade weaponry. Instead of Joe’s Gun Shop, legally licensed, selling a limited array of firepower to people who have been background checked to own it, it’s going to be people like Walter White selling the kind of stuff that could arm a modern infantry unit.

      the underground is STRONG. Look at the drug dealers, the moonshiners, the meth lab people. Ban guns, and you’re going to get that same thing, except dealing in small arms.

      Heck, arms dealers sell grenades and anti-aircraft to third world tin pot dictators, who will be financially motivatred to smuggle and sell back to the streets of the US.

      I’m quite confident that the Bankers have gotten in way way way over their heads. I’m just preparing to survive it. I don’t think I have to fight ZOG with hot lead and cold steel. ZOG is committing suicide, and every proactive measure they take, will only make it worse for them. The best thing ZOG could do for its own survival, is NOTHING. But they won’t do that. Chutzpah Macht Frei,is their motto.

      • Outlier says:

        That’s why they want to chip us, so they can track our every move.

      • Anon says:

        The drug trade benefits from benign neglect, so it wouldn’t be as positive. still there are just way too many guns to get them all without destroying gun culture first.

      • anon334 says:

        Let’s say they banned gun ownership, and seized all known guns. There’s still millions of unregistered firearms out there(in the hands of whites).

  3. mindweapon says:

    How are they going to track 300 million people? I’m quite confident that they won’t be able to keep their control with violence and force.

  4. Cranberry says:

    I am, however, concerned about drones:

    The stuff of sci-fi novels, now live in your skies!

    I do worry about my garden being confiscated by the government. Already there have been cities and towns passing local ordinances against home gardens, or that deal with registering home gardens. One woman had her garden mowed down (including walnut and fruit trees) because it was in her front yard. The town ordinance said “no plants above two feet tall in the front yard unless it is for human consumption.” ALL of her plants were food or medicinal plants; she made sure her garden was compliant. Three days after she got the notice, she filed an appeal, and while she was away filing the appeal, the town sent in the goon squad to remove the whole garden. Yeah, she is a black woman, but so what: legally still a citizen and by all accounts one trying to stay alive in a self-sufficient manner while looking for work, so her race is less important to me than the issue of gov’t telling you what you can and cannot grow or how to feed yourself. Issues like this woman’s home garden illustrate that THEY are willing to use their authority, small or large, as a means to bully and oppress until we are all in line. And we just accept it, because “isolated incident” and f*ck you, that’s why. It’s a horrible attitude that is cultivated in America. The population and society is so large it cannot be fathomed enough to matter to many people, until it happens to them, and then…

    We are approaching 100 million people living at or below the poverty level in America. There will not be enough jobs unless manufacturing returns to these shores and we stop importing cut-rate labor from third world nations. WHY IS THIS SO HARD FOR SOME TO GRASP? It does not take complicated mathematical instruments to understand that if you aren’t producing “stuff” in addition to consuming it, sooner or later you are going to end up with an imbalance that harms everyone. This is why a gov’t that accounts for 40% of GDP is a bad thing: from whence comes the tax revenue to keep a tax-funded system alive if the only thing paying (and taxing) employees is the tax revenue stream? I am constantly told (on other boards) that immigration is a net win and off-shore labor is a net benefit to Americans (and then I get finger-wagged about being a xenophobe protectionist).

    • Cranberry says:

      Oops! Completely wrong link above (although, watch it, and tell me again that drunk women are constantly being raped because they are too drunk to consent…)

      Link should be this:

      Apparently a two-week training program in operating RC planes has been stretched into a four-year degree at the U of ND.

    • mindweapon says:


      I’m surprised any ordinary American still believes in free trade, on other boards, as you say. I remember those Libertarian free trade fools from the 90’s, and I remember seeing them lose their high paying computer jobs in the 00’s. I’m surprised anyone but the independently wealthy believe in free trade!

      As for gardens being raided, that would be reason to actually fight the police. THey would have to take my garden from my cold dead hands.

  5. Craig says:

    A fellow doom planter’s advice on tomatoes.

    To help prevent fungus infestations aeration is the key, so less bushy, more productive plants are favourable in humid environments. To achieve this space the plants 24 inches apart by row and 12 inch plant spacing. Grow tomatoes vertically on one stem, by picking out the lateral branches, leaving only the leaf, this will encourage a tomato set to form instead. String(the best method), stake or lattice the plant up for support. The oldest leaves at the bottom will get diseased first, so first sign of disease remove them and dispose into plastic bag into the bin, or burn it. You could also use copper sulphate or lime sulphate as an organic method of fungus control, but overuse can kill certain beneficial fungi found in the soils.

    Commercial Hydroponic tomato farms use this technique, the record is a 22 yards, I’ve only ever grown it to 4 yards, that is out side, not in a hydroponic glass house.

    The vertical technique.

    I love my tomatoes, pasta Napolitana .

    Oats would probably do really well if wheat does not. I’d grow Lucerne(Alfalfa) if you have plenty of water and a bit of acreage. Alfalfa loves salty bore well water, in fact optimum salt for Alfalfa is 6000ppm which is phenomenally high.

    Most potato’s are breed nowadays to be resistant to the old fungus rot. Commercial Potato seed is actually grown via the areoponics technique.

    There’s actually two movements that threaten the banker and political elite. The small farmers movement, be it preppers or the sustainable greenies. Also the baby boomer’s that have lost faith in the system, who may say stuff you to the bankers very soon.

    Interesting read this one, if 10% of the productive white USA population openly embrace the grey anarchism and small farmers way of life, the USA would become ungovernable due to lack of funds or taxation to the governments.

    As for technology and the ramping up of totalitarian laws, well they both have unintended consequences and double edged sword outcomes, that can mortally wound the wielder, rather then the intended victims.

    Take for instance the Terminator/surveillance drones.

    The Afghani goat herders learned to defeat the technology with simple sheep skins that mask the bodies heat signatures. There’s a few techniques that can achieve this, either environmental factors, or equipment. Not only that laying out false intelligence can lead people on wild goose chasers, bombing friendlies, or leading into death traps. The intelligence is often misinterpreted this causes the friendly fire that kills.

    Asymmetrical warfare even of a primitive nature can win the day via attrition, as the Soviets found out, and now the USA empire is learning the hard way. It’s telling of an Empire in decline, rather then go in and smash and rebuild they choose to appease. If the Empire wanted to rid the world of nuclear bomb race, Geneva convention ignored and Neutrino bombs would of been used long ago.

  6. Xavier says:

    Hey, what do you guys recommend young people do? I just graduated in May (in humanities, yeah I know this blog is big in math/science but it’s too late for me now) and moved back with my mom but still have trouble finding work. Should I start growing vegetables in my backyard? How would I sell them and how long does it take before they are ready? Any advice is appreciated. Also what is the best book to read to learn how to farm?

    • mindweapon says:


      1. Go to North Dakota and work in the oil fields for several years.

      2. Buy gold and silver with the money you earn, keep it in a safe deposit box at the state bank of North Dakota, which is probably teh strongest bank in the country.

      3. Wait for the price of real estate to crash to the bottom.

      4. Buy an apartment building in a college town, say, Northampton, MA or Storrs, CT and live in one of the units. Live on the rental income.

    • Cranberry says:

      The Backyard Homestead is a good start as far as books go – the author lays out plans to turn lots as small as 1/4 acre into a vegetable and meat (eggs/chicken) producing oasis. Also, Square Foot Gardening is a good resource for the home gardener. It teaches you how to rotate crops, do crop succession, and intensively crop so you can maximize yields from small spaces.

      Local regs on selling produce differ, you’d have to check with your state’s agricultural cooperative extension. It’s late to start a garden now but it is the perfect time to start planning for next year. Gardening is easier than farming, but both require lots of planning and work, all worth the effort.

      If you are serious about growing for yourself and selling the excess, you must look into methods of food preservation like drying, canning, and fermenting. Freezing is an option but you are screwed if the grid fails, so get the Ball Blue Book (THE manual on home canning) and books like Preserving Food Without Freezing or Canning and Real Food Fermentation. Also, read up on real-food diets and consider going grain-free, even as a trial, to see how you feel. In the event of collapse, ag subsidies will be axed right quick and bread (grain sold directly to people) and meat (corn sold to consumer in meat form) will be unbelievably expensive. Learn to hunt and butcher meat or make friends with someone who does.

      I think you should follow MWs advice. My brother-in-law is from North Dakota and recently went there with his family for a class reunion. He cannot believe how built up and prosperous his old home town is, due to the oil boom. He said people are making money hand-over-fist there, whether working in the oil fields or just in town providing services to the itinerant workers. One caution: he said housing is difficult to find because people are pouring in faster than infrastructure can grow to support them. Look for roommates and work as much as you can. Don’t get involved with the strippers and don’t be tempted to drink your salary away – many a boom-town rat has been drowned in drink and wasted the good fortune of the boom well before it busted.

      Good luck.

      • mindweapon says:

        Very good advice, Cranberry!

        Being a member of the rentier class is a good move. People have to live somewhere. Landlords are necessary. There’s nothing wrong with it, and as long as you manage it right, it’s pretty easy money. Here’s a video on how to be a landlord, it’s actually a Dutch feature film, but you’ll get a lesson how the world works and how to be a landlord from Bailiff Dreverhaven. Scroll to 7 minutes 20 seconds.

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