An Alternative Explanation for Why Women Prefer “Bad Boys”

What I am trying to say is that “nice guys” both established, and aspiring, have more in common with well-trained dogs than human beings. They can jump through many obstacle courses, learn amazing new tricks and be loyal companions. But at the end of the day they are just that.. dogs who serve others for meager rewards.

In contrast to that, “bad boys” are in it for themselves even if they are not especially successful. They possess autonomous agency, something that “nice guys” lack. While women may not explicitly think in those terms, it is pretty obvious to them that “nice guys” are semi-retarded voluntary slaves. Sure, they can often make decent money and enrich the woman they are with. But is it ever possible for that woman to continuously overlook the fact that she is with an easily manipulated, servile and spineless human being. Can you really get turned on by an anthropomorphic pet dog?

What do you think? Comments?

Playing the Devil's Advocate

The viewpoint that “bad boys” are far more attractive to women than “nice guys” has become pervasive enough to be considered almost mainstream. I would even go so far as to say that it is the dominant viewpoint in younger age-groups. As many of you also know, a lot of ink and electrons have been spent on trying to understand why women prefer “bad boys” over “nice guys”. Some have tried to explain this phenomena by invoking deterministic scientific-sounding concepts such as evolutionary psychology and hypergamy. Others see it is a moral failing of secular societies, secondary effects of feminism or lack of long-term planning etc. In my opinion, all such explanations are ex post facto rationalizations rather than objective explanations. Moreover, they almost willingly ignore or gloss over a very important question.

Why should women prefer “good guys” over “bad boys”?

The conventional reasoning for why “good guys” are…

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26 Responses to An Alternative Explanation for Why Women Prefer “Bad Boys”

  1. Being a nice guy, or socially cooperative was a good strategy for some period in history, for some people- roughly for many middle class people starting in the Victorian era and many working class people starting in the New Deal era. Since around maybe 1970 being pro-social and cooperative has not been an effective strategy, but social perceptions change slowly, and many men still go by what their fathers or grandfathers did.

  2. oogenhand says:

    Reblogged this on oogenhand and commented:
    thrasymachus33308 more or less gets it. The System burns up its hardworking citizens. So drop out.

  3. Robot Sam says:

    The reason love bad boys is not because they are rebels alone, but because that rebellion says you are stronger than any other man’s rules.

  4. Jehu says:

    There’s a strong current in the gut of society right now. That current is the realization that our current MO is seriously unsustainable and that we’re screwed hardcore unless our engineers and technologists seriously pull another humongous rabbit out of a hat for us. Something as big as fossil fuels was or the ability to essentially transform petroleum into food (which was most of what the green revolution was). What the head and the tongue denies, the gut still recognizes. Most people’s gut is a lot smarter than they are, if you use Darwinian frame for ‘smart’. Women in particular are much more ruled by their gut.
    Now, should things begin to fall apart, or do so in a faster way, what kind of man does a woman need?
    Our species has a fair bit of history with population bottlenecks. Hell, we’ve got mitochondrial evidence of a bottleneck on the scale of the Great Flood. What kind of man survives along with his women in a selection event like that? Hint, it isn’t the milktoast nice guy.
    I had a minor encounter with this back on the day of the great tsunami in Japan. Wrote about it here:

  5. Let’s try an exercise in empathy so we can understand a woman’s sex drive. Even good girls want to feel like bad girls sometimes, right?

    Imagine you are a woman, you meet a bad boy. Your thought process might go something like this:

    Johnny, Angry Johnny, this is Jezebel in Hell
    I wanna kill you, I wanna blow you…away

    I can do it you gently
    I can do it with an animal’s grace
    I can do it with precision
    I can do it with gormet taste

    But either way
    Either (way), either way
    I wanna kill you
    I wanna blow you…

    I can do it to your mind
    I can do it to your face
    I can do it with integrity
    I can do it with disgrace

    Johnny, Angry Johnny, this is Jezebel in Hell
    Johnny, Angry Johnny, this is Jezebel in Hell

    I can do it in a church
    I can do it any time or place
    I can do it like an angel
    To quiet down your rage

    I can do it in the water
    I can do on dry land
    I can do it with instruments
    I can do it with my own bare hands

    But either way
    Either way, you know where it stands
    I wanna kill you
    I wanna blow you…

    Johnny, Angry Johnny, this is Jezebel in Hell
    Johnny, oh my Johnny

    Where did your pleasure go
    When the pain came through you
    Where did your happiness go
    This force is running you around now
    Getting you down now
    Where is your pleasure now Johnny
    Where has your pleasure gone now

  6. Nice guys don’t treat the girls the way they want to be treated. Nice guys put them on pedestals and project some Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm image onto her. But she’s a woman, she gets turned on by a man that can see the bad girl inside.

    Women are attracted to hot guys, good looking guys. Since those guys get a lot of female attention, they tend to be “bad” in the sense they don’t cater to women, the women cater to them. So the nice guys, not getting any attention, call their rivals “bad boys.” It’s no different than a girl calling another girl a “slut” – doesn’t actually matter how slutty either of them are, if her rival is stealing her man, the rival is a “slut.”

    But none of this matters in the sense of stable family formation for white people. Your problem in that department is birth control. Pregnancy puts a natural limit to women’s sexuality. She can do the bad boy all day and all night, but she’ll wind up with morning sickness a month later. Now, add in scientific birth control, and a horny 18-30 year old has no limits to her sexuality – and when I say “no limits” that’s exactly what I mean.

    Women on birth control = the first transhumans. Think about it. Using technology to enhance human abilities.

    Also, check your spam folder please!

    • mindweapon says:

      Women on birth control as the first trans-humans. Brilliant.

      • Yeah, it makes perfect sense doesn’t it? See my article “Toxic Femininity” – but skip the youtube video from the movie 13. I know you have a daughter, don’t want to scare you.

        Women are just people. Maybe you were right when you called me a “crypto-feminist.”

      • mindweapon says:

        Yes, realizing that “women are just people” is a curative for the sick aspects of conservatism and conservative religion.

        Great story about the lions, Razvan! It’s interesting to hear you have the same problems in Rumania. I got to come visit you someday! I love Rumanian culture.

  7. Razvan says:

    Women seem to want some kind of “liberation” as the liberty to do any stupid thing might come across their minds, expecting a man to jump always and save her from her own frivolity. The “good guys” should stop jumping around again and again.

    In fact there are three categories, here. The soft/bad guys and the good men.

    Being the good guy means to control your woman, family, knowing everything in advance, give orders, know every nail or bolt in your home, be the best at what you are doing, but also to what your wife and kids are doing. You need to know not only to maintain or repair the washing machine but also to wash your clothes and prepare the dinner (not only a grill). If you are with a woman, don’t look after other women. Be sure that they are looking after you.
    If the women think these simple things make them important and irreplaceable, then they are not.
    It’s hard to be the good man and not the soft guy. But not impossible.

    On the other side the bad guys may “liberate” as many frivolous women as they can. It’s funny to see how thoroughly the “liberated” women are breaking their necks. I’m old enough and saw it so many times. It is hilarious when they are talking about how unhappy they are, especially the part where all the men are bastards. Like those unruly kittens or puppies, their sweet little noses should be rubbed into their own byproducts until they will eventually learn. As cruel as it sounds, actually it works pretty well.

    The game is to make you prove that you are not like the others and you’ll save her from her own stupidity, if you are the soft guy. If you are the bad guy you’ll prove that she is right by bedding and dumping her. So she is no longer responsible for anything because, all men are bastards. So, in the feminine contorted logic she’s always an winner. The good man needs to break the game and control the woman – best way by wit.

    If the bad guy is muscling around, then get yourself more muscular or at least be sure that you can inflict as much economic pain as possible. Women have to become replaceable once again. If the woman wants to stay around the man she needs to win her place by being or becoming a good woman herself, not the other way around. The man should be again the sole owner and CEO of his own home.

    Men should understand that no woman will grasp the lesson “soft/bad/good guys/men” without some effort and pain. If the good guys will keep saving them, the women will forget the basic social, survival, and economic instincts, menacing to destroy everything around her, especially her own family.

    For too long men ceded their power in order to please women. The payback time has come.

    • RobRoySimmons says:



    • mindweapon says:

      For too long men ceded their power in order to please women. The payback time has come.

      Absolutely. I know a devoutly religious family, and the man is a very dutiful husband and father. So much so that the wife takes him for granted and shits on him real hard, on a regular basis. He takes it because Jeeboo. She’s not attractive or feminine, and he’s certainly young enough to still appreciate such qualities in a woman. His religion supports his dignity as a man, but at the same time requires that he stay in an unhappy marriage. A lot of the women in this religion are in fact feminine and attractive behaving, but the ones that aren’t, get away with it and are able to trap a man all his life. But she had his kids for him, so he got that much from her. but still, not much of a marriage and he can’t ever leave.

      The white knighting instinct is so hard wired in at least a percentage of us, we have to consciously throw it away, or our fathers need to tell us from a young age to kill that white knighting behavior in thmselves, at least for females who don’t appreciate it.

      • Razvan says:

        You don’t know how hard I’ve been burnt by the white knight/damsel in distress game, although my father (he’s a good and wise man) tried sooo hard to cure this instinct in me, you wouldn’t believe.
        The problem is the “game” not the knighthood. The problem is our lack of of attention to correctly grasp what’s really happening around us.
        We are hardwired this way, which is a good and noble thing, but is important to be wise so that it will not be used against us.

        It is an old German poem (by Nikolaus Lenau I guess) about a lady throwing her handkerchief among the lions, and asking the young knight to bring it back to her to prove his love. He submits and brings back the lady’s handkerchief. After looking deeply into the eyes of the biggest lion, the young knight becomes wiser saying that the lady doesn’t deserve his love because risking someone else life for such a frivolity is simply vile.

        This is not a new issue but an ancient one. Probably we shouldn’t walk with the lions in order to wise up.

    • It’s 100% the fault of the “nice guys” spoiling girls. So, women are the gateway to sex, and men are the gateway to commitment. Guys give out their commitment too easily. Modern men are “relationship sluts” – they will “commit” to any girl that bats an eye at them.

      Consider this whole concept of “girlfriend.” What the hell is a “girlfriend?” It is by its very nature a temporary arrangement. So you are giving the girls all the validation they need relationship wise. It’s like a temporary marriage.

      If you want to change women’s behavior, get all the guys to stop being any girls “boyfriend.” No commitments unless there’s a ring and a wedding, and if she’s wearing a white dress, she better be a virgin.

      We spoil them rotten and the act surprised when they act, well, spoiled. There is more to life than pussy.

      All I will say to the younger guys is this – it’s gets easier the older you get. Sure, those 22 year old hotties may not give you the time of day now, but wait until you are 30, spent 10 years lifting weights, making money, and getting some experience with women. Then, those 22 year olds will chase YOU around. It’s a great feeling too. Especially when you can parade around your 22 year old in front of your 35 year old single/divorced female friends. Oh, man, they hate that lol!

  8. RobRoySimmons says:

    I read this recently, A poor man wants a woman for a slave, the middle class man is a slave to his woman, and lastly a rich man procures slaves for his woman, this sounds right.

    One day hopefully in the not too distant future, a ragging idiot woman obsessed with something seen on stupidvision will be told by her newly liberated white husband, “Woman you keep it up I’ll sell you to the zombie colored folk gang for two AK-47s, now STFU.”

    • RobRoySimmons says:

      I’m a newly liberated white man, can’t really fill in all the details of this new movement, but I’ll work on it.

    • You almost certainly heard that from me, it comes from the great Neo-Nietzsche, and you can read the original quote on his website, His phrasing:

      The Lower Class Man prides himself on making a slave *of* his Woman.

      The Middle Class Man prides himself on being a slave *to* his Woman.

      The Upper Class Man prides himself on providing a slave *for* his Woman.

      Now, you kind of have to do this in order. First, you have to make a slave of her. You have to be the boss, otherwise, she’s not going to respect you. Then, you can move on to being her slave – i.e., her provider, father of her children, etc. Then, you move up, and provide a slave for her. That means you aren’t living “for her” instead you’re providing what she wants and needs through your dominance of other people.

      Lost of “nice guys” skip step one and just become her slave, and she will despise you for it. Probably most never get to stage three.

      • Razvan says:

        “The Upper Class Man prides himself on providing a slave *for* his Woman.”

        Providing “slaves” is easy. The problem is to control them.
        Until you have even the smallest job done properly by a slave you sweat a bucket. I saw “slaves” doing wrong the same job for 20 years or more. Other slaves were appraising them for doing the same job for 20 years. It’s hilarious. The worst kind of “slave” is the inventive one. He’s doing the same job but every time he’s doing another mistake. I saw some in my life. With all the democracy, and liberalism it’s even harder to get anything done, not thoroughly, but good enough.

        Providing “slaves” makes things only worse. At first, she demands “slaves”, next she associates with them and wants liberation for them and herself against you. If it is not the wife it will be the daughters. I bet this was the path down for the Romans. Sometime the opposition to reason might be so strong that the women will prefer to be thrown to the lions than do their ancestral duty for their husbands.

        Women seem to believe in some kind of magic, against any rational argument, against you, and her own interests. Very few of them are able to grow out of it, most of them violently opposing.

        After two thousands years the women dissidence should be no longer admitted. After the severe blunders done by the women folk they deserve no power anymore. Not even inside the house.

      • RobRoySimmons says:

        Well said men. Its not like this crap is new to white men, Sparta I believe fell because its men wanted to all go out and play warrior while leaving the women to run the city.

        Razvan my mother in law was one of those idiot women who wanted to free the slaves, her and her husband lived in South Carolina and she spent her couple of years there moaning about segregation in between trips to the country club. Her latter years spent avoiding the freed slaves. Women should have limited agency, and I think most will come to agree with this.

    • Mr Hyde says:

      I think drudge was saying that the Saudis had an entire city set aside for women. Perhaps the man haters can live there in such an enlightened country where they can be away from the oppression of horrible white men…

  9. Almost an argument for converting to being Gorish (after “John Norman” and the Gor series of SF).

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  11. miss c says:

    Actually, birth control makes you not want or need men, or want them less. Birth control pills dull desire and orgasm. Ovulation is the primary reason women seek out sexual partners. We are more attractive when we are ovulating. In countries where hormone based birth control is not available, women appreciate men more. Women on birth control are attracted to girly men. I believe that everything that happens in this world does so because of hormones. It’s all about the hormones. Dulling womens’ desire for men and children was the real feminist conspiracy, under the guise of sexual liberation.

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