Washington Post: Geneticists find that Africans are a different species

Black Africans are a different species after all.

The article doesn’t come out and say it, but it’s the obvious conclusion.

The human family tree just got another — mysterious — branch, an African “sister species” to the heavy-browed Neanderthals that once roamed Europe.

While no fossilized bones have been found from these enigmatic people, they did leave a calling card in present-day Africans: snippets of foreign DNA.

There’s only one way that genetic material could have made it into modern human populations.

“Geneticists like euphemisms, but we’re talking about sex,” said Joshua Akey of the University of Washington in Seattle, whose lab identified the mystery DNA in three groups of modern Africans.

These genetic leftovers do not resemble DNA from any modern-day humans. The foreign DNA also does not resemble Neanderthal DNA, which shows up in the DNA of some modern-day Europeans, Akey said. That means the newly identified DNA came from an unknown group.

“We’re calling this a Neanderthal sibling species in Africa,” Akey said. He added that the interbreeding probably occurred 20,000 to 50,000 years ago, long after some modern humans had walked out of Africa to colonize Asia and Europe, and around the same time Neanderthals were waning in Europe.

In other words, Africans interbred with non-homo sapiens rather than maintaining reproductive isolation and evolving into a new species. The prehistorical Africans cursed themeselves, effectively reversing evolution on themselves, and in the modern day, race mixing with Africans by non-Africans is reversing evolution on one’s own family line. It is a crime against one’s ancestors.


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36 Responses to Washington Post: Geneticists find that Africans are a different species

  1. Snake says:

    A fascinating find surely to cripple the “weez all beee eekwull cuz weeez all from Afrikka” line. Without delving into the humour aspect of this, I wonder what the newly discovered ape looked like?

  2. feminizedwesternmale says:

    Something many of us long expected. I bet the “Chimp Out” guys are going crazy over this. Also unsurprised by the dogmatic line that the more developed races are “out of Africa.”

  3. Ryu says:

    Biologists recognize race. You just have to know how to read between the lines. They dress it up as subspecies, ethnicity or breed. The definition of species depends upon who you ask and there is no good answer. Alot of people say it’s sexual isolation; no interbreeding. But with that definition, there are no dog breeds.

  4. Jackson says:

    Also I think the SE Asians, maybe the Maylays, have a 3rd proto-human that they interbred with a few tens of thosands of years ago. The Northern Asians, like the Chinese have Neanderthal genetic markers, like Europeans. It’s kinda funny if that somehow has to do with the smarter human variations, as it’s been a slang term for ‘retarded’ forever. There was an article on it at AltRight a year ago, I think Spencer wrote it.

  5. Outlier says:

    The Family

    I was just watching the opening ceremonies of the London Olympics ….. they had a piece called “The Family” where a WHITE-BLOND women pulls up in front of her house in a red and white Austin Mini and her BLACK son gets out and they go into the house where she greeted by her BLACK husband and their BLACK daughters.

    Then, they followed up by a performance by a saggy arse gangsta monkey rapper.

    WTF has the UK become ???

    So, Britain fought WW2 for this ?

  6. Africans were getting their muh dik on with green monkeys as recently as… what time is it?

    It’s called cospeciation folks, and MW is right: africans screwed themselves and de-evolved as a result.

  7. Darwin considered blacks to be so different from whites it wouldn’t be outrageous to class them as two distinct species:

    “But since he attained to the rank of manhood, he has diverged into distinct races, or as they may be more appropriately called sub-species. Some of these, for instance the Negro and European, are so distinct that, if specimens had been brought to a naturalist without any further information, they would undoubtedly have been considered by him as good and true species” – The Descent of Man, Volume 2

    I imagine that what he means by “further information” is the numerous other ethnic groups who are in between the capacities of white and black.

    It’s good that science shows that the races are immutably different, but I’m skeptical about whether it will do much to change anyone’s mind. Racial differences have always been obvious to everyone who didn’t willingly blind themselves to them.

    • Ryu says:

      The HBDers know all about this stuff. It is there field of excellence. But it does not make them WNs. Often, I find that they take pains to show how tolerant of these differences they are. It’s like Hitler said – for the many, aim for the heart. For the few, aim for the head.

  8. Columnist says:

    The Africans themselves claim extraterrestial ancestry. Seriously. But recently, I spread a very powerful meme:”Does the Dajjal control the oil in the Middle-East?”

  9. Tabu LaRaza says:

    what time is it?

    Both later and earlier than you think, I think.



  11. George says:

    Wile I do agree that Africans are likely there own species this does not eliminate them from a right to Human Dignity

  12. Godfrey says:

    Does it not fit with the book of Enoch’s account? See LXXXV-XC. Second Dream-Vision of Enoch: the History of the World to the Founding of the Messianic Kingdom and LXXXVI. The Fall of the Angels and the Demoralization of Mankind.

  13. DaniAL 2:43 came to mind,… “And whereas thou sawest iron mixed with miry clay, THEY shall mingle themselves WITH THE SEED OF MEN: but they shall not cleave one to another, even as iron is not mixed with clay.”

  14. q bert says:

    You are right, they do that all on their own.

  15. klepp0906 says:

    Anyone with common sense can see that. We didn’t need a scientist to tell us lol.

    Wolfs and dogs can mate and have less in the way of physical and behavioral differences than humans and Africans yet we don’t consider them the same species do we?

  16. Bodi says:

    This explains why blacks don’t fit socially, intellectually or emotionally into a predominantly white society with a sprinkling of Asians, a society in which they would fare far worse. It also explains the underlying unspoken truth about our social policy of affirmative action, a concept that recognizes the difference of blacks where the white measure of performance is unfair and should not apply to them. Blacks lack conscience, values of any sort that are compatible with civilized society in the Asian and western sense, guilt, empathy and other qualities in western and Asian cultures. Incarceration rates further confirm this. Blacks don’t learn the way whites and Asians do. They know it all and it’s everyone’s else fault for their despair. Anything that displeases them is the result of racism. This quagmire can be solved by overcoming our society’s denial based on political correctness and recognize what life experience and science overwhelmingly supports—the fact that blacks are a different species. Would it be fair to have the same social, intellectual and emotional expectations as whites and Asians for gorillas and chimps?

    • ron says:

      This is what science has always said, but our universities have been hi-jacked. Tis is the reason for so much misinformation and just pure propaganda. Our educational institutions have to be taken back plain and simple.

  17. David says:

    That explains alot. I’m against crossbreeding with the African populi. Now I’ve got solid evidence to argue my point with these octoroons.

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