Salon liberal says White people killed Detroit; Commenters LOL

White people killed Detroit
Racial division, suburban exodus and a barren tax base have left one solution: Make the suburbs merge with the city

But there’s no way a city of 680,000 people who work as short-order cooks, home healthcare aides and daycare providers can support an infrastructure built for 1.8 million who worked as autoworkers, engineers and mechanics.

Since Detroit can’t maintain the accouterments of a modern American city with its current tax base, the most practical solution to its problems is regional consolidation. Detroit should merge with its suburbs, as Miami, Indianapolis and Toronto did. A megacity composed of Wayne, Oakland and Macomb counties would contain 3.9 million people, making it the second-largest city in the United States. Detroit could consolidate its police and fire services — which consume nearly 60 percent of its general fund budget — with surrounding departments.

So far, that has been politically impossible, because of black-white resentment and urban-suburban enmity dating back to the 1967 riot, and encouraged by such race-baiting politicians as Detroit Mayors Coleman Young and Kwame Kilpatrick, and Oakland County Executive L. Brooks Patterson. Detroiters didn’t want to share power with the suburbs, and suburbanites didn’t want to share tax revenue with Detroit. Now that Detroit has become a ward of the state, with Mayor Dave Bing’s powers usurped by the emergency manager, the city’s objection is moot. Suburbanites would still resist, but they’d benefit from the efficiency of a single local government, and from a stronger central city, which would make the entire area more attractive to out-of-state business. As for complaints that the suburbs would be forced to subsidize the city’s underfunded-by-$3.5-billion public pension system, well, hundreds of thousands of suburbanites grew up in Detroit, where they were educated by schoolteachers and kept safe by cops and firefighters who are now in danger of having their retirement benefits cut. Moving across 8 Mile Road should not relieve them of all responsibilities to the city they fled.

Unless Detroit and its suburbs start cooperating, Michigan will continue losing jobs, residents and college diplomas faster than any state in the nation.

The most hopeful Detroiter I know is a young Polish-American woman who grew up in the suburbs, graduated from Harvard and, in an act of reverse white flight, bought a Mies van der Rohe condo by the Detroit River. She believes that her generation can bridge the divide across 8 Mile, which is culturally, sociologically and economically even wider than the street’s name suggests.

“The younger generation is not as racially divided,” she said. “A lot of it is pop culture. If you grew up in the ’80s, ‘The Cosby Show’ was on TV. We didn’t fight those battles during and after the riot. We don’t carry those scars.”

The young Polish American woman is in for a rude awakening. They never publish actual successes; they publish liberals who say the right things and propose that “it will get better in teh future because” blah blah blah the Cosbys, et cetera.

Commenters priceless as usual:

JVR 15 minutes ago
Interesting article — but I am left wondering at several implications of the accusation:

(1) Why is there an assumption that concentrating black people in Detriot (by migration and white flight) will harm the city? Is it really so that white people are needed for a city to be good? Why is there this implication that a majority black demography is bad?

(2) The whites who left to the suburbs in white flight are of course Leftists who worked hard on Leftwing causes. They do suffer from a cognitive dissonance about this, on the one hand they support Obama and AA, on the other hand they relocate to escape large black populations. A similar dynamic is seen in contemporary (black ruled) South Africa — white liberals and leftists who opposed apartheid and worked closely with the ANC emigrated when Nelson Mandela became president. If they did not emigrate, then their families emigrated in a large scale white flight — Many of South Africa’s pre-eminent white leftwing families do not live in South Africa anymore, they forced the hapless Boers into a constitution where the ANC takes and rules everything and then they themselves depart for NY or London (or Sydney and Toronto). Talk about hypocrisy, similar in kind to the white Left in the USA who lives in upper crust white neighbourhoods while they champion minority rights.

Dylar 16 minutes ago
Are we required to do everything? At what point will colored folks be strong enough to stand on their own feet?

Gerry Q 20 minutes ago
If the headline said “Lack of white people killed Detroit”, it may or may not have been right but it would be a better match to the contents of the article.


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53 Responses to Salon liberal says White people killed Detroit; Commenters LOL

  1. In Sydney, the attraction of Sydney Harbour which stretches through the middle of the city has meant the poorer suburbs that attracted migrants were in the Greater Western Sydney region, away from the city and the harbour. Those areas popular with European and Asian migrants experienced a degree of white flight, with a concentration of Anglo-Celtic people in certain areas, such as Penrith in far-western Sydney, the Sutherland Shire and the Gosford – Wyong area of the Central Coast, north of Sydney. These suburbs remain predominantly European-Australian.



  2. RobRoySimmons says:

    We WNs have a mini industry we created to tell us how powerful the anti-whites are and how we cannot win so we must retreat to the fuher bunker and die a glorious death or some other nihilist BS, but we never stop to look at the tree in the forest. Honestly my friends the left is staffed by idiots, this article is par for the course in logic. Everyone of us should be chained to a chair in front of our computers which should be locked onto Daily Kos for 24 hours straight, especially during a witch hunt when they are especially animated. This would be more educational than the standard essay detailing in great detail the woe that is upon us.

    • mindweapon says:

      They may be idiots, but they are in power.

      • RobRoySimmons says:

        Doesn’t hurt to remind people that the establishment is staffed by idiots, evil ones at that. Otherwise we get into dittohead territory of being the straight dupe who ends up accountable for their mistakes, no more white knighting.

  3. He’s right, from his standpoint, because from his standpoint white people are obligated to give themselves as sacrifices, usually living but sometimes dead, for the supposed evils of their ancestors. They are supposed to submit to theft, robbery, rape and murder without complaint, and pay lots of money to support blacks without complaint. If the blacks were just working at low-pay, low-skill jobs it wouldn’t be so bad, but many of them are not working or working as criminals, and the ones that are working in some capacity morally support the parasites.

    These people are evil, but they are not idiots. The fact they can say ridiculous things and force people to believe them is a sort of evil spell they cast. Some white people see, but few can or will say, and many are under the full influence of the spell. Beyond organizing and strengthening the few, we have to find out how to break the spell for the many.

    • RobRoySimmons says:

      “Idiots” of course yes and no. I always scale up the Jim Jones cult so people can better understand the Left of today. He was both, brilliant and an idiot, not totally uncommon.

      If you read DK it is breathtaking the party line group think that barely rises above “he/she is a poopyhead.”

      If they are the evil geniuses our Bunker Boys claim they are I wish they would actually point one out so I could study it (of course before I retreat to my bunker and await the final assault so I can bravely die and then enter Valhalla)

      • OK but *somebody* is running things, how exactly isn’t entirely clear. The Kos Kidz are the useful idiots, but who is using them? I’m working on something about the visible system versus the invisible system.

  4. The TOP leftists are as brilliant as they are evil. They have convinced almost an entire race of people to agree to their own genocide.

    That said, it is already backfiring. You can only push people so far. They have awakened the sleeping giant and they know it. The reason I know that they know it is that they actually call us pro-White and White Nationalists in the news. Now it’s time for us to step it up and call ourselves what we really are, White Separatists. Those White people in the Detroit suburbs are Separatists, even though they wouldn’t call themselves that as are the White people in the Portland suburbs who are concerned about “Portland Creep”. We need to jump on these trends and get a homeland for ourselves. We are still around 50% of the population in the United States so we have the numbers to do it.

    • Skeeter says:

      A decent documentary about Detroit is called “Detropia” (, but you have to “watch between the lines” to get what’s happening/happened to the town. I was watching the black people talking in the film about how they can’t understand what happened as I wanted to yell at the TV, “YOU happened! YOU are what happened to Detroit!” That and deindustrialization, in all fairness, over the last 40 years.

  5. PA says:

    — “The most hopeful Detroiter I know is a young Polish-American woman who grew up in the suburbs, graduated from Harvard and, in an act of reverse white flight, bought a Mies van der Rohe condo by the Detroit River…”

    Go forth little lambs, go to your slaughter

    — “The younger generation is not as racially divided,” she said”

    The Younger Generation has been saying this since the 1950s. And then they meet reality and blacks’ own idea of satisfactory race relations.

  6. conchobar14 says:

    i grew up in the mass of white flighters from the “d”. at every learning establishment primary school-college, we’d have non-michigander natives (as in came into the state either during the 60’s or after as “professionals”) in the educational system. there always has been a more socialist bend crowd in the south east where the UAW is strong. the profs and teachers i had would always make similar points to this piece but in almost every instance they were not there when it happened. if in some case there was a boomer who was there that teacher would shut the fuck up, because they’d get a mouthfull. that city used to be majority white, it used to be a marvel, they’d race formula one down woodward, little white kids would laugh and watch all the cool cars in the “motor city”, it was debatably america’s greatest city. and then the niggers and the do-gooders came and started what was essentially ethnic cleansing of the inner most neighborhoods, through outright terrorism. my father talked of gangs of blacks riding around in cars into white areas looking for victims. of course the “great ford” brought them here originally, but it was liberal do-gooders that allowed them to gain control of the D from the safety of their ivory tower.

    • trouble says:

      “started what was essentially ethnic cleansing of the inner most neighborhoods, through outright terrorism. my father talked of gangs of blacks riding around in cars into white areas looking for victims.”

      This is the truth of it and the same thing happens everywhere. Ethnic youth gangs engage in low-level ethnic cleansing while the media cover it up leading to the white population moving away.

      • trouble says:

        UK example of the same thing with the cars

        “the vast majority of those were attacks by Asian youths – usually in gangs of anything from six to 20 – on lone white males.”

        They drive around in 2-4 cars loaded with guys and weapons and all pile out when they spot a white kid on his own.

      • conchobar14 says:

        soon enough you all will do the same and worse to them, and if not you the scots will.

      • Mr. Rational says:

        They drive around in 2-4 cars loaded with guys and weapons and all pile out when they spot a white kid on his own.

        Oh, goodness, the possibilities this has for baiting the enemy!  Lone White kid on street is spotted by roving Muslim convoy.  Convoy stops, troops bail out… and the vehicles are instantly hit by Molotov cocktails fired out of potato guns.  Crossbows from upper-level windows on both sides of the street take out the troops as the bait dives behind a heavy door guarded by men with iron bars.

        Pull out the crossbow bolts, shove the enemy troops back into the burning vehicles, add more petrol, and wait a few minutes to move the personnel and weapons out of the area before calling 999 to report a fire.

      • Dont’ forget to film the whole thing…and from different angles.

  7. Snake says:

    Hey at least they admit that coloreds need us. Why else did the black nationalists lose so terribly? Imagine Dracula saying he didn’t need pale maidens? Or more aptly, what if a chupacabra renounced goats?

    “We don’t need you, but you need us.” never fails to infuriate coloreds. Ever.

  8. HerewardMW says:

    “Moving across 8 Mile Road should not relieve them of all responsibilities to the city they fled.”

    How far will you have to move to avoid those “responsibilities”? Because that is exactly how far people WILL move.

    • Mr. Rational says:

      Whether they stay south of 8 Mile or move to Novi, Saginaw or Ishpeming, the Blacks from Detroit should remain responsible for the destruction they’ve caused.  Ideally, they’d be forced back to Detroit and not allowed to have another drink, cigarette or f*ck until they’d done their fair share of cleanup and repair.  Which would be approximately never.

  9. Anon says:

    “but they’d benefit from the efficiency of a single local government, and from a stronger central city” – going to go out on a limb here and say that they would not infact benefit from this.

  10. Anon says:

    Oh god the comments:
    “This is more complex than whites killing Detroit. Yes, some white jerks fled because they simply didn’t want to live near black people. Those are the ones who built gated communities in the ‘burbs and voted Republican. They got theirs so screw everyone else.. Many whites, however, wanted to stay and did stay for a while.”

    He is making the case that the initial round of white flighters tipped detroit over, and that had they not fled detroit would still be strong. Which of course implies that the jerks, assholes, and (worst of all) REPUBLICANS produce and maintain civilization.

    • conchobar14 says:

      these people were not there, they just sit in a ivory tower and spout these opinions for self gratification. there is a healthy amount of white radicalism in this state due to the ethnic cleansing of detroit. as evidenced by mcveigh and the michigan militia, whose compound was located in the county where all the white flight relocated to.

  11. HerewardMW says:

    Off topic – but what happened to Hipster Racist?

    • mindweapon says:

      He’s one of those people who has his ups and downs. I figure he’ll reappear some time. He cna’t resist us forever.

      • Hipster Racist says:

        well that is basically true but someone attempted to hack my blog in a very amateurish fashion, likely one of those anti-fa bitches from one of those sites. I’ll be back.

    • conchobar14 says:

      summertime, some people i guess have better things to do than sit on the CPU all day 🙂

  12. Robot Sam says:

    Have you guys ever driven through the old neighborhoods in large cities that the blacks have taken over? They are beautiful, wooded, and well laid out, with strange and wonderful idiosyncrasies, and populated with well built and lovely houses. This is what the YKWs and liberals and non-whites took from us, our building, our options, our sweat and blood. Imagine where you could walk to the corner grocery store, the pool, and the library, and have a community bar. We have been robbed, and we will win, because of peak anger. I am already pissed of all that I have missed out on, had taken from me and all that these ungrateful easy living niggers have had and never said one word of thanks for. They are just barbarian sub human savages who could not build what they have take and destroy in a million years.

    White men must get back to enjoying the man to man warfare of yesteryore and of taking territory and saying f*ck you to our enemies when they cry like a bitch. F*ck you as we lay the axe down. I can’t wait, let it collapse, and deliver our enemies unto us! Hail chaos and hail the coming storm from the brave men of my people!

  13. A.Ralston says:

    I always keep firmly in mind the primary adversary who masterminded this anti-White agenda long ago and cunningly advanced it by deft manipulation of other racial groups. Many of our own ancestors allowed themselves to be duped.

  14. Joe says:

    Someone needs to tell Hipster Racist “on the down low” means homosexual sodomy in black jive talk. Or, maybe that’s what he means?

  15. Attila says:

    Check out his repulsive display of Negrification …

    With stupid whites like these- of which the country seems to be full – the situation looks bleak.

  16. The Bronx experienced “white flight” as well, but mostly in the 1970s, and mostly in the South Bronx .

  17. RobRoySimmons says:

    You will find that the anti-whites have no real defense against the phrase “anti-white.” Of course the PC mental blocks that keep people from actually saying it are huge, proving that propaganda works and works well at least with whites with decent IQ.

    People would rather write essays about history or HBD than call someone an anti-white out to do harm to our racial group. Hell they would rather call me names than call an anti-white an “anti-white.” So the next time some genius on our side says that propaganda does not work on him/her ask them to say “anti-white” and ask them if they would call an anti-white an “anti-white.”

  18. Telemaco says:

    Mudshark in Ghettroit.

  19. Bridgett Rasmussen says:

    Much of the rise can be pegged to younger white people — along with some empty nesters — moving to the city, even as African Americans continue to leave for the suburbs.

  20. Alice Teller says:

    So we ceded an entire modern city and they could not even maintain it? This is our fault? Interesting perspective.

    • mindweapon says:

      Of course it’s our fault, Alice! We’re supposed to nursemaid them from cradle to grave! Every failure of blacks is like parents neglecting their chilluns!

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