The Two Commandments of the Mind Weapon Movement

I was wondering if the Mind Weapon Movement has attained or will attain a critical mass as a meme-structure, and if it will be roughly the same or much different from my vision of it.

What would the people be like who are part of the Mind Weapon movement in 2020?

It will be a sort of religious movement, although not necessarily supplanting existing religions that people practice. I think it’s time I handed down the Two Commandments of the Mind Weapon Movement:

1. Be Smart.

2. Win.

That’s it. If you live by these Two Commandments, the Three Words, you are a Mind Weapon. I don’t need to tell you what “win” means, because the first commandment requires that you figure out what it means to win.

That which is simple and in front of our nose our whole life is often the hardest thing to see. Social conditioning tries to immunize us against the Two Commandments. You’re too smart for your own britches! What do you think you are better than us? Pride goeth before a fall.

There’s a lot of literature and movies and TV shows depicting “beautiful losers.” Caddyshack is all about glorifying losers and glamorizing sluts:

Danny regularly caddies for Ty Webb (Chevy Chase), an exceptional golfer and the free-spirited playboy son of one of Bushwood’s co-founders.

In the movie you find out that Ty Webb “got caught with the 15 year old daughter of the college president on the green of the golf course” and he got thrown out of college, though not arrested for statutory rape. The gist is that he could have been the next great golfer, but the squares were so uptight about a college boy banging a high school freshman girl, so now he’s in “Palookaville” of the country club, having to suck up to WASP Elmer Fudd type oppressor-buffoons like Judge Smails.

Then there is the Bill Murray character, a supposed Vietnam Vet and other “beautiful loser,” who is using his war skills to try to kill woodchucks that are destroying the golf course.

Rodney Dangerfield is the cool Jew who plays Bugs Bunny to Judge Smails Elmer Fudd, defeating him at every turn with Semitic wiles and humor.

The plot centers around a young man with blond hair who has to decide between the beautiful losers and cool Jews, versus the uptight buffoon-oppressor Judge Smails. Of course the script makes it an easy choice. Judge Smails never gets anything right; his power and privilege are completely unearned and inherited.

The message got across. A generation of White kids came to believe in the myth of the beautiful loser. Pride goeth before a fall. Don’t go around thinking you’re better than everybody.

Caddyshack came out in the 1980’s, at the tail end of the high wage and manufacturing boom. There was still a lot of residual wealth and income. People felt wealthy. This siren song of surrender and suicide Mind Weaponed millions of white people into pre-emptive defeat.

The Mind Viruses of Caddyshack and Back to School and Karate Kid — that is what must be undone in peoples’ minds. We must facilitate rapid mental immunity to these memes, and spread this immunity. The code for immunity is simple.

Be Smart.



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  1. My older brother and sister- very intelligent people who should have been scientists- got seriously mindweaponed like this. When I was a kid I always hated the encouragement to be “different”, or “free-spirited”. I went looking for other ways to fight back against this, but that didn’t work out well either. My father- according to my sister- made a comment blaming the culture at one point, but it was mostly his failure of leadership. In the spirit of “do as I say, not as I do” permissive child-rearing and dream-chasing are *not* something the hostile elite do or accept among themselves.

    • mindweapon says:

      Yep, I got lucky. For some reason, when I was a kid, I despised the TV and only watched it when everyone else was watching it, so I’d have some company. I’d have preferred a different collective activity, and the only other thing was hanging out in the woods on the banks of the Hudson River smoking weed and drinking and being mean to each other. It was a real life Lord of the Flies. Not totally a bad thing — it beat being a TV or videogame addict as long as you physically survived, which was no guarantee. The big dangers were falling out of trees while gathering wood for fires, drowning in teh Hudson, and car and motorcycle accidents.

      So when I moved to Connecticut at age 15 my TV watching went to zero. I didn’t even think about it at the time. It would have been nice had I known how much I actually liked studying. School had taught me to hate learning — what a pity! I could have done so much in those years!

      • WTF??? says:

        “I’d have preferred a different collective activity, and the only other thing was hanging out in the woods on the banks of the Hudson River smoking weed and drinking and being mean to each other.”

        How miserable it feels to read this. This is the state of us throughout the country. Big sigh.

      • mindweapon says:

        Yeah, and that’s probably a healthier version!

      • conchobar14 says:

        too true WTF, i second that

  2. Hereward Saxon says:

    Never saw the movie and didn’t have TV at the time either, missed all that. But pride in the sense of arrogance and “unteachableness” is not good. Self-respect, in the sense of having a clear conscience and settled right convictions, yet with an “open mind” and willingness to learn, is better and I think more successful in the long term. Let’s be “proud” of — and unwaveringly absolutist about– knowing the truth and truth-seeking, of what is right, facts, and performance, rather than of being greater or “different” or “nobody.”

    • Maureen says:

      Great post, and great comments, so far.
      In examining myself I see that I’m “different” in that I eschew the Jew system that I hate so much….but I’m not successful. It seems any career one could pursue is fraught with landmines. I already experienced putting my all into a career and finding that only the cheats and liars made any money at it. It’s hard to know what to put an effort into.

      • WTF??? says:

        Cheats and liars prosper because there are no consequences. Besides Maureen, dontcha wanna be cooooool maaaaaaan?! Yeah bro, totally rad, like the caddyshack people bro, wooooohooooo!

      • mindweapon says:


        Try to find something that you love that benefits others and hopefully is at least minimally remunerative.

    • HerewardMW says:

      It’s the difference between earned self respect and self esteem. Thugs and killers are chock full of self esteem but they barely know what self respect is. Best description I ever heard:

      “Self esteem comes from everyone else telling you yes. Self respect comes from telling yourself no.”

  3. RobRoySimmons says:

    We are the social critics now. I suggest to everyone take that reactionary blather you still might hold in your brains to take it behind the metaphorical barn and shoot it (metaphorically) in the face.

  4. Snake says:

    Orson Welles’ Martians died of disease. What if they developed vaccines and returned? Teach yourself that this society isn’t yours anymore. We are the Aryan Aliens invading planet Gefilte.

  5. Hyperborean says:

    These cultural “inserts” of the 80s were a prelude to the 90s counter-culture spearheaded by the Clintonites and their Jew handlers. The Jew is the quintessential Omega-male. They are full of psychoses, neuroses, hate, spite, can’t get laid if their lives depended on it (hence their production of hardcore pornography) — they are the Nerds in Revenge of The Nerds. Notice how they almost always pick the main villain as a Nordic-looking Alpha-male back in the 80s while the poor victim is always the neurotic nerdy Jew. Remember, the Jew ALWAYS plays the victim. That is their tactic #1. Tactic #2 is use victimhood to con honorable Goyim into helping them against a pretend enemy: divide and conquer. You find this even in their Satanic Torah, always the victim. Even Yahweh, their god of Butthurt, is neurotic and psychotic like they are.

    But I digress; my personal 2 commandments would be as follows:

    1. ALWAYS act honorably. Jews have no honor and fight dirty. They are scum lower than feces. You come from a loooooooong line of genetic and cultural success — ACT LIKE IT. The exception here is with Jews. They deserve no honor nor respect from us.

    2. ALWAYS question EVERYTHING. We are doers but we are also profound thinkers. We come from a long line of philosophers, scientists — we are builders and creators. We are thinkers and doers. Jews don’t even think or do, they naturally swindle and scheme and get goyim to do their dirty work. And whenever something happens, ALWAYS ask yourself, “Cui bono”? Who benefits from what just happened? Who benefits from this song with degenerate lyrics? From this movie? etc. etc.

    • Phil says:

      The reason why Jews get their way so often is exactly because they do fight dirty.

      The honorable Celtic and Germanic Americans have continually lost to Jews for the past 80 or so years, exaclty because they won’t fight dirty. Celtic/Germanic Americans thought that fighting honorably was the only correct way- they thought that fighting dirty was beneath them. As a result, it has been one loss after another for Celtic/Germanic Americans.

      Well, F–k honor. Fighting smart and dirty is the way to survive or win.

      • Hyperborean says:

        I stipulated that all should be treated with respect and honorably unless disrespect is shown. I also stipulated that Jews deserve no respect. They are scum.

      • mindweapon says:

        I have to agree with this, Phil.

        I have learned a lot about Slavic culture and noticed that there are many similarities between Ashkenazi Jewish culture and Slavic culture. Slavs do chutzpah and corruption big time.

        I grew up very Anglo-Saxon minded, but culturally and linguistically emigrated to Russia. I noticed a large polarity — a very big difference between Anglo-Saxons and Slavs, and wondered at this.

        And what I noticed was that my Anglo-Saxon thinking had all sorts of little repressions — little mind-worms that kept me from doing this or that thing, “out of principle,” or “out of a sense of honor,” or “we just don’t do things that way.” Like Jante Law in the Nordic countries –look it up. I trashed as many of those mindworms as I could, and continue to trash them, while retaining what I find useful in Anglo-Saxon culture.

        For example, if Anglo-Saxons get their own country again, we can run it very honestly and transparently among ourselves, nad create public goods, as long as we don’t allow in parasites we’ll quickly become the most powerful country in the wrold. Think a little England, a Pioneer Little Europe.

        Anglo-Saxons create the most powerful culture there is, but it’s very susceptible to parasites.

        Slavs much less susceptible to parasites/mindworms, but less honest and more bold, more chutzpathic.

      • oogenhand says:

        According to Paul Wexler, Ashkenazic Jews ARE Slavs.

    • mindweapon says:

      Even Yahweh, their god of Butthurt

      I LOL’d!

  6. Ryu says:

    Be smart, win. I think I can memorize that. The 14 words, the 5 words, the 2 commandments.

  7. oogenhand says:

    My si7r is working. If Golden Dawn would reintroduce the Spartan face veil in order to drive a wedge between moderate and extremist Muslims, what would be the downsides?

  8. Hipster Racist says:

    Since those who control the past control the future, here’s my highly partisan and selective history of the MW movement.

    Back in 2009 MW was blogging at OD, and probably in response to a WN 1.0 style comment about stocking up the compound, MW said we needed “mind weapons.” This reminded another commenter, clearly hopped up on hipster racism, of the infamous US Army document, “From PSYOP to MindWar: The Psychology of Victory.”

    MindWar is defined as “the deliberate aggressive convincing of all participants in a war that we will win that war.” The paper contrasts a use of psychological operations such as propaganda with a new approach.

    Unlike PSYOP, MindWar has nothing to do with deception or even with “selected” – and therefore misleading – truth. Rather it states a whole truth that, if it does not now exist, will be forced into existence by the will of the United States. The examples of Kennedy’s ultimatum to Khrushchev during the Cuban Missile Crisis and Hitler’s stance at Munich might be cited. A MindWar message does not have to fit conditions of abstract credibility as do PSYOP there; its source makes it credible.

    The author of the paper went on to become a chief architect in the psychological and torture operations of the “War on Terror.” This official US MindWar strategy was later echoed by Karl Rove in what became an extremely controversial and infamous statement:

    The aide said that guys like me were “in what we call the reality-based community,” which he defined as people who “believe that solutions emerge from your judicious study of discernible reality.” … “That’s not the way the world really works anymore,” he continued. “We’re an empire now, and when we act, we create our own reality. And while you’re studying that reality—judiciously, as you will—we’ll act again, creating other new realities, which you can study too, and that’s how things will sort out. We’re history’s actors…and you, all of you, will be left to just study what we do.

    We are the ones who knock. We’re not locked in here with you, you’re locked in here with us. We create the reality. We are history’s actors. We win by creating the White future. This sort of Mind War became WN 2.0; the intelligence agency model, as opposed to a military/army model.

    So MW came up with some specific “mindweapons,” some specific psychological, linguistic, and rhetorical devices we use to create the future and will it into existance. From Islam he adopted Taqqiyah, the psychology of secrecy and hiding one’s true motivations. From the Jews, kvetching, the notorious constant verbal deconstruction (“critique”) of our culture and even race. From Asians, the market dominant minority economic strategy. From the gamers, hypnotism and psychological manipulation of target individuals. From the cultural Marxists, the long march through the institutions.

    MW used the concept of microbal populations growing more resistant to antibiotics as a way to describe the inevitable radicalization of Whites, and how opposition simply creates hardier Whites for the next generation. Part of the convincing all participants that we will win the war is explaining to them how Whites will adapt, and change, to changing circumstances. We’re like Star Trek’s Borg – you have to constantly change the frequency of your phasers because one or two hits and Whites simply adapt to the new weapons, it becomes useless against us. That’s what they mean when they say Whites are the “creative race.”

    Remember, gentle readers, that MW has a background in military intelligence; others here have similar experiences. There’s more thought put into this than one might realize upon superficial inspection. Boo!

    In 2020, the likely future consequences of the reality of White survival will start to be openly acknowledged.

    • mindweapon says:

      Good Lord, you know more about my writing than I do! Thanks very much for that succinct and complete review!

    • “We are the ones who knock. We’re not locked in here with you, you’re locked in here with us. We create the reality. We are history’s actors. We win by creating the White future.”

      Absofuckinglutely beautiful.

      We will reserve a prominent position for you in Provisional Government of National Restoration (PGNR).

      • Hipster Racist says:

        We will reserve a prominent position for you in Provisional Government of National Restoration (PGNR).

        Hanging Judge at the 911 Trials, I hope!

  9. Hipster Racist says:

    Yeah well MW I’ve been reading pretty much all of your stuff at OD and here for the last 4 years. Hell I even stuck around when you started geeking out about Fresnel lenses (lol). And I’ve been nuturing this mind war seed since then, under various handles etc.

    While I don’t want anyone to take this too literally (lest another Counter Current article appears purposefully pretending we do) the intelligence agency model is the appropriate one for us. Not an army, not a church, not a tea party (and no, not a quasi-mystical dinner club fraternity either. The Freemason stuff is an analogy too, obviously.)

    CIA has a distinction between “agents” and “assets.” Mossad has something that performs roughly in a similar way, the distinction between “agents” and “sayanim.”

    I see Mind War, and the Espionage model of WN 2.0, as complementary to what the BUGsters and Bob Whitaker do with the mantra. BUGs is great, the best rhetorical propaganda campaign we have going, and it’s working. I see MW agents as providing a certain kind of training to assets.

    Assets have their own thing going. Assets are recruited to help the CIA, given training by the CIA, and tasked by the CIA. But they don’t really ultimately take orders from CIA.

    I’d bet $100 that David Duke is a CIA asset. Before he makes those trips to Iran to meet with Ahmadinejad, he’s briefed by CIA, probably went through a training on what to observe and what the CIA is hoping they will get from him.

    Note that David Duke is a real dissident, and he would do what he does CIA or no, and the CIA isn’t going to stop him from what’s he’s doing. In return for cooperation, he’s provided a certain amount of safety, all he has to do is accurately report what he did and what Ahmadinejad did.

    Sayanim don’t know anything about the larger Mossad plan, they just provide a car, a house, some money, when needed.

    MWs train our sayanim. We’re not trying to covert anyone to our religion, or our political ideology, or our grand scheme and master plan. We’re providing training and tools for how to use mindweaponization in your own sphere, for your own ostensibly pro-White purposes.

    Part of the training is, of course, unlearning bad habits. Like “playing fair” when the enemy does not, accepting “moral victory” to avoid the pain of a defeat (“slave morality”) – being a beautiful loser.

    An important part is understanding how institutions work, how trade networks work, how the physical infrastucture works, how to survive physically in a collapse (see, those Fresnel lenses have a purpose after all.) Part of becoming a market dominant minority is learning to find opportunities and take them.

    MWs train assets to participate in the long game, quietly, earnestly, patiently.

    Remember the 2 Minute Hate a while back? The synchronization of people’s consciousness? Like a holiday. Muslims pray 5 times a day, every day, at the same time. It’s hacking your mind, jacking your brain into skynet. It’s the inner wheel of hate, generating the energy of fanaticism.

    There’s a reason why no one was allowed to prounce the name of YHWH – just like no one is allowed to say the N-WORD today. Naming something defines it. The cultural Marxist call it labelling, and stage huge fights over language.

    MWs name, in an almost magical way, gods that must not be named, thereby taking some of their power. MWs do it psuedononmously, online, through a network of blogs, bypassing the billion dollar mass media one White at a time. Like a neural network.

    Just like the guy chosen to play red team/raghead in the US Army’s huge war game of 2003. He undercut all the advantages by pure chutzpah – motorcycle messengers, mosque loudspeakers broadcasting codes, tiny rowboats attacking huge battleships at once – and beat the US so decisively they had to “reboot” the war game and declare most of his tactics out of bounds – he wasn’t “playing honorably” – he won! Of course he resigned in protest.

    How’d I do?

    • Ryu says:

      Not bad. But there’s something else you have to do. You have to go from student to journeyman. No two WNs are exactly alike. You have to go out and develop your own methods. Comments disappear quickly. You must begin your own site, start your own group and build up your own body of work.

    • mindweapon says:

      Frighteningly good. Well, I know for sure that my ideas have transmitted.

      We haven’t gotten into the homeschooling the next generation topic yet though. Here’s an important idea.

      White boys in WN families need to get thousands of hours of sophisticated fighting training before they are teenagers, in boxing, wing chun/jkd, and judo/BJJ. Our boys must dominate the youth world, the world of teenagers. The Jews have created a Judaized “youth culture.” If our boys are physically dominant and at the same time, have been homeschooled very well so they also influence the thinking of their peers, we will be on the way. A few boys who can beat up all other boys their age in town can influence the whole teen culture of that town. Imagine — no mudsharks. Those girls who didn’t become mudsharks would later be grateful for the Mind Weaponized boys who dominated their town, and their Youth Mannerbund. (h/t Hipster Racist). For though their peers may have had loser parents, our boys will give their peers the better ideas, they will teach them Mind Weaponism just by osmosis, by setting a stark example. The Jews created this evil, degenerate “youth culture” with TV; we’ll uncreate it with Mind Weapon children, by setting examples that cannot be ignored. Someone said to me once, “I don’t want to raise my child as a weapon.” That’s crazy. A Mind Weapon child has a much better chance of surviving and thriving.

      Be smart.


      It’s all about Dominance, and all doctrines that teach you not to strive for Dominance, are setting you up to be Dominated.

      • Phil says:

        “White boys… need to get..hours..of fight training..before they are teenagers. A few boys who can beat up all other boys their age in town can influence the whole teen culture of that town. Imagine-no mudsharks.”

        Exactly. The social and sexual hierarchy of boys in multiracial schools in often set around 12-13 years of age. European-American young boys need to be physically confident by then. The young girls at that age begin to notice the physical and social strength of the boys which can influence who the girls are attracted to. This is important. And it doesn’t even have to be most of the European-American boys, but just a large enough minority of them.

      • oogenhand says:

        And what if black girls fall in love with those Dominant Mind Weaponized boys?

      • mindweapon says:

        Nothing. The White boys will be taught that they don’t want to get physical with a woman whom they wouldn’t want carrying their baby. Worked for me. Before I was a White nationalist, I had a very attractive Brahmin Indian girl named Uma go for me when I was in college. This girl had a thing for blond guys — she had a short order cook boyfriend for a while because he was blond. She was a premed student, her father was a rich surgeon, she was very light skinned, but I just couldn’t get past the fact that she wasn’t quite white. She was not Euro white. Also, she was a small, petite little thing, and I only wanted to marry a woman who would produce strong children. So I didn’t go for her, despite a very strong drive.

      • maureenmartin5 says:

        Be a weapon or be a lemming.

    • AAB says:

      ‘I’d bet $100 that David Duke is a CIA asset. [..]Note that David Duke is a real dissident, and he would do what he does CIA or no.’

      That reminds me of something Eustace Mullins said about the John Birch Society: it was set up by Revilo Oliver and Robert Welch using money from Nelson Rockefeller:

      >>>Eustace Mullins: Revilo Oliver was a good friend of mine and he was one of the founders of the JBS. He and I were sitting in his living room once and he told me that he knew Nelson Rockefeller ran the Birch Society because he had a revolving fund at Chase Manhattan Bank, and whenever Welch needed a quarter million dollars to meet the payroll, he’d go to CMB and withdraw the money.

      Interviewer: Oliver told you that?

      Eustace Mullins: Himself. One of the founders, can’t ask for better authority than that.<<<

      As you said, we've got to 'unlearn bad habits' like always playing fair. If you want to win at something, then you must be willing to utilise all options on the table. That means you must be capable of being both extremely honourable and dishonourable. The YKW isn't generally capable of being honourable, hence he is stymied. White people are generally honourable, so we are presently stymied. If we are to win, then it means that we must be capable of being both honourable and dishonourable, and use whatever the situation demands. A toolbox is no good if you only use half the tools in it.

      And if there are people out there that think dishonour and deciet are un-Aryan, then recall how even Thor (the rough and tumble god) used trickery against the dwarf Aviss: 'In the poem Alvíssmál, Thor tricks a dwarf, Alvíss' (

  10. TabuLa Raza says:

    Must introduce some philosophy here.

    Religious ethics are mostly based on “intrinsicism”- that is, something is intrinsically- in and of itself- “good”or “bad” WITHOUT HAVING A DEFINED CONTEXT.

    Example: Lying is bad/evil/sinful. It just is. So when a fedthug breaks in and asks if you have weapons or ammo- the honorable/moral thing to do is tell the truth! Why do you owe fedthug the truth? BECAUSE LYING IS ALWAYS (INHERENTLY) EVIL. That is, lying is INTRINSICALLY- IN AND OF ITSELF- evil. If you lie to fedthug you will go to hell.

    Here is the problem- nothing is good in and of itself. It has to be good for an actual person (or group) IN A DEFINED CONTEXT. Intrinsicism is everywhere in the culture(s)- all over Earth.
    It’s built into language and thought. Example: “this is a good movie” or “this is a great painting” or “classical music is the best” or “drinking is sinful.”

    Goodness pertains TO THE VALUER. One person may like a movie, another hate it. The goodness or badness comes from the context and value judgments of the viewers. Goodness/badness is in the head of those making evaluations.

    The whole notion of having a “Minister of Culture” or a “State Religion” is based on the view that values are INTRINSICALLY good. And therefore must be forced on the general population- who must not be allowed to stray from the truth.

    Religion is unable to make certain distinctions. Look at lying about weapons to fedthug.
    Are you trying to scam or defraud him? No. WHY THEN IS IT EVIL? Because lying is ALWAYS evil. See- the lying is in and of itself wrong WITHOUT SEEING THE CONTEXT AT ALL.

    Let’s look at the lying IN CONTEXT. You are not trying to scam- rather you are engaging in self defense. The fedthug is asking questions that are actually none of his business- he is in the wrong and should be arrested or thwarted. IN CONTEXT, LYING WOULD BE VIRTUOUS/HONORABLE AND TRUTH-TELLING UNSPEAKABLY EVIL. (Impractical).

    Honor for those who are honorable. Honor is not owed to the bad. Lying, in context, may be a great value and absolutely needed for survival. Truth telling would then be horribly evil.

    Lying vs. honor is a false dichotomy. Lying to j is High Honor.

    I’m trying to figure out the logic. Something like this. “Scamming is evil. All scamming involves deception. THEREFORE ALL DECEPTION INVOLVES SCAMMING. Therefore all deception is evil. It’s a problem with parts and wholes- probably a well-known fallacy. Again- “all crime is committed by blacks- therefore all blacks are criminals.” The two statements are entirely different.

    Scamming involves lying. Somehow they reach the false conclusion that all lying involves scamming. See the reversal? The next false conclusion is lying=scamming=evil=go to hell.

    So, if you lie to a thug from the State, who just entered your house without permission-


    There is a certain primitiveness in logic. An inability to make certain crucial distinctions.

    I may have unearthed a major distinction between religion and philosophy. Religion has a blind spot leading to what is discussed above. Religion sees no context. Philosophy is able to make distinctions that are too advanced for the religious.

    Try to tell the religious that lying may be a great value, in full context, and that truth-telling may be evil in the same context. They may explode due to the blind-spot that they don’t think they have.

    Religious (intrinsic) values have no context. Nothing is intrinsically good or bad. Context is everything.

    p.s. All the victimless crime laws are based on intrinsicism- “drugs are evil” and so on.

    • mindweapon says:

      What do you think of my Two Commandments? They leave a lot up to the Commandee to decide what it means to be smart, and to win. It is an attempt to start this conversation inside peoples minds, and clear away all doctrines and mindworms such as “guilt” and “beautiful losers.”

    • maureenmartin5 says:

      My religion of Chritianity does not have a blindspot when it comes to lying. When the Israelistes were in captivity and Pharaoh decreed that all firstborn boys must die, the Israelites hid their children and lied to the authorities about it. The egyptian midwives lied about it too.

      “Christianity” today has been corrupted by false teachers/preachers. Sadly most under their tutelege would “tell the truth” under questioning by tyrants rather than do the right/smart thing (which you explained very well TR).

    • AAB says:

      TabuLa Raza says:
      ‘Honor for those who are honorable. Honor is not owed to the bad.’

      That reminds me of a verse from Havamal:
      ‘A man must be a friend to his friend and return gift for gift.
      Men should use mockery in return for mockery and deceit for a lie.’

  11. I think this motto could be filed under Mindweapon’s first commandment of BE SMART!

    “No one is ENTITLED to your opinion.”

    My late Polish Granny, bless her soul, used to confound everyone who tried to get her to do things their way. They always walked away from her convinced that she was going to follow their suggestions. The thing they did not know was that my sweet little granny was a woman who hated to argue, so if someone said something, it was always, “yes, mmm hmmm,” nodding the whole while without a derisive or stubborn look crossing her face and then she’d go out and do whatever the hell she pleased which was usually the exact opposite of the thing suggested.

    Here’s another:

    “It’s easier to obtain forgiveness than get permission.”

    That is the motto of my brother (the master of the accomplished fact).

    Now for the last aspect:

    Question: If FedThug comes to your door demanding to know if you have assault weapons, then how do you answer “truthfully?”

    Answer: It all depends on how you define “assault weapon!”

    For grins, those without guns could honestly tell FedThug that their house is chockful of them: Knives, forks, lamps, baseball bats. Their “fists of fury.”

    Conversely, those with guns could honestly answer no, because even if they have an arsenal, they may not consider what they have to assault weapons.

    • Talmudic tricks. Do this, and ZOG wins again. When the enforcers come, shoot them. It’s too late for ‘mindweapons”. ZOG is suddenly in a hurry. Invest in lead, or you will soon be dead.

  12. Attila says:

    One problem of Xtianity is that it has one main archetype – Jesus – who is supposed to represent one metaphysical pushover. The Jewish tradition, HOWEVAH, has literally dozens of archetypes to learn from/internalize – many of whom engage in some pretty questionable behavior. Murder, rape, treason, adultery, lying, etc etc etc.. That could be one reason why the Yehudim seem to embody a wider range of action/peerspective WHILE STILL WITHIN the tradition- and why some of these tactics may not be necessarily seen as particularly “odious”. I am currently reading a book called Biblical Images by R. Adin Steinsaltz- written from a Kabbalistic perspective and enjoying the hell out of it.

    • Attila says:

      On another vein – in al-Islam — Muhammad (PBUH) comes much closer in embodying the archetype of an Old Testament Prophet/Divinely-inspired Action Man — which necessarily draws him into conflictual this-worldy situations- and ends up dying just any other human being- a fate not much different from that of the prophets of Isra’el.

    • mindweapon says:

      Fascinating, Attila. That’s the best critique I’ve ever heard of Christianity — that it has only one archetype.

      • Hereward Saxon says:

        Re: “Critique”? Who are the critiquers of Western, CHRISTIAN culture?

        Re: “Xtianity…has one main archetype – Jesus – who is supposed to represent one metaphysical pushover.”

        The Archetype, indeed, Who was in the beginning, Who was “pushed over” for our sakes, Who rose, and Who returns in JUDGEMENT.

      • Attila says:

        I forgot to mention that Islam has ONE archetype too- except he is a Semitic warrior and not an other-wordly fellow like Jesus. Also, the Muslims revere Jesus/Isa as just a man who went as far as a man could go spiritually, but still just a man. Yeshu’ah/Jesus/Isa, if he truly existed, was NOT a Xtian but a Jew, get it?

    • Maureen says:

      Jesus is hardly a pushover. He BEAT DEATH and he’s coming back with a sword in his mouth.

      • Hereward Saxon says:

        Maureen, you said well.

      • Attila says:

        I doubt it …. Yeshu’ah was just a wayward Jew—probably a rabbi. Those who claim to speak in his name should have the humility to admit they don’t know much about the tradition that made him who and what he was.

    • oogenhand says:

      Do you think circumcision is useful to non-Jews/ non-Muslims? Is the foreskin a kind of Christian taqiyya, or the sexual equivalent of turning the other cheek? Could circumcision be part of seithr, or sexual magic?

  13. Hereward Saxon says:

    “Yeshu’ah/Jesus/Isa, if he truly existed, was NOT a Xtian but a Jew”:

    Neither a Jew or a Christian, but one who was BEFORE them and all things.

    “Those who claim to speak in his name should have the humility to admit they don’t know much about the tradition that made him who and what he was.”

    “Tradition that made him who and what he was” is a delusion of those who choose not to believe.

    • mindweapon says:

      Neither a Jew or a Christian, but one who was BEFORE them and all things.

      This is a claim made on faith. You cann’t expect everyone else to share this faith.

      I see religious figures as archetypes, and Attila’s comment was very sensible. We need multiple archetypes, not just one.

      • Attila says:

        OK …………. I was mistaken —- Yeshu’ah resurrected and became a founding member of the Frankfurt School – those sneaky Yehudim, LOL.

      • Hereward Saxon says:

        Re: “You can’t expect everyone….” Yes, believing or not believing is voluntary, volitional.

    • Attila says:

      Jesus was a JEW, capito? A Jew like those who get circumcised at birth and who keep Shabbat and all the other holidays and who lie to speak in parables, allusions, and stories open to much interpretation.

      • Hereward Saxon says:

        You meant “like to speak”?

        Are you sure that “–” WAS a Jew? You thought “–” might not have existed at all.

        The fourth Gospel shows Him not as a Jew, but in the form of a Galilean in conflict with and contrast to “The Jews” — and the Deity that existed BEFORE Abraham, to Whom Abraham paid homage.

        Christians believe He is God, not a Judaist, a magician or a mythical figurehead, etc.

        Re: “The Jewish tradition…has literally dozens of archetypes to learn from/internalize – many of whom engage in some pretty questionable behavior. Murder, rape, treason, adultery, lying, etc etc etc…could be one reason why the Yehudim seem to embody a wider range of action/peerspective”:

        It might make THEM “successful” in the short term (as in: we all live and die in the short term) but NOT the long term, and in any case Talmudic tradition is “incompatible with our blood type” — goes entirely against our nature!

  14. Hereward Saxon says:

    MW, I understand your point about archetypes, needing multiple, good archetypes. Attila’s Kaballistic study must be interesting, and I’ve done some of that myself. Nevertheless, I stand on this ground.

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