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New Blog: Occams Razor Magazine; A blog devoted to deconstructing the pretty lies of political correctness.

Occams Razor Magazine. Add to your links, and be sure to Follow! Advertisements

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Originally posted on The West’s Darkest Hour:
Excerpted from Twilight of the Idols, chap. The “Improvers” of Mankind: 1.- My demand of the philosopher is well known: that he take his stand beyond good and evil and treat the…

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Liberal calls White Right Wingers “treasonous” LOL

Liberal calls us treasonous, LOL We’ve been calling them treasonous for about a gazillion years.

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Comment war at Mother Jones


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Heartiste’s take on Stop Amnesty Now. By the way, I have my three congress critters in my cell phone contacts and contacted them yesterday.

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Another California story; Big Doug, a textbook example of superbug evolution in the human memeplex

Inspiring story from Big Doug, from SoCal. Big Doug was raised not to be racist by both of his California parents. In anthropology, life histories are important. IF you are lurking and have a life history to tell us like … Continue reading

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Hipster bets against the Zombie Apocalypse; How economic contraction can bring back Eugenics and Master Morality

So Hipster is betting Stuka Pilot 2 Silver Eagles that there will be no Zombie Apocalypse by January 2014. It makes sense to bet on no Zombie Apocalypse for the next year, because if there is one, no one’s going … Continue reading

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