Energy crisis: London could face rolling blackouts by 2015

Majority darkie London could face rolling darkie-outs by 2015. That’ll teach ’em!

The Extinction Protocol

June 27, 2013LONDONBritain’s risk of electricity blackouts by 2015 is more serious than previously thought, regulator Ofgem warned on Thursday. The country’s spare electricity supply margin could fall as low as 2 percent in 2015/16, down from around 14 percent currently. Last year Ofgem gave an estimate of 4 percent. “Electricity supplies are set to tighten faster than previously expected in the middle of this decade,” Ofgem said in a report, adding that the chance of supply disruptions would rise to one in 12 years in 2015/16 from one in 47 years now. Britain has seen a vast number of power plants close and being mothballed due to emissions-reduction policies and the loss-making economics of gas-fired power plants. Ofgem said it had lowered its estimate of the amount of conventional power capacity expected for 2015/16 by more than 2,000 megawatts due plant closures and delays in…

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29 Responses to Energy crisis: London could face rolling blackouts by 2015

  1. Sam Barber says:

    The dystopia is actually kind of fun. We live in such an interesting time where we can watch the natural order of the world re-balance itself and be in a position where we can sit back and chuckle a little. Amazing!

  2. RobRoySimmons says:

    From what I have gathered Europe has increased its coal imports to keep powering its grid. I forgot where I read that but it was a few months ago. Turd face the tyrant finally came out with his drive down the coal companies so Soros and other criminals can buy them and then turn around and hold that economic chokepoint over us cattle. Dystopia = coal sales. That saying you have at the top of your header is so appropriate.

  3. Ryu says:

    There’s an associate of ours who used to specialize in this: Al Fin. He runs a blog under that name. Switching to “cleaner” sources reduces reliability. Solar and wind are not as good as coal. And so the choice comes – power or the environment?

    It’s good. But more than just the conventional preparations, are you mentally prepared?

    People are going to be hurt. They’ll feel pain; they’ll beg for help. They’ll be cold and hungry. Are you strong enough to deny them if they are liberal? Are you able to allow your enemies to die? WN is not about being the good guy and wearing the white hat. It is bringing down chaos until the enemy BEGS for white men to return.

    • RobRoySimmons says:


    • Maureen Martin, Povertarian Colony Queen says:

      That’s a very good point.

      I liberal I know who knows a friend of mine has prepared for food shortages made the comment that he knows where to come if things go bad. I told him, NO he needs to do his own preparation.

      The nerve of some people!

  4. aryandawn says:

    The first nuclear plant was build in England but the pretty much abandoned nuclear energy and now get from France.

  5. Anon says:

    If the English thought Woolwich-style beheaders were fun during the day, wait until they’re roaming about during blackouts!

  6. oogaboogaman says:

    If it wasn’t for negroes in the US and the massive suburban sprawl that they cause, as well as the inability to use public transportation we could have environmentally friendly cities like those in the featured in the Venus Project, yes I know they’re Utopian dreamers. But if it wasn’t for NAM we could already reduce our dependance on fossil fuels, have a roboticized economy, as well as have centralized affordable housing for our people in nice urban locations like NYC Manhattan, lakefront Chicago(my stomping grounds), or what was formerly beautiful, sunny LA.

  7. trouble says:

    The British government have tried to be the most green and it’s heading for disaster as stated but although London is majority non-white now only a minority of them are black – one of the consequences of rapid race replacement from everywhere. So if there are blackouts a lot of the violence will be black vs other non-whites which will have hard to predict side-effects.

    • Craig says:

      They will destroy each other, much like the blacks and Mestizos in the US.

      Ah the motherland how those green taxes and energy policies have utterly disgraced you. I’ve read that the elderly are passing away from hypothermia, not being able to afford the fuel or power. Oh how I feel the disgust in the bottom of my gut, all to well up as fuming rage into my heart.

      Yet all to many of our politicians in the west promoting and implementing these policies seem keen on dooming elderly voting pensioners to a premature death. The bastards.

    • WhiteGenY says:

      London isn’t majority non white,White Brits are the minority. There still are huge numbers of white immigrants.

      • WhiteGenY says:

        Still, way way to many non whites.

      • trouble says:

        Yes, you’re right. I keep forgeting that. The other point stands though. If there are blackout riots it won’t be just white vs non-white. It’ll be a lot more complicated.

  8. AAB says:

    Not only are our indigenous energy production facilities being closed down or not being re-newed (nuclear power plants are constantly ‘debated’ and ‘appraised’ instead of constructed; procrastination on a governmental level) but around 5% of the UKs electricity is actually imported from France:

    ‘As of 2005[update] imports of electricity from France have historically accounted for about 5% of electricity available in the UK.’

    That 5% figure will probably rise because the Climate Change/Environmentalist/Greeny camp doesn’t want coal, oil or nuclear power plants to be constructed in the UK. But they’re happy to use Nuclear generated electricity, so long as it’s imported. If you folks in the US succumb to the greeny movement, then some of your electricity could be imported also, from Canada or Mexico.

    Aint’ outsourcing grand(!)

  9. White Dragon says:

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    • White Dragon says:

      My offer still stands.
      I found a way to send e-mail anonymously via, so that is not an issue anymore.
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      • mindweapon says:

        I emailed you. You have not replied.

      • White Dragon says:

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      • White Dragon says:

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      • White Dragon says:

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      • mindweapon says:

        check your spam. will try again. look for Jeronimus

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