When the Keynesian Make Work Dystopia runs out of Corn Syrup

Economically, we live in the Keynesian Make Work Dystopia, and someday it’s going to run out of Corn Syrup.

Most Americans do useless jobs, and are paid fiat currency created out of thin air and debt and global military dominance. Social services, prison guard, cop, soldier. In other words, scientific-bureaucratic social control.

Our current environment produces many more dysfunctional people than a more natural society did, and encourages the dysfunctionals to outbreed the functionals. The liberals created an environment that facilitates the dysfunctionals bringing down the cultural level of society as a whole. Liberals gain and maintain power by changing society. Changing society for the worse is still changing society, and political power comes by perpetually changing society in a way that gives ones own group perpetual power and paychecks. So liberals create the dysfunction, then social-service the dysfunction. This sort of corruption has been called “a self licking ice cream cone.”

Those who do not work as social workers or cops work as social security disabilities. Probably because there’s no jobs for a lot of young whites — business wanted experienced and desperate immigrants, rather than have to deal with Americans.

Liberals said, “You can’t discipline children any more! Parental authority is fascist! Separating the dumb kids and the smart kids in schools is MEAN and perpetuates inequality! Life should be fun all the time! Take a social security check and go in the corner and keep quiet.

Business said, “OK, screw it, I’m not dealing with the pain in the ass American workforce any more. I can get desperately grateful foreigners who already have work experience, rather than train these punk American kids just to have them claim they got hurt so they can go out on disability or sue us for “racism.”

Here’s an old anecdote from a past post on how liberals destroyed the climate for real jobs (as opposed to Keynesian make work “jobs” and social security disability):

I know a Chinese woman who owns a restaurant in Atlanta. She told me her cousin is in business in Shanghai getting jobs outsourced from America to China.

In the course of our conversation she laughingly pointed out that every hiring decision in America is a potential bankruptcy for the company doing the hiring.

“Did not hire because Hispanic. Did not hire because woman, Did not hire because homosexual. Did not hire because straight. Did not hire because Black. Did not hire because old….”

Juries are allowed to award unlimited damages if an applicant or an employee sues the company for racial, sexual, national origin, age or other categories that enjoy special protection under the Civil Rights Laws.

As the Chinese woman pointed out, every time her cousin gets an American company hires a Chinese there’s no danger of being sued and ruined.

“No Tibetan homosexual ever sue China business and have jury of Tibetan homosexuals give business away.”

American business has bent over backwards not to discriminate against the scheduled castes. Everybody knows that. This not only results in the qualified White males being subjected to brutal discrimination. It also forces businesses to keep on the rolls unqualified or marginally unqualified employees.

Setting aside all other reasons for the continued decline of America’s economic standing in the world, the Civil Rights Laws – alone – guarantee that American business cannot compete in a global market.

So we were betrayed, first by the Liberal Social Engineering, then by American Business. If we hadn’t been socially engineered to degeneracy so much, perhaps we’d have mounted a better defense of our economic interests against business’s desire to replace us with Perpetual Immigration.

Immigration hiring isn’t just about hiring immigrants; it’s about hiring immigrants who got here this morning. An immigrant who has been here since he was a kid is “ruined,” — Americanized.

So those surplus kids end up on social security and do not get job skills or a work ethic.

That is the Dystopia. The Keynesian Make Work Dystopia creates obese, tattooed idiocracy.

But there is an unintended consequence.

The Dystopia awakened Skynet. It’s still in the stage of “early adapters” like computer geeks in the 1980’s, White nationalists in the 2010’s. 2010’s doesn’t sound like it describes a decade like 1980’s or 1950’s, does it? Yet that’s it right there — we are living in the two thousand tens. Here’s an image, if it survives in archives, that will be emblematic of this era, the 2 thousand tens and the decade of awakening, the blue eyes shining out of the darkness of Johnny White Rabbit.

And cyborgs, the men who had to become less human, in order to effectively fight the Liberals and their Construction of the Dysgenic Diversity Dystopia. To become quiet, earnest, patient, like a Terminator, your whole existence devoted to overthrowing the anti-white regime.

When the Keynesian Make Work Dystopia runs out of Corn Syrup, then the general public will be forced to participate in the business of basic survival, and this will make us all better people, mroe serious people. Skynet will move from 1% of the population to double digit percentages. I predict that our American Golden Dawn will be a social and cultural movement rather than a political party. Our Golden Dawn will not aspire to be a political party, but rather to take over completely and destroy the fake democracy show put on by the globalists.


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39 Responses to When the Keynesian Make Work Dystopia runs out of Corn Syrup

  1. The Evil Nazi Myth says:

    May be the actual purpose of federal government running deficits year in-and-year-out is to over heat the economy to support mass immigration of non-whites; and the actual purpose of this is to facilitate race-mixing, black-on-white crime, etc..

    Of course, the white middle-class is paying for this via their taxes.

    • mindweapon says:

      Right, and the middle class are FURIOUS. Look at the Tea Party, Taxed Enough Already it means.

      The liberals say, “the right wing racists are old and dying off.” That is their cherished myth. But old white people always become racists. Todays young white people will be old white people in 30 or 40 or 50 years, and they will be racist too probably more racist. Life experience is why old people are racist. They’ve seen it — the mudsharks, the racial conflict in daily life.

      For White Americans, it’s going to come down to Awakening Skynet or starving to death.

      The Keynesian Make Work Dystopia will lead to either extreme price rises in food or no food at any price, unless you make it yourself. That’s the Dark Side of the KMWD — it can lead to mass starvation all at once. Food comes from thousands of miles away. There’s no way the Northeast could feed itself, for example, and those people aren’t going to get on a train to Iowa to graze in teh GMO fields. They will die in place. The White survivors will be Aryan Skynet.

      Look at how unhappy functional White men are. If you look at White nationalists, you see real passion, real pain, real rage, real motivation. Our motivation scares the hell out of the libs, I can tell ya that. When we get a look in the whites of their eyes, they crumble before us. They can’t look at us. They don’t feel our passion, our rage.

      Survivalism is White nationalism, by the way, because it envisions a day when the WHite man’s magic no longer keeps the non-white majority alive. When doom hits, it will hit the non-whites harder than us, more of us will survive to the other side, adn we’ll be majorities in our own lands again, and we will oppose multicult and globalist rule from the get go. So get your non-electric water distiller, your sun oven, and join the local community garden.

      • “Look at how unhappy functional White men are. If you look at White nationalists, you see real passion, real pain, real rage, real motivation. Our motivation scares the hell out of the libs, I can tell ya that. When we get a look in the whites of their eyes, they crumble before us. They can’t look at us. They don’t feel our passion, our rage.”

        Well, on this subject the younger generation doesn’t have the same, if-you-will, Stockholm Syndrome as the older generation does. Look at this video footage (from an anti-Whites camera) from the American Renaissance conference a few weeks ago that shows how the old guard wants to stand back while up-and-comers, age-wise, want to go argue with the anti-Whites.

      • Grover says:

        I already got the sun oven thanks to you. It works real well here in San Diego County. Is there any specific non-electric water distiller you would recommend?

      • mindweapon says:

        Glad to hear it! I bet a sun oven would work great in San Diego! You can get really nice slow cooked meat in those things — chicken, hot dogs, hamburgers. Baked potatoes come out real good too. HEre’s the water distiller:


      • Hmmm… I’m old, but not a racist. I AM against multiculturalism; America was supposed to be a melting pot, not a suspension like oil and vinegar! Great post.

      • mindweapon says:


        We are attacked as White people, so we defend as White people. And part of that is not being afraid of being called a racist. Get James Edwards book “Racism, Schmacism.” Don’t fear the “r” word!

        Our White identity is more important to us than our American identity. I have more in common with a White Russian person living in the middle of Siberia, than I have with a black person in my town. Whites everywhere are under threat by multiculturalism, liberalism and globalism. We must unite as Whites, fight as Whites.

      • May I remind you that America was founded on Christian principles; that Hitler, like Obama was a Socialist, who step by step, took over by removing freedoms in the name of safety, and the sheeple bought into it.
        He twisted scripture to fit his genocidal agenda. We can’t repeat his attitude.
        Go against Israel, find yourself incurring God’s wrath. A real Christian white or otherwise has NO audience with our savior Jesus Christ, only judgment if he hates His people. Nevertheless we share one thought – Die on our feet, rather than live on our knees!

      • mindweapon says:

        If you are anti-liberal, you are anti-semitic. All conservatives, right wingers, and patriots are anti-semites.

        Your symbol is an Eagle. So was the Nazis symbol. Threfore you’re a racist and a Nazi, no matter how much you try to deny it. Why don’t you just come out of the political closet instead of denying your true identity?

  2. RobRoySimmons says:

    Let’s debate Adolph Hitler instead.

  3. @Mindweapons:

    “Look at how unhappy functional White men are. If you look at White nationalists, you see real passion, real pain, real rage, real motivation.”

    You once asked me what TMFIIC was an acronym for. It means The Mother F——- Idiots In Charge. Well, TMFIIC have really screwed the pooch big time by bending over backwards to not only intimidate Whites into shutting down all dissent or even outright and blatantly ignoring their wishes regarding Obamacare and immigration “reform.”

    What the Paycheck Liberals and the Paycheck Conservatives, in particular, can’t seem to wrap their brains around is that The Rubicon has been passed with Whites and they are in deeper trouble than they know. In their eagerness to pander to Jews, Negros, and Mestizos who would never vote for them anyway, the Repugnants took the White vote so for granted that they were genuinely dumbfounded when they lost the election.

    The latest example of TMFIIC’s hubris and arrogance is embodied in the roly-poly form of that clueless clown, Karl Rove AKA “The Architect” of The GOP’s destruction. HE has formed a committee to protect all unpopular RINO incumbents from any primary challenges mounted by conservatives. How’s that for hubris? What both the Paycheck Liberals and the Paycheck Conservatives, in particular, don’t get is that they may be able to shut dissenters out of the process, but they cannot force these dissenters to vote for them!

    The 2012 elections actually weren’t about a demographic explosion with non-white voters. Instead, they were about a large group of white voters not showing up. Any increase in the minority vote was dwarfed by the decline in the number of white votes. Again, if our assumption about the total number of votes cast is correct, almost 7 million fewer whites voted in 2012 than in 2008. (Ed. In fact, it was more like eight million).

    This isn’t readily explainable by demographic shifts either; although whites are declining as a share of the voting-age population, their raw numbers are not. Put another way: The increased share of the minority vote as a percent of the total vote is not the result of a large increase in minorities in the numerator, it is a function of many fewer whites in the denominator.

    So who were these whites and why did they stay home? My first instinct was that they might be conservative evangelicals turned off by Romney’s Mormonism or moderate past. But the decline didn’t seem to be concentrated in Southern states with high evangelical populations.

    But in terms of interpreting elections, and analyzing the future, the substantial drop-off in the white vote is a significant data point. Had Latino and African-American voters turned out in massive numbers, we might really be talking about a realignment of sorts, although we would have to see if the Democrats could sustain it with someone other than Obama atop the ticket (they could not do so in 2010).

    As it stands, the bigger puzzle for figuring out the path of American politics is who these non-voters are, why they stayed home, and whether they might be reactivated in 2016 (by either party).


    If Karl Rove and Dick Morris had witnessed an incident that I had observed in a large office waiting room that year, their predictions of a sweeping Repugnant victory would not have been so cocky or confident. Moreover, all those “social justice” agitators who think they have ground away any White racial solidarity to the point that Whites are a defeated people would have had their eyes opened. A Hispanic mid-manager was discussing the elections and asked a White security guard what his opinion was. The White security guard was coldly polite. He said he DGAD who won, because it wasn’t going to change much one way or another as far as HE was concerned. All the Whites in the room said nothing but raised their eyebrows and smiled tightly. The anger and hostility in that room emanating from them all was so palpable that all the Non-Whites cleared out of there.

    Eight million White voters did not vote in the 2012 elections. <i.Or did they?! And what is the significance of what they “voted” for?! What appears to elude TMFIIC is that The Rubicon has been passed with White America and NOT in the rosy Rainbow-Brite Diversity way they had envisioned. Ignoring any dissent that they could not shut down from Whites has brought them to this impasse. What scared the shit out of the Non-Whites in that office foyer should be doing the same to any Paycheck Liberal or Paycheck Conservative, in particular, right now, is that a growing number of Whites don’t WANT to talk anymore. The time for talking is OVER. They no longer even want to CONSERVE anything. They WANT to let the system burn to the ground. Reap the whirlwind, assholes. Deafening Silence speaks volumes of its own.

    Eight million White voters did not vote in the 2012 elections. If any political hack is reading this blog, I want to predict … right NOW … that at least eight million more White voters will not vote in the 2016 elections. Why?! Because there is a growing implicit sense among the White voter that voting AT ALL is an endorsement of the system Whites are coming to loathe with a purple passion.

    • mindweapon says:

      Awesome story Cly! Our Hate is like Heat pouring out of us. The non-whites in that office felt it.

      • Adit says:

        And yet they aren’t bright enough ‘to beat feet’ now when the going is good. Well I suppose when the top finally blows off we’ll have what is called a ‘target rich environment.’ That should bring a smile to many faces in the crowd.

      • StukaPilot says:

        As I’ve said in scores of posts on dozens of sites since the Romney debacle : Obama won because several million White Men went to the gun store instead of the voting booth. Think of it as an American Golden Dawn…with weapons not words. As for future “elections”, there will be none. That Regime False Flag in beantown was a rehearsal for post-PonziCollapse Martial Law. And then comes Civil War.

    • Anon says:

      the ads obama ran right before the election were about “Mr Bain Capital, the jobs outsourcer”, not how there was insufficient amnesty for illegals. And he didn’t even fight the charge despite the fact that Romney damned well could have called Obama out on Korea Free Trade or the other FT deals, but he chose to remain silent.

    • Hipster Racist says:

      Karl Rove AKA “The Architect” of The GOP’s destruction. HE has formed a committee to protect all unpopular RINO incumbents from any primary challenges mounted by conservatives.

      The GOP has been run by the Bush cartel since March 30, 1981, and you cannot understand the Republican party without looking at the Bush cartel any more than you could understand Mexico’s PRI without looking at the Zetas. Rove’s job is to protect the Bush cartel more than even winning elections. Romney was one of the Bush cartel’s main money launderers. That was the subtext to “Bain Capital.”

      One of the major reasons Clinton was able to go against Bush is because he supervised part of the cartel’s operation in Arkansas, and “had the goods” on Bush. With a little help from long time Bush enemy Ross Perot, Clinton actually won.

      If whites are going to take over the GOP, that’s the institutional opposition you will face. The Evangelical faction won’t complain too much about implicit whiteness and mass immigration has diminishing returns even for the Chamberpots of Commerce faction.

      But if the Bush cartel loses power (and controlling the losing party is a 2 party system is still power) they are all going to prison, so they aren’t going to just roll over if they happen to get fewer votes.

  4. The Evil Nazi Myth says:

    This is a good laugh …. busted …

  5. The Evil Nazi Myth says:

    Not so fun …

  6. miss c says:

    Very interesting and sad series in my city of birth, Oakland, CA by Scott Johnson. Here is an interview with a black pastor, wherein he blames Child Protective Services for Oakland’s murderously high murder rate. He says he found his own 14 year old son in possession of guns in his own house and “wasn’t gonna have no murderer in my house” but was prevented from administering an appropriate ass whoopin by the clueless authorities. Predictable results ensued. When I was 10, this Oakland neighborhood was so safe, I and my Chinese-American best friend would hop the bus at night and go get fried rice and try on platform shoes at the local thriving mall. 10 years later, another friend and I could catch the bus at midnight after playing pinball and Battlezone at an arcade and we were totally safe. We’d hang out with Grateful Deadheads who camped out overnight. Now, we’d be raped, tortured and murdered in short order if we tried to catch the bus at the same location.

  7. miss c says:

    Sorry, go to the second page for the interview with the Rev.

  8. Anon says:

    “Immigration hiring isn’t just about hiring immigrants; it’s about hiring immigrants who got here this morning. An immigrant who has been here since he was a kid is “ruined,” — Americanized.” – Theres a bit more to it then that, the CIS has found that foreign born teens suffer in the jobs market as well. An american child is not going to win against a foreign adult with social networks, good work behavior established and so on, with a few notable and hilarious exceptions. Businesses don’t seem to want hard working immigrant hard workers(this meme the product of a specious comparison between adults and children) for food prep or stocking clerks for some reason.

    “In the course of our conversation she laughingly pointed out that every hiring decision in America is a potential bankruptcy for the company doing the hiring.” – Only for businesses above a certain size, it would be good to know just how many are at that level, and a good incremental reform idea would be to get that employee count raised and see what happens. Of course the usual suspects would cry bloody murder over it.

  9. Hipster Racist says:

    Look at the flash mob phenomenon. Blacks use flash mobs to overwhelm security and rob stores, Whites use flash mobs to put on performance art in various public places. The Arab Spring was essentially staged via Facebook. Everyone has internet smart phones now. We’re just beginning to see the social effects of this, just now even the economic effects.

    Obama scared the hell out of the contards. He’s not just a commie, and not just half-black, he came out of nowhere and no one knows anything about him.

    The Tea Partiers were the last gasp of the old contard coalition, and all those Whites are frustrated as hell because they lost on just about every single issue. They found out their main opponents were often the GOP establishment itself. They were called “white racists” enough that many started to actually use terms like “anti-white.”

    The anti-whites pushed too hard and too fast, and their gloating woke people up. I’m serious when I say that Tim Wise may as well be working for us.

    • Mark Robinson says:


      Abner Mikva, the former Chicago congressman, federal judge and White House counsel to President Bill Clinton, puts a 21st-century twist on the notion that Clinton was “the nation’s first black president.”
      “I think when this is all over, people are going to say that Barack Obama is the first Jewish president,” he said.

      Mikva, a powerful figure in local and national Democratic politics for decades, was one of Sen. Obama’s early admirers, beginning in 1990 when he tried to hire the brilliant student and first black president of the Harvard Law Review for a coveted clerkship. (Obama turned him down, saying he was going to move to Chicago and run for public office. “I thought that showed a lot of chutzpah on his part,” Mikva says with a laugh.)

      Since then, Mikva’s support for and nurturance of the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee has never wavered. He is one of many influential Chicago Jews who have been among Obama’s earliest and most ardent backers.

      One longtime Jewish observer of the political scene, who did not want to be identified, said admiringly that “Jews made him. Wherever you look, there is a Jewish presence.”

      • oscar the grinch says:

        “Jews made him.”

        Well that’s easy to see. Obama’s agenda is congruent with the Jewish agenda: the complete destruction of America, Christianity, and especially of the white race.

      • I fail to understand how American Jews can possibly support this D**n Kenyan. Or how he is NOT their friend, or Israel’s. He needs to take a long walk off a short pier!

  10. Reblogged this on murderbymedia and commented:
    Another brilliant post!

  11. akathesob says:

    Great article.

  12. Oscar the Grinch – Wise up youngster – Read your Bible: Romans eleven; get rid of your anti-Semitism.

  13. Final note – IF, If you claim Christ, then do yourself a favor, and follow 2 timothy 2:15. (it instructs you to study God’s word). Jews aren’t against us. Your hate is misplaced.
    The fact that there is a state of Israel, is – has fulfilled a 2 thousand year old prophecy:
    Ezekiel 36:22-24
    King James Version (KJV)
    22 Therefore say unto the house of Israel, thus saith the Lord God; I do not this for your sakes, O house of Israel, but for mine holy name’s sake, which ye have profaned among the heathen, whither ye went.
    23 And I will sanctify my great name, which was profaned among the heathen, which ye have profaned in the midst of them; and the heathen shall know that I am the Lord, saith the Lord God, when I shall be sanctified in you before their eyes.
    24 For I will take you from among the heathen, and gather you out of all countries, and will bring you into your own land.
    He is my authority, not men.

    • hr says:

      Go against Israel, find yourself incurring God’s wrath. A real Christian white or otherwise has NO audience with our savior Jesus Christ, only judgment if he hates His people.

      This fake “Christian” claims that Jews are God’s Chosen People, but Jesus Christ called them children of Satan, and said that the father of the Jews is the Devil himself. John 8:44, et al.

      So this guy isn’t even a real Christian, he’s a Shabbos Goyim, willing to deny Jesus Christ himself in order to cater to the prince of this world, Satan, and his jew minions.

      Get Thee Behind Me Satan! Tell John Hagee and Glenn Beck we said hi.

    • hr says:

      Wow, not only that, his blog complains about Mickey Weinstein, the anti-Christian bigot attacking Christians in the military.

      Mickey Weinstein is … a Jew. Yet this zionazi says that “Jews aren’t against us.”

      Well meaning or confused, or working for the devil? I say he’s a devil worshipper. Filthy heretic!

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