Towson White Student Union Patrols — hysterical liberal responses

h/t to Alan for this link:

Matthew Heimbach, the politest White nationaist the world has ever known.

Even if Heimbach is a nice guy, what part of arming a pack of white supremacists with “nonlethal weapons” so that they can patrol the campus in search of black criminals is not intimidating? According to the article, there have been six patrols so far. Some members carry large Maglite flashlights with them as they walk around in a group. In the words of a black male sophomore who sees them passing, “They look weird, kind of freaky. It’s intimidating.” A member of a Jewish fraternity became visibly distraught when they crossed his path: “I hate them. I’m Jewish and they’re white supremacists.”

Hmmm, somebody doesn’t like any challenge to Jewish supremacy, methinks. The Jewish fraternity guy has no rational reason to hate the WSU people; they haven’t done anything to him and they do not dominate him. It is a tribal reason. His peeps are on top, and they are on top from deception — they don’t belong there, and they see Matthew Heimbach as the tip of the iceberg of YT waking up and taking back the country from them.

The most important line of the article is about about the Jew hating the WSU, and he says it “because he’s Jewish.” Imagine a White person saying, “I hate such and such because I’m White.” Unthinkable! But the Jewish supremacist can use his own ethnocentrism as a justification for hating the WSU.

That’s how they feel about us. But their rule is misrule. That is what we can say back to them.

That frankly, Whites probably wouldn’t have cared that Jews rule, if they did a good job of it. But they do not. So the failure of the financial system is because Jewish banks are robbing the rest of us with 16 trillion dollar bailouts, and they created the Social Services Credit Card Corn Syrup Dystopia. They can’t help themselves. They have the power, so they abuse it. Right to the end.

People say, “slow decline rather than collapse.” But slow decline can accelerate and get interesting.

The best thing that could happen would be high food prices. Give me high food prices, and suddenly it’s worth it to spend my time producing food, and tens of millions of people like me would kick into it.

Hereward Saxon says, “You can’t scale up urban gardening to the modern population.” That is, very simply, a matter of economics. Human labor is right now a LOT more expensive than gasoline and diesel. 1 gallon of gas can do the work of 23 people for an hour.

If 23 people make 10 bucks an hour, that’s 230 dollars an hour.

Urban gardening and hand tool gardening scales up if most of the population has to be involved in it, because they can no longer take food for granted. Moreover, we would see resources where we used to see garbage — leaves, cardboard boxes, horse manure. Right now I get this stuff for free. Time will come when this stuff is like gold. Kids will gather leaves from the woods — harvest the woods for organic matter for the gardens. Excrement of every species will be hoarded and composted.

Sounds pretty awful — a world of shortages! A world where you can’t take not being hungry for granted!

But we’ll get a much harder culture, if we get high food prices.

It will be a culture, most of all, where we do not take shit from people who use their own ethnocentrism as a supposed justification to hate us for ours.


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29 Responses to Towson White Student Union Patrols — hysterical liberal responses

  1. This crap makes me sick. Why are these hysterical, emasculated homos and bitches even given a voice on non issues like this anyway?
    Wait, I know perfectly well why and it only serves to make me even yet more nauseated!
    Now I’m more motivated than ever to finish stocking up on doomsday supplies!

    • mindweapon says:


      You need community is what you need, even more than supplies. Try to move to Eugene Oregon and infiltrate the SWPL liberals.

      • The Evil Nazi Myth says:

        Lately, I’ve been focusing my activism towards stupid white liberals. No point in preaching to the converted … right? Its been easy lately with the Sandy Hook/gun control topic. I also manage to work the Holohoax into the conversation. In order to do this one needs to know the real history and details inside and out, so one is never lost for a clear, correct and concise iron clad response when debating.

      • Maureen Martin Cape Buffalo Mom says:

        Evil Nazi Myth. Your method may work, I don’t know. When I present too many facts and figures, people’s eyes start glazing over very quickly.

        Personally, I try not to open that can of worms re the Hcost. I don’t have explain stuff that happened or didn’t almost a century ago. It had nothing to do with me. I’m not even German.

        Genocide of White people is evil. I use a mini-mantra to point out the genocide and if the person wants to try to defend it, I attack them. Gently, if they are a friend, family member or client…not so gently if they are not. WE ARE THE LAW NOW. They need to provide ME with facts and figures, not the other way around.

      • Well, we’ll do the best we can do! It can be hard totally rearranging one’s life!

      • The Evil Nazi Myth says:

        Maureen, I only bring up the Holohoax when they start talking about Nazis. I’m flexible given the situation.

      • Maureen Martin Cape Buffalo Mom says:

        I sneer at them when they bring up the HCost. I say what does that have to do with anything? If they were to press I would say, “Is there scientific PROOF for the Hcost claims?” Make THEM present FACTS. Put THEM on the hotseat. They are trying to justify genocide! THEY should be sweating to give ME some facts and figures, not the other way around. Either way, they are evil genociders. They have no credibility as human beings. Make them feel the shame of it.

  2. mindweapon says:

    Heimbach and five others are gathered at the Red Robin in Towson for pre-patrol beers and burgers. Four of the people there are “executive members” of the White Student Union—meaning they help organize and lead the group. Heimbach sits proudly at the head of the table, sporting a tight-fitting Youth for Western Civilization T-­shirt and two necklaces: one a short chain with a small medallion that hits his collarbone and the other a cross with a circle behind it that sits right on his chest. He introduces his team by first name only. Paddy, a Towson junior from Baltimore, is his right-hand man. Short but built, his head shaved, he speaks calmly but passionately about his desire to see the creation of a white “ethno­state,” free from the ruin of multiculturalism. To Paddy’s right is his fiancée, Addie, a senior from Nashville who deplores feminism and credits Paddy with introducing her to the movement. Next to her is Ken, a 43­-year-­old who drove from Delaware to participate in his first patrol.

    I hitch a ride to the campus with Shane, a 26-­year-­old member of such organizations as the Maryland League of the South, the Sons of Confederate Veterans, and the Southern National Congress. He doesn’t live or go to school in Towson, a city he says is overrun with outsiders. As he opens the door to the passenger’s seat for me, Shane nods to the back of his white Dodge pickup truck that is covered in bumper stickers that read “Native” and “Go home Yankee!” scattered throughout a collage of Confederate flags. “This is what you’re going to be riding in,” he warns.

    Everyone reconvenes in a parking garage on campus to read a passage from the Bible and say a prayer before setting out on their mission. Other than the fact that a few of them are carrying large Maglite flashlights, they look just like a group of friends out for an evening stroll. If it weren’t for the cameraman running backward ahead of them, drawing attention at every step with his glaring light, they might have managed to carry out the entire patrol without anyone looking twice.

    “That’s the White Student Union guy,” sophomore Bria Brown says to her friends, all of whom are black, spotting Heimbach as the posse passes through the student union. “I recognized him from the news.”

    Meanwhile, Heimbach heads for the Black Student Union to ask if any of their members want to join the patrol, crossing paths with members of the Jewish fraternity AEPi on the way. A ruckus erupts as one student becomes distraught. “I hate them,” he declares, pacing back and forth, his face red. He declined to give his name. “I’m Jewish and they’re white supremacists. They’re neo­-Nazis. They just want everyone to be as unhappy as they are right now.” Back outside, Paddy and Addie discuss what happened with the frat boys.

    “Most of the venom that is spewed at us comes from our own people, which I think says a lot,” says Paddy. “I think it says that whites today have been brainwashed into complete and utter ignorance.” He and the others don’t seem to be aware of the fact that the young men they’d just encountered were Jewish. The WSU does not recognize Jews as white.

    • mindweapon says:

      “I’m Jewish and they’re white supremacists. They’re neo­-Nazis. They just want everyone to be as unhappy as they are right now.” Back outside, Paddy and Addie discuss what happened with the frat boys.

      “Most of the venom that is spewed at us comes from our own people, which I think says a lot,” says Paddy. “I think it says that whites today have been brainwashed into complete and utter ignorance.” He and the others don’t seem to be aware of the fact that the young men they’d just encountered were Jewish. The WSU does not recognize Jews as white.

      Maybe WSU doesn’t recognize Jews as White, but Jews don’t recognize the WSU members as humans. Why should WSU be inclusive towards pale skinned people who HATE them.

    • oscar the grinch says:

      “Heimbach and five others are gathered at the Red Robin in Towson for pre-patrol beers and burgers.”

      NO! NO! NO!

      NO alcohol, NONE, before doing something active like “going on patrol.” If ANYTHING should happen to go wrong, a) there is the small but non-trivial chance that your judgement will be clouded, even if you’ve only had a little, but more importantly, b) they will use ANYTHING they can get on you, against you.

      JEWISH LAWYER: Your honor, when these hate-filled redneck Nazis came upon my client, Mr. DeShaw’n Malik Latravious Monroe, while he was raping that slut of a shiksa, and they politely asked him to knock it off with the raping and so forth, THEY HAD BEEN DRINKING BEER — a German beverage. And you know what THAT means!
      JURY OF DWLs: Guilty! Crucify!

      • Wyandotte says:

        Good advice. No alcohol before going on patrol.

        Which brings up the topic: can white people do ANYTHING without first (or afterwards) larding their livers with liquor? They can’t travel on an aircraft; attend sports events or wedding receptions; have a dinner party; meet with friends; go on a date; have any kind of a social gathering, eat a meal; relax after a hard day; woo a woman, prepare for sex or anything else you’d care to name; prepare for difficulty; or unwind after difficulty – without swilling on this liquid intoxicant. Nothing wrong with the occasional “drink” but it has sure become a physical or emotional dependency.

        Ain’t the semites that’s the problem,folks. It’s our own lack of self control and a constant need to alter our consciousness.

      • conchobar14 says:

        exactly that is far too sturmabteilung for the time being, college students (despite the culture) who are making radical statements like these, should definately try to keep clean, but i applaud their courage and willpower do something other than wordpress-intellecu-fap about zee jooz

  3. Mr Hyde says:

    They may have shot themselves in the foot by enforcing the importation of noisy, tribal peoples, for it allows comparisons to be made…
    10 years ago
    MW: they seek to enslave or genocide us
    liberal Mr Hyde: oooh you NAZI go away crazy ebil NAZI!
    MW: they seek to enslave or genocide us
    Mr Hyde: oh you mean like the muzzes, the somalians, the (insert the interlopers in your region of the globe)? The c***ts

    • Mr Hyde says:

      sorry, that should read;
      “they seek to enslave or genocide us, they use their tribal connections to gain advantage over others so that they can be on top and dominate a region. You see it in wildlife documentaries (baboons) why not with humans?”

    • mindweapon says:

      Exactly! as my signature says:

      The liberal project is doomed to failure when multiculturalism succeeds – Keith Alexander

  4. Maureen Martin Cape Buffalo Mom says:

    ***I’m Jewish”””! Wow, compelling argument for hatred.

    We tried to warn you Jewboys. Heimbach is just the beginning.

  5. Reblogged this on Toiletnation, USA and commented:
    Notice, when reading, who the only person using the word “HATE” is. And credibly so.

  6. RobRoySimmons says:

    When they give you an in, use it folks. That jew kid just admitted his kind are anti-white, we cannot live with that kind of hatred amongst us, that would be evil.

  7. Snake says:

    Did the WSU explicitly state they were patrolling for black criminals or did heebzilla perceive their actions that way? Maybe a feeling that all isn’t well with the schwartzers?

  8. Hipster Racist says:

    Callie Buesman is kind of cute, kind of a weird looking face (her chin looks like Jay Leno’s), but that red hair and that pale skin…

    I wonder if she hangs around at the various bars in Midtown around Jezebel’s headquarters. It’s Whiter than a Tea Party up there. Towson is in Baltimore, a city utterly plauged by black crime.

    Heimbach’s racist words are vile

    Which words are “racist” and what exactly is “vile?”

    his speech and actions contribute to a culture of ignorance and create an environment that makes his peers feel uncomfortable and unsafe.

    LOL A “culture of ignorance?” Anti-whites almost always use the word “ignorance” to mean virtually the exact opposite of the dictionary definition. “Ignorance” implies you don’t know something, what is it exactly what the WSU doesn’t know? It’s simply an imputation of her own ignorance onto the “other.” Let’s be honest, Jezebel writers tend to not be brain surgeons and some of them have never even been above 14th St., except for their summer trip to Israel.

    One look at the crime stats for the Baltimore area will let you know who exactly should feel “unsafe.”

    The question is, why is some half-bright girl making 70k a year in Manhattan a moral authority on anything?

    Call Off Your Old Tired (Anti-White) Ethics, Beusman, and stop the racist-shaming.

    • Hipster Racist says:

      From the comments, a little bit of neurotypical privilege:

      I think evil has Asperger’s syndrome. Social cues are a mystery

      “He doesn’t understand my social cues, therefore I am uncomfortable, therefore he is autistic, therefore evil.”

      At what point did your feelings become the moral standard others must follow? Since when is making you feel comfortable MY responsibility?

      My read is that the commenter is not the brightest bulb in the drawer and is intimidated by high IQ men that don’t fawn over him or her, therefore they must be aspies.

  9. Hipster Racist says:

    Just because the guy can hold it together during a conversation without foaming at the mouth and shrieking white power slogans doesn’t make him kind, good, or worthy. It’s just a cloak he wraps around the quiet festering in his soul.

    by … “Goddess of Transitory”

    The Goddess has peered into the soul of the White Man and found it lacking! Even though “quiet festering” sounds like projection to me.

    Something calling itself “Rampage Lana” gives us this gem:

    shouldn’t someone dedicated to propagating the white race be capable of getting laid?

    Telling, isn’t it?

    Again, since when are these “goddesses” the moral standard that I am supposed to follow?

  10. RobRoySimmons says:

    Strip them little goddesses of their moral superiority become THE Alpha the gamers are always blathering about. Quibble the details and yes the little wench is right, no hanky panky for the detailer.

    • Hipster Racist says:

      RRS I don’t mean to belabor the point, and I’m not “stick chasing” just pointing out how their rhetoric works. It’s not about hanky-panky, certainly not with Manhattan bloggeresses. I’ve lived and worked in Manhattan with people just like the ones that write for Jezebel, there is nothing special about them, and they tend to not be particularly smart nor all that “experienced with other cultures” either. They get paid to bring eyeballs to advertisers, look at who advertizes with Gawker Media. The idea that these people have the moral authority to lecture the WSU about “racism” is laughable.

      The entire anti-White schtick works on this idea that how anti-Whites “feel” about White men somehow should matter, and that White men have a responsibility to make anti-Whites “feel” a certain way. Please notice that it’s ME that is making THEM “feel” a certain way. Now I’m in control of their feelings? Wow, talk about White Supremacy! I’m much more powerful than I realized!

      Who cares what they feel?

      • RobRoySimmons says:

        You’re right they are nobodies I agree with you 100% as I usually do with your opinions. My point is that our usual stick chasers will go to a thread like that and quibble some inconsequential detail and not destroy their false moral superiority. I bet good money those chickies despise beta detailer cubicle eunuchs and if they do marry one they will no doubt get frisky with the Tamerlane at the gym as some side.

        Anyway hats off to Matt H. for showing a pair and actually speaking in declarative sentences.

  11. Heligoland says:

    Sooooo typical.

    “They look weird” The Black guy is mildly amused.

    “I hate them” The Jewish guy is convulsed with spasms of hysterical hatred.

    • Phil says:

      Exactly. Notice how the black guy is just commenting on how the European Americans look. The real HATE against the European-Americans comes from the jewish person.

      It is very important to point that out to people. Jews have a long and ancient hatred against European peoples, anywhere in the world. The victims of this HATRED are European peoples. This already happened to the Russians, who were victims of Jewish Bolshevik Communist mass murderers. 60 million Soviet citizens were killed in the jewish created, jewish financed, and jewish run Soviet Union. 5 plus million Ukrainians were starved to death in the early 1930’s, at the behest of Stalin and his jewish advisors- the starvation being implemented by jewish commissars.

      • mindweapon says:

        5 million Ukrainians? Please no Kholodomor denial here. We get enough of that from Abe Foxman. The number is 7 to 11 million Ukrainians killed in the Kholodomor.

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