Islamic Europe; the Ottoman Empire meets the Third Reich

Nationalists in Europe are going to have a painful decision to make. They definitely hate Muslims, but in fighting them, they are defending “liberal” Europe, not Christian Europe like Charles Martel was.

The smarter thing to do might be to go along with teh Muslims to cleanse “liberal” Europe, who are truly the worst enemies of nationalists, and then, when the Nationalists get into power, send the masses of Muslims home while allowing the “elite” Muslims to keep their perks so long as they encourage the masses of Muslims, Kent Brockman style, to repatriate:

In short, learn Arabic, convert to Islam, use the Muslims to wage jihad against the white traitors and enemies of the Nationalists — the antifas, teh Social Democrats, the liberals, teh feminists.

The Muslims were brought to Europe to be weawpons against Nationalists; but the Muslims are not actually allies of the liberals. THey hate the liberals’ guts!

Tell the Muslims, we’ll have the most awesomest nuclear armed, Europ-soldiered caliphate ever, once we get rid of the liberals and feminists and the NGO Marxist orgs supported by George Soros like the Open Society Institute! Yes, it just so happens, as a matter of fact, that the enemies of Nationalsts are what truly displeases Allah!

The Social Democrats and Christian(LOL) Democrats, and Labor Party and Green Party and COmmunist Party –they all create Dar Al Harb. Even the Greens and Communists who pretend to love you just want to turn your children into infidels and degenerates. The Greens want your grand daughters in bikinis and your grandsons to be secular infidels and homosexuals. Left wing ideology is false religion that challenges Islam and must be destroyed.

This is probably the most dangerous Mind Weapon ever conceived, but it’s been sitting there under our noses. It’s so very simple. But, like learning Spanish, converting to Islam would feel like surrender. The question is, how bad do you want to defeat liberals, the very people who opened the border to the Muslims?

Whose your worst enemy. This?

Or this?

Now let me be clear. I’m not saying to go into terrorism or incite terrorism among Muslims. What I’m saying is to learn Arabic, convert to Islam (in that order), and introduce memes to the Muslims that liberals and communists and Greens are their enemies, despite their pro-Open Borders ideology.

Open Borders ideology is becuse the Commies and Greens want to corrupt the Muslims in Europe, then corrupt them in the Arab countries. Greens and Commies wnat to make Dar Al Harb EVERYWHERE.

This would be ultimate WN 2.0 Espionage model — meme transmission to the Muslims. You would become a scholar of the Koran, of all the Hadiths, the Wisest Imam of the Religion of Peace.

You would use the MRA anti-feminiist movement memes in your Religious Revelation — that infidel woman are hypergamous and they destroy their own families on a whim, when they want to go “do better” they divorce their husband and take all his money. Feminist dystopia is what the liberals want, and Muslims already know this. Just emphasize it, scream it out.

Of course, you’ll find out what Muslims hate and fear most in thier own words, especially if you learn Arabic, and you’ll be able to repeat it back to them, with your own spin. You could even script out a speech that if heard by Muslims, would make them hate that person and everything they stand for, then you find a Nationalist to play a Communist or Green or Social Democrat and have him say this speech to the Muslims, and have some scripted questions/answers between you and your confederate making the speech. Your confederate would say, “yes, of course the State should have authority over the children and tehir religious education, nto the parents. Parents teach their children barbaric, backwards stupid things like religion!” T he confederate shouold try to talk the Muslims out of their religion on the spot, tell them it’s stupid and barbaric, and that women wearing bikinis is cool and sexy, and gay is good. And that the master plan is to convert all Muslims into secular Social Democrats, both in Europe and in Dar Al Islam. Islam may be a religion of conquest, but so is Liberalism!

So you Mind War the Muslims to hate the liberals even more than they already hate them. Teach the Muslims to hate them, the way YOU hate them. It will come quite naturally.

If Europe becomes Eurabia, it wasn’t our fault. What we should do is take advantage of this particular trend to hurt our enemies. Make them regret their own actions, shove theri multicult diversity down their throats. It will be the Ottoman Empire meets the Third Reich, with the lasting nature of the former and the high tech and agendas and many of the ideologies of the latter. I’m sure the Muslims will allow their European janissaries to be Islamo-Nazis.

Note to White Loyal Christians such as Hereward Saxon. We will work with you to create underground Christian churches and periodically stage “persecutions” so that the Remnant flock see you as the True Christians who are getting persecuted by the Muslims. The Rainbow churches will be given the choice Islam or the Sword, while Christians we like will be tolerated and only bothered with periodic staged raids where no one really gets hurt and pro-White Christian leaders look like heroes standing up to the Sharia Gestapo.

The liberals stand in our way, and wage a cowardly, dirty war against us, the Barbara Specter types, the Gordon Brown and Tony Blair types, the George Soros types. We can use the Muslims to crush them all, to bury them forever! It will be well worth it.


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74 Responses to Islamic Europe; the Ottoman Empire meets the Third Reich

  1. Hyperborean says:

    I’m not mutilating my junk just to join another sand religion.

    • mindweapon says:

      No, absolutely not! Tell ’em it’s already mutilated. I think the Muslims will be glad to be allied with strong Whites and will grant us some concessions such as no MGM, we can still drink on the sly.

      Also, the European Muslims should get on teh dole and practice polygamy with White nationalist females who see the logic of converting in exchange for having large families and getting high tech, Saudi funded White madrassas that teach Koran and aerospace engineering and electronics and computer engineering.

      • Hyperborean says:

        Uh… that’s fascinating and all, but I could never agree to marry my white daughter away to a desert monkey.

      • mindweapon says:

        I would never ask you to. The Muslims won’t necessarily force us to do those things. We could very well practice White eugenics with Islamic money.

        Look it’s an Espionage project idea, a strategy for meme-war against those who are truly our worst enemies.

  2. Ryu says:

    Don’t incite terrorism – that’s the FBI’s job!

    Brandon wrote something like this, except it was for Murka. The Arabs take over, cut a deal with whites, then leave. I’ll have to summon him to this thread.

    This will be a hard row to hoe. And because it is so ugly and traitorous, it would probably work. Possibly the ones who save the white race might be percieved as its greatest enemies.

    • Wally D. says:

      A good point. 99% of Muslims are peace-loving, whereas the FBI aggitates the remaining 1% into comitting crimes they wouldn’t otherwise commit, without being urged to do so.

    • mindweapon says:

      This will be a hard row to hoe. And because it is so ugly and traitorous, it would probably work. Possibly the ones who save the white race might be percieved as its greatest enemies.

      Which is why I proposed it. The Muslims represent a lot of energy and momentum. Suppose we could seize that momentum and direct in a way that pleases us?

  3. Wally D. says:

    Just as Farrakhan has his Black Muslims, a group of Whites could easily find protection as White Muslims. A religious group currently protected, in Europe and America, which can offer refuge to racially minded folks. Rather than praying 5 times a day, towards Mecca, these Whites could re-focus their efforts to save our race from the power of darkness, 5 times a day.

  4. No way. Islam and Moslems are the worst thing on the planet. Communists are a product of European culture, an evil and mutant product to be sure, but still European. Blacks are harmless if they are where they belong, Africa. Even Jews can be prevented from doing evil. Moslems are 100% predatory evil. You can’t coopt such a thing.

    Furthermore the idea that Moslems represent some great strength is mistaken. They appear powerful now because the Saudis have bought off the US elite and the Moslem rabble is useful to the left in degrading and harassing the native peoples in Europe. In any real confrontation they would be done in a few days. They are bloodthirsty but incompetent cowards. Hell they have gotten their asses kicked seriously numerous times by *Jews*, for God’s sake.

    The Europeans are picking up the idea that the best policy towards Moslems is “just say no”- Generation Identitaire, Golden Dawn, various groups in Spain that haven’t gotten a lot of press. These groups aren’t explicitly Christian, but Christianity is an inescapable part of the European identity. The pussified Victorian version we see in English speaking countries is not the real thing.

    Why is learning Spanish subversive to white culture? Spain is a European country, Spanish is a European language. The Amerindians coming from Mexico and Central America speak Spanish (although some speak Indian languages) but that does not make them Spanish or representative of Spanish culture. Latin America is substantially white, although that doesn’t fit the racial narrative so it is ignored. Most of the real heroes in the battles against Islam and Communism- Ramiro I, Alfonso VIII, Pinochet- were Spanish. Islam was only defeated militarily in Spain and communism was only successfully eliminated by force in Latin America.

    If Europeans need a belief system, a meme, to defend themselves, their heritage and their future it’s Christianity that will fight for the right, the Christianity of the Crusaders.

    • Wally D. says:

      The only meme we need is the need to secure a future for our children. That meme should be much more powerful than all the holy crusades of the last 1000 years combined. If we cannot rally around our children, we deserve to be erased from the pages of history.

    • mindweapon says:

      Muslims might be able to be co-opted to use against liberals. I’m not saying that every European should become Muslims, but the WN 2.0 spies with specific missions to use them against liberals and turn them against liberals.

      Imagine this — your Muslim friends frequent a certain coffee shop where speeches are given, books are promoted by thier author. Some natioanlist trolls out a book “Rainbow Planet” which is a vision of a planet of irrellgious multi-sexuals. Sells it as a sincere book — trollsing the liberals. Has a book signing at the book store. YOu and your Muslim buddies happen to go to this book store/coffee shop while the author is there, oh, let’s go see the author’s speech “Rainbow Planet.” Very interesting! So it’s a big setup, like the movie, “The Sting.”

      You said yourself the Muslims have corrupted the government and have Saudi funding. WN 2.0 spies can get in on that, get a piece of that action. We know that Muslims get special government subsidies to pay for larage families — we can get some of that for our large families.

      We need to get the liberals and Jews out of power first, share power (temporarily) with Muslims, practice eugenics and get hold of the best technology — nukes, armies of White soldiers, et cetera, then finish taking back Europe.

      I want to beat the liberals first and foremst — the Tony Blairs, teh Bill CLintons, the Ted Kennedies, the traitors — get them out of power BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY.

      The Muslim strategy is indeed an extreme strategy; liberals are hoping that Nationalist will say, “Oooh yechh, I don’t want to do that! I don’t want to stoop that low just to win! I’m too good for that. Some things I won’t do to win.”

      That’s what they want you to do. Mind Weaponization says try ANYTHING to win. ANYTHING. ENvision the end of liberals — no more Christian Democrats, no more Social Democrats, no more Greens, no more Communists.

      If the Muslim strategy doesn’t work in the end, oh well. It’s not like a few spies infiltrating Muslims is going to swsing the fate of Eurabia or not. I am looking at a very narrow goal — get the Muslims to turn fanatically against the liberals.

    • mindweapon says:

      Hell they have gotten their asses kicked seriously numerous times by *Jews*, for God’s sake.

      No. Hezbollah kicked thier asses in 2006.

      I’m all for Crusaders though, as long as they are unambiguously anti-Jewish. Perhaps if there is a war between Christian crusaders and Muslims, the Nationalist spies can help them. So long as the Crusaders are not allied with the Jews in any way, shape or form aside perhaps from accepting funding and weapons from them while planning to stab them in the back, the White spies in the Caliphate can help them.

      I’d rather live under Akhmedinajad and the mullahs than the current liberal-Judeo-Christan-Marxist scum. that’s how pure my hate is.

    • You’re right. My cross also serves as my dagger and I will wield it with a savage right arm when the time is right.
      Last I checked, there was a higher percentage of Whites in Argentina than Amurrica.

    • Phil says:

      thrasymachus33308-“Communists are a product of European culture”

      100% lie. The communist/marxist ideology was a jewish creation. The ideology was created by jews like Moses Hess and Karl Marx. In Russia, Eastern Europe, and the USA communism was a jewish ethnic strategy for power. Jewish communism was about displacing the European elite in society, and replacing them with Jews. Communism was a jewish political strategy that was hidden by the appearance of “fighting the wealthy capitalists and helping the poor”.

      In the USA, the communist party was a heavily jewish, but jews made sure to place non-jews in top positions to conceal the party’s jewishness.

      The Soviet Union itself was a creation of jews, organized by jews, financed by Jews(like jewish capitalist banker Jacob Schiff), and had government organizations at the top level filled with jews. Jews created the death camps and ran them. Jews ran the mass-murdering NKVD secret police. Jews ran the press and propaganda organizations. Jews became many of the university professors, after of course killing or banning many of the russian intelligentsia.

      This is typical of what thrasymachus33308 has done at his site for at least 6 years. Ignoring or minimizing the jewish role. Instead he blames the “high church calvinists, episcopalians, quakers”. See his January 13, 2007 post titled “The Jews”. At his site he constantly does this. Blame the Calvinists and Quakers! Yes, all those billionaire Calvinists and Quakers with their organized pressure groups! Bullsheet. Be careful with this guy, Mindweapon.

    • Anon says:

      If the more than a million white slaves taken by the muslims had been allowed to form their own communities in the middle east, there would already be the proof of concept for what MW wants, as things stand, they did not permit this then, and there is little reason to believe that they’d permit it now(if they could control themselves in their present denigrated state).

  5. Wally D. says:

    It would be quite difficult to become a true believer in another religion. Many Jews are capable of doing it, but I doubt we have many in our midst that could pull it off. The many years of learning Arabic and memorizing the Koran could be much better spent raising White racially aware children and it would be much more productive, especially if the White infiltrator had taken a Muslim bride to gain acceptance.

  6. RobRoySimmons says:

    I think it would be easier to say that “liberalism” is a joke, implementing it is an evil joke. I have joked in front of stupid libs how I think it might be a good idea if muslims took over, then we could get rid of stupid liberalism. Now do that and the average liberal cow just cannot respond, and what that shows is that liberalism is the wicked witch syndrome of all smoke and mirrors, so I honestly don’t think we need another damn superstition to rid ourselves of idiot libs and their evil cult minders.

    • Wally D. says:

      Poking holes in the liberal idealogical balloon is always fun. They are circling the drain and it’s always fun to watch them squirm as they pass by.

      • mindweapon says:

        I sure hope they are circling the drain. I have a life time of hate for them, an unquenchable hate. It makes me realize why the 30 years War and Hundred Years War were so long and brutal. I know what a deep religious hatred feels like.

        And I know a lot of us hate them. Just look at twitter — I have so many followers and I look at my new followers — they are extremely pissed off conservatives. Bless their hearts, maybe they will go all the way!

  7. Some Israeli rabbi was saying a couple months ago it was good Islam was taking over Europe.

  8. Wally D. says:

    “So you Mind War the Muslims to hate the liberals even more than they already hate them. Teach the Muslims to hate them, the way YOU hate them. It will come quite naturally.”

    Hatred is very difficult to conceal. Scratch any Jew with a Christian fingernail and that Jew will simply ooze hatred, unless that Jew sees you as willing to die for Israel, of course. Also, hatred consumes too much energy. Much better to engage the enemy with logic and cool composure. Ask any poker player, a tell, however insignifcant will cause you to lose your hand and the pot.

  9. Mike says:

    This is totally off topic, but I found a good Youtube channel for martial arts videos. Original “Indy” films:

    Here’s a sample:

    The “Puncher” reminds me of a WN, and what we probably wil have to go through to win..

  10. Johan Von Anon says:

    RE: Who is your worst enemy:

    Mass muslim immigration represents an existential threat to the white European gene pool. Without mass immigration, liberalism is less of a threat. Liberalism is dysgenic and it limits human potential, but without mass immigration, European whites could easily survive for decades under liberalism, just as they did under communism. Most of their genetic potential would remain.

    So immigration is the greater threat in Europe. De-coupling immigration from liberalism is difficult, but the nature of Muslim immigrants may make it possible. Perhaps a different sort of taqiyya is in order. De-emphasize controversial racial elements (in public) and form a broad based populist coalition to stop Islamic immigration, because Islamic values are fundamentally incompatible with European progressive ideals like feminism and tolerance of homosexuality. Highlight Muslim acid attacks on London streets, etc. Muslim immigrants are assertive enough that even sheltered liberals have some trouble pretending that all is well, unless they are actively being paid to do so. Muslims aren’t working enough to sustain the welfare state either, so it is extremely difficult for pro-immigration folks to come up with arguments to justify their presence.

    In America it is probably impossible to de-couple immigration from liberalism, because Mexicans just aren’t as annoying as Muslim immigrants, at least not to SWPLs and policy making elites who do not have to live among them. And in America Muslims aren’t the primary threat to the white gene pool / territorial holdings. So it seems like there is more of a potential for cooperation there…

    • mindweapon says:


      You are mixing up the chicken and the egg. the liberal is the chicken laying the muslimvasion egg. Slaughter the chicken, no more Muslim eggs invading the country.

    • Phil says:

      Johan Von Anon-“Mass muslim immigration represents an existential threat to the white European gene pool.”

      That is why jewish groups began pushing the idea that European countries should be multi-racial societies, not homogeneous European caucasian societies. Next, jewish politicians helped to change the immigration laws to allow in arab muslims, pakistani muslims, north african muslims, blacks from the caribbean and african, and others. The non-Europeans are in Europe thanks to Jews wanting to destroy racially homogeneous European countries. Jews didn’t want to be the only minority in a homogeneous European country.

      See the article “How and Why Sweden became Multicultural” (

      “The Jewish origins of Multiculturalism in Sweden” (

      Everyone should print out and save the article “How and Why Sweden became Multicultural”. Show it to your friends. Mindweapon, have you read the article?

  11. Maureen says:

    I think it would be easier to infiltrate White Christian groups. We look like them and we speak their language. You go after the liberal types by pointing out the human rights issues in Israel and how they treat black immigrants. You go after the conservatives by pointing out that a world without White people will be a world without Christianity. (and of course, you teach them about their Christian Identity.)

    This is all just mental masturbation though at this point since virtually the only Nationalists that even leave their house for the cause are the Skins.

    And we need $$$$$..

    • Mike says:

      “This is all just mental masturbation though at this point since virtually the only Nationalists that even leave their house for the cause are the Skins.”

      Not true. I’ve been conducting my own “mindweapons” operation for years now. Being pro-white and anti “people of color” whenever I can. I’m by myself and can only do so much, and I still have to function in the real world – bring home money and pay bills and all that. I don’t have any tattoos or body markings, I look like anyone else.

      I don’t think the things I’ve done have made a dimes worth of difference in the big picture. I’m not doing it for anyone else, but for myself. It keep my moral up, getting little “wins” here and there. It keeps me going and keeps my attitude postive.

      • mindweapon says:

        Good for you, Mike! Your hate is pure.

      • Maureen says:

        I used the term virtually for a reason Mike.

        I too, am a lone wolf Mindweapon, working everyday for my people’s survival. I too try not to get too angry or hate because it gives me a headache. Sometimes I don’t feel any love either, other than for immediate family and friends. I do what I do (and it’s not nearly as much as I would like to do) because it’s the right thing to do.

        A world without White people doesn’t deserve to exist.

      • mindweapon says:

        A world without White people doesn’t deserve to exist.

        Haha, I’m so glad this meme is spreading! h/t to Kim Il Jong, who originally said, “A world without North Korea doesn’t deserve to exist.”

  12. Mike says:

    mindweapon says:
    February 10, 2013 at 1:36 pm

    Good for you, Mike! Your hate is pure.

    I don’t operate on “hate,” primarily, MW. If I did. I’d only give myself an ulcer. I try to operate from a positive attitude instead of a negative one. I’ve never been able to stand looking at myself as a “victim,” I have no temperament for internalizing that postion.

  13. Hereward Saxon says:

    Become Muslims, ANYTHING but ———! Espionage, taqqiya, ANYTHING but straightforward living! Copy the Talmudists, but not ——–! But in order to live our lives THEIR way, master their skills and perform them MORE cleverly than they, won’t we also need to learn to love or “identify with” what we do? Many of the first converts (“reverts”) in the first wave of Islamic conquest that swept across the Byzantine Empire may have thought they could outlast and subvert it from within, or that their future generations would overthrow it from within someday — but instead they became it.

    • mindweapon says:

      well, it’s a chance our spies would have to take. I think we have to try more things rather than fewer things.

    • EuroAmerican says:

      You are correct, Look at what happened to the Balkans. Some Europeans converted to Islam and it permanently changed them…… What about the Janissaries; white kids raised to be the elite of the Sultans armed forces. When in Europe Islam is an enemy.

  14. Hereward Saxon says:

    Mike makes a good point that it is impossible to “operate on hate” and be healthy. In order to master the ways of evil to outdo the enemy, it is necessary to subdue our natural revulsion or conscience, and learn to appreciate, come to LOVE, that way of living.

  15. Hereward Saxon says:

    Taqiyya or trueheartedness, mutually exclusive, I think.

  16. Robert says:

    Truly a steaming pile of brain farts presented as a post, MW.
    I think that the skids are being put under multicultural Europe as we speak, and the Muzzies are getting set up to take the hit. Which I can’t help but get a warm glow about.

    • mindweapon says:


      I hope you are right. I hope more than ever that, as you say, “the skids are being put undeer multicultural Europe.”

      But I want our guys positioned everywhere — in mosques, in synagogues, in rainbow churches, in governments, or in combinations and permutations thereof.

      I throw stuff out there, and I don’t worry too much if people don’t like it. I don’t present it as gospel, but as brainstorming ideas, things to chew on, maybe to try out. WN 2.0 is about espionage, and conveting to Islam and learning Arabic and/or Farsi could open doors for us that we have no idea about right now, particularly for those in Europe.

      But again, I hope against hope that you are right, Robert. I will rejoice if the Muzzies get expelled from Europe. I hope the rest of the non-whites are similaiarly expelled. My hate is so pure, that I’d do practically anything just to get revenge (anything legal and nonviolent of course).

  17. oogenhand says:

    Reblogged this on oogenhand and commented:
    Extremely controversial. It is related to the plan Curious made in 2009 on VNN: Use at least some Muslims against Jews in Europe, After all, many Muslims in Europe oppose Jews not because of Zionism, but because they are seen as the present rulers of Europe.

  18. Mike says:

    I misunderstood your use of the word “virtually,” Maureen. No problem.

  19. FN says:

    Another thought provoking idea by MW. Already there are brothers engaged in such an agenda. What must be remembered is that Muslims, religious Muslims, HATE the liberal agenda, they DESPISE it with all of the meaning of that word.
    So when a MW points out to a Muslim that the YKW and their allies push HOMOSEXUALITY, push FEMINISM, push USURY, push degradation and degeneration at every turn THEN you will have captured their attention, and, more importantly, they will see you as a kindred soul.

    There is a saying amongst the Muslims:
    I Hate…Because I Love
    You see they are not wracked by Christian “LOVE EVERYONE AND EVERYTHING” oh no, not the Muslim. When a play opened in London featuring a homosexual Christ and his homosexual lovers, the Apostles, the Christians, in a purportedly Christian nation, did nothing, not a peep. What did the Muslims do? They took to the streets and FORCED that play to close its doors in a hurry. You see life is not the end all be all for a Muslim, His God and his prophets, his FAITH come first. And they tolerate NOTHING, they define INTOLERANCE and that is good.

    The racism against darker people by Arab Muslims and Persians is well noted, they do not accept them. Even here in America. You will hear the blacks complain about it.

    There is no reason to assume that an outcome such as MW has presented cannot occur, in fact, God willing, it will occur.

    Thus You rewarded him in kind by making the stones and arrows he hurled at me rebound upon him, and by putting his own rope around his neck. Shame and disappointment came upon him, he suffered disgrace and dishonour, his pride and arrogance gave way to humility, his power turned into helplessness, and finally, at the last moment, when he was sure to overwhelm me, he fell into his own trap and was caught and bound with the rope made for me in the days of his authority.


    In 2005 American society has sunk lower than that of the dog and the pig, and Islam will surely conquer such a perverted nation of counterfeit Christians. God will allow it for the sake of scourging our land, as he did ancient Israel, until we salvage that which we have sacrificed on the altar of markets and merchandizing, a sense of shame and a mandate for the defense of the purity of our daughters and wives against the Money Power, and its legion of politicians and judges.

    Our Christian ancestors did not need to learn virtues from Muslims. But today’s “Christian” impostors, with their heedless acquiesence to America’s scumbag pornocracy, surely do, and learn them they shall, as Steven Vincent did, the hard way, on dusty and bloody roads that lead from Basra to Boise.

    –Michael A. Hoffman II

    As was mentioned on one of the most highly regarded and most read websites in the world: don’t u know muslims are werewolves and jews are vampires?? haven’t u been watching Twi-blood or whatever?

  20. Hipster Racist says:

    Yeah, probably some White men should become religious leaders of next century’s Islam. Shouldn’t really be that difficult. Just don’t spill the beans like this guy did.

    Muhammad Sven Kalisch, a Muslim convert and Germany’s first professor of Islamic theology, fasts during the Muslim holy month, doesn’t like to shake hands with Muslim women and has spent years studying Islamic scripture. Islam, he says, guides his life.

    So it came as something of a surprise when Prof. Kalisch announced the fruit of his theological research. His conclusion: The Prophet Muhammad probably never existed.

  21. WhiteLight says:

    As a hint, the beast might hate the jerusalem whore, but perhaps it’s not the best idea to join up with it.

  22. WhiteLight says:

    Besides, given how stupidly easy it is to make a laughing stock out of dessert religions that have abraham’s act of arbitrary human sacrifice as their highest act of faith, why bother converting? Seriously, it isn’t that hard to intellectually blow up everything that the mediocrity glorifying modern system is based upon.

    • mindweapon says:

      The argument to make is that, as an Open Source Espionage mission, going into the Muslim in Europe world is not worth it.

      Who knows, you might gain intelligence about a grooming ring and be able to rescue white girls. You might be able to get some Saudi funds for a WN “madrassas.” You might find out about a Labor party politician who is funneling money to Hezbollah, and leak that to the Israelis, who then assassinate the Labor party politician.

      The point of Open Source Espionage is that you go in with an open ended mission — go in, and see what you find. Maybe you’ll write an expose or memoir that is a bestseller and you make a zillion bucks and convince a lot of people of your point of view. THe possibilities are endless!

      • WhiteLight says:

        It is still much easier to just make it all silly. All you have to do is look up a couple legal definitions to realize that the world operates in a mystical shangri-la-la land that doesn’t actually exist except as brainwashed chumps think it does. So the saudis can give you a few numbers in a computer somewhere (also known as a bank account). How much power would they have if people actually realized how silly that concept was? I’d really rather have the chaos that realization would bring rather than a hundred infiltrated religions.

      • WhiteLight says:

        Imagine for example a world where your blood was the entry to the system and the commodities are time, resources, and innovation. Compare that to the modern system of money which is as retarded as the people who founded it. In a money system you can have a million people unemployed on top of a goldmine of resources because there is “not enough” fantasy bling to keep them employed. So reality has to bow to the fantasy world of commerce. Nothing for example has changed in the resources and industrial potential of the countries undergoing borderline depression right now. The only thing that has changed is the retarded money system.

  23. Excellent suggestion for certain individuals. Some of us have already done this, up to a point.

  24. EuroAmerican says:

    I grew up in Germany when there were no Turks en masse. It was beautiful. There is no way that there can ever be peaceful coexistence between Europeans and muslims on European soil. You are going against 1400 years of historical experience.
    There is little to no difference between Islam and Judaism. Both are religions of the Old Book; both worship the same psychopathic YAhweh/Allah. Islam = Submission.
    By the time you think you will have your mindweapon results, you may instead reap the harvest of unintended consequences. Islam rules and there is no more ‘white’ culture or identity as it has been subsumed by Islam.
    The only way forward for us Europeans is to awaken our own ancestral roots and develop that strength. Yes, we can ally short-term with muslims on some issues. But any attempt to grow Islam in Europe by converting to it is really a bad idea.
    The idea put forth in this article is really the worst idea I’ve ever seen on this site.

    • oogenhand says:

      Old sources prove that Yahweh is the son of Allah. What do you think about Iblis, the Islamic Devil, according to modern PC Islam the first “racist”?
      Also, I think Albanians and Chechens are the Horns of the Goat. There is a reason they scrupulously wear beards.

    • mindweapon says:

      But any attempt to grow Islam in Europe by converting to it is really a bad idea.

      So we shouldn’t practice espionage on this hostile group within European territory?

  25. Craig says:

    The Muslim espionage model is a good idea, rather then posing as a Muslim you could pose as a Juedo Christian Israelite(Eurocentric Israelism or religious mind weapon IMO), the Muslims would love that, if you divulged secrets etc… Be they true, myth or legend, particularly if some rituals and religious beliefs are very similar to Islam. You could then pretend to convert to the true religion, and pass off marrying White European women as a conversion tactic. Then once accepted and on your way to learning Arabic you could sow your memes to hearts content. Another point the Saudi’s pay education grants to Muslims I’ve been told.

    On the Crusaders, much of it was related to the military of the day, trade, alliances and the first form of banking, which involved fees and no usury. Alliances included the Jews and Muslims mainly Shia Shiites. Though as usual people became greedy, let too many join the ranks and YKW started to destroy from within etc… long story that one, the late 1200’s and early 1300’s is very similar to what is happening today, except on a much, much larger scale.

    Crusaders used Jews for trade as an entry to outremer, the Shia Shitie were used for the Schism within Islam, the Shia were MW back then they had to pretend to be Sunni to survive. The mind weapon Crusader could speak multiple languages from French, German, Hebrew, Arabic and even Gaelic. This is why some Crusaders were successful, the mind wormed fundamentalist Christian crusader on the other hand caused much unwarranted death to everyone. Though it’s a curse and a gift, the Fundamentalist may have caused unwarranted death, yet the MW espionage infiltrator may have had sympathies, it’s only human nature.

    So the main rule of the Muslim or Jewish infiltrator should be, “They may be similar to us(as in humans), but these people are not us and not our people.” Something like that any way.

    • mindweapon says:

      Fascinating, Craig. I wish I had more time to read history. I find the story of the Ishmaeli Muslims quite fascinating. They would have controlled Central Asia but the Mongols wiped them out.

      • Craig says:

        Yes, the crusaders even suggested an alliance with the Mongols to eradicate the Muslims all together, but the pope declined such an alliance being the Mongols were heathens. Imagine what history would be like with no Muslims from then on…probably boring and less war, the amount of back stabbing Europeans did by making alliances with the Ottomans and what not.

        A joke,a Muslim asks “Hey, how come there are no Muslims on Star Trek?”

        Trekie replies, “It’s the future.”

        Another thing the alliance with the Crusaders was probably made with the Druze. You know reincarnation and the five pointed colour star and all that.

      • mindweapon says:

        Very funny comment, Craig! And very interseting — you bring a lot to these comments with your knowledge of medieval history.

        Funny, I think the Mongols ended up converting to Islam.

        Note that the Pope was sitting on principle in not wanting to ally with Mongols. That sort of tendency is exactly what I’m trying to reduce with the idea of Mind Weaponization.

        Whites have all these mental blocks from trying things that might work, such as the freak out (which I anticipated) over the suggestion of conversion espionage of Muslim communities in Europe. Doing this is not dispositive of whether Muslims stay in Europe or leave, though one never knows, a spy might find something or do something that helps Europeans get over the edge and get sufficiently pissed off to deport all the non-whites from Europe.

        The people who are objecting are still thinking in terms of WN 1.0 and their pride, and conversion-espionage seems to them like surrender to the enemy. Just like those in the US who object to learning Spanish as it’s a symbolic “surrender” to them.

        One thing about doing somethiung really radical like learning a foreign language, or even converting to an alien religious tradition, is that it is an exercise that makes you more Machiavellian, more aware of the wider world and of the things you can do in it. In other words, it’s “training” for being an Open Source Mind Weapon.

        Heck, if you don’t want to go the Muslim route, learn Chinese and internal martial arts and acupuncture. Learn Hebrew and hang with black hats. Do something really radical and wild, just to prove to yourself that you can do it.

  26. Attila says:

    Whatever makes one mentally sharper and physically stronger is good, period. It will not be the same for every individual- although there will probably be some overlap. Whatever helps one get in touch with one’s inner Mongol/Albanian/Hungarian/whatever is good. That’s why hanging out with a reference group is important—some things you have to live real-time vs. on-line.

  27. Pingback: CBN News actually details Muslim attacks on white French | Counter-Revolutionary Traditionalism

  28. Bluebird says:

    Your hoped-for conspiracies-to-be always remind me of Rube Goldberg machines.

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