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One is either Advancing and Thriving, or Retreating and Dying; do not Wither in the Dystopia, but hack into the Dystopian Economy and learn how to make it work for you

Dominate the Dystopia. That is a central theme of the Mind Weapons. We are in Dystopia, in Hell, in a habitat that we do not naturally like. But we can overcome this by Force of Will, by seeking to Dominate … Continue reading

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Open Calls To Violence Against Golden Dawn In Syriza Propaganda Newspaper- Ανοιχτό κάλεσμα για βιαιοπραγίες εναντίον Χρυσαυγιτών από αρθρογράφο της ‘‘Αυγής’’!

Communists urge violence against Golden Dawn. Golden Dawn stands its ground!

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Superguy is Super Anti-semitic!

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A Real Church that hasn’t surrended to Satan’s agenda of race-mixing! Appleby Baptist Church in Nacogdoches, Texas

So here’s a OMG, a Christian church that doesn’t preach racial suicide! Interracial marriage in the light of scripture.

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Epidemic of young white women raped by non-whites in Peace Corps; liberals main complaint is not the rape, but the fact that Peace Corps doesn’t pay for abortions

Life in Liberal Land — Colored Rape is no big deal, but make sure that the government pays for the abortions. Get rid of cartoon dogs that are somehow reminiscent of rape, like Carolyn Luby says, but hey, keep letting … Continue reading

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Paycheck Liberal Feminists Terrified of redesigned UConn Husky logo, “Rape Dog”

Here’s the terrifying Rape Monster Dog: Clearly inspired by insanity puppy meme:

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Metro Boston Homeland Security, Formerly Known as Boston Regional Intelligence Center, followed and photographed the imaginary threat of supposed “Nazi-Aryans” but missed the real threat of Chechen terrorists

these guys, as well as some “gang surveillance photographer” used to follow National Alliance members at public events quite openly and photograph us and let us know they were watching, despite the fact that we stated that we were open … Continue reading

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