Why Mind Weapon Families need to be in Cities

WN Mind Weapon families need to raise their sons like this:

Why? Let me reiterate. The boys that can beat up every other boy in the school, can ideologically and socially dominate their peers, and in doing so, influence the greater society. Yes, those childhood impressions will be carried into adulthood and into the general culture.

We can influence the culture in this way, and it will have more staying power than television and movies. The multicult is a mile wide but an inch think. We can influence people deeply, through Mind Weapon Culture.

I’ve noticed that people from the Caucus Mountains — Chechens, Ossetians, Dagestanis, are big into martial arts.

Study like the Chinese; organize like the Jews; fight like the Chechens.

Dominate the Dystopia.


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14 Responses to Why Mind Weapon Families need to be in Cities

  1. conchobar14 says:

    it is incredibly hard to practice rifle training in a semi urban area, it seems good to know hand to hand stuff, but thats all shit when the guns come out, and pound for pound it seems almost no one on earth can go toe to toe with rural white boys and remington 700s or whatever, just my two cents here though. (mainly ’cause im a city boy and i don’t ever want to go back to all the brownskins , smelly bus rides and liberal herbs and their female husbands

    • hr says:

      The hand to hand stuff is more about psychology than actually throwing punches I think. But yeah farm boys never had a problem learning to fight.

      Although any sport where you’re taking repeated blows to the head, helmet or no, is pretty stupid. Your brain can be damaged slowly without major symptoms showing up for years. It’s far worse than people imagine.

      However you are never truly a man until you have both punched someone in the face, and been punched in the face. What’s that line? It clarifies things really quickly. It puts you back in your skin for a minute.

      • conchobar14 says:

        excellent point

      • Anonymous says:

        Excellent point about psychology. It’s less important to train your kid to be able to beat up everybody in the school, and more important to train him not to be afraid of anyone in the school. Because blacks often physically mature way before whites, a lot of white kids in diverse areas are kind of conditioned to be intimidated by blacks. The kid in this video is not scared of anyone, and that feeling will stay with him his whole life.

  2. hr says:

    Especially for boys in ‘Kwa living amongst the diversity, they need to form little gangs. I’ll say it again, we need those old fraternities back, along with hazing and everything. I think in the 70s they had actually reached the high schools, even semi-formally.

    BD once posted a link to a frat site attacking the WSU, one of the comments said the same forces that fought against Greek culture on campus are the ones that fight against the WSU.

    Remember, frats were exclusionary, racist, sexist, classist and all other -ists. Which is usually a good sign something is good for Whites.

    • Anonymous says:

      Good call, but those gangs have to be age diverse to match the black and hispanic gangs, because you can bet your ass the first thing that will happen when a white “gang” of 14-15 year olds successfully defends itsself against a black gang of 14-15 year olds is that the blacks are going to go and get some 18-20 year olds to retaliate

  3. Amish Butter says:

    “I’ve noticed that people from the Caucus Mountains — Chechens, Ossetians, Dagestanis, are big into martial arts.

    Study like the Chinese; organize like the Jews; fight like the Chechens.”

    Ahhhhhh, so you are multicultural afterall!

    What’s your take on religion, if any?

    • mindweapon says:

      You should read my old posts. I am in favor of using other cultures to further our power.

      Jews want to use other cultures/races to destroy us.

      All Whites have to do is employ Open Source Espionage in the multicult society that’s been thrust upon us, and we can make things happen that we prefer.

      • Amish Butter says:

        “You should read my old posts. I am in favor of using other cultures to further our power.

        Jews want to use other cultures/races to destroy us.”

        I’m not a power broker so “using” people or cultures to further my own personal power over others is not something I would do, although I am a lover of culture and a bit of a culturephile for the sheer pleasure of learning and experience.

        But still I asked about religion specifically which you really didn’t answer. Its ok if you don’t want to get into religious talk though. I’d understand since I know it can be sensitive, even volotile, and you may want to keep it off your site.

        But I will say this; I am in favor of martial arts but not boxing and wrestling because too many blows to the head make the brain rattle and one becomes dumb.

        I don’t think sports or physical fitness or warriorship should be emphasised over intellectual pursuits. They should be utilized solely to keep the body fit and healthy, so that we can pursue a full intellectual life.

      • mindweapon says:

        I think young White boys need to do lots of martial arts so they can dominate the multiracial environment and keep the White girls loyal to our race.

        And yes, since Whites are being used and forced to host racial aliens, we need to adapt into ruthless spies. WN 1.0 was all about killing our way to power, and the time may come for hot lead and cold steel once again. But right now we need WN 2.0, Espionage and Intrigue and Polyglottism.

  4. hr says:

    So there was this father raising some sons. Probably about 12 they graduated from gentle play fighting to something more challenging. Anytime the father would walk by one of his sons, he would punch him – in the arm, the chest, maybe kick his leg. Never hard enough to cause injury or serious pain, but definitely hard enough to be unpleasant. It was followed by a joke about how slow they were.

    It didn’t take long until the boys learned to expect it and defend against it. Anytime the father walked by and threw a punch, they blocked it, diverted it, and eventually started punching back. The later stage in the game was dad having to defend against the sons, with some repartee about how the old man wasn’t so fast anymore, etc.

    No one could get in a sucker punch on any of these boys now.

  5. Arturo says:

    MW : I’m in the midst of the Amanda Knox / Dianne Sawyer interview. (commericals – including /irony/on/) a FArmer’s insuirance commerical that depicts a white guy on roller skates burglering a car after it is announced: “How many of you knew that car break-ins increased in the warm summer months?”).

    So far they’ve spent less than 45 seconds on the african OBD (One Banana Difference) who obviously really did it.

    Please post about this fascinating case; like Mozart improvising on Bach vs. Scalieri (sp?) I’m sure you will do a brilliant post, which will make me feel better despite the rage that is building as a result of the swine trying to pin Kercher’s murder on the White Girl.

    I do believe an analysis of this case, compared in part with the Duke Lacrosse case is in order : seems the Ital prosecutor was just as much motivated by ant6i-white status-whoring as Duke prosecutor Nifang was.

    This is an important case to illustrate our cause.


    – Arturo

    New Orleans

  6. Mark Robinson says:

    I’ve noticed that people from the Caucus Mountains — Chechens, Ossetians, Dagestanis, are big into martial arts.

    Yeah, most of the new Russian MMA fighters are from that region and background.

  7. Robot Sam says:

    It is amazing how in one generation martial arts went from the perception of geeks trying to look tough to it getting real respect due to the real abilities of these fighters. Martial arts are crucial as everything is really still the law of the jungle, and the previous soft generations forgot that because life was so damned easy for them because the generations before were fighters and pretty tough.

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