The Neo-Marxist War To Exterminate The Hellenic Spirit- Γκρεμίζοντας την συντεχνία που πνευματικώς ναρκώνει τον Λαό μας

Add yMany attempts to exterminate the Hellenic spirit have been made by invaders throughout the ages, always failing as steel and blood were our bulwark against their gold and oppression. Today, the sacrifices made for there to be a nation called Greece in the corner of Europe have been spat upon through the Marxist infiltration and lock down of the arts and literature, who continue on the path of de-Hellenization at a rate the Ottoman’s couldn’t have even dreamed of. Despite Marxism, particularly of the post-modern/”new Left” variety, being a minority tendency within the Greek population, for years the “left” has been behind a gradual coup to conquer important cultural institutions, quietly repressing the dissent of the silent majority. This issue is more than simple food for thought, the war of the “pink communists” within our establishment to bury the noble legacy of Greece is overt genocide.

The first most important point to make in this regard is that Leftists are liars. Marxists will utilize any tactic, spread any big lie, and sink as low as they have to, in order to spread their poison and protect their plan.our thoughts here… (optional)


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9 Responses to The Neo-Marxist War To Exterminate The Hellenic Spirit- Γκρεμίζοντας την συντεχνία που πνευματικώς ναρκώνει τον Λαό μας

  1. The Evil Nazi Myth says:

    I’m not sure what the latest is, but …

    Russia moves to criminalize Holocaust denial

  2. Ryu says:

    There’s a lesson to learn there: do what it takes to win. It’s the key to everything. And once you’ve won, keep pushing.

  3. RobRoySimmons says:

    “Spirit” is a codeword for wordism to me, but since its Europe and its laws I suppose mentioning the genocide of our race is thought to be illegal, its not of course.

    • Actually, I’m starting to believe these AMPWs don’t use the geNOcide meme because they assume that acknowledging a succesfull geNOcide program against Whites is acknowledging that their enemies have real power. And, the average right-wing party is about a presence of strength. But that is old artillery style tactics, of course, and it is only working (if you are pleased with 15%) in Greece because they have 25% unemployment and a lot of pressure from their currency.

      If you’re looking for success using the White geNOcide meme, it’s pretty much down to B. U. G. S. and our allies like Pres. Heimbach of the Towson White Student Union.
      The thing is, when White geNOcide breaks through the Silence, the anti-Whites are completely over.

      Here are some good, recent, articles about TWSU using the White geNOcide meme…

      • RobRoySimmons says:

        Wordism reminding me of old paycheck CONtardism, I actually cannot put too much conspiracy thinking to any lack of effort by anyone to try anything new, most people are trainable but not as easy to actually educate.

      • mindweapon says:

        Donating blood to Greeks is Wordism?

    • RobRoySimmons says:

      Yep “Spirit” is probably wordism mean to get around actually dealing with the physical reality of real people and the usual dros of political theology. My guess if you ask a GD what the hell a real Greek is the answer would be fairly hedged so as to avoid prosecution. Good luck to them and may the prosecute those guilty of the genocide of our race.

      Anyway I want a nationalist party to find some power in Europe and then put some of our anti-whites on a watch list for genocide or advocating. You will then hear howls like you never heard howls before. I casually mentioned to Kuntsler that his targeting whites as a group as he did would actually be against the law (no it would not be prosecuted but he could be charged and that would be bad for bizness) in Canada which I assume he puts on the college talk show circuit.

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