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Impoverished Greeks left no choice but to leave their children in institutions. Εξαθλιωμένες Ελληνικές οικογένειες αφήνουν τα παιδιά τους στα ιδρύματα.

Originally posted on xaameriki – ΧΡΥΣΗ ΑΥΓΗ xrysh aygh GOLDEN DAWN news in english:
In a recent report by a Greek news source, called “Forgotten victims of the euro zone crisis.” The shocking and heart breaking reality of statistics from the Greek…

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Kai Murros: The Coming End Of Liberalism

Kai Murros saying exactly the same thing this blog harps about — liberalism and it’s project of remaking White Human Nature into a race of submissive doormats is going to fail hard as the economy contracts and people are in … Continue reading

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Bernanke announces tapering of Fed buying bonds, stock market gets scared

So the economic situation is quite fascinating if you follow it. Economics junkies are the equivalent of a sports fan watching a game that never ends. So the Fed has been printing 85 billion dollars a month, called “Quantitative Easing … Continue reading

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Biophysical economics on the Kunstlercast George Mobus’s blog. Classical economics ignores physics. Liberalism is Keynesian economics — print more money, it will magically create more wealth! Keynesianism gives us the Magic Ponzi and it’s spectacular destruction. So one thing must be understood; there is … Continue reading

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Black Muslims Laughing Whilst Driving Past Lee Rigby Memorial Site in Woolwich

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Paula Deen; fighting the Marxists by appropriating their Chutzpah Mindweapon

In the three-hour deposition given May 17, the 66-year-old cook was asked if Deen had ever used the N-word. “Yes, of course,” she replied, according to testimony. Jackson’s Atlanta-based attorney continued to depose her, asking which contexts she might use … Continue reading

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Beware the Mind Weapons! Glendon Scott Crawford

FBI Foils Plot To Build Strange X-Ray Weapon, Possibly Targeting President Obama Horribly misguided, but demonstrates the potential of White Human Nature.

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