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Bloomberg Businessweek Magazine cover; they did it for the LULZ


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Affirmative Akshun Strikes Again! Dr. Nikita Levy, Negro Gynecologist, getting hims hidden camera muh dick on, then goods himself

I bet you thought Nikita Levy is a Russian Jew. Sorry, he was from an age when they were into ghetto Russian instead of ghetto French: Just get right dar in da stirrups, ma’am. I gots ta X amin that … Continue reading

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Open Source Intel on the Famous But Incompetent; Moral Turpitude Tolerated

FBI agents caught sexting and dating drug dealers Fascinating, and good to know: Disciplinary files from the Bureau’s Office of Professional Responsibility record an extraordinary range of transgressions that reveal the chaotic personal lives of some of America’s top law … Continue reading

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Israel deports Sudanese; doesn’t give a flying crap what the UN or liberals or human rights Jews say

Sudanese will be killed for having lived in Israel, deported anyway. That’s how a nation acts, that says Yes to Life. So the Sudanese will be killed upon returning to Sudan. The Israelis know that if they let the Sudanese … Continue reading

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Comment by Sam promoted to post; a glimpse into the life of a secret Mind Weapon and Open Source Spy

I was thinking about something this morning while I was chilling with the dog and drinking a cup of joe from my percolator( an awesome 2 dollar yard sale find). The dog loves raw meat by the way, which is … Continue reading

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Originally posted on Toiletnation, USA:
It’s frustrating being a Leftist. Leftists in their collective munificence have a grand and beautiful vision for mankind and they get very, very annoyed when reality gets in the way of their plans. A most frustrating…

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New Link Announced; Toilet Nation; Diversity is Indistinguishable from Decay

Toilet Nation The proprietor of Toilet Nation certainly has a way with words. Here’s the comment that alerted me to this new blog: I used to be afraid that a large, dispossessed but educated managerial class would fall easy prey … Continue reading

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