Southern Poverty Law Center destroys another family

I hope they are proud of themselves.

By Hedi Berich, Intelligence Project Director
Editor’s Note
In April, after this story was completed, Timothy Folke again contacted the Intelligence Report to say that he had “experienced the loss of my wife and family” and had “withdrawn from all activities dealing with the public, as well as all aspects of my previous profession and business.” His CPA firm’s website was taken down, as were his own website and some of his racist writings. The Report contacted his son, Kurt Folke, who said that his father had only informed his family of his “deeply disturbing” secret life the previous weekend, and confirmed that his parents were divorcing and his father had “retired from the firm.” His father, he said, “is out of the picture and out of our family and our lives.” Kurt Folke added: “He needs to reflect on what he’s done. He’s going to retire and reflect on what he’s done.”

What he’s done? He wrote some books. What an evil, evil, evil man!

Now that they can’t find violent skinheads to sieg heil for the camera,they can’t find Klansmen to light crosses for them, they go after accountants who write books and help people find low interest mortgages (note — I don’t believe in mortgages at all, if possible).

This is criminal. Families are sacred, and a family that hasn’t been broken up from divorce or death is a blessing to the world. Anyone who goes and murders a family like that, is a murderer as sure as someone who kills an individual.

Of course Folke made some mistakes. Number one was even talking to Hedi Berich at all. Number two is even giving a shit what they $PLC writes about them. Suppose he ignored them; who reads the SPLC stuff anyway? Even if they put it in the local newspapers; who reads the local newspapers any more? They are losing their leverage. It looks like Folke made the mistake of imputing more power to the SPLC, than they actually have, thus giving them power over him.

Nevertheless, this is an atrocity, and should be a crime. In ancient Greece, an outsider breaking up a family called up the furies; the Trojan War was over violation of the household by an outsider. Perhaps there is a such thing as cosmic justice, and the SPLC just went a bridge too far.


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32 Responses to Southern Poverty Law Center destroys another family

  1. $PLC is a leading edge of the Jew-communist power in America, with hundreds of millions of dollars on Wall Street. When it’s reached the point where the SPLC can decide who the “conservative” Heritage Fdn. can hire and fire – the Jason Richwine episode – I’d say that’s fairly powerful. Until the Universal debt Ponzi collapses, the Jew rules.

  2. Trainspotter says:

    I’ll be very interested in hearing the victim’s side of this but, assuming for the moment that the above linked article is accurate, two things leap out.

    Firstly, the *I was just pretending, it was all research* type of response is simply pitiful. I mean…really? Does anyone seriously expect that to work? What is more amazing is that someone takes the time to write a novel, numerous essays on the Occidental Observer, and so forth, and then won’t stand behind what they’ve written. Linder always emphasizes something to the effect of “If you won’t stand by it, don’t post it.” Wise words, indeed.

    Secondly, the son’s statement that the victim “… is out of the picture and out of our family and our lives.” This is even more amazing. Assuming that it wasn’t staged, and further assuming that he is in fact the biological son of the victim, this has to take the cake for throwing a family member under the bus. A family member who has done nothing illegal. A family member that wrote some very tame essays, and actually has the temerity to advocate the continued existence of our people. What a reprehensible creature that son is, and the heartache of that betrayal alone must be gut wrenching. You bring a child into the world, feed it and and support it over the years…and it drops you like a hot potato in three seconds flat. The victim would have to be a truly terrible father to justify something like that, if it can be justified at all.

    Given that he used a pen name, I’d be very, very interested in finding out how his identity was compromised. We need to know that, if at all possible. Off of the top of my head, I can’t remember an outing quite like this one. Yes, we recently had the Richwine Affair, but he wrote under his own name. Now they are targeting obscure authors of restrained essays and silly fantasy yarns, operating under pen names?

    This is beyond outrageous, and is obviously designed to intimidate and create a chilling effect. We must not allow that to happen. The more people post, even under pen names, the safer we will be.

    In any event, it would appear that what constitutes “fair game” for systemic persecution is starting to expand. That was probably inevitable, sooner or later. Everyone who contributes should give some serious thought to how they will react if they are somehow outed. Decide now whether you will speak at all (I think MW is right, that’s probably a bad idea for most people), and what you will say if you do. These “It was just research!” lines are not going to cut it. It’s also pathetic to act as if we are vampires who have just been sprayed with holy water. We’re not vampires, we’re the good guys. Our cause is just.

    THEY are the vampires, what THEY are doing is shameful. Not us, them. Have we still not internalized that simple truth?

    • mindweapon says:

      Yes, I was astonished at his weak reaction. But he’s not the bad guy here, he’s the victim.

      But yes, we must be ready in case such a thing happens to us — ready to just say “fuck off.”

      It looks like the only implications were within his family! Nothing about the locals. Maybe he would have lost some business auditing the schools, but he’d still have tax prep and book-keeping. He would probably NOT have lost his business. He just crumbled under a little attention from H.B.

      Indeed, they seem to be casting a broader net. “Morris, I can’t find any Klansmen or Nazis! Bill White is in jail, the Klan isn’t doing anything. Who are we going to intelligence report on for the next quarter! We’ve done too good a job in getting rid of them! We should have kept some around! you want me to hire some homeless people to dress up in SS uniforms and march around a town square?”

      “No, just go after a mild mannered accountant who writes fantasy books and articles on resettling in the Pacific Northwest.”

      • Trainspotter says:

        MW: “But yes, we must be ready in case such a thing happens to us — ready to just say “fuck off.”

        I personally don’t know how these things go down in the real world. Do they call or confront first, or do they simply publish the article and let the chips fall where they may?

        And if they do call, would you literally just say “fuck off” and hang up the phone, or would you say “Yes, I’m a white nationalist. What of it?” Or maybe even give the interview and simply advocate your cause, apologizing for nothing, perhaps giving the Mantra?

        On the other hand, giving the interview at all, and acknowledging anything at all, may just be doing their homework for them, and solidifying their “case.”

        In other words, in my view, we don’t want to give them a sure score when they are still grasping for straws, but if they’ve really got us, we don’t want to run from it either. Why negate the value of everything that you believe? No point if you’re going down anyway, which is why I’m stunned at these “I was only pretending/doing research” lines. The person therefore confirms that he is the author, and then promptly makes himself look ridiculous and dishonest.

        I’m curious as to what people think is the best route to go. Just writing this post has me more and more leaning toward “fuck off” and not acknowledging anything at all, no denials or confirmations whatsoever.

        One thing is for sure, we’ve got to stop acting like vampires who have been sprayed with holy water. That just doesn’t work, on any level. Again, we’re the good guys, and we should comport ourselves accordingly.

      • mindweapon says:

        Right. I think for H.B. just don’t respond. If a local newspaper or TV station came after me, I’d say something like:

        “Why are so many Americans unemployed? Well, look who has the jobs — immigrants. Americans are not happy about giving up their jobs to immigrants. Being able to make a living in your own country, even a modest living, was part of the social contract. Not any more. And the second generation of immigrants just gets on welfare, so then they have to import a fresh batch!”

        So I’d talk about nothing but micro-economics and ignore any questions that didn’t pertain to it. They would only get quotes about immigration and jobs, and how the Amnesty will/did make things much much worse.

        In any interaction with the public, only say the things that are on EVERYONE’s mind. Unemployment, immigration, immigration, unemployment. Racism? It’s racism to import foreigners to replace American workers! Racism against the people who are already here and need jobs!

        Southern Poverty Law Center? Yeah, I’m concerned with Poverty too, the Poverty caused by replacing Americans workers with TENS OF MILLIONS OF FOREIGN WORKERS, BOTH SKILLED NAD UNSKILLED! WHAT ABOUT UNEMPLOYED AMERICANS! WHAT ARE WE, CHOPPED LIVER?

      • Trainspotter says:

        MW, I think that’s good advice.

  3. Unless a woman is 100% on board with what you do in life, do not become involved.

    • Svigor says:

      There’s a lot to be said for becoming involved first, and bringing her on board later. It’s a hell of a lot easier to bring a woman on board if she loves you and has children with you already. Going the other way around is a good way to never becoming involved or having kids.

      Personally, I don’t think women are up to realpolitik, and it’s unfair of us to expect them to be in the current zeitgeist. It’s not a good idea to create a whole false impression, of course, but keeping them in the dark as to the true extent of your nationalism is probably a good idea.

  4. PA says:

    Beibrich once sent Lawrence Auster a letter letting him know he’s in their crosshairs. He told her to go fly a kite. Thos may have been his exact words as far as I recall. Nothing more came of it.

    • Trainspotter says:

      Right, but that’s not an “outing.” Auster, as far as I know, wrote under his real name and made no effort to maintain anonymity.

      The issue of outing is an important one not only as it pertains to internet writers, but also to the strategy of creating informal networks that seek zero publicity, a strategy that I think is worth promoting. We need a playbook of sorts, so that the people who take this approach and run with it don’t get unnecessarily burned, and if they get burned anyway, can at least handle it as well as it can reasonably be handled.

  5. PA says:

    They also tried to attack several MRA and PUA bloggers two years ago, most of them being anonymous bloggers, In Mala Fide being one. With one exception, they all laughed it off.

    If they have your identity, nothing is stopping them from outing you. So tell them to go to hell.

  6. PA says:

    It won’t hurt to speak with a lawyer either. But never cower or apologize, or distance yourself from your writing.

    • Trainspotter says:

      “They also tried to attack several MRA and PUA bloggers two years ago, most of them being anonymous bloggers, In Mala Fide being one. With one exception, they all laughed it off.”

      Interesting. I’d be very curious as to how, or even whether, they were able to get the identities of the bloggers, or whether they really had nothing and were just bluffing. If you tell the person to fuck off, without answering a single question, not even being willing to confirm that the sky is blue or that two plus two equals four, would even H.B. be crazy enough to publish someone’s picture and real name off of nothing more than an internet address? After all, many computers are used by multiple people (mine is, for example). Maybe she would do that, but it would appear to be a lawsuit waiting to happen, one which even H.B. might lose. That level of arrogance and just plain sloppiness is bound to lead to mistaken identities from time to time.

      “But never cower or apologize, or distance yourself from your writing.”


  7. RobRoySimmons says:

    The man who wrote “Dead Man’s Deeds” was not prepared for his “outing” and he wrote it in his own name, but when the knock came on his door he did not know how to react. I would say be prepared before you write or speak a single word. I don’t know what Mr. Griffith has done since writing some sympathetic screeds for whites, but I think he had a good mindset, the one that he just assumed his was the morally correct position, and that is a great start.

    Secondly, this is a mind exercise, your put on the spot by the media, so how do you want to respond with the minutae of some scientific endeavor where the anti-whites level the hate word “racist” at you and you respond with a lengthy wordy hair splitting response or a Mantresque response in which you have the moral high ground and the anti-whites are the accused criminals?

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  9. JJ says:

    Anti-racism is a code word for anti-white – keep that reality at the center. The real way to attack the SPLC and the rest of the leftist establishment is to properly lay the blame for the 50 year long street holocaust of racist violence against whites on them. Wake me up when this man’s books cause the ethnic cleansing of a major city through a deliberately sponsored campaign of racist terrorism, murder and rape the way the beliefs, actions, and non-actions of the SPLC and other such groups have done to thousands of American cities and towns. Ethnic cleansing is a U.N. declared war crime. Wake me up when they cause the racist mass-rape of thousands every year, the way the SPLC’s white-hating racism does. When it causes random blacks to be lynched the way that man in Syracuse, NY was the other day. And lets not forget that tens or hundreds of thousands that have been subjected to the left’s policy of sponsoring racist mass-rape, and thousands of victims of its racist mass-murder since the 1960s have been children.

    If black women were being subjected to the level of racist rape that white women are from blacks the SPLC would be lobbying for Congressional hearings.. Why is the SPLC silent on this pandemic of racist mass-rape? At the very least you’re guilty of a depraved indifference, particularly depraved when you consider the number of children who are victims, that enables these crimes; at the worst we can only conclude you support the crimes.

    You have to knock the moral supports out from under the self-righteous left among their white victims to make headway, and the way you do it is by unrelenting (and justified) accusations of sponsoring racist violence against whites. “You’re a white-hating racist, you’re responsible for black crime against whites, you’re a hater, you just hate whites, you’re a white-hating bigot, ethnic cleansing, lynchings, war-crimes” bam, bam, bam, over and over. Because it’s true.

  10. skeeter145 says:

    Sigh. Another white guy caught caring about his race, and he denies, dissembles and apologizes. There should a formal set of rules made for this kind of situation, as the comments above discuss. First, if outfits like the SPLC and ADL or the mainstream media approach you about this stuff, you should look at them like you would the police — an arm of the state, which is what they are. Give ’em the Five Words: “I have nothing to say.”
    Or, if you’ve made the calculation that the jig is up and you’re outed, then for Christ’s sake go out with your boots on. Tell the likes of Hedi Berich, “Yes, you rancid cunt, I wrote all that stuff. Now go fuck yourself.”

    On the topic of being outed, I wrote this here before several months ago — we could learn a lot from the queers. No, I don’t mean their disturbing bedroom practices. I mean the whole idea of “coming out” and how it relates to a sociopolitical movement. Read the Wiki article on coming out, and in your mind substitute terms like “white racist,” “racist” or “WN” in every instance of the terms “gay” or “LGBT,” etc. to see what I mean: .
    The queers were smart. Their big idea in this was to destigmatize themselves by deliberately NOT hiding what they were from society, friends and family so as, over time, to immunize themselves in advance from the personal destruction of being outed (like we see with Mr. Folke above, only in a different context).
    The million-dollar question, though, is how could WN’s pull off what the queers pulled off? They had lots of members (no pun intended) and friends in high places in the press, schools, banks and state to help mainstream them to the masses for decades, and we don’t seem to. The only way I could see their strategy working for us is if a crtical mass of us went public at about the same time, and I don’t think we’re near that point yet. The potential is there, though.

    • mindweapon says:


      The only thing that stops a lot of us (myself included) from jumping way way way out out of the WN closet is economic sanctions against our families.

      • Heligoland says:

        I don’t have a wife or children, and at this moment in history that may be an advantage.

        I am tempted to give everything I own to my parents and siblings, to let the world know I despise money, and whatever comfort and prestige money can give.

        I would then become a man over whom they have no power, a man with nothing to loose, a man with no interest in growing old.

      • mindweapon says:

        No, buy a quickie mart!

      • Skeeter says:

        I hear you, MW, on the economic sanctions. That’s why it’s so important to get a Golden Dawn-style whites-only social-service network up and running, to aid whites who’ve been hit by the System’s soft-control mechanisms. If we can ever get something like that in place, we’ll be in a much better position to speak and act more forcefully. I know of at least one white activist who does POW support for imprisoned whites, among his other activities. I send him some money each month — it’s not much, but it’s what I’m in a position to do right now. It’d be nice if there were one group to support that in turn supported whites feeling the System’s iron heel.

      • ben tillman says:

        A network to aid whites who’ve been hit by the System’s soft-control mechanisms?

        That would be great, Skeeter, and you know who should start it? Someone who’s been outed and punished, like Kevin Lamb or Jason Richwine (if he’s not Jewish) or Michael Regan in Buffalo.

      • Skeeter says:

        @ben, there’s a joke on my favorite radio show that the one who should start The Next Great Idea is the one who suggested it — he or she should chair the committee to do just that — in this case me. But like everyone else on here, there are a few things in my life holding me in check. Someday, though …

  11. Snake says:

    What a waste! As if apologizing ever did the White Man any good…

  12. I know this dude through correspondence – as MW kind of knows that his area is my area. I’ve read his book, all of his articles, etc. and have secondary contacts who interact with him:

    I am stunned by his response. Research?

    People who are contemplating becoming less anonymous (for whatever reason) should study this example before making any move – study it for what NOT to do.

    We are not in the days (yet) where we get to have it both ways. Except for the book (I don’t write well), this could have been me… and probably some of the names I see frequently here. Don’t put off your strategy b/c The Beast is hungry for scraps.

  13. Trainspotter says:

    “I am stunned by his response. Research?”

    As was I. I had hoped that a certain self-righteousness had become more widespread in our cause. I think it is in fact spreading, that is to say the right attitude of confidence and moral certainty, but clearly it’s not universal yet. As I’ve said, we can’t act like vampires who have been sprayed by holy water. We’re the good guys.

    “People who are contemplating becoming less anonymous (for whatever reason) should study this example before making any move – study it for what NOT to do.”

    Indeed. Total collapse and self-repudiation, even though there is no way that the “outer” is going to show any mercy at all. I wish more people who have experience with these sorts of things would contribute to this or a similar discussion. I still don’t know the nuts and bolts of how people are outed, and that’s something that we really do need more knowledge of. All of the outing in our cause over the years, and as far as I know not a single comprehensive discussion of it – how it happens, how to handle it. In the absence of more knowledge, I’ve concluded that the least said the better. As in acknowledge absolutely nothing whatsoever, even the time of day.

    • TS you are welcome to email me if u think it would be helpful. I’m just about “out-out” b/c I have no children, no spouse, and a high-demand job, without blemishes, all by design. In other words, my decision is intentionally based on what is most helpful for our cause, as opposed to fear and coercion. That is what shocked me – I had every reason to believe that Farnham was in the same circumstances – and then there was this! WTF indeed.

  14. Stubbs says:

    Either ignore them or say something that you know they won’t be able to publish, like MW’s unemployment speech or Whitaker’s Mantra. Do the former if you think they may be bluffing, and the later if you know you’re in the ring. If they sense any weakness or hesitancy they’ll go for the throat, but if you stay smooth and don’t step back they’ll have more trouble. Remember, God Is With Us.

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