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ANC Youth Leader Julius Malema; blacks were better off under apartheid

From the horse’s mouth: Johannesburg – Black people are worse off than they were during the apartheid years, expelled ANC Youth League leader Julius Malema said on Thursday. “We are worse [off] than during the times of apartheid. We … Continue reading

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The Four Words: Not Prejudice Just Preference

These are the four words that White women on dating sites use to qualify their preference for “caucasian men only.” If you google this phrase in quotes, like this “not prejudice just preference” you will see how many women out … Continue reading

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Growing livestock feed on suburban lawns– the best idea I’ve ever had

I noticed that commenters missed the really important point of the Malthusian Doom Vegetarianism post — namely that suburbanites can and should be growing livestock feed to barter for meat from local farmers. One thing that modern White Americans so … Continue reading

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Anders Breivik — not insane, not sorry

Anders Breivik triumphant.

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Slow motion Malthusian Doom may force world into vegetarianism

Malthusian Vegetarianism A big problem with vegetarianism is it makes people crazy. They don’t get fats they need to lubricate their neurons. So the downward spiral of Malthusian doom, if it is not averted, is going to suck big time. … Continue reading

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Matt Parrott on the growing obsolescence of Jewish Mindweapons (Original – Tempest in a Sex Pot)

Tempest in a Sex Pot Truly brilliant and inspiring writing by Matt Parrott. Tempest in a Sex Pot Matt Parrott I’m a romantic at heart. Perhaps I’m a liberal and a universalist on some visceral level, because I really do … Continue reading

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Correction on story — both perp and victim are black

Not everything with a human face is human. Edit — the victim is black. It’s too bad for the girl, but at least it’s not miscegenation mayhem this time.

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