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Generation Identitaire Declaration of War

I found it printed out. Might be worth memorizing. We are the generation of ethnic fracture, total failure of coexistence, and forced mixing of the races. We are the generation doubly punished: Condemned to pay into a social system so … Continue reading

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Eastern Europe, the West, and White Survival

I spent a week in Ukraine about 2 weeks ago, specifically in Odessa. 1. People complain about being poor, but they are not in debt because credit is not easily available, and they do own the basics — a car, … Continue reading

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Religious Spies and the Mars Hill Church

Thnk there’s no such thing as religious spies? Think again. Edit: Apparently the Mars Hill Church preaches against doing things like yoga and qigong, being as they compete with the collection plate. Very lame, but there are still things to … Continue reading

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Originally posted on forourdaughtersandsons:
His attack started a landslide upon our lives, that has left us upside down and backwards and inside out! We here, at this site, all know what an impossible task it is to live beyond murder!…

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John Milton was a polytheist; Paradise Lost was his vehicle for depicting polytheism

I read Paradise Lost closely in college and wrote papers on it, comparing it, actually, to Dostoevsky’s Notes from Underground. WHom reason, hath equalled, force hath made supreme, above his equals summed up Underground Man’s lost fight with Zverkov to … Continue reading

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Amazingest Bankster Chutzpah Ever! And Liberal Useful Idiots who made it happen

Amazingest Bankster Chutzpah Ever! Read the whole thing. They are using strong-arm collection tactics for defaulters on student loans. This is proof how liberals have been useful idiots for “fascist” bankers, when they cried in the name of equality, “Bachelor’s … Continue reading

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How to oppose anti-racists/anti-whites in a place with very little racial tension

There’s a scene in the great movie, “The Devil’s Advocate” where Keanu Reeves tells Al Pacino that there was a hole in the wall of the men’s restroom that enabled him to eavesdrop on juries. This made Reeves very adept … Continue reading

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