The Fourth of July

Great poem by Toilet Nation on the Fourth of July

Toiletnation, USA


Upon this soil there once stood

A nation, proud and mostly good,

Where decent, normal, prudent sorts

Ran the government and courts.


Where weirdos didn’t teach in schools,

Where parents dreaded raising fools,

Where child-killers got The Chair,

And sickos knew they’d best beware.


Where God was real and sports were clean,

And our children not yet half-machine,

And it was still a shock, and rare,

To hear a well-raised person swear.


The food was wholesome, springs pristine,

An obese child rarely seen,

Women didn’t act like whores,

And we didn’t salivate for wars.


I think sometimes it gets forgotten

That this country wasn’t always rotten,

That wrongs were often set aright,

And the Big Boss Man was always white.


But today we raised a flag at dawn,

For a country that is largely gone,

And on this warm Fourth of July,

It’s just the…

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The Fundamental Theorem of this Blog: We can defeat ZOG and take over the state just by having enough smart people in our group to overwhelm the Democracy-Idiocracy of 2040.
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3 Responses to The Fourth of July

  1. Hinton says:

    Moonbattery has a very moving and very beautiful tribute to the USA today, July 4th :

  2. Lance says:

    Very moving and patriotic tribute to America over at Moonbattery website. Check it out.

  3. PA says:

    I also posted a version of this at HR’s where it’s presently in mod. So, what year marks the death of America? It was a slow death, but here are some dates to look at:

    1933 – ascension of FDR and the New Deal: some point to that year at least as a first blow, but I disagree. Yes, America’s form of government changed but New Deal worked for the white American majority.

    1954 – This is what I call the first blow, the first act of anti-Americanism that was felt by average people. With Brown vs. Board, Americans no longer had a right to community, except if they could buy into it at increasingly higher premiums.

    1965 – with the Civil Rights and Immigration acts, America’s government was formally hostile to its majority population. But the full effects of both will have taken a few more decades to be felt by most citizens.

    1990 – with the end of the cold war, America’s elites abandoned the nation and embraced Globalism. As GHW Bush said, “new world order,” ostensibly in response to Saddam Hussein’s aggression against Kuwait, but the message was for Americans. With that year, Political Correctness, which is essentially an ideology of white genocide, became official state creed.

    1993 – The election of Bill Clinton, the first openly anti-American president. GATT and NAFTA followed.

    1996 – the capitulation of the Republican Party, with Bob Dole’s nomination acceptance speech.

    1999 – America’s military intervention on behalf of Muslim terrorists against a Christian European nation.

    2001 – The 9/11 attacks. Whatever your position on Truthism, what followed was a disgrace.

    2004 – The re-election of George W. Bush confirmed that Americans as an electorate are immoral idiots. And yes, I voted for him that year.

    2008 – the election of Barack Obama. Somehow, that doesn’t feel like a decisive point in history. Like GHB, he was elected to his first term on a well-run campaign that rode a popular sentiment of fatigue with his predecessor. If the Bush II election in 2001 was “bring honor back to the White House,” then the Obama election in 2008 was “hope and change,” which a lot of Americans believed in. Neither president’s re-election was excusable though. Which brings us to…

    2012 – Obama’s re-election. Paradoxically, that moment contained a glimmer of hope with reports of low white-voter turnout. I see that as a sign of an awakening.

    2013 – The passage of Obamacare. I bring this one up more as a question than as a date for “the death of America.” The late Larry Auster treated Obamacare as a uniquely malign development. I don’t know why it’s different than any other anti-white legislation or court ruling since 1954.

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