The Negro Crime Rate: A Failure in Integration

Providing better housing for impoverished Negroes is a necessity, but it would not solve the problem of Negro crime. Crime rates run high in the Negro slums of Harlem and South Side Chicago, but they also run high in the Negro districts of Los Angeles and San Francisco, where the houses are comparatively decent. As many a public-housing official has learned to his dismay, better housing does not automatically bring about the improvement in character and conduct that do-gooders used to predict. Slum dwellers who move into brand-new public-housing projects often turn them into new slums as verminous and crime-ridden as the tenements they left behind.


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6 Responses to The Negro Crime Rate: A Failure in Integration

  1. TabuLa Raza says:

    Disintegration of integration.

  2. RobRoySimmons says:

    No one save sports fans wants negroes around, certainly not Rahm Emanuel zionist mayor of Chicago.

    • oscar the grinch says:

      Yeah, cleansing inner Chicago of negroes is win-win for Rahm. He gets to hand over that primo real estate to rich Jews, AND at the same time Section 8 the negroes out to the suburbs, to further harrass the goyim, who thought they had escaped, and had spent a lot of money and trouble to do so. Jews and gays get to stroll to the Steppenwolf from their lofts in peace, and the goyim get to have their daughters raped. Such a deal!

  3. oscar the grinch says:

    I wish I could remember who this was, but there’s a great story about one of those rare take-no-bullshit politicians who was being given a tour of a shit-hole negro housing project (which at one time of course had been brand spanking new) by your typical loud-mouth negro activists.

    They confronted him with this: “Look! Urine in the stairwells!” To which he replied, “Well… who urinated in the stairwells?”

    I remember when I was a college kid, reading Jane Jacobs and the pros and cons of modern architectural theory, and there was a strong argument that the brutalistic, Le Corbusier-inspired design of many housing projects contributed to an environment which made crime so easy it was almost inevitable.

    One night I was having dinner at a (white, Jewish) friend’s house, along with his upper middle class parents, who I did not know very well. The after-dinner conversation turned to issues like urban crime, and I repeated this critique I had read of housing project design, to which both parents protested, “No, are you crazy? We grew up in projects like that, back when they were full of Jews and Irish and Italians! They were great places to live, and we were very grateful for them because they were so cheap, it made it possible to live well and save enough money to improve ourselves and move on to something better!”

    There are fourth- and fifth-generation negro families who persist in housing projects, and who seem to think it’s their destiny to never leave, no matter how bad it gets. I’d wonder aloud what the hell exactly they are thinking, except I know that they AREN’T thinking.

  4. Anon says:

    the only way to make life better for dysfunctional people is to dictate every decision for them, as well as the course of their life. They obviously do not want this(it cuts to the heart of what basically every being on this planet is, a status seeker), and we don’t honestly want to babysit them until the end of time either. There really isn’t a solution to their problems.

  5. oscar the grinch says:

    This is OT, but considering your ethos, MW, I think this story will warm the cockles of your heart…

    Back in the early 90s, when New York City was still an unimaginable cesspit of filth, crime, and negro degradation, I got invited to a party on a street in the worst, deepest, most awful section of the Lower East Side. At the time the entire neighborhood was virtually uninhabitable by humans. I expressed skepticism, but the girl who wanted to bring me said, “Trust me.”

    So our cab pulls up on this horrifying street, and we walk up to this dilapidated 5-story tenement building that looks like a crack house. I say, “You sure you want to go in here?” She says, “Trust me.”

    So, this other girl comes down to unlock the zillion locks on the bullet-proof door and let us inside. We go through this vestibule strewn with garbage, then she unlocks another door the thickness of a bank vault, and we step into…

    This beautiful, open-air, multi-level space that looks like a combination of Martha Stewart and Scandinavian Modern. Cool music playing, great wine, awesome food cooked in this amazing superstar kitchen. Beautiful custom-designed dining table and furniture. All-white crowd, naturally. My jaw drops.

    Eventually I get to meet one of our hostesses, and ask her if I’m dreaming. She explains:

    It’s a lesbian co-op. These girls (yeah, they were girls, not womyn, right out of college) got together and pooled their money to buy some NYC real estate. They knew they could get a whole building for cheap in this incredibly slummy part of town. Then, being good lesbians and thus handy with tools and tradecrafts and also incredibly cooperative with one another, they set about personally redesigning and rebuilding the interior of the building by hand. They gutted the two first floors, ripped out walls, tore out the first floor ceiling and second-story floor to create a cathedral-ceilinged living room/dining room/ kitchen area, put in new support beams, the works. The individual bedrooms and the library –yes, the LIBRARY!– were on the upper floors. She said they trucked in all the building materials in the middle of the night, so the locals wouldn’t know what they were up to. They kept the front of the building looking deliberately shitty as camouflage, so nobody would know what was inside — especially not six hot young white girls. I was astounded.

    Just goes to show what even dainty white college girls can get up to, when they feel like it.

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