Huff Post Live Jared Taylor v Tim Wise!

h/t Maureen

Jared Taylor v Tim Wise rematch with Heimbach as well

Great stuff! Heimbach doesn’t do the heavy hitting arguing, but he looks the camera in the eye and argues his point in a strong voice and the joyous will of a happy warrior, attacking Tim Wise for his Tick Tock beating hearts comment that I caught him editing. Jared Taylor, meanwhile, hits ’em out of the park!


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17 Responses to Huff Post Live Jared Taylor v Tim Wise!

  1. The Evil Nazi Myth says:

    If blacks did this in Europe, USA, Canada or similar, nobody would say anything ….. on second thought, they do it but they just don’t formalize it …

    “White-only settlers seek S Africa recognition – Community outside Pretoria pushing for official status as town to preserve their Afrikaner culture.” July 8, 2013

  2. Robot Sam says:

    Don’t want to see anymore videos with that privileged negro talking down to whites. I simply don’t care about any words coming out of his money maw. I don’t want them to be equal, I don’t want them to have anything. More ‘equality’ (blacks getting every luxury and opportunity paid for by whites) just means more race mixing and the eventual genocide of my people.

  3. RobRoySimmons says:

    My guess is that our two brave men soundly defeated that anti-white Wise with facts and logic and yet still lost.

    Cuz you see folks the left and the jews survive on one thing and one thing only, that they be perceived as morally superior.

    Now if any of our brave men actually called it “anti-racism” propounded by “anti-racists” they threw the match. Sorry folks get angry at me, but I hate losing.

    • Denise says:

      You are right. You have to nail Wise on his BS.

    • Trainspotter says:

      Actually, Heimbach did use “anti-white,” which was quite good. Then he slipped and said anti-racist, if memory serves. He also mentioned the white “grip” on society, which was an error. We don’t want a “grip,” we want a future.

      In any event, especially considering his age, I think he did reasonably well. He’s got the innate qualities that are so important: courage, charisma, likeability. In fact, he brings those qualities together in a way that is rather rare, and therefore comes across well even when he makes mistakes. As for the verbiage – that can be fixed, and he seems like the type that will learn from his mistakes over time. If he sticks with it, I think he could develop into a truly top notch spokesman for our cause.

  4. Eikos says:

    Wise is slick as hell.

  5. RobRoySimmons says:

    Does anyone know of a WN that would lable themselves “Penus” and post at the SPLC site? This supposed respectable WN joined in on the hit on BUGs, and I would love to find this person’s great body of work, thanks in advance for any clue to where we might find this “respectable” WN.

  6. Trainspotter says:

    Tim Wise really is a piece of, er, work. He’ll support affirmative action, but when an example of affirmative action in practice is brought up, then of course it really didn’t happen. With these people, reality is entirely optional. When it suits them for A to be A, then it is. When it suits them for A to be Z, then it is. Two minutes later, A is back to being A again.

    Then it’s on to comparing apples to oranges, garden variety obfuscation, and drawing false conclusions. These people really are pathological liars, as great men have noticed for literally thousands of years . The Eternal Jew, indeed, and there is nothing new under this particular sun.

    As to the show itself, I’ll have to give some credit to the black host. He handled the situation fairly well, and the email “outing” of Wise as a Jew was priceless. Good old Tim rushed for the coffee after that one, and gave me my one good chuckle from the program. Just a moment before he had been stressing “our” “our” “our” white privilege, passing himself off as more Aryan than thou. In any event, no mainstream white host would have aired that email, so I tip my hat to the African descended from kings and queens. My brother, I ain’t mad at choo!

    On to constructive feedback: Wise is a master of obfuscation, and he does this by trying to control the frame, and encouraging the audience to draw unwarranted conclusions from his misleading frames. He doesn’t want people to see the big picture, but only cherry picked fragments. For example, Timmy doesn’t want to talk about the massive amounts of black on white violent crime, he wants to talk about a drug war that he knows much of the audience is already ambivalent about. He wants to talk about racial differences in flagging a taxi, while ignoring the perfectly good reasons that blacks have a bad rep in the eyes of so many cabbies.

    So yeah, Tim, I guess there is such a thing as “white privilege.” Since we don’t rape and murder others at anywhere near the levels of your cherished blacks and browns, normal people would prefer to deal with us. Our “privilege” in terms of perception has a very real foundation. So yeah, we get a taxi a little bit easier than Brother Rastus. Of course, it turns out to be a rather expensive cab ride once you add up the murdered whites in the morgue, the raped white women in trauma, the trillions in transfer payments, thousands of ruined neighborhood schools, affirmative action, and countless other costs. But thanks for the taxi ride, man! We’re living large.

    Since he is a pathological liar, Timmy has a wee bit of a problem: he only wants to give you a small part of the picture while hoping you don’t notice the 800 pound gorilla that is in the rest of the shot. Don’t let him, or any anti-white that you are arguing with, get away with that. Liars and obfuscators are always barely skirting a land mine. Force them onto it. I would have said “Hey Tim, why is it that cabbies, just ordinary Joes, are more likely to pick up a white than a black? Could it have anything to do with the massive amount of black on white crime? Or are you calling normal working people stupid?” Force Timmy to call ordinary Joes irrational and hateful. Remember, you’re really talking to the audience, not to Timmy. The audience knows that blacks are more dangerous, on average. Timmy is trying to bamboozle them. Force that. Always force your own frame, and just view Timmy’s lies and obfuscation as convenient launching pads.

    I think the deeper problem is that America is just too far gone, both demographically and culturally. I don’t believe this to be the case yet in Europe, but here it is. As I’ve said before, liberalism makes a certain kind of sense in a multiracial society. If you’ve got massive diversity, you’ve got to manage it, and liberalism purports to do that (badly and destructively, but still). It then makes sense to call diversity a good thing, even though factually it is anything but, and white identity must be suppressed in order for the system to function.

    The point being that I think we’ve now reached the point where we’ve got to start talking about self-determination, thus abandoning the current system altogether. With our own ethnostates, none of Timmy’s complaints are even at issue. We’ve got to start talking about a future for our people, and cutting through Timmy’s lies does not achieve that.

    As long as our discourse remains within the paradigm of a fundamentally liberal system, then of course liberalism has the advantage, and we appear as disgruntled carpers as opposed to visionaries.

    Overall opinion on show: not Heimbach’s or Taylor’s best performance, but not bad. They carried themselves well, but need to offer a vision of the future that breaks with the liberal paradigm, but at the same time will allow them to get invited back. The specifics of such an approach require some thought, but just working in the term “self-determination” from time to time would probably suffice for now.

    I’d consider the show a strategic win in the sense that the Jewish issue came to the forefront, and the distinction between whites and jews thus made. Not so long ago, that wouldn’t have happened, and the white nationalist blogosphere deserves credit for the change. Despite myriad attempts to distract us, we haven’t let this issue go, and it’s finally gaining some traction. We’re doing the same thing with “anti-white”, and we shouldn’t let go of it either. Soon, we need to do it with “self-determination,” or a similar term. Folks, slowly but surely we’re changing the political lexicon, so let’s keep at it.

    • Jon says:

      Taylor could have easily cited the statistics of the violent crime victim reports of the identity of the perpetrator, which parallel the disproportion of incarcerated blacks to incarcerated whites.

      • mindweapon says:

        Great point Jon!

      • Jon says:

        It’s an unrebuttable answer to any suggestion that police/courts are biased.

        Whilst the drug war is a total travesty for anyone of any colour caught up in it, I would guess that the ratio of dealers/users is higher among blacks and the statistics skewed by plea bargains of dealers to the lesser crime of possession. When I studied as exchange student at the University of Commiunists, Liberals and Assholes (UCLA), I got lost at 2:00am in an ethnic neighbourhood and was pulled over by the police. The first item on his agenda was, “what are you doing in this neighbourhood/are you here to buy drugs?”

  7. 1RW says:

    How come nobody ever rolls with white privilege? If confronted with white hetero male privilege, I’d say yeah, it’s great, why would I give it up? Not fair you say? I say white people enjoying natural advantages in a country they’ve spent hundreds of years conquering, building, and governing is perfectly fair, just as it’s fair for the Chinese or Israelis to run their countries to their tastes. What about the legacy of oppression, genocide, etc… — What about it? I’m proud to belong to a group that’s better at fighting, building weapons and conquering new lands than others.

    We have to break through this cage of niceness in our public discourse. Jared Taylor, for all his worth, is basically trying to out victim the publicly sanctioned victims. He should just ask Timmy the Wise why white privilege is bad and what’s in it for us to give up?

    • Trainspotter says:

      “Jared Taylor, for all his worth, is basically trying to out victim the publicly sanctioned victims.”

      Fair point, and that only works if you control the satellite uplinks.

      It should also be pointed out that white privilege is in fact earned in great measure by the fact that we are more honest and less likely to cheat, murder and rape than those who don’t enjoy such “privilege.” We also tend to be more polite, easier to get along with, and less annoying than those who don’t enjoy such “privilege.” Ever been in line behind blacks at a store or drive through? Painful….very painful.

      It doesn’t matter whether it’s at a store or a road intersection, a vastly disproportionate number of these people will figure out how to be incredibly obnoxious. Of course, it’s “white privilege” when people notice this, not bad non-white behavior. The solution is to attack white privilege, not criticize the behavior of non-whites.

      To the liberal, anti-white mind, anything that benefits whites is inherently unfair, while the massive victimization of whites through murder, rape, wealth redistribution, and outright physical displacement is either hushed up or, in some cases, actually celebrated. You simply can’t win with these people with rational debate, because they are not at all interested in reason, factual reality, or truth.

  8. Heligoland says:

    ” I’ll have to give some credit to the black host . . . the email “outing” of Wise as a Jew was priceless . . . no mainstream white host would have aired that email ”

    Jared and Matt may have handled themselves well, but it sounds like the Black host was the most effective White American advocate on the show!

    Always remember, Noel Ignatiev is not a “race traitor”, he is a Jewish race loyalist, and Tim Wise is not “White like me”, he is a Jew like Noel Iganatiev.

  9. Diana Blaza says:

    Wise kept making the point that white people commit drug crimes at the same rate as the ‘oppressed minorities’ and that the statistics prove it but how do they know since they are not arrested at the same rate. Even if the police don’t profile them ( accusation they always make), they still wouldn’t have the arrest statistics of whites to make that point.

  10. Diana Blaza says:

    And now that I think about it, the show host was black and it featured two blacks, and one Jew
    versus two whites. Wise, the Jew, was given the floor and the two whites were cut off, and had to ask for more time to finish their statements, more than once I believe. So is that another example of ‘white privilege?

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