I did not know that; New York Times on the habits of male homosexuals

So in the midst of all the hullabaloo about how terrible it is that some people don’t believe in same sex marriage and gays adopting children or somehow incubating them, we have this gem of a New York Times article about a “morning after pill” for HIV, called PEP.

A study by Columbia University researchers, published last year in the journal AIDS and Behavior, found that the at-home tests could be effective if widely used. It gave at-home testing kits to 27 gay men who reported having routine unprotected sex. Over three months, the 27 men had a collective total of 140 sexual partners; 124 of them were asked to submit to testing before sex, and 101 agreed. Of the 101, 10 tested positive (six learned of their H.I.V. status that way). None of the men had sex with a partner after learning that the partner tested positive.

But what about the nice middle class gay men? Like this art director?

A 22-year-old art director on the Lower East Side told me of a recent scare he had after he took home a handsome but sometimes homeless man he met at a bar. Very drunk, they had unprotected sex. The next morning the art director panicked, but eschewed the post-exposure pills, he told me, because “I’m pretty health-conscious and careful about what I put in my body, especially medicine.” (Weeks later, he did a regular H.I.V. test, which came up negative.)

Bad art director! I thought art directors were responsible people! Actually, what the hell is an art director anyway?

So gay marriage, gays raising children, love makes a family, rainbows, it’s all good, right? What could possibly go wrong?

Oh, right.


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32 Responses to I did not know that; New York Times on the habits of male homosexuals

  1. Peter Blood says:

    “I’m pretty health-conscious and careful about what I put in my body, especially medicine.”


    • mindweapon says:

      Yeah, I caught that.

      I love how they compare gay marriage and interracial marriage! I’d love to be in some public place, heartily agreeing with them that they are both equivalent abominations.

      • Robot Sam says:

        Once the church allowed inter species marriages, gay marriage was an inevitability.

  2. anon334 says:

    I recall seeing a study a while ago that it was not uncommon for may gay men to have 500+ sexual partners in their lives.

  3. banned56 says:

    “I’m pretty health-conscious and careful about what I put in my body, especially medicine”

    So he’s health conscious and careful about the medicines he puts in his body, but excessive quantities of alcohol and diseased willies of vagrants and bums? Open wide!

    Sheesh. What a maroon.

  4. campwolzek says:

    That comment he made is pretty ridiculous. I laughed.

    It seems to me a great many people have fallen into the trap of spending too much time on homosexual marriage. Or the other trap of tolerating the existence of these people as long as they don’t marry, and “stay in the closet”. Whether these disgusting creatures are allowed to marry, or not marry, and for whatever reasons or lack thereof, is truly irrelevant. The problem is not with marriage, homosexual or heterosexual. Nor with whether they publicize themselves to be homosexual or hide it.

    The problem is with the actual existence of homosexuals themselves.
    (some incredibly frightening revelations in this link)

    Homosexuals are not just merely sexual deviants, genetically unfortunate, sexually confused, or emotionally unstable persons. Homosexuals are very literally walking disease dispensers (of the worst kind). They don’t just “have the capacity” to destroy the physical health and lives of an entire population, it’s something that they (are heavily documented to) actually DO. Homosexuals are a very dangerous plague like existence. They should not be tolerated in any capacity, period. Homosexuals should be treated exactly as they were in Tacitus’ account of Germania. Yet another thing the old Germanics got right!

    • Attila says:

      True- as individuals, some may be funny- but as a distinct group – it’s a disaster. Just walk alone one of those so-called gay pride parades and if you are mildly empathic – you will feel the group vibe/dysfunction in your own body.

  5. RobRoySimmons says:

    Go ask the “nice” wimmin folk what they think of this side of the “boy’s” lifestyle. As Kuntsler put it this crap is fashion, and it will go out of style and our dear wimmin folk will one day come to hate their little brothers for being gay dickwad weirdos who basically won’t stop masturbating in public.

  6. ? says:

    Stand up comedian, Sam Hyde, clears a room full of hipsters with some fag facts.

  7. I think I read somewhere that the average homosexual has almost two million sexual encounters during his lifetime.

    • Two million?! Considering there are 27,393 days in 75 years, and the average life expectancy for homosexual men is at or slightly below 50 (18,262 days), I’m going to call bullshit. Even if you had 3 sexual encounters a day, every single day, for 75 years you wouldn’t crack 100,000.

      • OK. Maybe it was only a million.

      • I doubt it. If you had 10 sexual encounters a day, every single day, for 75 years, it would only be about a quarter of a million. And most gay men don’t live to a ripe old age, either.

        Let’s say a gay man is sexually active from ages 14-55––41 years. That’s 14,975 days of sodom. In order to have a million sexual encounters over this period of time, he’d have to have an average of 66 sexual encounters every single day, or about 2.75 sexual encounters every single hour, from his fourteenth birthday until the day he died!

        I’m not denying degeneracy, but there’s no need to exaggerate or throw out wild numbers that discredit the broader point. You don’t need to be having 66 sexual encounters a day to be a walking disease vector.

      • Dude, there’s too many to count. Put your calculator away, its pointless t even try.

      • RobRoySimmons says:

        Tailgater, you have just been humiliated, but don’t worry every rightwinger in history has to be the dupe in any morality play the left decides must be played.

      • 1rw says:

        The actual number is queerdrillion. A number so large, breeders can’t wrap their heteronormative cisgender privileged little minds around it.

      • Hahaha! They’re having so much sex they’ve somehow went through a hole in time. No wonder health insurance is so expensive!

  8. Attila says:

    I think the opponents of gay marriage and the gay deathstyle should do is use porno clips of deviant sex in their campaigns- in the same way the anti-abortion groups use pix of aborted babies. Watch the support for gay dysmarriage plummet! Natural laws are implacable- there’s no way a person can be healthy and gay because it’s a sickness of the soul which then triggers all kinds of social and emotional consequences.

  9. Anybody remember this guy? Patient Zero?
    In twelve years, he had sodomite sex with 2500 men JUST IN NORTH AMERICA.

  10. Rectification (pardon the .doble entendre) of names is in order. When I was ten years old so many decades ago, I encountered the word “homosexual” in an article in True magazine, about the Army/McCarthy hearings. I asked my Dad what the word meant. Now my Dad’s way with me, was only the truth at all times: He answered me, not in underclass “tough”-guy foul language, but in medical terminology. That answer instilled revulsion in me from beginning through middle right down to present day. Into which this anecdote leads, is a thick black line separating sex (Intromission of penis into vagina) from sodomy (intromission of the penis anywhere else, including but not limited to the anus of either sex, the mouth of either sex, any orifice of any animal, or the knothole in the fence).

    Dad told me further that, if I ever got a sister and someone asked her to lend herself to an act of sodomy, it would by part of my protective duty as the older brother to go after the miscreant with a tire-iron, absolutely no consideration of any such nonsense as a “fair” fight, and mess him up good; without worry for consequences as the family lawyer would be right behind me to protect me.

    • robertpinkerton says:

      Male homo-erotic (See above: I do not buy into the subtext of the word, “homosexual“) carnal transactions are aesthetically repugnant enough that I find it difficult to understand how one can do them, whether as intromittor or as receptacle, without being at least partially literally crazy. Those of the female appear mostly to be one woman helping another masturbate. But those male carnal transactions are parasitic, whereby the intromittor obtains his orgasm at cost of at least great discomfort to the receptacle. A female, in virtue of her sex lacking a penis, can only be receptacle for sodomy of any kind. (My late second fiancee’s mother stopped her daughter’s interest in lipstick cold by telling her that it was originally worn by Egyptial prostitutes as an advertisement of willingness for fellatio.)

  11. Endangered says:


    “Paula Deen cookbook sales soar amid racism row”


  12. Jackson says:

    A while ago weren’t black “leaders” telling us that it was wrong for whites to adopt black children because they wouldn’t be able to properly acculturate them to blackness? Yes, they were! They were working to make the practice illegal, or at least impermissible with state level regulatory practices. Here’s a quote from an article on it:

    “The debate about transracial adoption changed course in 1972, when the National Association of Black Social Workers issued a statement that took “a vehement stand against the placements of black children in white homes for any reason,” calling transracial adoption “unnatural,” “artificial,” “unnecessary,” and proof that African-Americans continued to be assigned to “chattel status.”

    “The organization was so committed to the position that black children’s healthy development depended on having black parents that its President, Cenie J. Williams, argued that temporary foster and even institutional placements were preferable to adoption by white families. This opposition slowed black-white adoptions to a trickle.”

    Now, of course the sanctimonious idiot on RT (but I repeat myself) is saying it’s white racism that causes the lack of interracial adoption, but the sad fact is that the SWPL idiots and DWL morons are damned if they do and damned if they don’t – but lots of them, no doubt would still like to “do the right thing” as soon as the black “leaders” can figure out what that is.

    Here is the full article from University of Oregon, which is interesting:

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