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Three Reasons Officials Don’t Stop Illegal Immigration, by John Young

Repost from Western Voices. Three Reasons Officials Don’t Stop Illegal Immigration Contributed by: Author on: 11/29/2012 04:07 AM [ Print | 0 comment(s) ] by John Young The hesitation of our political system to stem the flood of immigration (both … Continue reading

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Liberal Happy Dancing Continues as the Great Depression II Grinds On

It’s often said that the Great Depression was only recognized as such in the rear-view mirror. It took a while for it to be acknowledged as such. Liberals are still Happy Dancing over the re-election of Barack Obama. If they … Continue reading

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Dutch have to get politically incorrect to fight sex slavery; feminists versus antiracists

I was wondering when the feminists and the antiracists would finally clash. The liberal Dutch mom let her 15 year old daughter have a 21 year old Mud Slime boyfriend. Then the predictable happened: Anita was divorced and running a … Continue reading

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Valley of the Wolves movies

Valley of the Wolves: Palestine Valley of the Wolves Irak (in Arabic) If anyone finds Valley of the Wolves Irak with English dubbing or subtitles, please post in comments. These are worth watching.

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Roissy tells the American Right Wing how they could regain power.

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Catchy tune, “Strike a blow at Tel Aviv”

Love that Call to Warrior type jihad music. We definitely need something like this. Male vocals, and percussion. Slogan of the jihadis: “We love death more than you love life.”

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Happy Thanksgiving to all MindWeapons out there!

Happy Thanksgiving! Be grateful for your mental illumination!

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