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Originally posted on Deconstructing Leftism:
Harvard-educated blacks rpresent the interests of lower-class blacks. Harvard-educated Hispanics represent the interests of lower-class Hispanics. Harvard-educated whites think lower-class whites are the scum of the earth and do everything they can to subvert their…

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There’s three possible reactions to being forced to do the impossible: 1. Flee. 2. Go crazy trying, and then either flee or become a White naitonailst. 3. Become a White naitonalist. They want to take away Option 1. Get teh … Continue reading

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My new site motto: Quietly. Earnestly. Patiently.

Quietly. Earnestly. Patiently. Those three adverbs describe the inner life of a person who is doing intense, self directed learning. It is quite the opposite of the rah rah sports fan existence, the swagger that is taught by the mass … Continue reading

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What I see in the Future

This is a variation of the Mindweapon prophecy. Things got so bad, that Whites became too much trouble for the government. We became ungovernable, and we started a brutal insurgency. We did not overthrow the government, but they did give … Continue reading

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Good news: Jews fighting among themselves over “racism”

This brough a smile to my face. We can win by surviving,as the Jewish poison of liberalism and universalism is poisoning the Jews themselves! The universalists, race-mixers and gays are enervating the secular Jews, and if all that’s left are … Continue reading

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Mitt Romney: Organic food for me, GMO pheed for thee

Monsanto Man Mitt eats organic, pushes GMO corn syrup on the rest of us. The Prim Reaper: At least Michelle Obama did a White House organic garden. Mitt Romney despises the rest of us. We are all nothing but interchangeable … Continue reading

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Saturday, September 29, 2012 My Two Minutes Hate

Today during my Two Minutes I saw the destruction of the multicult. The paid servants of White GeNOcide were laid off, and there were no unemployment benefits; no pension. They had to find some way to make a living doing … Continue reading

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