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I did not know that; New York Times on the habits of male homosexuals

So in the midst of all the hullabaloo about how terrible it is that some people don’t believe in same sex marriage and gays adopting children or somehow incubating them, we have this gem of a New York Times article … Continue reading

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Lefty River

Originally posted on The West’s Darkest Hour:
Or: On the Supreme Court & homo marriage This is my response to Mr. Deutsch’s comment in the previous post: Yes: at midnight I glanced thru it and the one that Matt…

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An Alternative Explanation for Why Women Prefer “Bad Boys”

Originally posted on Playing the Devil's Advocate:
The viewpoint that “bad boys” are far more attractive to women than “nice guys” has become pervasive enough to be considered almost mainstream. I would even go so far as to say…

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Energy crisis: London could face rolling blackouts by 2015

Originally posted on The Extinction Protocol :
June 27, 2013 – LONDON – Britain’s risk of electricity blackouts by 2015 is more serious than previously thought, regulator Ofgem warned on Thursday. The country’s spare electricity supply margin could fall as low…

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Monsanto Epic Fail; GMO crops don’t even outperform yields of conventionals

Heinemann’s group found that between 1985 and 2010, Western Europe has experienced yield gains at a faster rate than North America for all three crops measured. That means that the U.S., which grows mostly GE corn, and Canada, which grows … Continue reading

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What to learn from the Paula Deen affair; keeping Blacks as pets is a bad idea

Paula Deen had a paternalistic (or in her case, perhaps maternalistic) attitude towards Black people. She had this dream that she just loved Blacks as part of the “traditional South.” She had her antebellum fantasies, rather than the austere and … Continue reading

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Corey Booker practicing open source espionage on Jews

Fascinating. This is what open source espionage on Jews looks like: Goldberg tells this story about when he and his daughter met Booker while she was studying for her Bat Mitzvah: Booker turned his attention to her. “What’s your parasha?” … Continue reading

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