Big Brother’s Aaryn Gries; All her ancestors were racists, and so is she!

Whack a mole racists everywhere!

This is what a racist looks like:

Sorry Jamal, she only goes for White men!

This week, Texas model Aaryn Gries was dumped by her modeling agency, Zephyr Talent of Austin, for numerous racist and homophobic comments she has made about her fellow housemates, including two African-Americans, an Asian-American and a gay man. According to many news reports, a Zephyr statement says, in part, that Gries has “revealed prejudices and other beliefs that we do not condone.”

Also this week, another player, New Yorker GinaMarie Zimmerman, was likewise dumped by her employer, East Coast Pageant Inc., for racist language (using the same N-word that felled Deen). Zimmerman’s company said, in part, “We have never known this side of GinaMarie or have ever witnessed such acts of racism in the past. We are actually thankful that this show let us see GinaMarie for who she truly is. We would never want her to be a role model to our future contestants.”

As long as they are still in the game, Gries and Zimmerman are sequestered from the outside world and apparently don’t yet know they are no longer employed.

Meanwhile, three other players are also on the hot seat, unbeknownst to them – Spencer Clawson, an Arkansas railroad conductor, who used a gay slur and praised Hitler for his speaking abilities; Texas boat shop worker Jeremy McGuire, who used vulgar misogynistic terms to refer to women in the house; and Kaitlin Barnaby, a Minnesota bartender who used the N-word in a slang reference not implicating anyone in particular.


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49 Responses to Big Brother’s Aaryn Gries; All her ancestors were racists, and so is she!

  1. Ryu says:

    Good one! Where did you get that “this is what a racist looks like?” She’d make a fine mate for a WN.

  2. PA says:

    April Sims did not apologize. Let’s hope she doesn’t either.

    • mindweapon says:

      Yep. I hope April Sims is doing OK.

    • PA says:

      She’s probably doing fine. It appears that they leave you alone if you don’t apologize, and they drop you form the news spin cycle. Probably because they don’t want you to be an example to other whites as a racist who stands by his words.

      • She’s probably doing fine. It appears that they leave you alone if you don’t apologize, and they drop you form the news spin cycle. Probably because they don’t want you to be an example to other whites as a racist who stands by his words.

        Yes. It’s a syndicate. Jezebel the publication is a group of people in New York City that scout the internet for people who make comments against the regime. Then, they have a big meeting as to which ones they want to make a “google felon” of. They track the progress of these people, and delight if they are denied jobs or otherwise socially ostracized.

        It’s a scam, a really basic kind of scam, not all that different than the Nigerians with the million dollars for the king of Zambuti or whatever.

        When they start going after people’s young daughters, you’ll find a lot of white men getting really defensive about it. It’s an attack on our families.

        Again – it’s just a bunch of cunts living in New York City – essentially, Mean Girls, literally using the internet as a weapons against some random girls posting silly stuff on their Facebook. Forget NSA spying for a minute, do you see the pattern here? It’s high school bullying. A bunch of aging slutty cunts in New York City scouring the internet for pretty young white girls they can turn into internet celebrities – hopefully, with topless pictures.

        Why does anyone stand for it? I have no idea.

  3. PA says:

    I looked to find out what is happening with Emma West, but found nothing on the internet. I hope she is doing well too.

  4. These witch hunts are ridiculous. Those women just show their bodies for a living, they are not politicians or policy makers.
    Oh well, this doesn’t tell us anything we don’t already know. The point our Talmudic masters want to make is that we are obsolete so we better all just keep our collective mouth shut and bite hard on the bullet. No one wants to hear us complain and we are all expendable.

    • mindweapon says:

      There’s a certain liberation in being counted as “obsolete.” We are free to live outside of society, to become market dominant minorities.

      There is a lot we can do outside of government control, government funding, et cetera. We can even use “front men” diversity people to get government grants.

      The jews subverted our forefathers; it’s our turn to subvert them.

  5. Jon says:

    She is Spartacus.

  6. Denise says:

    This is really funny. The Fashion World is “racist” in extremis. White SELLS. White – especially a Nordic blonde like this beauty, is #1 eons above all others. In terms of WHAT SELLS. Nigras – they are a guaranteed financial LOSS. NO ONE wants to look at Nigs. No one. NO ONE wants to visualize themselves as Nigras. This is well known, It’s been an issue for years and years. The Fashion industry has basically told Race Grifters to get bent.

    • mindweapon says:

      Yep, no qusetion Denise.

    • Jon says:

      The “blacks” they do try to push on us are heavily European admixed. You never see full-blooded Bantus or Zulus with their flat noses, sloped foreheads and steel wool hair on the runways.

    • @Denise: Just go to an Asian-owned beauty supply around the first of the month… or better yet, don’t, you’re likely to get jacked for your hair. Between wigs, human hair, synthetic hair (for those “on a budget”), as well as the skilled cosmetology school graduates to work it, a black woman can easily drop $200-300 per month to get a “less black” hairdo. The same ones, who ironically, can’t shut up about being proud black women. Shrug.

    • Everybody in the “fashion industry” is racist as fuck, more racist than some Ku Klux Klansman could ever be. The entire “fashion industry” is nothing but a bunch of New York City people taking pictures of ultra-attractive beautiful White women. Sure, there will throw in a pretty black or asian or whatever, but it’s ALL about the White women.

      OF COURSE. It’s obvious as hell. Why does everyone have to play pretend?

      The world’s most famous models are German blondes from southern Brazil, some specific tribe of them that moved 100 years ago.

      We are the social critics now. The old taboos are gone, nobody gives a shit about MLK and the blah blah whatever civil rights whatever.

    • RobRoySimmons says:

      As a twenty plus year Playboy subscriber, today’s version is basically jew shlock, equality gibberish, and the fantasy 1% lifestyle pieces along with photos of white women or women who wish they were even whiter. I figure that the jews who have taken over playboy use one to cancel out the other and no one will call them on it except us “racists” (means only whites of course).

      If the centerfold is non-white invariably they will put a hot as hell white woman or two in there so they don’t lose subscriptions hands over fists. Again that is so obvious a ploy that again even the diversity cunts of jezebel must figure that out someday.

      The anti-whites are a sad cruel joke, proof that god hates jews, and their colored co-horts.

  7. TruthAndConsequences says:

    @ Mr. Rational

    They’re ALL High-Maintenance, blonde, brunette, redhead. fuggedaboudit. Expect high maintenance from the outset and proceed from there.

    It seems Bill from Apocalypse Cometh knows how to handle the broads better than anyone around — Well, at least as per Bill his very him Self. Though he ran from that Cansino Dame.

  8. Robot Sam says:

    This is awesome! Let’s get a network of just ex-zog approved stars. There’s a market for our people made of our people!

  9. Robot Sam says:

    Aayrn ~ Aryan?

  10. White Dragon says:

    Will the elite co-op WNism?

    Bloomberg Says Whites Are Stopped And Frisked ‘Too Much’

    New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg caused jaws to drop on Friday when he said he believes police stop and frisk whites too often and minorities not often enough. Bloomberg also said he plans to veto two key pieces of legislation that would create a police inspector general and make it easier for citizens to sue police over “bias-profiling.”

    • White Dragon

      Will the elite co-op WNism?

      Yep, I called it right here just about a few months ago. I gave it two years until it’s openly discussed. What you are seeing is the predictable result of whites losing super-majority, and in some cases just majority, status. So we’re getting more tribal, and the PTB are being forced to acknowledge it somewhat.

      A few years ago on OD they discussed a recent “scandal” where some black woman had called Vanity Fair “racist” because they had a cover with the “New Hollywood Stars” which were four stunningly attractive blonde haired, blue eyed white women.

      The News and Jewsers starting rambling about how blacks always complain about racism. They actually made protective, defensive comments about Vanity Fair – “you see, even the liberals get called racist!”

      But no one stopped to think, Vanity Fair is in the business of taking pictures of beautiful women. They chose to run white woman, and then got publicity for the cover when one black woman called them “racist.”

      Do you think the fashionistas at Vanity Fair “don’t notice race?” They are in the business of objectifying women, that’s their job. What’s the very, very first thing you notice about a model? Whether she’s white or not? Do you think the liberals are in any way different?

      Everybody’s a racist. Even dogs are racist. 100% of white people are racist – didn’t Newsweek have a famous cover where they said even white babies are racist? It’s true. All liberals are racist, all Democrats are racist, all the rich people in NYC and Los Angeles are racist, all those anti-white diversity kooks in Wisconsin with their white privilege bracelets – they are really, really racist.

      So a bunch of white people are some allied non-white people point their fingers at another group of white people and say, “racist!”

      Who gives a shit?

  11. TabuLa Raza says:

    >>The point our Talmudic masters want to make is that we are obsolete>>

    On the Twilight Zone marathon yesterday. And Burgess Meredith tricked the Head of the State into being declared Obsolete.

  12. RobRoySimmons says:

    The anti-whites are idiot children with no brakes on their behavior, they are our allies. They make WN symps day in and day out.

  13. bluegrass says:

    The women of racism calendar coming soon!

  14. ZOGPIGBITCH says:


  15. ZOGPIGBITCH says:


  16. OMG she looks racist as hell! If that’s racism give me more!

  17. Gibbon says:

    If I am reading this summary correctly, 5 contestants on the same show are “on the hot seat” for politically incorrect language. I find it extremely difficult to believe that the producers of this show are NOT goading these dupes into this behavior by whatever subtle techniques they can engineer. I think these TV producers are desperate for eye balls. I mean who even knew this show was still being produced?

    Sex sells. But they can only sell so much of it and the rest is a mouse click away.

    “Racism” is also a mouse click away. But it becomes a hell of a lot more interesting to the herd if hot girls are willing to ruin their careers and “reputations” to take part in it. In fact, “racism” almost seems to be very gradually emerging as the new attention grabber for aspiring young ingenues. It just seems to be popping up here and there in the periphery. I think “racism” is trending because “racism” sells. I wouldn’t even be surprised if these “contestants” weren’t being cut a back room deal to ruin their non-existant careers.

    I mean how else are these attention whores going to compete with ubiquitous T and A? As one might say in the corporate world, they need a “differentiator.”

  18. AAB says:

    Aaryn Gries:
    – Great beliefs
    – Great body
    – Great name (if you move one of the ‘a’s over a few places).

    Great find MW!

  19. Though the level of attention paid to the case both nationally and in Florida means it’s unlikely there will be jurors who have not heard of it, Birdsong said it may still be possible to find jurors who haven’t yet formed an opinion on the trial, Birdsong said.

  20. John smith says:

    This website is where white, trashy Republitards like to rant about how stupid they truly are. If y’all noticed though, whites are thankfully becoming a minority and are beginning to be seen as nothing more than entitled bigots who think that everything should be handed to them on a silver platter for no real reason whatsoever . I’m glad that aaryn will be spat at and treated with disrespect the rest of her worthless life. Y’all have fun being dumb and segregated. Oh and not to forget to mention, worthless. Buh-bye now.

    • mindweapon says:

      John smith,

      the rest of her worthless life, eh? Everyone who expresses a politically incorrect statement is “worthless?” Not just worthless, but their life itself is worthless?

      Aryan Gries may bear the children that fly to Mars; she represents the highest specimen of the human race.

      Of course racially envious untermenschen see Miss Gries and call her “a worthless life.” I think Freud called it “projecting.”

      • John smith says:

        Wow. You really try to think best case scenario don’t you? For white people of course. How about you become a pro hater and join the KKK. Who said that I was a Liberal. I think for myself. Now that I know you are an extreme racist and support it, I’m finished with you. I hope that you don’t breed because you will pass on the hate to your children. Bye now.

      • mindweapon says:

        Hey punk!

        You speak any language besides English? Because I do. Don’t tell me to go get edumucated.

        And yes, I’m an extreme racist! The KKK would never take me becauwse I”m too racist for them.

      • John smith says:

        And psychology is theory. Not fact… Go get educated.

  21. pluto the dog says:

    If you think this is bad you ought to check out some of the comments being directed at her on the facebook site – filthy language et al. Libtards are braindead clones, anti-white is really unattractive!/AarynBB



  23. Will says:

    Anti-Black is Pro-Zionist

    Jews created anti-black racism as a heatsink for the White Rage that got them kicked out of every other country theyve ever been in.

    Think about it, the richest, most powerful group of people in America, the people who own 100% of the media, 100% of the banks, and almost 100% of the politicians, have convinced you that blacks, the people with the least money and power in America control what goes on in the media, the economy, and our government. Hook, line, and sinker! Dont bite the Jewbait!

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