Once the leash of political correctness is loosened a little, Whites will seek to throw it off completely

It’s the nature of a prisoner who still has his spirit and feels he is unjustly imprisoned; the moment the incarceration regime is loosened even a little bit, the inmate will make a break for freedom.

It’s quite interesting to see how “liberals” see themselves as very permissive and tolerant, while helping to enforce a System that purposely and with malice aforethought demeans and degenerates Whites. Liberals are eager snitches and enforcers of the anti-white police state.

But at the same time, what motivates these enforcers? It’s very, very, very simple. It’s their paycheck. A paycheck, of a government that released illegal aliens from prisons to punish the American people for the sequester. This is all over Twitter — White conservatives are extremely pissed off. I have about 200 Twitter followers, and when I get new followers I look at their profiles. Most describe themselves as conservatives and Christians and VERY VERY VERY ANGRY. Makes me so glad I voted for a second term for Worse Is Better!

So on one side you have extremely enraged conservatives, and liberal media types like Toure and Thom Hartmann and the USDA:

Look at this salt of the earth conservative from Nashville, TN, talking about the USDA “pilgrims were illegal aliens” video. He’s the kind of guy who comes to fix your electric or plumbing, or fixes tractors or installs sprinkler systems — he looks like some kind of technical repairman. Works with his hands, very skilled, very competent. And he’s wide awake.

That’s our side. People like Linc Austin. The guys who actually make stuff happen and keep stuff going. Nobody would miss Toure except his paycheck; if everyone who did what this youtube conservative Linc Austin probably does (plumber, electrician, repairman, maybe a farmer) was kidnapped by aliens, civilization would shut down.

In one of the Chris Martenson “Peak Prosperity” videos, I think this one:

the interviewee says that right now, the official economy is 85% and the underground economy is 15%, and these two percentages are going to switch places. The official economy will be 15% and the black economy will be 85%.

When that happens, millions of useful conservatives who fix the machines and keep the plumbing and electricity flowing smoothly, will still have a major role in society; probably a larger role. What role will the impudent scold Toure have? Toure’s job is to buck up the Paycheck Liberals, to keep them in a high dudgeon against non-Liberal Whites who want off the Politically Correct Leash.

It seems like we’ve got a virtuous spiral going on. The more Whites say things the Liberals don’t like, the more the Liberals put their mug on video saying even more outrageous things, like the Samuel Betances at USDA video. He admits that he is responding to the Tea Party, taunting the Tea Party, telling them that their day is over and the people of color are “emerging majorities” which is a nonsensical term. You can’t have multiple majorities by the definition of the word “majority.” What a dumb fuck.

So the Liberals respond with Hate and Taunting, and Your Time is Over rhetoric, as if there’s no younger White people, as if their numeric majority is all they need.

It’s like the liberals picked a fight, like the Russian street fight above, but they are counting on the colored people voting to do all the fighting for them. They do not at all take into account what it’s going to be like to live in a country where 150 MILLION WHITE PEOPLE, and YES, A LOT OF THOSE 150 MILLION ARE YOUNG, ARE CHILDREN, WE WON’T BE ALL DEAD IN 2040. Liberals act like every single White person is going to disappear, or for all intents and purposes disappear by 2040, as if voting actually mattered.

Look at what the liberals hold up as the “root of all evil” — votes of conservative white people. Let’s destroy the country, let’s elect a new people, to drown out those conservative white people votes!

Conceive you this folly, dear reader? The conservative white vote hardly matters! We don’t get to vote for politicians who truly protect our racial interests anyway!

Liberals are attacking an abandoned fort! VOTING DOES NOT FUCKING MATTER!

It’s hilarious! Ask a counterinsurgency officer — what’s more important? Voting, or the hearts and minds of the people on the ground?

The anti-white establishment is turning 150 MILLION WHITE PEOPLE against them, thinking they are scoring a great coup by electing a new people!

In fact, all they are doing is what is called in soccer/European football an Own Goal. They are making themselves the most hated people, and the most hated government, in living memory. They lost the hearts and minds long ago, and are pushing things to their conclusion.

All the Kings Blackwaters, and all the Kings General Atomics MQ-1 Predator drones, and 5 billion hollow point rounds, won’t keep the regime alive once consent has been withdrawn. These things will, at best, delay defeat. But “victory” requires the consent of the governed. that’s not coming back.

It shocks me to see how bad the strategic thinking of ZOG truly is. It’s the same mentality that fought the Vietnam War.

It would be the easiest thing in the world for ZOG to simply not poke at White people. They could buy a lot less hollow point rounds; the head that wears the crown could rest much easier. But they cannot help but poke sticks at us . . . CONSTANTLY. Daily! Millions of blogs and twitter accounts react to this poking, and our reactions fuel their counter-reactions — yet more poking!

So Whites are wound up. We. Want. Off. This. Leash. Now.

The WN 1.0 view is that we’ll have to have a huge civil war, a Turner Diaries scenario. Perhaps they will, as Firepower/Compassionate Fascist/Majik Fire Hornet says, try to genocide us. CF said that we should have a Civil War by now. January 2013 was his prediction.

But what I think is going to happen is that they won’t have the money to maintain Official Politically Correct Multiculturalism. I think they won’t have money to gas up the Yellow School Busses, and that will be it. White kids are born racist, White people are naturally racist. Liberals know this, and they dread the day when they are no longer paid to keep us in line. That day is coming.

Liberals know that entropy is on our side. Left to our own devices, we’re racist racist racist! They have to constantly maintain and fund their unnatural, incongruous and hated religion of poiltical correctness, or we will gleefully reject it the moment the Paycheck Enforcers do not stand over us.

And once we reject it a little bit, we reject it a lot. It’s one of those things that cannot go part way. Just as someone cannot be “a little bit pregnant” we won’t be “a little bit free.”

The Right to Speak Freely Again will blossom into the Right of Free Association and Free Speech and Freedom of Religion. The second day we are free, we’ll realize that we want to exercise our right to Freely Assemble and Freely Practice our White Religion of Whiteness without government interference.

A little taste of freedom will go viral overnight, and any attempt at “crackdown” will just make people even more enraged and more determined to ensure their freedom forever, and to bury those who stand in the way of White Freedom To Be White.

White Freedom to Be White is the Freedom to Survive, and not have outside influences try to influence our reproduction, our family structures, our use of the earth, our farms, our schools, our lives. We can manage ourselves just fine without nosy Jewish busybodies and their shabbos goyim Paycheck Liberals micromanaging us.

We are, in fact, perfectly competent at managing our own lives. Right now, we are involuntarily paying Jewish Busybodies and Paycheck Liberals to dictate how we live, and WE KNOW IT. We know this in our bones, and we don’t like it.

Once we get the slightest taste of freedom, like a taste of blood, it will be a Cultural Explosion of Whites seizing back control of society, so we can arrange it in a way that better suits our inborn nature. No more playing Host to Myriads of Parasites who morally tyrannize us and exterminate us and contaminate ancient White bloodlines.

It won’t be televised. It will happen in millions of localities all at once. One taste of independence and life without Jewish busybodies will be so intoxicating, so real and natural and good, that there will be no way to tempt us back into the ZOG PC CAFO.


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The Fundamental Theorem of this Blog: We can defeat ZOG and take over the state just by having enough smart people in our group to overwhelm the Democracy-Idiocracy of 2040.
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29 Responses to Once the leash of political correctness is loosened a little, Whites will seek to throw it off completely

  1. RobRoySimmons says:

    The goal of the Mantra is to destroy the censorship that afflicts whites.

    That done all our internet planning and intellectualizing will blossom like its the week after a spring rain. As of now most of us plan first and then wonder why they never come to frutition, we must free our people then hand them a developed script (as you so wisely advise).

  2. Mark Robinson says:

    The implosion of the jewish power is coming… I can’t wait.

  3. oogenhand says:

    “pilgrims were illegal aliens”

    And why doesn’t the Left protect pilgrims?

  4. Brandon says:

    Wellllll….I don’t need to watch the ignorant black jewstooge and I’ve read some stuff already about the other one in the first part of the second video, so I basically didn’t watch that either, as it pretty much follows the pattern of what my comrade RYU calles TDO- the daily outrage.

    Every day there’s something on the internet for us to get outraged about, but everything along this line is actually designed by the one who works through the minds of these ignorant blind fools to do just that – get us all stirred up in the effort to get us to make the first outwardly violent move, just like dishonest Abe, FDR, LBJ and the Bushes, Clinton and the empty coffee suit have done to other nations and what rebellious women try to do to the men in their lives with shit tests. Nothing new here.

    Nothing is as it appears to be. Having said that, good write up on your part. Keep up the good work MW.

  5. mindweapon says:


    Jack said…
    I sit next to a young guy at work. I’m in the IT field; we work on web sites. I’m the old, doddering 45 year old to his energetic 28.

    The kid and I had never talked about politics before, even during last year’s election season. But on election day, neither one of us could resist the urge. He was quite eager to tell me he wasn’t voting for either party. They’re both the same, after all. He really wanted to vote for Ron Paul, but because of our corrupt system, he had been denied the opportunity to become president. So he voted for Gary Johnson.

    In the days and weeks that followed, he and I carried on quite a few lively discussions, and, Driftglass, you will not be surprised to learn that no matter what critique I made of the GOP or attack I made on conservatives, the kid ALWAYS, and I mean ALWAYS EVERY TIME came back with “but the Democrats.” It is relentless and non-stop.

    Last time he and I talked politics, last week, I tried to channel your points about “both sides don’t,” but I regret to say he was unmoved. I have yet to learn to express these ideas with the same clarity and eloquence that you do — but that’s why I listen to your podcast. Someone needs to demonstrate how to make these points, and that’s what you and Blue Gal do so well.

    But here’s the on-topic point: the kid told me that if you drive one town over to where the black people live (we work in an all-white enclave in a rural part of our state), you can see blacks on welfare coming and going in their Escalades and buying booze with food stamps. All the usual tropes.

    But think about it. We’re living in fucking 2013, and the kid is spouting the same shit that is contained in that poster from 1865!

    There really and truly is a continuous unbroken thread connecting yesterday’s confederates and today’s GOP. And it makes me sick to my stomach.
    12:35 AM

  6. The trouble is the Tea Party types don’t like the system, but they support it. They aren’t going to do anything except be outraged and hope like sports fans that next year their team will win. Eventually a “conservative” will get elected and things will be a little less liberal for a while and they will be happy. Then another liberal comes in, and they are outtraged. This pattern has been repeating itself for decades. The worst thing about them is they are pretty much all anti-racist.

    • Hipster Racist says:

      The trouble is the Tea Party types don’t like the system, but they support it. They aren’t going to do anything except be outraged and hope like sports fans that next year their team will win. Eventually a “conservative” will get elected and things will be a little less liberal for a while and they will be happy. Then another liberal comes in, and they are outtraged. This pattern has been repeating itself for decades. The worst thing about them is they are pretty much all anti-racist.

      It’s like they literally go to sleep when a Republican is in office, then start freaking out everytime a Democrat wins. All this stuff about Obama, the DHS, the gun grabs, the violation of civil liberties, the massive spending and deficit, the amnesty for illegals – George W. Bush did all of these, and worse, and most of those Tea Party types supported it when he did it.

      I know plenty of Tea Party/FOX News types. They ARE the weakest link. What they did during the Bush administration, both purposefully and also without realizing what they were dong, is basically unforgivable. They are just as brainwashed and anti-White as the Liberal Democrat crowd, but frankly, a lot less sophisticated and a lot dumber.

      It pains me to say it and it was a hard lesson to learn, but I’ve met the enemy, and it’s our own people.

      • Mike says:

        It pains me to say it and it was a hard lesson to learn, but I’ve met the enemy, and it’s our own people.

        That’s true. It’s a bitter pill to swallow, one I;m still gagging on.

      • Maureen says:

        And most TeaPartybots are pro-business which means they LOVE LOVE LOVE their cheap little Mexican laborers.

        Still, I liked your speech MW. I pray it will come true although some, when they awaken from their delusions might be feeling a wee bit violent.

      • oogenhand says:

        That is what Martin Lindstedt calls “whiggers”. It is very possible that the Tea Party people will turn on WNs after they have dealt with Liberals. It is very possible Counter-Jihadis will turn on other “Anti-Semites” after they have dealt with Muslims.

      • I was in leftist la-la land throughout both Bush administrations and I remember how they were freaking out about what Bush was doing. Now, Obama can do exactly the same things Bush was doing, and they give him a pass for it!

  7. BIGDOUG says:

    Did anyone see this today? It was in their “News Analysis” section titled:

    “The Holocaust Just Got More Shocking”


    They are really getting desperate now lol

    • mindweapon says:

      Even if it was true we’d be sick of hearing about it!

      • Matt Strictland says:

        Exactly, my response to that stuff is “And so? Its nothing new, its been going on for thousands of years , history back to the Old Testement is full of that kind of stuff.” with the correct crowd I sometimes add “quite often Jehova ordered the Jews to do it in fact ”
        The counter argument from the most errudite is ‘but it was so mechanized” to which I respond “Meh, the Rwanda genocide used machete and radio for even more horrific results, people use what tools they have at hand.”

        Apathy is far more infuriating than anything else,

    • X says:

      Is it possible to post comments on that article? “LOL” should suffice.

  8. Brilliant post. I’m usually pretty cynical when people act so optimistic since it usually seems totally hopeless to me, but you almost got me climbing on top of my table, standing up and shaking my fist at the sky while lustily yelling, “YEAH!! Take THAT you jew motherf*ckers”!!!!

  9. Reblogged this on murderbymedia and commented:
    Something upbeat for a change…

  10. MOISHE NOT says:


  11. MOISHE - NEVER EVER says:


  12. It is times like these that I rue the day that OPPissant got your blog shut down. I had to go way back into archives to pick the topic I thought was most germane to current events, i.e. The Donald Phenomenon.

    You said “the revolution won’t be televised.” I think, when you posted that, you envisioned camera crews rolling when Whites and Non-Whites battled it out in the street. I don’t think you envisioned a different type of revolution being televised.

    I came back to this blog to touch bases with you, because alas, I fear AS has become one of those world-weary, cynical-about-virtually-everything-suspicious-about-any-positive-development-because-it-is-probably-controlled-opposition blogs. They are highly suspicious of The Donald, because he does business with and his children are married to Jews. I’m afraid we have fallen into the trap of allowing The Perfect to get in the way of The Good.

    But The Donald Phenomenon is ironically making ME do The Happy Dance. I can’t give ALL credit to the Nordic Bitch Goddess, Ann Coulter, because I think, on her own, she would have been marginalized tout de suite. But Donald Trump, by his very loud, bombastic Alpha Male Asshole Persona has done a magnificent job seizing on Coulter’s anti-illegal immigration premise and yanking The Overton Window to the right.

    Ironically, the very traits that would make this old Feminist Warhorse foam at the mouth in the past is what did the trick. He’s very rich, unapologetically rich. He doesn’t hesitate to use his financial clout to punish his enemies, big and even someone as insignificant as Megyn Kelley (I was initially dismayed until I thought about how the all but total subjugation of the White Male started incrementally. Nits DO grow into lice, so the Lesson of Trump is that early extermination at the egg phase prevents a lot of grief later on).

    He flaunts his wealth and the privilege it buys, i.e. beautiful young women as trophy wives. Yeah, that should bother me, but if such a role model encourages our men to relocate their testes and reattach them, that’s fine by me. To the victor go the spoils. Our women will adjust. No matter how many times the talking heads on the MSM try to point out his lack of experience in foreign affairs (ass-kissing to AIPAC), no matter how much they like to give the brownie points to the scar-looking Carly Fiorina and Dr. Mumbles, after every debate, Trump just soars higher as the winner in the opinion polls.

    What I particularly love is how Trump has martialed our internet bloggers to do battle by taking the gloves off. The Cuckservative Meme is even more devastating than Whittaker’s White Genocide meme.

    Trump mentioned that he plans to crack down on gangs (code word for Polar Bear Hunters). Does anyone else notice but me that Black Lives Matter have NOT managed to disrupt a single Trump event and are unceremoniously shown the door? They don’t even bother anymore.

    Trump’s business dealings with Jews and Jewish children-in-law do not bother me. His circle is going to have higher contact with between Jewish and Gentile children and intermarriage will probably follow. I still get the notion that Trump is vested in saving this country and his loyalties are with Heritage Americans who compose his own founding stock. That’s good enough for me.

    What I particularly like about Trump is that he reflects the views of the Ross Perot voters. He isn’t another Lib-Left-Progressive (Democrat) or Libertarian Social Liberal (Republican) trying to herd Whites into either one or the other Anti-White collective. He chooses his issues a la carte like most Whites want to do.

    I would love to read YOUR thoughts on The Donald Phenomenon.


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