WN 2.0; the Espionage Model

WN 1.0 is the military model — go out and antagonize people. Yeah, that’s smart!

WN 2.0 is the espionage model. Hide your views, fit in to society, learn foreign languages to fit in even more societies, outside of the American box, MAKE FEW OR NO ENEMIES.

Keep a single goal in mind, a single vision — an infrastructure of business/income and housing for White people and White people alone, blended seamlessly into society so there is nothing to attack, if ZOG even finds out about it.

Something like this — owning the local convenience stores and housing WN homeschooling families in an apartment while they work at the C-store and don’t have a car or share a car between 4 or 5 families, and they bring in math/science/language tutors and music teachers and very competent martial arts instructors, and theater/Stanislavsky Method. Theater training makes people powerful at influence — it is a Satanic but powerful craft.

So the kids are raised to be exceptional, and then blend in to society and push things in our direction. They never directly confront ZOG or admit to being it’s enemy. But by virtue of their exceptionally high levels of accomplishment and achievement, they will be force multipliers of influence.

And, by the way, they will naturally be racialists and eugenicists and opposed to the Jewish agenda for the world. That’s natural in people unless it gets beaten out of them, and high achievers will be in control of themselves to a high degree and extremely resistant to being guilted.

The most dangerous person is one who pretends to go along with multiracialism, but is truly opposing it. He goes to the sensitivity training and plays dumb, plays like The Good Soldier Svejk (read the book), and pulls off what appears to be unintentional humor (that is actually intentional humor). He never “expresses his views straight” to people, but uses Socratic method, and humorous acting to make people convince themselves of his point of viiew.

The enemy expects a “hater,” who wears his hate on his sleeve. The WN 1.0 Military model. Because the enemy has to use a stereotype to identify us, it’s pretty easy to avoid that stereotype and Taqqiyah into society, and influence things in our direction without ever blipping ZOG’s radar. That’s WN 2.0 the espionage model.


About mindweapon

The Fundamental Theorem of this Blog: We can defeat ZOG and take over the state just by having enough smart people in our group to overwhelm the Democracy-Idiocracy of 2040.
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22 Responses to WN 2.0; the Espionage Model

  1. oogenhand says:

    Muslim Brotherhood vs. Al-Qaeda.

  2. ritarabbit says:

    Hindsight is 20/20. Let’s try not to bash people who have tried to make a difference. (Saying they antagonized people etc.)

    • Peter Blood says:

      Agreed; we learned something from them. But our enemies learned something from us, and what Kievsky is saying is we can do it different so what they learned is the wrong thing!

  3. FN says:

    MW earlier before I came here I was thinking how your idea of having all these little stores where Whites could hire WHITES was so important look at this poor gal:
    Woman’s Racist Facebook Post About Obama Gets Her Fired

    • mindweapon says:

      I saw that FN. You should get on twitter and follow “mindweapon” I taunted the liberals for picking on a young woman making 10 bucks an hour. also, they all say that only the old people are racist — what a Leftist myth, eh?

      • FN says:

        The Modesto Bee put her PHOTOGRAPH in the paper, all of the HATERS, the RACISTS, who want WHITES dead, now have her photo and whereabouts. Nice work Modesto Bee.

        I hear you on that “racists are old whites” well NO, the old whites were the ones who nodded in approval to all this MLK worship, all the BS, the “Greatest Generation” SIC were the ones who killed the best team that ever was on the field and they did it for the YKW in WW2.
        You want FIREBREATHING NUCLEAR WHITE BOYS? Guys and GALS in their twenties and teens, I mean it is getting REAL HOT out there and ZOG knows it, they’ve bought well over a BILLION rounds of ammo for various domestic agencies, that and the domestic drone “practice” and that full-scale military exercise the other day doing “ZOMBIE” containment oh yeah, FULL OUT BOLSHEVIK time

      • mindweapon says:

        It’s amazing how they are going after these amateur haters the way they would go after committed National Alliance activists who expected such treatment and were more or less ready for it. These poor kids.

        But yeah, this is a real interesting twist — the young are getting pissed after all. Tm Wse tweeted something nasty about Denise and I tweeted “real classy, attack a 10 dollar an hour working class girl.”

        Imagine if the NA was functional now? They’d have to hire new staff.

      • Ryu says:

        Harsh! But all they are doing is making it illegal to disagree with the negros. Even the brainwashed American public can see that this is a violation of free speech. They’re even sending the MIBs (Men In Black) after her!

  4. ritarabbit says:

    She didn’t threaten anyone. Good for her, for not backing down. Good for you Denise Helms. You are only stating what a TON of people are wish. Not ME of course. I’m a peaceloving White woman. 🙂

  5. I’ll be brief, MW: you cannot hide from the JEWS. You cannot Taqqiyah them. They are too smart for that. They do not intend to be “ghetto”‘d or “holocaust”‘d EVER AGAIN. The intend to EXTERMINATE. THE. WHITES. 1900: whites = 30% of world population. A century later, after assorted Jew-catalyzed intra-White massacres and world wars…

    …2000: whites = 9% of world population. Now, can you extrapolate a straight line? …2100: NO WHITES.

    In short, Taqqiyah all you want. But weapon up before the Jews close down the gun stores.

    • oogenhand says:

      YKW intends to be “Khaybar”‘ed, given their position on Islam. If you want to “Holocaust” them, you should offer them a worse alternative, like eternal damnation. Atheist WN doesn’t stand a chance.

    • Anon says:

      The 30 to 9% is a function of the green revolution which they had little to do with, and which incidentally is starting to show signs of giving out.

    • mindweapon says:


      This country is weaponed up. I observed in Boston that they don’t do background checks. If someone says they are a Jew and seems to know the shibboleths, they take him or her at face value. If you know the modern Hebrew language, even moreso. The Palestinians and other Arabs should be doing this.

      • oogenhand says:

        Well, a half-Egyptian acquaintance admitted that many Egyptians do already know Hebrew. The reverse happens too. Israelis learning Arabic, infiltrate no-go zones in Europe, and tell the non-Muslim people what the Arabs are up to.

      • Another Anon says:

        It does work. I went to temple with some Jews I knew back in the day. I wasn’t a WN at the time but the sheer alieness of the experience probably contributed to my eventually becoming a WN.

        Honestly, being influence by these people is like being influence by Martians.

  6. Well, a half-Egyptian acquaintance admitted that many Egyptians do already know Hebrew. The reverse happens too. Israelis learning Arabic, infiltrate no-go zones in Europe, and tell the non-Muslim people what the Arabs are up to.

    Some part of the Israeli intelligence service (don’t know if it’s the Mossad or something else) will get jews who can pass as Palestinians and train them to adopt their mannerisms, slang, etc.

    It’s easy to pass as jewish if you look generically European, especially if you’re a southern European. Even then, I’ve met some Russian jews who look more Slavic than jewish in spite of their being zealots for the tribe.

  7. anirishtory says:

    Reblogged this on Irish Tory.

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