Farming skill share workshops; free or cheap and with fun people in beautiful

The world of farmers (landowners) and farm intern (men and women of skills) world

A group of farmers and food advocacy groups have come together to plan a free summer workshop series for farm interns in the Southern Willamette Valley. Come learn from experienced, knowledgeable farmers and connect with other farm interns in the area. This is a unique opportunity to tour different farms and learn from other farmers about how they do things. Workshops include instruction in IPM, biodynamic farming, seed saving… attend ’em all!

You do not have to be a landowner to be a farmer. It’s probably more fun to NOT be a landowner, to be a free agent. I’ve heard of crews of fruit tree and grape pruners. It’s high skill and pays decently. You don’t learn pruning, or butchering overnight. Someone with patience and skill has to teach you, and if you get such a skill, it’s golden.

In the farm intern world, you look for these unusual skills, and perhaps some skill that I haven’t even mentioned or heard of. I bet you’ll meet the better kind of people, too. A lot of men and women I speak with complain about the quality of their fellow Whites that they know in the USA. The farm interns and farmers are a self selected group that wants to do something useful even if it’s hard and grueling and hot and sweaty and dirty. Sounds like a good marriage pool, for both men and women doesn’t it?

Get your skills and you can get jobs in exotic places. Hawaii, Central America, South America, Asia, Russia.

This is how we adapt to the dystopia. We have to suffer a bit, go get hot and sweaty and dirty, put in your work but go after skills. When you got skills, then you can do something like rent a space from a landowner and run a business, or command a decent salary and a good living situation, or travel around making per diem with your skill. Defintiey get a CDL (truck drivers) license too, if you can do it on the cheap with veteran’s benefits or something. Lot of jobs driving those big dump trucks on farms and mines and oil patch places.

Traveling and skilling up is a fun way to live. People need novelty, and you can combine the desire for novelty with learning practical skills and doing practical jobs that will still be needed hwne the Fed can no longer keep this house of cards standing.


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The Fundamental Theorem of this Blog: We can defeat ZOG and take over the state just by having enough smart people in our group to overwhelm the Democracy-Idiocracy of 2040.
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9 Responses to Farming skill share workshops; free or cheap and with fun people in beautiful

  1. Hereward Saxon says:

    Another excellent post.

  2. RobRoySimmons says:

    The new pioneers into ag are basically from the left, from what I gather. The Right proving once again to be behind the freaking eight ball waiting to be told what to do and what cubicle to do it from or what person to shoot at in what style uniform to wear while shooting. A few exceptions but if you tell WN symps to go to these don’t expect the other participants to be all that enthusiastic for anything remotely right wing.

    A few years ago I went on something called a “pasture walk” dealing with cattle grazing, weed control and Holistic Management principles and if someone would have told me I was the only one to the Right of Bill Clinton there I would not have been surprised. That said the academics there were gentle souls who really only wanted to mind their business and follow their scientific passions, and life at their colleges must be terrifying at times with the PC tyrants enforcing the party line at times and on the lookout for deviationism.

  3. Ryu says:

    Good find!

  4. Stary Wylk says:

    The words we commonly use for politics are damaging to how we think about it. “Conservatives” don’t conserve, “liberals” don’t liberate and “right” and “left” may have made sense in the Etats-General under the Louis’, but they don’t now.
    For some things, I stand with the liberals and for some, I stand with conservatives. I think most of us have what might seem to be a mix of values if viewed as right and left.
    That said, skills are skills and valuable whether taught by a commissar or an unrepentant SS-man. I recommend Crop Planning at the Youth Farm; it’s a well-run four acres.

  5. Peak Finance says:

    Some minor quibbles:

    “The Right proving once again to be behind the freaking eight ball waiting to be told what to do and what cubicle to do it from or what person to shoot at in what style uniform to wear while shooting”

    In my experience it’s just the opposite, new arrivals in my very rural area are escaping cons or other newly awakened right-leaning people. For example look up “crunchy cons” or “crunchy conservatives” it’s nearly an entire movement, and I consider myself part of it. The most hopeless sheep I’ve ever met are all leftists, you can’t even have a reasonable debate with them anymore and I don’t bother trying.

    Even leftist environmentalism that “seems” to love nature appears to be more about control then about actually loving the environment and wanting to preserve nature. Contrast this to national socialist environmentalism which protected the environment while considering the practical needs of the population.


    gentle souls who really only wanted to mind their business

    Wanting to mind your own business and staying out of other peoples business is inherently a “right” leaning viewpoint, not a left one, don’t you agree?

    • RobRoySimmons says:

      I’ll stand by what I wrote, though you do bring good news. You have to understand the political left, much, much effort goes into keeping that creeky old coalition from imploding. Take the Holistic Management people, basically the only movement that would take them in is the left and once there they must and I mean they must obey the dictats of the commisars (these people are very cruel) And as I wrote none of those academics would have sniffed tenure if they breached the party line.

  6. Farming internships are a magnet for cute hipster/SWPLy White girls.

  7. “We need more affordable healthy food in New Orleans, and that means we need more farmers. This program will provide new and beginning farmers with the information, skills and connections necessary to build and operate farms that are sustainable both ecologically and economically,” said Marianne Cufone, Executive Director of the Recirculating Farms Coalition.

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