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Americans borrowing slightly less; economy screaming in pain

Deflation Smackdown The fact is, there’s no transmission mechanism to move liquidity from the financial system to the economy, mainly because households and consumers refuse to borrow. As the credit report suggests, most people are not feeling flush enough to … Continue reading

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Daily Chain Pull: Spoon-Fed Race-Mixing Backfires on General Mills

Originally posted on Toiletnation, USA:
Watch this: Awwww. Isn’t that cute? Little mulatto kid likes cereal. Some observations: 1. Brilliant casting. Could they have found a more likely-looking race-mixing mom? She looks Wellesley-grad stupid. She manages to look smug…

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Paul Weston on immigration treason in Europe

Very articulate British nationalist: h/t to Gregor

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Phyllis Schafly tells Republicans to ignore Hispanics, go after the White vote!

If by some miracle the Republicans appeal to white voters, it’s going to be like the Berlin Wall coming down. I won’t hold my breath, but I like to see stuff like this. It shows that the Republican Establishment is … Continue reading

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Rise, Europa! Rise!

Originally posted on Toiletnation, USA:
by Futuro Dellanazione   Rise, Europa! Rise! Reclaim yourself once more From the craggy Alpine peaks To the rocky Scottish shore.   Rise, Europa, Rise! German, Frenchman, Dane! Swede and Finn and Englishman! Europa, rise…

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Southern Poverty Law Center destroys another family

I hope they are proud of themselves. By Hedi Berich, Intelligence Project Director Editor’s Note In April, after this story was completed, Timothy Folke again contacted the Intelligence Report to say that he had “experienced the loss of my wife … Continue reading

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They are fighting back in Sweden!

h/t to EuroAmeican! Here is what one of the defenders of Stockholm said: It makes me sick to see the police clamp down on us Swedes with full force and without warning, using nightsticks and tear gas, while they don’t … Continue reading

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