Racist Whites Not Adopting Enough Black Babies

Lesbians doing interracial adoption in a very ethnically diverse neighborhood! What could possibly go wrong! Note the expression on the the white interracial adopters faces as they talk, very weird and incongruent facial expressions.

Be sure to get the youtube of this and your handy dandy youtube downloader and download this youtube for posterity, in case the internet goes poof!


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50 Responses to Racist Whites Not Adopting Enough Black Babies

  1. Nintendude says:

    Damned if you do, damned if you don’t. I don’t wanna become a family of color. Fuck ’em!

    • Jon says:

      The inarticulate black lady adoption agent apparently hasn’t worked out the paradox inherent in her logic, i. e., that it should necessarily follow that the white adoptive parents were “members of a family of colour” but yet couldn’t properly be call “family members of colour”.

      Though there is big demand for white babies to adopt and great expense, no doubt a couple comprised of Transexual Nigerian Muslim lesbians would no doubt be put to the front of the queue and all their expenses subsidised.

  2. aryangoddess says:

    I just read Beyonce (black singer worth 1.2B) is having another black child of her own. How come she doesn’t adopt these poor wittle black kids? Is she selfish?

    There are plenty of wealthy black folks who could afford to adopt black yoofs. Like JayZ, Beyonce, Oprah, Will & Jada Smith, Clarence Thomas, etc. I mean the list is endless. What about all those affirmative action dolts who have a good paying gubmint job? Why not shame all of the above.

    The reason? Only whites are stupid enough to adopt these cretins. Every time I bring up the fact that these rich negroes don’t adopt black babies, they immediately shut up.

    • mindweapon says:

      Only whites are stupid enough to adopt these cretins. Every time I bring up the fact that these rich negroes don’t adopt black babies, they immediately shut up.

      Great point! The solution is clearly to disincentivize the reproduction of people who will make bad parents. then there’s a smaller pool of children who need to be adopted at all.

      Birth control not inter-fecal adoption.

    • What does it say when a wealthy Black single woman, like Oprah Winfrey, would rather adopt and raise DOGS than give a home to a Black child? Think of what a role model she could be to Black women (a lot of who tend to be single moms) if she could inspire them to ADOPT a Black child or two rather than giving birth to more unwanted Black children.

      I read an article by a single Black woman who decided to adopt a little Black girl rather than end up as another Baby Mama statistic and oddly enough, by her own admission, she was far more concerned with being an upright, moral role model to her adopted daughter than she would have been to a biological daughter resulting from some idiot knocking her up and abandoning her.

      Moreover, why is there this push to get WHITE families for these Black children when it would make so much more sense to aggressively recruit Blacks to adopt Blacks. Instead of sticking these kids in foster-care, it would take nothing at all to give Black families who adopt Black children an adoption stipend until the child comes of age, if money is an issue. The point is that Black children would enjoy some kind of stability with people who look like them.

    • clytemnestra57 says:

      I wanted to add that what kind of baby does a Black celebrity couple choose to adopt?


      “Of all children eligible for adoption, a staggering 46% are black. There are more black babies and children up for adoption than white, despite blacks making up only 13% of the population.

      Despite the crisis of unwanted black orphans, black NFL star DeMarcus Ware and his wife, Taniqua, sought to adopt a white baby. The New York Times gleefully celebrated the bizarre adoption in their Sunday edition.

      Why would a wealthy black celebrity go to all the trouble to adopt a white baby, ignoring the multitude of available babies of his own race?”

      • Anon says:

        did they make that choice? I’d very much doubt that these “celebrities” really have much say in the matter.

  3. Denise says:

    I am delighted that Whites are not adopting Cannibal pickaninnies! Great news!

  4. Hipster Racist says:

    Are you kidding? This was the greatest anti-anti-racist news clip I’ve ever seen!

    They acknowledge that Hollywood encourages adopting African children, they show blacks accusing whites of “racism” for not “welcoming a black child into their home” (lol) and complain that whites are racist for not following their movie star idols. A black woman even says as soon as you adopt a “child of color” you become a “family of color.” That’s just rewording the old saying, “once you go black we don’t want you back.”

    The most pathetic thing in that video is the first white “man” they show. He says “we were much more interested in getting a child, we were just very … that was our primary focus we really weren’t interested in too much what the child looked like.”

    Watch his eyes right after he says “focus” – he widens his eyes in a gesture that is meant to convey moral superiority, feigning shock that anyone would place any importance on “looks.”

    Now look at his wife. Presumably his primary focus was on getting a woman – any woman – and he wasn’t really interested too much what she looked like! LOL.

    “Is she hot?”

    “She has a good personality.”

    I’m guessing he is trying to portray his choices as “above” such “superficial” things like “looks” (i.e., genetic fitness, health, strong immune system) and instead bases his decision on “substance.” Hilarious. IQ, behavior, temperment, genetics, sexual attractiveness, none of those things matter to him. The reality is of course he probably didn’t have any choice, and is so pussy whipped he actually let his wife cuckold him with an African bastard!

    The proper and usual response by Whites to such a news clip is to agree and amplify. “Yes, I supposed I’m a little bit racist because I would prefer a White child” and then go on being your Racist White self!

    • mindweapon says:

      Great comment! Very funny!

      • clytemnestra57 says:

        I wonder if celebrities like Brangelina and Sandra Bullock and Charlize Theron, etc. would adopt Black children if they knew what the average White thought of them for doing it.

        The consensus about their actions is not kind to them. Even the least racially aware of most Whites look at such antics with a jaundiced eye. When Madonna wore down that African to release that little Black girl to her for adoption against her relatives’ expressed wishes, I heard several people crack about how great it was that Madonna finally had matching accessories.

        I heard one guy say, upon hearing that Angelina had adopted another Third World Child of Color that she had acquired another exotic pet for her zoo!

        They know damned well that these celebrities don’t raise their own children much less those of people of color. They have their staff do it.

        So I can see why, despite, celebrities like Bullock and Jolie, etc. ad nauseum ad infinitum doing it, your average working and middle class White has no interest in adopting these kids, because they know the job of raising them will fall on them.

      • mindweapon says:

        Yep, that’s freaking awesome, Cly! It’s so good to hear that ordinary Whites resist like that!

        The celebrities adopting Africans was probably a calculated move to try to get whites to do it, and (most) whites were too smart to do that.

    • Hipster Racist says:

      Truly, the core of the video and it’s obvious as hell that whoever edited knew what they were doing.

      The man says, “we really weren’t interested in too much what the child looked like.”

      The woman says, ” we need … (glances at her husband) … I would prefer a little more color.”

      Both: nervous laugh.

      It’s so obvious! Come on!

      • mindweapon says:

        It is. Watching that again, you see that the two families that adopted the black chirren are giving away a lot of subtext with their body language and choices of words.

        Note the lesbian blonde woman carrying the black boy and kissing him for the camera, and he’s like, “let me go skank!” and she puts him down but tries to hold his hand, and he’s like “no way, get away from me, bitch!”

        The kid has no father figure in the house whatsoever. Three women. He’s a baby and he’s got to be the “man of the house?” And a lone negro male baby among white wimminz and a white sister to top it off? Good lord! How is that legal? How can such a sick arrangement be permitted?

        It’s definitely going to end badly. I’d love to find out the identity of that “fambly” so we can track them and blog about them in the next, oh, 14 years or so. Shit’s going down in that household, for sure. There is no way, that that is going to work.

  5. mindweapon says:

    Get the expression on the lesbian woman who is doing the talking. So heroic about her sacrifice and her challenges!

    • Hipster Racist says:

      So brave lol!

    • Hipster Racist says:

      The real tragedy of the lesbian couple is that they adopted a White girl and a Black boy who will be raised as “brother and sister.” Since they are clearly not, how long until the obvious happens?

  6. John says:

    The black woman says that the media portrays black children badly. What a joke. If anything, they go to great extremes to omit any negative (accurate) portrayal of blacks. Just look at commercials. It’s non-stop nauseating glorification of Blacks (and Whites emulating Blacks). Near the end of the above video, the enormous white woman says (talking about her and her husband’s racial and ethnic backgrounds) “…so largely, [we’re descended from] a lot of white people, and we need, I would prefer, a little more color in our family (hehe).”

    Yeah, MW, what could possibly go wrong? These people are living examples of the “anti-racist” lampoon that Ramzpaul did in his “How important is cultural diversity at your school?” skit; see

    It’s hilarious, and, I think, accurately reflects just how stupid and suicidal these anti-whites are.

  7. Grover says:

    That was almost like a spoof from The Onion. Could it be we have an ally in their camp?

  8. There was a huge orphan craze in the Evangelical community several years back, with people going to adopt two, three, even four or five kids from Liberia. Not surprisingly, a lot of those adoptions failed.

    Here’s the Mother Jones article about it.

    I remember an episode of “Intervention” about a south asian who was adopted by some well-meaning white midwestern family as a baby. It was so clear that the family had this vision of themselves saving this poor innocent from deprivation, but when you look at all the family photos, it was just a sea of white with one sullen bindi off in the corner. He described always feeling like an outsider in his own family, and unsurprisingly turned to narcotics when he was barely a teenager–hence the intervention.

  9. Sebastian says:

    The “news” report says that Whites are the ones that adopt more orphans than anyone else, but half the children available for adoption in the US are negroes.

    How the heck are Whites responsible for tgis problem? Why aren’t brown, asians, semites, aboriginals, etc adopting all those blacks? How come the responsibility of sorting out the crap derived of negro disfunction, their inability to control their fertility or form families comes down on Whites?

    I would really like to discuss this “news” item with a brain-washed cultural marxist. There is just sooooo much ammo to be used in that Anti-White video that I would hardly know where to start in shutting him up.

    But rejoice, my friends! The tide is turning in our side and the multi-billion multiculti propaganda and legal machine is still in place. What do you think will happen when the money spigot keep all that going starts drying up? Whites will be turning to Nationalism at a rate that will make our heads spin.

    Call me crazy, but I am getting more hopeful each passing week. 🙂

  10. Hipster Racist says:

    Scientific birth control has divorced sex from pregnancy and child bearing, but psychologically sex is still all about reproduction, and adopting children is just an indirect version of the same thing, so this is on topic. We’re all adults here, living in an immoral culture, so let’s not be squeamish:

    The cuckold fetish is real and has a biological basis, it’s also the reason why the “money shot” in porn is so central. The shape of the head of a penis evolved to remove other men’s sperm from a woman. Seeing another man ejactulating or having sex with a woman can trigger sexual arousal, due to what is essentially a competitive instinct. That white “man” is probably not very sexually aroused by his woman, and the African babies are a visible signal of cuckolding, which likely triggers his sexual arousal and lets him get it up long enough to get some relief. There are men where this fetish is so strong they get other men to have sex with their wives while they watch.

    These people’s moralizing is laughable on its face, just trying to find a socially acceptable way to explain their visible sexual/family dysfunction.

    Interracial adoption is just an indirect form of mudsharking. Lasha Darkmoon, who used to write at TOO, did research into White women that have sex with black men and said certain common themes kept showing up, for one, a desire to be degraded (what’s more degrading, other than maybe sex with a dog?). The stereotype of mudsharks is that they were molested by their fathers or otherwise have “daddy issues.” As someone mentioned on the “twerking” thread, there may be an element of “daring” a high testosterone White man, like a biker, skinhead or redneck, to take her away from the black.

    Women’s sexuality has a strong current of submission. Rape fantasies are very common, wanting to be overpowered by a stronger man is typical, on extreme ends, a desire to be degraded and even abused. Just last year, 50 Shades of Gray was the popular women’s bestseller; average normal women were posing for publicity shots reading that book with aroused looks on their faces; shamelessly advertising to the world what turns them on. The male equivalent would be posing with a porn star or something.

    We’re just chimpanzees with big brains and nice clothes, “rape” seems universal in the animal kingdom. Young White men should really read up on the BDSM scene, especially, when women describe their submissive sexual fantasies. Women are far, far crazier sexually then men. The concept of “being owned by a man” or being a “slave” is also pretty common; D/s means Domination and submission. In the old days we called that “traditional marriage” but now it’s kinky. Go read what is described as a “brat” in BDSM literature. You’ll thank me lol.

    That sweet angelic looking White women very, very often wants to be treated like, well, a dirty little whore. Almost certainly one of the reasons feminists always see a “rape culture” is because they are always thinking about rape, and have very complex feelings about it ranging from fear and disgust to extreme arousal.

    I suppose it’s like “gaydar” you can kind of sense if a woman is a natural submissive. Try a few domineering signals and you’ll often see them light up like a camp fire doused with gasoline. 99% of the time they won’t understand their reaction themselves, which of course just makes it more powerful.

    • PA says:

      This is why as far back as 2008 I’ve been saying that Roissy’s blog is the most important WN site around. It’s irrelevant that R. does not call his blog in those terms. What’s relevant is that Game is white man’s correction of his obsolete courtship behavior.

      • Hipster Racist says:

        First time I got in trouble on this blog in my defense I said that when this thing really gets going, our biggest opponents are going to be the Christians and the feminists. Race cannot be divorced from sex; sex is what produces race obviously.

        Check out the comments on the Mother Jones story that WhiteInnovations linked above, especially, the Christians defending adoption and interracial adoption, and the story and comments linked there to the article “The Purpose-Driven Wife.” Notice the extremely hostile reactions.

        A few years back MW wrote a lot about psychological warfare, hypnotism, and related subjects. These techniques can certainly get you laid, but they can also be used to, essentially, manipulate people for general purposes. Learning to control (and lie with) your body language is a true Mind Weapon that should be researched. I’ve tried some very simple hypnotism and body language tricks in various social settings just for fun, and I was honestly shocked at how effective they were.

        Dominant behavior works on men as well. Years ago at work I was talking to a higher up who was this tall, strong, good looking masculine guy. I found myself making a submissive gesture body language wise, and was totally embarrassed, felt like a fag. Last year I bullied this guy at a club out of his girlfriend, just making jokes and using some techniques. He flipped the hell out, it ended in two separate physical confrontations. I won, the girl thanked me enthusiastically and appropriately.

        When speaking to someone, put your right hand on your cheek just touching your earlobe for a quick second; this builds trust. Watch a Noam Chomsky video, he does this compulsively. Eye contact, eye contact, eye contact – used the right way. A droning voice can hypnotize quite quickly. Watch the video “The Formula for Night Game” by Richard La Ruina, especially pay attention to the parts about asking someone questions that invite them to reveal their motivations, character, and experiences. You lead them along that trail and you have them. I was trying to game this one girl and I just couldn’t get her to open up until I used suggestive language when asking her about her favorite hobby, instead of asking about the hobby itself (pointless) I asked about how she felt when performing it. It was like turning on a faucet, she wouldn’t shut up.

        My main pro-White thesis is all we really need to do is have a critical mass of White men cooperating with each other and the rest will fall into place naturally. Non-whites are not even really the problem.

      • mindweapon says:

        My main pro-White thesis is all we really need to do is have a critical mass of White men cooperating with each other and the rest will fall into place naturally. Non-whites are not even really the problem.

        I agree, Hipster. With interlocking networks of Mannerbunden, we can take it all back in no time.

      • oscar the grinch says:

        Well why on earth do you think he chose the name “Roissy”?

  11. Robot Sam says:

    So sick of retards lecturing me.

    • Anon says:

      That is beyond horrible. They allowed themselves to be repeatedly played by a sociopath, and burned their own actual family(well his actual family), all for a status symbol and a displaced sense of self.

  12. ben tillman says:

    If Whites are so racist, why would anyone want a Black child to be raised by Whites? And to that Hebrew reporter — pet peeve — it’s not possible for Black children to be five times less likely to be adopted. “Less likely” maxes at at one time less likely.

  13. Trainspotter says:

    It’s a fascinating process to watch play out: the culling of the white herd. Don’t get me wrong, I still experience both visceral and intellectual disgust when I see whites engaged in racial mixing, interracial adoption, or what have you. I also recognize that if the process goes far enough, it will destroy us.

    But part of me is just breaking out the popcorn and enjoying the show. We’re shedding the dead weight, the detritus of our race. The ridiculous pig that wants “more color” in her family? Let her have it! Do we really want such soulless clowns on our team? They will only hold us back, so good riddance to bad rubbish. The healthier elements will remain, let the rest go.

    Further, and perhaps more importantly, this degenerate behavior is the sort of thing that blossoms when a society is entering its terminal stages, practically begging for a stronger force to simply put it to the sword. The anti-whites may hope that this means that “racism” is on its last legs, but I think that they miscalculate. It is far more likely that liberalism, rapidly cratering into sheer ugliness and depravity, is in fact on its last legs. The culture is becoming so sick that it is actually demonstrating the absolute necessity of “racism.” The way our forefathers operated makes more and more sense with each passing day, and it becomes more obvious that they did what they did for perfectly good reasons. Their main crime was in not going far enough, and we must remedy that in the form of an ethnostate(s) for us, and us alone.

    In any event, I think it is apparent that a cultural vacuum is being created, and it is our challenge to fill it, so Mindweapons take note. I particularly love the following line (paraphrased): “Lesbian couple, raising a black boy. Whatever.”

    Indeed, “whatever.” LOL! That line should go on America’s headstone. Can such a culture really survive for the long haul? History says no way.

    • Mr Hyde says:

      Every day more and more people find a reason not to care about being called a wacist.
      Everyone’s racist, only White people are punished for it

    • I have no problem with a LBGT “couple” adopting Non-White children whatsoever. Aside from gentrifying “diverse” neighborhoods, such Whites offer very little value to the White race. If they want to play “mommy and mommy” or “daddy and daddy,” they should not be allowed to do so with children that could easily find homes and would not need to put up with being apologists or human shields for a lifestyle that most Americans disdain.

      White children should be adopted by White heterosexual couples ONLY.

      • mindweapon says:

        Yeah, but don’t you almost feel bakc for the non-white kids? that black boy is so screwed! being raised by 2 white lesbians? When he grows up and rapes and murders them, would you as a juror, be able to really blame him? Would you convict? Or find him not guilty because of societal insanity of having 2 white lesebians raising a black male?

  14. 1rw says:

    Of course, the cow yapping about wanting more color in the family is married to an Omega male

  15. Proud Globalist Race Traitor says:

    I am very proud of my fellow race traitors who defy hate and adopt nonwhite children. It is all part of the beautiful and holy project that is the destruction of the white race. I am hoping to marry a woman of a different race and then adopt a child of a race that neither of us belong to. Yes our culture is sick, but going back to racism can only make it sicker. We are all children of God; we are all one; we all share this beautiful but fallen earth. Hipster Racist has a good point; feminists and Christians need to be friends. Feminists and other liberals don’t understand what they’re doing by insisting on abortion/babykilling and faggot rights; they are splitting the anti-racist movement which is centered on Christian ethics. All anti-racists need to be as united as possible. I’m going to start learning game, but not for the immoral purposes of abusing women; rather so I will know the secrets of the Dark Enlightenment so I can fight it and restore it to the right path.

    • mindweapon says:

      that’s fine, proud globalist race traitor. And while you’re at it, why don’t you take a bamboo stick, go to the shore of the Atlantic or Pacific, and beat the ocean up with your bamboo.

      My point is, you’re not going to have much luck going against human nature. Nature ultimately overcomes Paychex. Paychex Liberalism stays afloat for a while, like an airplane can fly for a while, but ultimately, owing to limitations of physics and nature, they must come down, either crashing or landing.

    • Mr Hyde says:

      Wowz PGRT you anti-racists will totally succeed in a world that contains racist chinese, racist japanese, racist mestizos, racist south asians etc. All this time you spend keeping YT down is time they have to build aircraft carriers, drones, submarines etc
      Fuck all genocidal cultists

    • Hipster Racist says:

      I’m going to start learning game, but not for the immoral purposes of abusing women

      Not even when she asks nicely? Not even when she begs? You cruel man.

      She’ll just go get what she needs somewhere else.

  16. Cranberry says:

    A black baby in every crib! That is what is needed to combat the scourge of white racism in America. If you give them a black baby to raise, Whites will become better people and not commit so much crime. Truly a Great Society /snark

    • mindweapon says:

      That piece was priceless. You got to wonder if the Russians aren’t laughing thier asses off at that thing!

      • Anon says:

        No they probably aren’t, a lot of russian infants have been adopted here, and they would probably be concerned about their safety 1st and foremost.

  17. Hipster Racist says:

    1. The woman that wants “more color” in her family is a mudshark. Mudsharks generally have self-loathing issues and are sexually aroused by being degraded. You can understand why she feels self-loathing; she is ugly, obese, married to a pathetic excuse of a cuckold, and likely the only time she’s had any aggressive, domineering sexual attention was from some negro that commented on her “phat ass” once.

    2. The movie is titled “Secretary” and it’s like 50 Shades in a sense, except that 50 Shades was written by some horny office girl while on her bumpy bus ride to work, while Secretary was written by an accomplished woman author. Note that the vast majority of these sorts of things are women’s fantasies, not men’s. If you are shocked or offended, go tell the women, because they are the ones dreaming of being spanked and owned and abused.

    3. Next time you have movie night with your wife, get on Netflix and watch Secretary. But don’t blame me if it unleashes something that you can’t handle.

    Time to “man up” boys lol!

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