Open Borders Liberals call for Rationing

Interesting article by two anti-whites, Robert Jensen and Stan Cox, at alternet proposing rationing.

n this new book on rationing, he argues that we have to become a society that puts the brakes on consumption—in an egalitarian fashion—if we want to survive. A society dependent on reckless growth that enriches a small minority of people cannot expect to endure and flourish for the long haul. Cox believes that the right kind of rationing can produce a happier and healthier life for everyone.

Egalitarian Rationing? That’s the funniest thing I ever heard.

On the one hand, these two clowns are in favor of absolutely 100% Open Borders to the US. On the other hand, they recognize that this leads to a need for rationing — that the world is not, in fact, a creamy nougat of abiotic oil, or an infinite cornucopia. The premise of Chamberpot of Commerce in advocating Open Borders is the presumption of Infinite Cornucopia.

And people who surrender to Open Borders are those who believe in the Infinite Cornucopia. Take away this default belief, and ordinary people will feel very differnetly about Open Borders. Every new immigrant — that’s lower rations for you and yours. That’s right, suckers!

If they impose rationing, all bets are off. Game on, and Whites have now started to take the field, and plan to play Ethnic Football and start reclaiming yardage. We were on the 1 yard line in our own endzone, but we were’t even playing football. We were just being kicked down the field, prostrate.

Give us Rationing, PLEASE! YT will actually stand up and fight, if his Infinite Cornucopia Delusions are shattered. YT is very sick of not keeping our own books; White workers HATE welfare recipients and banksters and immigrants. We have to rise up as a group, and insist on the Rights of our White Human Nature.

Jensen and Cox either deny Human Nature, or want to Punish it for not being Liberal and Moral like they are. A truth about Human Nature is that people are very good book-keepers of how much they contribute to one another. Jensen and Cox think that people are blank slates, and they are THE WRITERS with the chalk to write on us with their law tables of goodness, niceness, fairness, social justice-ness.

They intend to over-write our inborn computer programming of our brains, of our essential natures. THey think they can flash our BIOS with their uber-goodness.

So if there is Rationing, which I think is a FANTASTIC IDEA by the way, I couldn’t agree with them more, Whites will seek to produce more of what’s being rationed. Lets see, potatoes, beer, eggs

and yes, sell it on a black market.

If there is rationing, local agriculture and local trade will become profitable. Whites will get our country back in no time, if they impose rationing.

If they impose rationing:

1. The black economy becomes huge

2. It is much more difficult to impose economic sanctions on political dissidents if they swim in teh dark ocean of the black economy.

3. People will be a lot more resistant to SOFT CONTROL.

It is only the lack of rationing, the Corn Syrup Cornucopia, that keeps Whites from shedding the Soft Control like a snakeskin.

But Jensen and Cox think that their Soft Control is so Mighty, like God. They don’t realize that it’s a bought and paid for appearance of consensus. They don’t realize how many of us there are and how much we really hate them.


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18 Responses to Open Borders Liberals call for Rationing

  1. So true, but I’ve read stories about places that have laws about how much rain water you can save and what you can grow and where and we all know about livestock zoning and the like. Anyway, I am so past sick of these jerks, now they want to eliminate all national borders so we will all be brought down, through the resultant vacuum created, to the lowest possible standard of living while they continue to rule us from within their own gated communities. Then they want to ration out to us what precious little would still be available, tax us if we don’t rent out all our spare rooms to immigrant negroes all the while seducing our children through MTV to reproduce with genetic garbage. And to think my ancestors fought a revolutionary war over a crummy stamp tax.

    • mindweapon says:

      Let’s explore water rationing.

      There are things like air wells

      They need an energy source — so in a dry place you run photovoltaic panels during the day (solar panels), store in deep cycle marine batteries, run the air well at night when the condensation happens.

      Also, you can do hugelkulture by getting dead logs and putting them in your raised beds and building organic matter on top of them. the rotting logs store a lot of moisture in the soil, for example, when it rains, it traps the water.

      Forcing rationing on us will force us to produce for ourselves, adn this will be the beginning of the end of their rule. Their rule of the Baggy Eyed Bolsheviks depends on the Corn Syrup Cornucopia.

      • Mr Hyde says:

        I think there’s some articles on converting compost or other rotting matter to biofuels such as methane might need to hide the tanks. Sorry if you’ve already taken this into account
        They impose rationing
        4. regular consumption goes right down too – drudge just had articles on beer consumption going down in america, britain and germany. How is it for electronics, other consumer goods, sulfuric acid… Isn’t anyone thinking this through?

        With all of these old, retiring, engineers and scientists, could one coax them out of retirement by offering them a tutoring job for a little extra money/pride/hope for the future by teaching kids that actually want to learn?

  2. Cranberry says:

    Yes, bring it on. People will immediately go tribal, enclave, and fight to protect what is theirs.

    I’m paraphrasing this and posting it on my RL FB page. I can’t linkie to it, would if I could but I have to keep some things close to the vest for now.

    Excellent. In other corners of the web I’ve noticed a sense of shift happening. Not just on WN or MRA sites; they’ve seen it coming for a long time. Many newspaper comments sections, the Yahoo! comments, homemaking and homesteading sites, and leftist political commentary blogs all seem to be converging on one point: Whites are fed up and aren’t going to take it much longer.

    This is scaring lefties, of course. I wonder how quickly they are bleeding ideological brothers as this stuff becomes commonplace.

  3. Sam Barber says:

    Speaking of rationing… It’s payday and I have to take my check down to the bank. It’s too little to go by itself.

  4. RobRoySimmons says:

    This liberal crap is written for whites, the coloreds are basically running roughshod over liberalism. Read the accounts of California, basically the government running roughshod over law abiding whites while 90IQ mexicans recreate mexico. As I have said for years the only people who pay attention to little Missy Liberal are other whites. Or, Tamerlan knew what to do, and my guess is that he did not recycle his aluminum cans.

    The phrase you want to interject into any conversation is “anti-white” it provides coherence to the details you so accurately describe in great detail.

  5. Maureen Martin Cape Buffalo Mom says:

    MW was right. Yahoo says Data Scientist careers will be the sexiest careers in the 21st Century.

  6. Maureen Martin Cape Buffalo Mom says:

    *right about administering the complexity careers.

    • mindweapon says:

      Thanks Maureen! I find statistics a lot of fun, actually — all the graphs and charts and arcane ways of manipulating data. Also, when I learne stats pretty well I’m going to go over Tim Wise’s books with a fine toothed comb.

  7. ben tillman says:

    You are absolutely right about rationing. The only anti-immigration argument that seems to get any traction with my wife is that the 10 million Mexicans in Texas are the reason that we can only water our yard twice a week now in Dallas.

  8. Craig says:

    Rationing that’s gonna suck. Taxes here are going up astronomically, electricity tax, boomers superannuation tax(bye bye inheritance), alco pop’s tax, about 11 more taxes plus another Medicare levy increase being suggested for more medical pensions, yeah more tax. So things are still getting expensive…

    Here’s a link to some gravity filtration for the home stead, if you have a windmill or solar pump these filters would be enough for a very large family.

    • mindweapon says:


      Rationing’s going to be great! Because it will create a black market, and a black market will create a living for political dissidents and make us resistant or even immune to “economic sanctions” by ZOG.

      Rationing will also turn Whites into hard core racists. The multiracialist consensus is 100% dependent on unquestioned abundance and cornucopianism. Tell the liberals that they can’t go on a Nation Cruise any more because of fuel and food rationing because we need to accomodate all the lovely brown immigrants! Those liberals will freak out and become instant racists!

      Rationing and the subsequent black market will construct a wholly different kind of social structure that will be very difficult for ZOG to manage. Forget the Soft Control in a rationing/black market world! It’s going to be more about riot suppression and guard towers at the gated communities, and the children of the rich won’t be able to date any prole kid without a background check, because that charming White boy or girl might just be an Aryan Assassin looking to get close enough to Stanley Bankerberg to stick a shiv in his ample gut, or put a USB keystroke collector in between the USB keyboard connection and the computer.

      Taxes, et cetera? That all will go in our favor. Right now, ZOG has it as good as they ever will, or perhaps they did 5 or 10 years ago. From here on in, it’s gold, gardens guns and God. People who are officially “dirt poor” might have kilograms of gold and silver coins stashed somewhere.

      From here on in, it only gets better for us and worse for them. Even if it feels worse for us at times, even if we suffer, morally and spiritually and racially we will be better off.

      • Craig says:

        The cash economy, barter or trade is a good market, as it cuts out the middle men and ZOG. Yes, I agree rationing will make it oh so much more cut throat, rationing is like WW2 reminiscent. The Liberals write of the sustainable utopia after the collapse, we all know that isn’t going to happen like they think. Still gonna suck not being able to go to the shop, pick up parts for the ride on mower. Instead have to forge a repair, or make a scythe.

        Well the co-op had some good crops here, with the floods and all, but with so many immigrant workers cruising through town and not enough jobs, most of them Southern European this year, East Asians, Americans and South Pacific Islanders. One family here is already wanting to do weekly farmers markets, and there’s probably 3 or 5 of us that may contribute produce.

        You can earn under $20000 before you need an ABN and business loan, so if you get 3 or 5 families, that’s a fair bit of free food and money. All cash money. If you get a business loan, do a couple of acres, you’d probably have to hire some of them visa workers.

        Another reason water is so important.

        Ironically the Boomer’s and Illegal refugees are going to cost the government so much they’ll go bust the way they tax and spend. I don’t think it will take to many of the illegal refugees as 95% go onto the medical pension. One refugee then family reunion…

        I guess down under will go when minerals become cheap and no ones buying, the signs seem to be swinging to more belt buckling, with the price of fuel, and down turn in mining.

      • mindweapon says:

        Instead have to forge a repair, or make a scythe.

        Don’t you see how much better it will have when there are local forges that fix metal stuff on order? Develop all those expertises again.

        The poor proles need something to do besides collect social security disability checks and play War Commander. When there were forges and workshops around, there was more dignity.

        Having China be “America’s workshop” is a crime against the American people. We had developed all these skills — the sort of stuff made us into inventors.

        Why don’t we invent stuff any more like Ford and Edison? Because we DON’T MAKE STUFF ANY MORE.

        The Jews took it away from us, with the globalist tikkun olam.

        But we’re going to get it back.

        You won’t have to do every single thing yourself; you’ll have to do a lot though, to show the others what to do. But there’s plenty of people who can seed the next generation with knowledge of farming and mechanics and processing.

        And this time they will have access to much better books than we had pre-industrial revolution, and a much larger quantity of books. And we’ll just be more savvy, not as hesitating or reserved as we were in the 19th and 20th centuries. We won’t let Semitic Mind Weapon people bully us like we did.

      • riemannsomeguy says:

        I think that we can count on no matter what may happen, popular blame in this hostile civilization will always fall on evil YT – at least in America. Leftists will never blame YKW or the immigrants or anyone else for their cancelled cruises – they will blame evil racist whites for not producing enough, or holding back production, or “profiteering” or whatever, and this opinion will be enthusiastically reinforced by the mass media and most of the minor media. So long as the beast breathes we will always be heralded as the enemy of mankind, and even if everything goes to hell I doubt the beast will die overnight.

        We must be prepared to be in this fight for the long haul – i.e. generations. Never count on a mass awakening no matter how obvious it may seem. A mass awakening will not occur until Judeo-American civilization is dead and buried. The Russians had the luxury of having their domination encapsulated in a system of government that could be deposed. Many European countries still retain a traditional core that might bloom once again. We Americans have YKW marbled into the very meat of our culture. We are not so much dominated as we are corrupted. We will have to die to be reborn.

        We can hope that the hordes of corrupt whites will suddenly see the light one day, but don’t make plans based on that happening anytime soon. Honestly, even if the masses did suddenly “see the light” they would re-establish a civilization that will quickly become hostile to whites again. America was conceived by the twin vices of universalism and egalitarianism – rapid change would likely mean that the underlying vices remain with only the symptoms relieved.

        Let’s be the seeds of a new civilization. Live, love, learn, work, and network. Carve out bastions of safety in a darkening land. Do what you can everyday to gain power, to spread our memes, to gain friends, to corner resources, and to undermine our enemies – and raise a generation of little mindweapons who will do the same regardless of whether it will ever be popular in their lifetimes or not.

      • mindweapon says:

        Well, the fact that many of us know that we are corrupted rather than misruled is a start. You are right though. The Greeks fight because they are not so corrupted as we are.

  9. Stephen Cox, editor of Liberty magazine, recently wrote a well-received article opposing the allegedly suicidal policy of open borders (“The Fallacy of Open Immigration,” available online here ). Cox aimed his article at libertarians who understandably think that the only acceptable position is to insist that the federal government takes no action in hindering the passage of foreigners into the United States.

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