What to learn from the Paula Deen affair; keeping Blacks as pets is a bad idea

Paula Deen had a paternalistic (or in her case, perhaps maternalistic) attitude towards Black people. She had this dream that she just loved Blacks as part of the “traditional South.” She had her antebellum fantasies, rather than the austere and realistic view of Blacks as people to avoid at all costs, and in any encounters, say as little as possible and have as little to do with them as possible.

She is like the pathetic whigger who thinks he’s earned a ghetto pass to say nigga among his black “friends,” until one day, unexpectedly, his pass is revoked and he gets beaten up for saying “nigga,” or gets fired from his job, or accused in divorce court (maybe by his black wife, LOL) of being a racist. Or, if he’s a business owning paternalistic whigger, like Paula Deen, gets sued.

Paula Deen’s sons came out to say that Paula is not a racist at all!

But the Deen sons — also chefs with TV shows, and part of their family’s restaurant businesses — insisted the depictions of their mother are an effort by the plaintiff to get a chunk of the family fortune.
“I’m disgusted by the entire thing, because it began as extortion and it has become character assassination,” Bobby Deen said.
Official: Food Network will not renew Paula Deen’s contract
Jamie Deen said it’s “ridiculous, completely absurd to think there is an environment of racism in our business, and it’s really disrespectful to the people that we work with. We have strong, educated men and women of character that have been with us for five, 10, 15, 20 years. To think they would allow themselves to be in this position is simply baloney. It’s ridiculous.”
When he was a child, Jamie Deen said, his parents taught him the story of his hero, baseball legend Hank Aaron. They explained that “the challenges (Aaron) had to overcome because of his color was unacceptable.”
Paula Deen’s fortune has taken a hit in recent days as the Food Network dropped her, as did Smithfield Foods, one of her key sponsors.
There are questions now over whether other businesses including QVC and Walmart may cut ties with the star of Southern cooking.

That’s exactly the problem. She’s actually not a racist. If she was a racist, she’d understand a very important law of life:

Paula Deen relaxed around blacks, and now an enterprising Black employee is going after a chunk of the family fortune. That’ll teach her!


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56 Responses to What to learn from the Paula Deen affair; keeping Blacks as pets is a bad idea

  1. Although, granted, some “gibs me dat” law suit by a former pet ape can be a terrible thing to have to endure, she needs to count herself lucky if she and her family have never been exposed to a violent chimpout. After all, we read about tragedies like that every day.
    Wild animals belong in the jungle, not mingling with you and family members.

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    Stop the hate, segregate!!

  3. You can’t avoid blacks in the South, there are just too many of them. Unless you’ve lived in both the North and the South you can’t really understand the differing attitudes. Southerners are both more racist and less racist than Northerners.

    As Hunter Wallace of OD said, “we don’t hate blacks we just understand they are different than us.” Another common sentiment is “as individuals there are plenty of blacks that we like but as a race we got no use for ’em.”

    It’s not blacks attacking Paula Deen, it’s other whites. I suspect her media handlers planned her take-down at the same time they were planning her career. That’s the trick YT never seems to understand when they get to be media stars.

    The South is as different from the North as it is from Canada; it’s a different nation, always has been. The relationship between Yankeeland and Dixie is about the same relationship as between China and Tibet, or Turkey and Kurdistan.

    Deo Vindice.

    • Skeeter says:

      I would add also as a talking point for newbies or when dealing with sheeple, “For those of you who condemn the white South for how they think about race, walk a mile in their shoes.”
      It was all too easy for whites back in the ’50s and ’60s in places like Minnesota, Vermont or anywhere elst that didn’t have to deal with a large parasitic, predatory black population to feel sorry for the pooor, pooor negroes — from a distance, and to let white southerners take all the heat for doing what they had to do.

      • William Wallace says:

        @Skeeter: Looks like the people of Minnesota are learning a hard lesson.
        Vermont is still only 1% Black, so they still have some time before Manifest Destruction begins.

      • Skeeter says:

        Will, you should check out the home page at resist.com. It’s got a U.S. map from 1960 that switches over to 2010, showing the nonwhite growth in each state. As of 2010, only Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine and West Virginia were still over 90 percent white, and that’s according to our less-than-trustworthy government.

  4. Denise says:

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  5. RobRoySimmons says:

    I had a good friend in a nice decent Alabama town, and one day I visited and I asked, “Where they at?” He didn’t really care as long as they weren’t near even though he and his friends did say they went to an integrated school, but other than that there was no socializing with blacks. Of course he was middle class with an eye towards respectability, and not some whigger who has given up on evolving upwards.

    Honestly they could eat Deen for lunch for all I care personally, my white knight tendencies are long gone, but she and others like her are good martyrs. As HAC has said we revolutionairies are not to kill people we are to liberate people, our people from this anti-white racial intimidation.

  6. Ryu says:

    She’s stupid. She thinks that crying on TV will save her? No way. She’s embarassing herself for $$$$.

    The lesson is, no mercy. The enemy doesn’t have pity. He’s not going to stop because you cry and beg and plead.

  7. Sebastian says:

    I do not really get why this Paula Dean event is causing such a ruckus. It is just another White person being victimized by saying words which aren’t ok for her to say just because of the (lack of) color of her skin.

    It would seem this was “the first time evah!” such a thing happened, rather than being just another day in the Anti-White farm where hundreds, upon hundreds of cases of Whites being destroyed financially because they fail to kowtow to cultural marxism happen every year.

  8. Peak Finance says:

    Exactly this:

    rather than the austere and realistic view of Blacks as people to avoid at all costs, and in any encounters, say as little as possible and have as little to do with them as possible.

    Look, I don’t know how big her place was, but, how many restaurants have more than 25 employees? Your business does not fall under EEOC rules and guidelines unless it has over 25 employees! You HAVE to know and understand these laws no matter how big or small your company is!

    So, if you have a small business, AA and EEOC don’t apply at all. You don’t need to hire blacks and spanish. You can’t get in trouble for not hiring them, unless you are really stupid about it and violate someones civil rights when they apply for a job, or hang a sign that says “Whites Only Need Apply!” The government can’t do anything if your small business doesn’t hire blacks. (Of course you still have to serve them if your place is pubic, but there are ways around this as well!)

    Basically, the moral of the story is that I bet that she didn’t legally have to hire the blacks in the first place, but she did out of some sense of “white guilt” and therefore brought this on herself.

  9. RobRoySimmons says:

    And since whites never think to simply ask, “perhaps they are anti-white?” These legal lynchings literally are unopposed.

    • Sebastian says:

      Give it time. It will happen soon.

      A few political pundits and even political candidates are already talking openly about White Genocide, population replacement, etc.

      One of these days, the next White public persona accused of “waaacism!” will utter these words on live TV:

      “In the OPINION of those persons I am a racist, but they are only calling me that because I am White. Racist is nothing but a hate word. It is simply hate-speech used by haters specifically against one ethnicity: White people. My own people. The haters using it pretend to be anti-Racist; what the really are is anti-White.”

      Or something along those lines…then heads will explode. We already own the comments section on social media and YouTube. Just a handful of pro-Whites can now completely turn the anti-White haters on their heads and as more and more people see those threads more are awakened and become wise to the bullshite and loose their fear of joining in. It has gotten so bad for the Enemy that major newspapers are disabling their online news comment sections on news involving race; and more folks are putting 2+2 together from that censorship alone.

      It is just a matter of time. So mark my words well, we *will* all see a Paula Deen figure call his/her “accusers” anti-White in the near future. We can then sit back for a bit, get the popcorn, enjoy the festivities and fully back and support that person.

      • Bad Mr. Frosty says:

        That 911 operator from Texas, April Sims (I think) didn’t apologize. She got fired for putting stuff on her facebook like “I can count the number of decent blacks I’ve met in my entire life on one hand”. At first they shamed her and chewed her out, but when she said she stood by every word, they dropped the story. Things are getting more and more interesting with each passing day.

      • Skeeter says:

        Exactly. I’m so sick of these white apologizers. The moral of this story, like the previous hundred stories exactly like it is: never, ever apologize; it only encourages the anti-white scum out there. Paula Deen, like Mel Gibson, probably has a lot of “screw-you money” to fall back on and live the rest of her life in safety and comfort, so it’s not like she had a material reason to try to appease the vermin.
        Episodes like this at regular intervals, with their not-so-subliminal message, have caused a chilling effect in the white proletariat over the last 50 years. But there’s hope the spell is wearing off, as in the April Sims 911 dispatcher example. We must stand our ground if challenged on our politics. We have no incentive not to.

      • mindweapon says:

        Notice that they stopped messing with April Sims pretty quickly. I think the media finds it damaging for thier cause when they try to push around a White person, and that White person refuses to back down. They fear that this will embolden other Whites.

      • Scott Mollett says:

        I always refer to what you are writing about as “The great white awakening” Thankfully it appears it is finally upon us.

  10. Craig says:

    Paula Deen making all of those apology videos was truly disgusting. Whoever is advising her has done a shit job. If she used the word “nigger” while being robbed, then there is nothing to apologize for. Most blacks in the country won’t be really pissed off about her using that word while being robbed. Alot of blacks would say the word also in that situation.

    Making videos pleading and crying only makes it WORSE! Why can’t these people see this? What she should have done is just not spoken to the media at all. Just continue on with her life like nothing is wrong. When the media realizes they have no power over you, then the attacks eventually lessen.

    Paula’s type of response allows Media Jews to do what they done for decades- use blacks as a justification to attack European-Americans.

    • mindweapon says:


      Off topic on this thread, but please post your links showing that coal to oil makes for 60 USD a barrel oil. Thanks.

      Also, by the way, I made 3 meter high tomato trellises this year! Per your advice! So long as my tomatoes grow high enough, being as they were planted kind of late, I hope to be harvesting with a ladder!

      • Craig says:

        That’s another Craig, my avatar always has that Old Norse pic. You see China is keeping it’s CTL technology off the books, one of it’s suppliers in Germany, supplying industrial air compressors for 02 production has leaked some information.


        China’s aim is to equal the US strategic reserves, hence the CTL, land pipe lines and a port in Pakistan. Here’s a link of China’s strategic petroleum strategy, this is what the Indians think anyway.


        In the link in the other post comment on the other thread there is this bit of information. Here’s the link again.


        “”I believe that the reason China has gone dark on its CTL projects is because it considers that they give the country a competitive advantage. Shenhua has stated that its first CTL plant, a direct liquefaction facility in the Ordos Basin, has an all-in cost of $60 per barrel and that it is very profitable. Now any company, and any country, in the world that has coal deposits could copy Shenhua’s successful example and start making money from their own CTL projects. That isn’t happening. Why might that be?

        A big clue is in the quote following from an interview with an International Energy Agency analyst. The role of the International Energy Agency, based in Paris and largely funded by the United States, is to talk down the oil price as a counterpoint to OPEC. It is not to be confused with the Energy Information Administration, part of the US Government.

        “During a recent briefing in Washington, D.C., IEA analyst Laszlo Varro was pessimistic about CTL. “Essentially, energy policy needs to replicate a war blockade,” he said. “The only country that has meaningful investments in coal to liquids is China.”

        Varro added, “It’s a big carbon dioxide factory.””

        It seems CTL is viable in Kentucky at $50 to 60 a barrel of conventional oil, so it looks like CTL will be prolonging the current lunacy. IMO.


        So the climate change doom sayer’s have been going absolutely nuts at the CTL $60 per barrel, no wonder why hey. China also boasted at one stage that it only cost $15 per barrel, OPEC though threatened to cut oil supplies to China…

        There’s already talk of Australia using it’s brown dirty coal for CTL, and don’t forget South Africa to this day still uses CTL energy, in fact 30% of SA’s liquid fuel comes from CTL.

      • mindweapon says:

        Thanks Craig! It sure looks like it would not have a very good EROEI. Turbomachinery, a huge amount of oxygen required, et cetera.

      • Craig says:

        Check your spam as I put 4 links in.

        Cool, I hope you have great success with your tomatoes, and the rest of your garden. I have to trellis peas and sweet peas myself.

      • Hereward Saxon says:

        As long as they continue to grow vertically, they tend to remain healthy. More trellis space means interception of sunlight, and one plant produces as much as three or more planted too closely in small tomato cages. We were considering grafting this year, but grafted tomato plants grow even larger.

        Are your potatoes, in the stacking boxes, blooming yet?

      • mindweapon says:

        I didn’t do the stacking boxes this year. regular rows. didn’t have time.

      • Craig says:

        Chinese and American companies claim $60 a barrel makes CTL viable with a good profit, that apparently includes the billions of investment. Being the CTL process is controlled, it makes consistent high yields possible. Unlike Fracking which dies on the arse in 12 to 18 months, then the billions of investment is lost. So CTL will be the last gasp of the coal age, There’s heaps of coal, more then oil 100’s of years worth in Australia alone.

        This is from ’08 so tech has obviously improved the viability of CTL since then.


        “Until recent years, the only countries that have pursued coal-to-liquids programs have been those that have had difficulty obtaining sufficient oil supplies – particularly Nazi Germany and in apartheid-era South Africa by SASOL. Both used the Fischer-Tropsch process – a number of other coal-to-liquids processes have been explored in the years since.

        South Africa has been producing fuel from coal since 1955 and has the only commercial CTL industry currently in operation. Around 30% of the country’s liquid fuel needs are produced from coal, with total capacity above 160,000 barrels per day.

        Rising oil and gas prices have caused Asian countries to start looking seriously at coal-to-liquids projects, with China expected to start its first large scale plant in the coal-rich region of Inner Mongolia, using the Bergius process. The plant will reportedly have a daily output of 20,000 barrels, rising to 100,000 barrels a day in future years.

        A study last year by the Chinese Academy of Sciences said: “Production of liquid fuels from coal is practically the most feasible route to cope with the dilemma in oil supply.” It concluded: “Establishing large-scale CTL plants on the pitheads of several main coalfields is feasible and competitive when oil price is well over US$25 per barrel.” According to The Guardian, at least two more commercial scale coal-to-liquids plants are under construction in China, although the Chinese government has expressed concern about the possible environmental impact of uncontrolled expansion, and has taken steps to limit the number of smaller facilities.

        The IEA is predicting that by 2030, China’s non-conventional oil supply from CTL plants will reach 750,000 barrels a day. An IEA report on CTL, due to be published this spring, will highlight other projects planned or under way in Japan, the US, Australia, China, India, Botswana, Indonesia, the Phillippines and South Africa.

        The Indian government recently approved a joint venture between Tata and Sasol.

        There is an organisation pushing adoption of coal-to-liquids processes in the United States called the Coal To Liquids Coaltion (also known as FutureCoalFuels.org”).

        The US Air Force seems to be showing a keen interest in synthetic fuels from CTL and is reportedly encouraging the creation of a CTL industry that could leverage local coal reserves based on energy security concerns. They apparently have plans to lease property at Malmstrom Air Force Base in Montana for the construction of a CTL plant.

        The Governor of Pennsylvania is also pushing for federal funding to establish a CTL plant in his state – a plan not without critics.”

      • mindweapon says:

        OK Craig, I found the problem. All the figures you cited were less than 1 million barrels a day. Do you know how many barrels a day the US uses? the world?

        US 20 million barrels a day.

        Whole world 85 million barrels a day.

        If CTL doesn’t produce tens of millions of barrels of liquid fuel per day, fuggedaboudit.

      • Craig says:

        I still point to 2025 and the advent of peak rock phosphate, this will cause the belly to grumble for sure. Unless miners start digging P out of the bottom of ocean floors, which is a possibility.

      • Sam Barber says:

        Peak phosphate is the silent equalizer. How often do you hear about it? You don’t.

      • Craig says:

        The CTL plants in the links are mainly R&D pilot projects, no doubt the ability to ramp up economy of scales is possible, of course it’s wise to have a system that produces the most yield, for your bang. There is a vast array of alternative bio syn fuels, thing is the federal governments of the west expects producers to pay fuel excess tax on say bio or syn fuel you make and use…it sucks

        The federal funding in Australia was also tied to CO2 geo sequestration…which probably won’t work.

  11. The Evil Nazi Myth says:

    Santa Monica College Shooting? ….

  12. PA says:

    A large number of home invasions in South Africa are a product of black housekeepers tipping off their friends and letting them in. And there was the Dominical nanny in NYC last year who murdered her employer’s two children.

    A racissss acquaintance and I once talked, and he joked that at least blacks can stick around to entertain us and to shine our shoes. I told him in all seriousness “We can make our own entertainment, and we can sure as fuck shine our own shoes.”

    • mindweapon says:


  13. The Evil Nazi Myth says:

    I was at a college bar with grad friends when I was in grad school. The place closed and my friend left and grabbed his girlfriend’s coat and went outside thinking she was there, but she wasn’t. He was fairly drunk and tried to get back in to find his girlfriend and had his coat in one arm and his girl friend’s coat in the other, but the black football player bouncers who played for the college football team wouldn’t let him back in. My friend was a little upset about this and one black bouncer told him to “calm down” and then sucker punched him in the jaw knocking him out cold on the side walk. Actually, my drunk metro-sexual friend was kind of crying and wasn’t even trying to push his way back in – just whining. He was carted off in a ambulance and had cracked teeth and a concussion.

    Two days later, I over heard a couple of his white tool friends telling others that my friend called him a “nigger” and that’s why he hit him, but I know for a fact that he didn’t because I saw it happen.

    A perfect example of a magic negro manipulating their white tool friends and playing on their white guilt-tripping over the slave lies. Ironically, my grad school friend was totally AntiFa – like most grad students – and called me a “racist” a few months prior after I told a politically incorrect joke.

  14. banned56 says:

    “Honestly they could eat Deen for lunch for all I care personally, my white knight tendencies are long gone”

    One of the saddest things about the anti-White (particularly anti White Male) zeitgeist? It’s causing so many of our men to lose their chivalry, which is one of the best things about White men (aside from being handsome and smart and capable — and able to father White children).

    • RobRoySimmons says:

      Ragnarok. I would supply some fake tears for a martyrdom morality play. I also would Mantra reply a thread or conversation if I were part of it, but no defense for those who think they are superior to whites, ever.

    • Robot Sam says:

      Banned56, there are two parts to chivalry; the act of chivalry and women who deserve it. Women have given up their side of the bargain, cavorting with non-whites or giving support to other women who do, turning their collective backs on their own people and men, and acting like trash by getting tatted up, sleeping around and supporting liberal causes.

      • Craig says:

        “Women have given up thier side of the bargain, cavorting with non-whites or giving support to other women who do, turning their collective backs on their own people and men, and acting like trash by getting tatted up, sleeping around and supporting liberal causes.”

        Exactly. For the most obvious example, look at Sweden. The native Swedish Germanic men created the best place in the world for women to live. And how did their women repay them? By becoming hardcore feminists, becoming sexually promiscuous, rejecting motherhood, rejecting marriage, allying with jewish marxists and now muslims. Sweden is now the Saudi Arabia of feminism. Sweden now has one of the highest percentage of people living alone. Women are the best foot soldiers for Jews who want to destroy other ethnic groups.

    • Anon says:

      I’d be willing to say that I’ve never had a gun pointed at my face, and thus won’t condemn her for what she said while that was happening to her, but any more then that? she’d be among the first to condemn us.

  15. oogenhand says:

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    Coal To Liquid….

  16. Snake says:

    How long before Paula starts some colored foot washing to atone for her heresy? Maybe Negro-Foot-Water Soup will be in her next recipe book?

  17. oogaboogaman says:

    Amen to this piece MW the original “job creators” that dipshit Republitards jackoff to were the rich southern plantation owners and yankee a**holes like Henry Ford because God forbid they pay white workinng people a living salary. Nowadays we have the beaner invasion supplanting white working youth for jobs cutting grass and working in the restaurant industry. The biggest threat that working class and middle class whites have from these beaner invaders come not only from big corporations like McDs but what Lion of the Blogosphere calls high proles like the 90 iq greasy spoon owner who hires spics to work at his pizza shop, yes southern dagos are part nigger and want to feel better about themselves. All I’m saying is this if you’re a reader of MWIR and you still eat at nig operated fast food eateries, get your lawn cut by beaners, or buy booze and cigs from Moors please do us a favor and hang yourself.

    • oogaboogaman says:

      Sorry for the rambling post, a little drunk. If I here the repukes refer to asshole restaurateurs and landscape owners who hire minorities over whites referred to as “job creators” i’m going to go postal. An 80 year old neighbor I have who is like a grandfather to me worked at Bell Labs as an engineer developing the transistor and the other electronic components which make our modern society function. Now tell me is he in the same league as these repuke “job creators”.

  18. HappyCaribbean says:

    I see you White American racists don’t read facts.
    First it was a White person who told on her not her Black workers

    2nd many Blacks in the public eye are defending her and not too many Whites are.

    Al Sharpton defended her, singer Ciara,actress Stacey Dash,Wendy Williams have all said it went too far in her defense, so don’t blame Blacks for all of this.

    I for one as a Black Caribbean I agreed this have been grown out of proportion.
    I personally think she had upset some of her Jewish bosses/masters and they are out to destroyed her. Which group Jews like to used the most?( Black Americans)

    They are more happy to sell their soul for few pennies. You don’t see too may foreign Blacks in the hollywood or sports and there’s a reason for that.

    The media have been doing that to Blacks for years and no one complains.Look what they did to Michael Jackson? they made him big but when he was not willing to played the Jewish master rules ,they took him down. Michael Jackson called the Jews out on ripping off Black artists and the Jews didn’t like that.He also refused to sell some of his catalogs and they hated that too. So they destroyed his image,life until his death and now they are cashing in.The father of the first boy was a Jew and he committed suicide after MJ’s death.So Blacks have know about the Jews for a long time since they were not hiding their abused towards Blacks unlike with Whites.

    Now they feel like they got you people as Sheeples so they feel courageous to throw it in your faces, but like my mother always said, too much arrogance can bring a man down.They got arrogant too quick and people are waking up and I’m happy for that.

    Your blind,extreme hatred for Blacks is what the Jews have been using against you people for a long time in this country. We know Jews didn’t help with civil rights etc.. because they loved Black people but for their own agendas. At that moment they were a bit lesser evil of the two,so Blacks took their help.Not one moment did Blacks trust the Jews even Martin Luther was waking up to them and he was killed.

    While the media was portraying Blacks in a negative manner,you people enjoyed it
    They used the negative image of Blacks to distract you while built this positive image of Asians while they were sending your jobs to Asia,lol, yep they used your hatred for Blacks again.

    Now it’s coming to your door step and you people don’t like it

    Yep your extreme hatred,fear,dislike of Blacks is your enemy biggest weapons

    Remembered Blacks are used as experiments first in this country and then test for the rest of you.Now they are showing Whites in negative light as well and have no problem to sent an average White men to jail. You liked these laws that get Blacks easily locked up, it’s coming your way,average White man

    Ha ha the reason majority of you American Whites believed Asians are so sweet is due to the media,.lol Asked an Australia,Canadian or New zealand Whites about Asians,they will have a different opinion

    Asians are sneaky people so when they are in America ,they played their model minority role very good for you people. This is why so many White American men (mainly) get played by Asian women.These women played the role of what these men see of them from the media until the marriage/children come and your sweet Asian is out of the door.
    LMAO I think many of these men are too ashamed to admit they got played.
    I have personally know many Asian women who only see White Americans as cash machines

    Like the saying

    They came for the Polish,no say nothing
    They came for the indians no one say nothing
    When they came for you there was no one left to defend you

    Blacks already knows not to trust the Jews but why should Blacks fight on your side? when your happy to see Blacks suffered or when you have no pity for Blacks.

    As a Black person of Caribbean descent I don’t like the Black criminals or criminals of any race or color.

    So keep your extreme hatred for Blacks going
    Blame Blacks for all of the problems of the U.S. when Blacks don’t have any control in this country.

    Good luck

    • mindweapon says:

      Happy Caribbean,

      Blacks are used as a bio-weapon against whites. We can’t have you people growing your population among us, mixing among us. We do know that the Jew and the oligarchies are pulling the strings, but you blacks cannot help us fight them. You can only drag us down.

    • Skeeter says:

      Happy Caribbean, I can’t speak for the other white racists here, but if it makes you feel any better, I don’t hate blacks (even though your cousins up here in the last 50 years have given us plenty of reason to). Not all the time, anyway. I just don’t want to live in the same country under the same government as you. If a family wants their own house, do you accuse them of hating the rest of the world? No. The same principle applies to nations and peoples. Self-determination, right?

      I’m glad to see you’re wise to the Jewish Question, and you sound like someone who’s read Nation of Islam’s book, “The Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews.” Using Jewish sources, they wrote extensively in there about Jewish slave trading and ownership in the Caribbean (especially the Dutch West Indies) during the colonial era. But, wouldn’t you know it, two years after the book was published, four Jews published books refuting it. So books and academia, like “voting,” are just two of the many rigged games in this country, which is like a big, Jew-run casino where the house always wins.

      But anyway, you’re right — they’re powerful, but not as much as they and many of us think.

  19. Robot Sam says:

    ooga, I have to heartily disagree with you. Henry ford was a big supporter of paying his people a good wage, so they could buy the cars they made. He was also very anti-jew as in his book the International Jew. http://usa-the-republic.com/international%20jew/The%20Wisdom%20of%20Henry%20Ford.htm Ford was a good man even if the Ford Foundation is now run by communists, just like Disney.

    • oogaboogaman says:

      Yes, I was a little harsh on Mr.Ford, I do appreciate the fact that he understood international jewry. But, at the same time he deserves condemnation for importing southern niggers to work in his plants. The fruits of his decision are now evident in Detroit and other formerly nice Michigan cities.

  20. Attila says:

    Niggahs only respect force/resistance.

    I was stuck in the middle of a crowded bus – and then a big crowd of people started to get on. One black girl in her 20s got in next to me and then started trying to shove her way past me. At that point (there was nowhere to go) – I body slammed her back. Suddenly – a black (of course) old lady starts to scream at me, bla bla bla, let her go through, bla bla bla. I told her to “mind her own business”. She then cried out “I am” (the chutzpah). That was the end of it but then the old black lady said “you are too big, bla bla bla’—and I then retorted, pretty loud, “Lady – you are not too young!”. The shaming tactic failed. That will teach them to try to literally/verbally try to push “Whitey” around.

  21. Bullies are insatiable. Fear enboldens them

  22. ZOGPIGBITCH says:


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