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Why Mind Weapon Families need to be in Cities

WN Mind Weapon families need to raise their sons like this: Why? Let me reiterate. The boys that can beat up every other boy in the school, can ideologically and socially dominate their peers, and in doing so, influence the … Continue reading

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Gay basketball player had mudshark girlfriend for 8 years

She wasted her life, (and avoided AIDS if she’s lucky) spending 8 years with a downlow bro! Note the bad skin, soul-less eyes, and less than sincere smile of the mudshark. Carolyn shocked to find her ex-boonfriend was a downlow … Continue reading

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Towson White Student Union Patrols — hysterical liberal responses

h/t to Alan for this link: Matthew Heimbach, the politest White nationaist the world has ever known. Even if Heimbach is a nice guy, what part of arming a pack of white supremacists with “nonlethal weapons” so that they can … Continue reading

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The Neo-Marxist War To Exterminate The Hellenic Spirit- Γκρεμίζοντας την συντεχνία που πνευματικώς ναρκώνει τον Λαό μας

Add yMany attempts to exterminate the Hellenic spirit have been made by invaders throughout the ages, always failing as steel and blood were our bulwark against their gold and oppression. Today, the sacrifices made for there to be a nation … Continue reading

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Nils Muznieks: Illegal Immigrants Are More Important Than Indigenous Greeks- Μούιζνιεκς: οι μετανάστες σημαντικότεροι από την Εθνική ασφάλεια!

The globalists seek a soulless, rootless, multicultural, “melting pot” Greece incapable of mounting a resistance, and the price to pay is the gradual ethnic cleansing of the unique race of people who have been living there for thousands of years. … Continue reading

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When the Keynesian Make Work Dystopia runs out of Corn Syrup

Economically, we live in the Keynesian Make Work Dystopia, and someday it’s going to run out of Corn Syrup. Most Americans do useless jobs, and are paid fiat currency created out of thin air and debt and global military dominance. … Continue reading

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The Negro Crime Rate: A Failure in Integration

Providing better housing for impoverished Negroes is a necessity, but it would not solve the problem of Negro crime. Crime rates run high in the Negro slums of Harlem and South Side Chicago, but they also run high in the … Continue reading

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