Peak Chutzpah is the Jew destroying the greatest resource ever; White people

It is worth it to the jews to do this when you consider it is their goal to destroy our civilization as well as us, the people who created it, so that they themselves can rule as the undisputed masters of the earth.

This may very well be true, but if it is, they are delusional. After they destroy white dominated countries, they will not have the military prowess to meet the challenges of Muslims that hate them.

1 billion Muslims HATE THEM. You don’t know how much they hate them unless you’ve met an Egyptian or a Syrian or Iraqi or Iranian or Pakistani Muslim who came to the US as an adult. The Muslims in those countries completely blame the Jews for controlling America and using America against them. The ones I talked to actually didn’t hate ordinary Americans; they are contemptuous of us for letting oursleves be controlled by Jews, but that’s it.

The White man protects the Jew from the Muslim. The Jew undermines their own protection, their own infrastrucutre. Destroying White domination (there will be millions of surviving Whites even after we lose our domination, or lost it) means destroying the men who maintain an infrastructure that makes international trade possible.

Lastly, the White man protects the Jew from the White man. Think about this. The White military and police men, whom the Jew hates and fears, protects the Jew from the White men such as the Order.

Imagine a world without efficient armies of Centrlaly Paychecked Up White policemen and soldiers; it will be more like the feudal world with mercenaries and mafia. Will the Jew banker control every every every single mafia, every gang of mercenaries, all the tmie, without the mercenaries or mafia ever turning on them? Those mercenaries and mafia men will know the history of the Jew, understand what the Jew does. They will work with the Jew when it profits them, but won’t be as tightly under the Jewish thumb as the US and UK and European militaries are right now.

This is Peak Jew. They are destroying that which feeds and protects them, like the scorpion that stung the frog halfway across the river. The Jew does not realize that he is enjoying the exploitation of a resource (White people) that he is mismanaging and abusing. We are like an oil well that they deplete and waste as fast as possible.

But there will still be enough of us left, after they no longer thrive on our destruction, to go after them and get revenge for what they have been doing to us. The Jew himself guarantees this day. If the Jew makes apocalypse, sorry, WHEN THE JEW MAKES THE APOCALYPSE, how well do you think these urban, cowardly people who live on deceit rather than courage, are going to handle life in Mad Max world?


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46 Responses to Peak Chutzpah is the Jew destroying the greatest resource ever; White people

  1. Bad Mr. Frosty says:

    The Jew never evolved a sense of balance. They evolved as a parasite in European society. They don’t farm, they don’t heard and they don’t fish. They have survived and prospered as bankers, lawyers and other upper-class professionals. Maximizing their survival meant milking the goyim as much as possible. In the past, there was always a release valve in White society. Once the Jews became too much of a problem, they were cast out of the society. The new technology, especially television, and modern “White guilt” have worked too well. In the past, the “infected” White society would purge itself of the parasite and heal. We cannot do this now, the parasite is killing the host and when the host dies, so does the parasite.

    Who will the parasite try to latch onto next? The Asians? I don’t think so. Our end is their end with 1 key difference, we will rebuild, but they will be a parasite without a host for the rest of time.

    • mindweapon says:

      Exactly. We will rebuild. We will survive the Jewish parasitism, and we will have a huge archive of their crimes and monstrous frauds against us.

      • Jews Plan as follows: utter extermination of the Whites (via mudsharking PR, have-career-not-baby propaganda directed at White women, Rising Tide of Color anti-White immigration rackets, and eventual outright massacre of a remnant) by 2100. Jews feel they can then dominate the coloreds by the same means they do now, tho with an added violent component, and “get along” with their fellow collectivist Asiatics. Except for a single fly in their soup – the debt bomb is going to go off decades before they intended – it might have worked. As it stands now, the current, frantic gun-grab by the Jews and their stooge politicians indicates that they know the Plan is coming apart…and will attempt to go directly to the extermination phase via Martial Law and Civil War…this while they still have about one-third of the Whites, including military and LEO, under their thumb. This is all going to be most interesting.

      • mindweapon says:

        It will be interesting. Especially considering the existence and popularity of the Oath Keepers. You should never trust cops, but when CWII and the mop up of whites begins in earnest, you wonder how many police and military will outright defect/mutiny.

        Also, Russia and China will know what’s going on and might see it as a chance to do special forces type intervention by using their intelligence services to help fund, train and arm the Whites. We are in a networked world now — how are they going to do a hot lead genocide without the world finding out and having it on the televisions and youtubes of everyone around the world? they’ll have to shut down the internet, which is akin to shutting down the circulatory system of commerce.

        Also, the upside of all the immigration is that immigrnats from every country will be reporting the genocide back to their home countries one way or another. There will be no denying what the Chinese, Russians, Japanese, South Americans, Western and Eastern Europeans, Pacific Islanders and Africans are all reporting back to their homeland.

        The easiest place to do a hot lead genocide is in a place that’s cut off from the world, which is no place. Not even North Korea.

        When you go the Soft Power route, you cut off your ability to revert to Hard Power. Hef cannot turn into Genghis Khan.

        The Jews do not want to abandon Soft Power and set sail into the uncertain journey of Hard Power. They won World War Jew with Soft Power — getting someone else to exercise Hard Power. They’ve been strutting ever since, as if it was their personal victory; as if they themselves fought the Battle of the Bulge and Midway and D Day.

        No. They suckered other people into it. I have met people (not talking about Jews, but rather white proles) in the course of my recent life who live by fraud and deceit. They get kicked out of one place then another, then another. Everyone they meet ends up hating them and wanting to “move them on,” as quickly as possible. The victims/hosts onto whom the parasite/fraud types latch end up paying big bucks just to get rid of them — whether from a job, a romantic relationship, or a rental housing unit.

        One way to tell such people is that they will claim prior employers/landlords abused them, did horrible things to them. “The judge at housing court told me not to pay my rent because the landlord beat me up.” That’s why you can’t call their prior employer or landlord for a reference.

        Of course the laws favor the parasites/frauds in many cases, and quite purposely, and encourages more of it. That’s the really horrible thing about the US government is that laws and the welfare social security disability HUD systems in place favor the grifter and the cheat. This is how they are dealing with the unemployment caused by massive immigration — just get on Social Security Disability. At the same time, it’s capricious and arbitrary. Millions of able bodied, healthy people who are able bodied are getting that check every month no problem; many people who are truly crippled get denied, or at least delayed for months or years, while they process all the frauds.

        Live by the sob story, die by the sob story.

        Nevertheless. fraudulently collecting social security disability when unemployment benefits run out does make some sense in a country where they are giving all the jobs to immigrants. The government is encouraging the worst in the very people who need a lot of negative motivation to be decent and productive citizens; the worst people are encouraged not to be good and productive, but parasitic and sybaritic (live only for pleasures).

        One last thought about the possible kickoff of CWII and hot lead white genocide; the better sort of Americans, the pioneer and cowboy types as well as the war veteran and right wing types everywhere, have been prepping for this like crazy! Were the Ukrainians buying up guns and bullets like crazy back in the 1930’s? Were their “Ukrainian preppers?” Ukrainian patriot militias, Ukrainian oathkeepers in the police, Ukrainian sovereign citizens? Hell no, there was none of that in the 1930’s. Nowadays it would be a different story. Ukrainians are pretty well prepped and networked to defend themselves, moreso than 80 years ago.

        It won’t be an easy mop up for them, and terrible for public and international relations — the worst.

    • Attila says:

      It was The Church that banned usury – so the non-Christians had an open field. Get a grip- the Yehudim did what anyone with 3 neurons would have done to survive. They had NO prohibition against lending to non-Yehudim.

      • eyeslevel says:

        “the Yehudim did what anyone with 3 neurons would have done to survive.”

        Hey, a tapeworm’s gotta make a living, right?

      • Attila says:

        It’s a little hyperbole to highlight that anybody with any intelligence would have seen the opportunity to gain leverage. Sorry if you missed it.

      • eyeslevel says:

        “It’s a little hyperbole to highlight that anybody with any intelligence would have seen the opportunity to gain leverage. Sorry if you missed it.”

        I didn’t miss anything. I pointed out that you were downplaying parasitism. Guess you missed that, huh?

  2. Maureen Martin Cape Buffalo Mom says:

    “Those mercenaries and mafia men will know the history of the Jew, understand what the Jew does.”

    More and more people are waking up to YKW duplicity every day. The internet has been a godsend, and so, of course, they would like to disable it as a tool. Here’s an article that indicates just how successful even a Facebook page can be for informing people and breaking down barriers.

  3. oogenhand says:

    Reblogged this on oogenhand and commented:
    This all is a real clusterfuck.

  4. This is exactly right, and another way to say it is to call the drive to re-make American in the WEJ image is to study a little bit of tikkun olam to see all the things they promote to demean the diverse white American peoples as well as to re-shape our culture, institutions, and values.

    The beauty of studying and referring to tikkun olam is that it is written about frequently and currently. No more need to read Henry Ford, the Protocols, Charles Lindbergh, or other voices from the past.

    Tikkun olam is written about openly and glowingly. It speaks of healing and repairing the world, but reading closely it is about displacing this culture and civilization in more sophisticated ways than we displaced American Indian culture and institutions across the continent.

    Tikkun olam is an open book to which we can refer. It’s not the deceptions we need to identify, it’s how to expose the purposes as expressed in tikkun olam, the WEJ Manifest Destiny.

    Kindly don’t think the WEJ people are conducting this campaign only in North America or Europe. Every country in South America and Central America is tormented by WEJ activities, too.

    • Attila says:

      In kabbalistic terms – Tikkun Olam – simply means the reversal of entropy. In other words, to live in such way that there is an upward tendency generated by every action undertaken by a human being. Reform Judaism has secularized the notion – so unfortunately – it’s become just another liberal social program. Lving with integrity falls into said category quite nicely.

  5. Mark Robinson says:

    I’m not a bright guy, but the jewish domination of Murka has become painfully obvious even for me!

    How people go along with this farce?

  6. art says:

    one other BIG issue is having grown up in a bible barking environment and household, Jews are god’s chosen people and if we abandon god’s chosen then as a country we willl burn in hell. seems to me the hjews are doing a great job of dragging us to hell all on their own. Although my own family hated jews and dad said on a number of occasions, why didn’t hitler get them all.

    so no bahble believing christian would ever say an unkind word about jews or negroes as they are god’s children

    looks like i’lll be burning in hell with all the sane, awake and conservative people

  7. clytemnestra57 says:

    The war they keep waging on even the pitiful Christianity remaining has been suicidally effective for Jewry. I recently learned from my twenty yoa niece that most White Millennials consider themselves atheist!

    Well done, you idiots. Yup, you have freed yourselves from even the flimsiest accusation of deicide, nativity creches, Christmas caroling, public prayer, Easter celebrations, etc ad nauseum. Congratulations. But you have also liberated young White formerly “Judeo-Xtians” from believing in a god that favors your race above all others. WTG.

    If any Jews were murdered in great numbers around WWII, my money is not on the practising Roman Catholic Fascist, Adolf Hitler, but the devoutly atheistic Communist, Josef Stalin. Yes, he also established a homeland (the Jewish Autonomous Republic of Birozhiban) for the Jews. Strange that millions were relocated there but never made it to their final destination.

    So now you have White atheists who no longer fear your desert demon, Yahweh, on the one hand. On the other hand, you have the Non-White “Allahu Akbar” Muslims who want to slaughter you like pigs. Nice rock and a hard place you put yourselves between. Have a nice day.

    • mindweapon says:

      Exactly, Cly!

      Yes, they liberated themslves from the horrors of Christmas caroling and Easter celebrations! Great job!

      Atheists, when presented with the hard facts that Jewish bankers have destroyed the economic base of their country, will not say, “Oh, but they are God’s chosen and we must NOT EVER GO AGAINST THEM.” No bible verses about God favoring the Jews from the atheists. Nope, just this, “Jewish bankers stole all the money and globalized the factories abroad and brought in TENS OF MILLIONS of replacement workers to dispossess us. Jews suck.”

      Then — Muslims attack — hey Americans, join the Army, it’s Hitler all over again, the Muslims are the New Hitler! Kill the Muslims for Jesus!

      Ah . . . How about? NO!

      • clytemnestra57 says:

        DI read a passage in the Quran which predicts that at the end time, the entire wotld will be hunting down Jews to kill. Jews will be so hated that even the boulders they hide behind will give them up. This was back in high school and I dismissed it as an impossibility at the time, because White countries were still predominantly White and I could not see any logistics supporting this prediction in place … yet.

        Encouraging the latest Muslim invasion into predominantly White Christian countries is yet another way the Jews are playing with fire … a fire that will become a REAL Jewish holocaust in the end.

        Look at how having large, belligerent minorities of Muslims in European schools has ripped the Holocaust card from their hand! They don’t indoctrinate school kids anymore for fear of Muslim “carbecues,” LOL.

        The only power play they have left is to outlaw “Holocaust Denial.” Of course, the idiots don’t understand that they have played into the revisionist hands by calling attention to the idea at all rather than ignoring it altogether.

        Did you hear about the White far right activist that has converted to Islam? He’s being damned as a race traitor by certain WN boards. This is bad … very bad … for the Jews. WNs make a big mistake assuming that Islam is this monolithic Anti-White organization. Different, competing tribes and races of Muslims fight over territory all the time. I guarantee that Islamic Scandinavia’s reaction to Somali and Pakistani rapists would radically differ from the Christian reaction.

      • clytemnestra57 says:

        Sorry. Hit the post button too soon.

        I am hazarding a prediction here. The prominent far right White European who converted to Islam is going to set off a domino effect in far right Europe. The benefits to White European men converting to an aggressive warrior religion far outweigh those from staying in a caponized Chtistianity.

        Pro-Zionism has not worked for Geert Wilders et al when it comes to working with Jews to stop Non-White immigration. Mosques are being constructed at a rapid rate all over Europe.

        So unlike that idiotic Israeli rabbi gloating over the idea of Eurabia, I don’t necessarily see this as BAD for indigenous aboriginal Japhethite Aryans. They will survive Islam far better than their last Semitic conversion at swordpoint to the slow poison that is Christ -Insanity.

        This is very bad for Jewry. Study the history of the White Janissaries to know why. They make the Cossacks look like choirboys! If Whites convert en masse to Islam, those mosques will eventually be occupied not by Somali and Pakistani invaders, but by Japhethite Aryan MUSLIMS. Think “Africanized Bees.”

        Certain Jews believe that the Jews will be their own Messiah. The Muslims believe that Messiah will annihilate the Jews. There’s a delicious irony to all this, especially if they are both right.

      • mindweapon says:


        I’ve thought about the implications of White men converting en masse to Islam. They’ll have to give up drinking though, or keep it on the sly, which will make them much more aggressive.

        I think non drinking makes Muslims a LOT more agtgressive.

    • Adit says:

      According to some of the things I’ve read, Paganism (aka Odinism, etc. ) seems to be making a comeback amongst some of the young Europeans. Needless to say, Jews will find no help there. The days of the ‘Holy Jew’ are numbered.

      • clytemnestra57 says:

        UAntiSeveral years ago, I spoke to a disaffected former BNP member who was upset about Nick Griffith caving in and allowing Non-Whites as members. I told him that nationalist parties have no hope of surviving because, Post WWII European countries have been redefined as proposition nations along the American model which seeded the ground for multicultural Europe.

        I told him that he and other White activists in Europe need to redefine themselves as indigenous, aboriginal, native European tribes to effectively defend any activism against any racism charges by Anti-White forces in Europe.

        I think he and others extrapolated on my suggestion by rejecting Xtianity as a White religion, because White missionaries imposed it on indigenous cultures of color in the Americas and Africa. Of course, the inquisitions also forced it on indigenous Japhethites, but that is ignored because it doesn’t fit the oppressive White narrative being foisted to promote White guilt.

        That is why Varg Vikerness professing himself as a White nationalist PAGAN is what made the authorities hammer him for murder even though the victim’s friends believe it was a clear case of self defense.

      • Craig says:

        I gauge this in the closest large satellite town of 100000 people, there’s a mall vendor with rings, chains, belt buckles ect, has sawzies rings, belt buckles, hammers on a chain, and every time I enquire on them they are always sold out, always.

  8. Hipster Feudalist says:

    I hold a personal grudge against Christian Zionism, because I grew up surrounded by an early version of it, then starting in 2001 (cough) I saw the entire thing rebranded slightly to sell the new wars.

    You see, it used to be that Gog and Magog were the Soviet Union and the atheist movement, which were going to destroy Israel. Then, the USSR collapsed, communism was finished, and the Christian Zionists weren’t sure what to do for a decade.

    Then, you know, and Gog and Magog became Osama, Iran and the Muslims, who were going to destroy Israel – and America!

    They even remade my all time favorite B-rated Christian Rapture movies, Thief in the Night/Distant Sound of Thunder, into this horrific cheesy ass war propaganda series with that faggot from Saved by the Bell. This reprehensible sell-out of my childhood’s authentic, if rather ridiculous, fringe culture offends my Hipster Stuff White People Like sensibilities down to the core of my being, and I will never, ever forgive them for it.

    Also, fuck the jews.

  9. Attila says:

    Theologically – the Jews of the time simply refused to believe that Muhammad was a prophet – who, in the eyes of Muslims – represented the apex of man. Their hatred is long-standing – of course – it doesn’t help the Jews that they managed to install a semi-Western enclave in the midst of what they see as Dar al-Islam. Also – that Israeli Jews typically don’t physically eliminate each other when they disagree- at least not since Biblical times. It’s a fact that every modern Arab country would simply disintegrate into all-out civil war without a tyrant on the throne.

    • Mark Robinson says:

      Revilo Oliver viewed Islam like another religion made for the dumb goy, but at least islam is arab-centric, modern Christianity morphed into worship of jews.

      • Mark Robinson says:

        Modern research1 has indicated that Muhammad initially took on himself many aspects of Rabbinic Judaism, like Dhu Nuwas before him. It is known that Muhammad required that his followers keep kosher and the fast of Yom Kippur, circumcise and pray facing Jerusalem. Muhammad’s militant monotheistic religion was called Islam, meaning “surrender [to God],” and its followers were Muslims, meaning “those who have surrendered.” His inspired teachings would bring unity to the Arabian peninsula, an event that had sweeping consequences for the rest of the world. In the Qur’an it is recorded that the native Jewish Priests rejected his claim, and Muhammad in turn renounced them for deserting him. Later many Jewish laws were changed, Muhammad requested that his followers pray towards Mecca, and a new religion was created.

      • Attila says:

        I think your observation is most relevant with regard to Protestantism. Catholicism and Orthodoxy aren’t particularly judeophilic.

  10. Antiochus says:

    clytemnestra57, your comments here are pure genius. please get in touch with me,, maybe i could have you come on as an anonymous guest on my show sometime, “Axis of Light” on I could not have said it better than myself. Attila, you strike me as a little philo-Judaic from the comments. hope you’re on our team, and not an infiltrator.

    • Attila says:

      I follow a meme-oriented approach — which takes life-enhancing memes wherever they may be found. And yes- the Yehudim have developed some very good ones- otherwise- these discussions wouldn’t even be talking about their influence, obviously.

      • Attila says:

        Apologies for the discombobulation — I was trying to say that these discussions wouldn’t be taking place were it not for the success of supremacist Y-memes. Sorry, I’ve been under the influence of the IRS meme today.

  11. Antiochus says:

    The Jews are VERY intelligent, I would NEVER underestimate them. I also would not put it past them to move onto other racial hosts after they have moved on from the wreckage of western civilization that they have wrought, and they without doubt are already making inroads as a PLAN B. whites will survive and rebuild, undoubtedly, and the gene pool will come out stronger, harsher, and hopefully will have learned very valuable lessons on how you deal with a foreign parasite. Also, “christianity” will have no longer be another Jewish mindwar obstacle to overcome, as it will have ceased to exist. It is a sad and funny paradox that whites are the Jews greatest enemy, but today that is only in a form of potential energy that comes with the great white awakening, when he/she once again become “self-aware” and then with it, immediately identify its greatest threat. Then, Aryan skynet will reign supreme. But unfortunately, I can’t say that the mentally subjugated and slave race of white/europeans are their greatest threat as it stands, the Islamic world is by far a bigger enemy. This is why liberal/universalist/leftist Jews are in a clash over strategy with their ethnocentric, tribal supremacist cousins over the best strategy in achieving Zionist domination over the planet. They are in a war with themselves. Many of them realize that promoting open immigration, which brings in their enemies, will bite them in the back even though it serves their greater purpose of diluting and destroying the European gene pool.

    • Mark Robinson says:

      There is nothing for the jews after Amerikwa and the anglosphere.

    • mindweapon says:


      There’s a video on that national site I recently linked about race mixing that shows the Jews talking about it, and they have this weird look of disgust and disbelief on their face even as they say how great they think race mixing of whites is. Watch Diane Sawyer’s face right at the beginning. There’s no mistaking that body language — she is not able to feign her disgust at her topic.

      The Jews themselves find race mixing a horror — the greatest horror, (the silent Holocaust of interfaith marriage, et cetera), and they purposely inflict one of those things that “I wouoldn’t do to my worst enemy,” but they do it, and they step back and look at their handiwork with a combination of fascination and horror. They know that they have set off an infection in a great organism — the White collective.

      What keeps Whites from not talking about this openly and becoming Aryan skynet? Just a thin fabric of growth economy.

      That’s it.

  12. Hipster Feudalist says:

    I like the idea of Europeans mass faux-converting to Islam, then taking over the mosques the Saudis have spent so much money building. Over the course of a few years, the membership of the mosques just gets Whiter and Whiter.

    We even have a fun sort of precedent, the Shriners. When Freemasonry was trying to rebuild itself in the early 20th century, a lodge was created specifically for fun, drinking, and parties. It was based on an Orientalist fantasy about a Turkish sheik and his palace. Not long after the New Pearl Harbor, there was a profile in NYT explaining why your grandfather might have been photographed with a fez standing in front of a poster that said “Islam” after joining the “Ancient Arabic Order of Allah.”

    Not being religious I can’t take any of it too seriously, but I’d play along.

    • clytemnestra57 says:

      You are talking about a White version of the Donmehs of Turkey. Attaturk was a Donmeh. As long as they followed outward form, even though the conversion of apostate Jews following a false Messiah was highly suspect, the Ottoman Empire left them alone.

      Ironically, Christianity has had the new orthodoxy of political correctness imposed upon it. They must be Philosemitic Anti-White racists or suffer all kinds of repercussions from FEDGOV in having their tax-exempt status removed. Ironically, there is more room for syncretism in Islam these days than there is in Christianity, if you think about it.

      Christians face endless harassment from their government even in countries that are traditionally Christian. Ironically, in Christian countries, especially Christian countries, Muslims are left alone. Muslims are not harassed in the West even in the US ZogBra, the epicenter of the so-called WOT. Even the pseudo organization, NOI, is not harassed. I don’t see where a large group of WHITE Muslims would face any harassment, either.

      Ironically, Muslim evangelists faced the same challenges in the past that their Christian counterparts did. The “man in the field” had to deliver converts to HQ. The problem is that he met with resistance from entrenched pagans in that field. Pagans who he genuinely liked, at times, and had no desire to kill. The “man in the field” either faces perpetrating a bloodbath if he imposes religious orthodoxy on perfectly reasonable pagans OR he turns a blind eye on certain old traditions as long as the potential converts successfully mimic the formalities.

      I once read one letter from a Muslim “man in the field” several centuries ago who was charged with either converting or killing Hindus he genuinely liked. So, his report back to HQ was that Hindus were not genuinely idol-worshipping pagans, but used these statues for meditation and contemplation just like Roman Catholics (who were considered People of the Book)!

      I have talked to some Muslim evangelists, i.e. “women in the field.” They correctly guessed that I was raised Christian and guess what? They make a point of showing no animus to Christianity at all! In fact, I met them at the shop they owned; one of the few shops where they actually wished me “a Merry Christmas” instead of the “Happy Holidays” drivel of most stores. They stress all the ways the beliefs of Islam echo Christianity; i.e. immaculate conception, virgin birth. The Christ as the new Adam. Except that He is not divine, only a great prophet of Islam.

      The younger women make a point of not going around dressed in black shrouds. They still dress modestly, but they are very fashion conscious and do all kinds of stuff to make that hajib look like a fashion accessory instead of a symbol of sexist oppression.

      Because of Muslim missionaries or men in the field, as long as pagans follow outward form by reciting out loud that God is Allah and Mohammed is his prophet and dress appropriately and pray five times a week, Islam does not care if they segregate into their own clans and keep other tribal customs. They don’t try to integrate schools and neighborhoods or bring in a bunch of racial aliens like certain Christian churches do to help FEDGOV’s Anti-White agenda.

      This blog talked about MWs infiltrating organizations. I have repeatedly encouraged the politically minded White race realist to avoid the Republicans like the plague and infiltrate the Democrat Party. Well, I could see where a bunch of Whites who could not adapt paganism or atheism, but loathe the caponized Christianity they have to deal with would voluntarily convert to Islam with the idea of appropriating it to avoid FEDGOV harassment AND to appropriate it for their own self-empowerment, much like the Donmeh of Turkey did.

  13. Svigor says:

    The Muslims in those countries completely blame the Jews for controlling America and using America against them. The ones I talked to actually didn’t hate ordinary Americans; they are contemptuous of us for letting oursleves be controlled by Jews, but that’s it.

    Precisely. Which is why my “Muslim terrorism counter-measures” amount to staying out of NYC, LA, and DC (it’s also why Whiskey the (sorta) crypto-Jew reflexively mentioned NYC or LA in his “hypothetical” terror attack scenarios until I pointed it out to him, lol; it’s also why 24 is set in those 3 cities; etc.).





  16. Maureen Martin, Aryan Street says:

    Reblogged this on Mindweapons in Ragnarok and commented:

    This article from April 2013 is just as true now as it was then. MM

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