Sign the petition; Stop JP Morgan leeching off already low paid McDonalds employees

This is unbelievably outrageous and chutzpathological.

Sign the petition here.

Why is Jamie Dimon smiling? Because McDonalds is giving J.P. Morgan millions in fees off the backs of people actually working for a living.

McDonald’s: Stop paying employees with debit cards loaded with fees

Petition by
Natalie Gunshannon
Dallas, PA

I was looking forward to my new job when I started working at a McDonald’s location in Pennsylvania in April, but I was disappointed to find out that in order to be paid, I would have to activate a JP Morgan Chase debit card with heavy fees attached.

I’m a young single mom. When I started my job at McDonald’s, I knew that I would only be making slightly more than minimum wage. I didn’t expect that the only way I would be paid would be on a debit card that would dock pay that I earned through lots of different fees. When I asked if McDonald’s could pay me through direct deposit to my local credit union, which doesn’t charge withdrawal fees, I was told that the debit card was the only option.

These cards come with a lot of fees: from fees for cash withdrawals to balance inquiries to lost or stolen cards to overdrafts and even inactivity fees. The federal government has helped reduce fees on credit and debit cards that most consumers use, but those protections don’t apply to the kinds of cards companies like McDonald’s are using to pay employees. In the end, I feared that once all of the fees from getting my own hard-earned wages through this card were taken out, my pay would go below minimum wage.

I decided to leave my job at McDonald’s not because I didn’t like the people, but because I think it’s only fair that I get paid for all of my work there. Since I quit, I’ve found out that paying employees through these cards with fees attached is a growing trend among dozens of major employers. The New York Times reported that last year roughly 4.6 million active payroll cards were issued by companies like McDonald’s.

Like millions of other workers, I deserve to get fairly paid for my work. When I stood up and spoke out against the lack of choices for employees, the local franchise in Pennsylvania that I worked for announced that it would offer employees more options for payment. But I’ve seen that employees at other McDonald’s franchises as far away as Milwaukee are still dealing with the same problems and that’s not fair. I think everyone should be given the choice of what they want to do with their hard-earned money.

I think McDonald’s should be a leader nationwide in ensuring that employees get to keep their own wages in full and I’m concerned for other McDonald’s employees who don’t have that option. Will you join me in calling on McDonald’s to ensure that all employees nationwide can keep their wages and chose to say no to fee-heavy cards?

Don Thompson, CEO, McDonald’s
Richard Floersch, Chief Human Resources Officer, McDonald’s
Heidi Barker, Global External Communications VP, McDonald’s
Lisa McComb, Director of Global External Communications, McDonald’s
Danya Proud, U.S. Media Relations Director, McDonald’s
Stop paying employees nationwide with debit cards loaded with fees and make sure that your franchisees all across the country allow employees to have more options for payment.


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28 Responses to Sign the petition; Stop JP Morgan leeching off already low paid McDonalds employees

  1. conchobar14 says:

    insane, while that company does specifically target minos for hiring (like most big corps) this is something that can really tie people together regardless of ideology and remind them that currently it is the elite that is fucking us ALL over, they are already raping us through wage slavery and taxes without blinking an eye, imagine when the gloves come off

    • Would be kind of fun if the Mexicans went beserkers over this. 🙂

      • mindweapon says:

        Non-Whites rebelling is only good for Whites. We should absolutely be encouraging it. The Powers that Be generally like to put the negative fallout of non-white rebellion on Whites, but that has peaked out. They do more of it, and Whites rebel.

        Certain strategies have a limit. Black rioting was useful for TPTB in the 60’s, but will be positively counterproductive for them (and great for us!) now.

        As more negative fallout is put on us, we will rebel quietly and more dangerously, in our hearts first, and then via quiet and multilayered organizations. Social and business organizations, eventually even shadowy organizations dedicated to violence.

        We’re going to have to cooperate to survive economically, materially. This will make us smarter, more collective minded, and lethal to TPTB.

  2. Anon says:

    This is the sort of thing that happens when businesses have infinite cheap labor, I hope that everyone involved puts that together.

  3. Ryu says:

    It goes deeper. Local universities “encourage” students to bank with certain entities. The only way they can print papers or pay for certain services is by using this bank’s card. Naturally the university gets a cut higher up.

    Obviously someone high in McDonalds is getting a piece of the action. I’d bet a payment of a million/year to the right guy would make this happen easily.

    I will not sign the petition however. The only thing the rich care about is money and reputation. They wipe their ass with petitions. This is and will further become the norm. It is life in a third world nation. We don’t want this to stop. Murkans are still too happy. More pain is necessary.

    • Brandon says:

      What you said….

      • mindweapon says:

        I think it’s good PR for the WN movement to stick up for people who actually work for a living. Hell, if the Mexicans went on strike for higher wages from the traitorous scum who hired them I’d be all for it!

        In that sense, I’m in the Tom Metzger camp. I don’t like welfare cheats, but I think that people who work for a living deserve a living fucking wage– every one of them, even non-whites. Elizabeth Warren wants a minimum wage of 22 an hour. Sounds about right to me. It would depress frivolous economy activity — good!

        If employers could not do wage arbitrage, they would have much less incentive to hire non-whties.

      • Ryu says:

        Dude, they’d send every WN on Earth to hell if they could. We cannot “buy” their love by “standing firm”. Racists are lower than worms today. We rank with pedophiles and satanists.

        The way out is the way through. This is not a white man’s country any more. Every plank of support must be pulled out. Lie, cheat and steal, it’s all allowed if it helps a WN or injures a non-WN.

        WNs need to become more like the slick jews. They don’t hold rallies or protests. They pay their pets to do that. They handle all their business in backrooms where they have all the juice. One picture of the McDonalds CEO with the wrong woman would be worth more than hundreds of protests.

      • mindweapon says:

        I support Mexicans striking so it makes it harder for their treasonous employers.

        I want non-whites to behave badly as much as possible, especially at their places of employment. My goal is that employers favor hiring White Americans again. Whtie unemployment is a major first priority triage problem.

        I’m not looking to make non-whites like me. Sorry if you interpreted it that way.

      • ben tillman says:

        MW, about the minimum wage —

        Remember the point that Peter Schaeffer made at Marginal Revolution? Health care costs in this country were $3 trillion last year. US workers worked 250 billion hours last year. That’s $12 per hour that a worker needs to earn just to support his share of health care costs. When you factor in food, shelter, clothing, transportation, Bud Light, and children, it’s possible that a worker making $22 per hour still wouldn’t be a net producer.

      • ben tillman says:

        I mean, a worker making $22 per hour still might have to be subsidized by the government.

  4. Hereward Saxon says:

    On the home page of the site, I noticed another petition:
    I didn’t search but expect there are many more petitions regarding false “child terrorist” judgements.

  5. Peter Blood says:

    Our people should stop dealing with 365Black McDonald’s entirely, either as customers or as employees.

    • Hereward Saxon says:

      We don’t go there. Stay OUT, and warn others to stay out of Walmart, Target, KMart, Sears, Lowes, and all the other big boxes and global franchise businesses, if at all possible.

  6. I wish people would wake up to the consequences of a cashless society. Payments made by credit/debit are much more easily tracked than cash transactions. Which I believe is one of the reasons the gubment loves eBay- trackable transactions are taxable transactions, thus less black market to infiltrate and mo’ money fo’ da welfare class. Win-win for TPTB.

  7. Hereward Saxon says:

    Off topic, but this is interesting: What is “Hikikomori”? Will it be the fate of many liberal males, here? True Conservatives will never succumb to it.

    • mindweapon says:

      Hikkokomori is just agoraphobia. It’s the parents fault in my opinion — they need to be making their kids get involved in things — boy scouts, martial arts, sports.

      Many young men have difficulty acclimating to the social climate of the modern world. I know that I did, but I think it was because of growing up in a divorce situation. TV and video games are a problem too, offering supernormal stimuli that are easier to access than real life.

      My own kid is very socially acclimated. She grew up on a no TV regiment and I brought her (and still bring her) to a lot of activities.

  8. Hereward Saxon says:

    Way off topic, but also interesting: Chinese organic ORCHARD on house walls:

  9. HerewardMW says:

    This is like mill towns during the industrial revolution where workers were paid in tokens valid only in the company store. Just because you have to pay your employees doesn’t mean you can’t find ways to get the money back.

  10. HerewardMW says:

    This is like early factories in the industrial revolution paying their workers in tokens for the company store. Just because you have to pay your employees doesn’t mean you have to let them keep the money.

  11. Reblogged this on Deconstructing Leftism and commented:
    In the old days workers had to sometimes rent a house from the company, at an excessive price, or buy things at the company store, at an excessive price. This is just a return of worker oppression. But of course modern liberals have no problem with this.

  12. Denise says:

    I call Jews the Spawn of Satan for a REASON. They view all the Goyim as soulless cattle beasts, to be USED for their benefit.

  13. Faye Walter says:

    Some states already prohibit it if the use of the debit card would impose fees on the employee (or anything more than a nominal fee). Other states prohibit use of debit cards for wage payment unless the employee authorizes it (or unless the employee has the ability to opt out and receive a paper paycheck).I agree that employers shouldn’t be allowed to force employees into what is essentially a payroll deduction by paying them via a method that will subject them to fees.But I’ll say one thing–I don’t believe for a second this person quit due to this issue. She says that when she raised the issue, “the local franchise in Pennsylvania that I worked for announced that it would offer employees more options for payment.” So the problem was solved for her. I don’t believe a minimum-wage worker would martyr herself by quitting because employees of other franchises weren’t being given adequate choices. Something else was going on here.

  14. I just found out that Labor Ready a subsidiary of True Blue, Inc. a leading provider of blue-collar staffing also pays it’s people this way. True Blue connected 350,000 people to work in 2012.

    This is criminal to rip people off this way. This has to be stopped.

    • mindweapon says:

      It does have to be stopped Maureen. Allowing corporations to enslave darkies is bad for Whites. If they had to pay a living wage, they’d as soon hire White people.

  15. Cecile Howe says:

    Many employees are trying to move away from the cost of issuing paper checks, in favor of direct deposit or payroll debit cards. The latter, depending on the fees, can be beneficial for people who do not have bank accounts.

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