Matthew Heimbach at the American Freedom Party Conference

It’s good to see the White nationalist movement having a physical presence like this.

Mr. Heimbach is far more pessimistic than me, and more pessimistic than his Trad Youth partner Matt Parrott. At least he’s a cheerful and energetic pessimist, and from this speech you’ll note he’s quite the vanguardist.

I say he’s a pessimist because he’s saying that in 2030, 2040, we’ll be a minority and we’ll be treated very badly.

There’s an assumption baked into this statement with which I beg to differ. That’s the assumption that the character of White people will stay the same for the next 20, 30, 40 years.

If or when we develop a resistant, resilient and racially collectivist mindset, it won’t matter if we are a minority. It wont’ matter if the government is tyrannical. White people acting as a unified group is the most powerful man made force on earth. The only thing that holds us back is the inertia of the past — a past of plenty; a past of unions paying living wages, pensions, generous health benefits, cheap food, cheap gasoline, cheap stuff, easy credit.

That inertia is running out right now. Even Matt Heimbach says he’s not afraid of destroying his job prospects by being a political dissident; the people he knows who are not google felons and have masters’ degrees are Starbucks baristas. You can play by all their Jewish rules and still get nothing!

So we have less and less to lose. I know two people who live in their vehicles, and one of them who takes his vehicle around the country to do different jobs. It’s a new Grapes of Wrath; with exponential Wrath. I’m sure there are many more young White people living like this.

So where do we go from here? The Catholic Church spread by serving people; the catch was that in doing service such as running hospitals or schools, they spread their Catholic religion. If we do service for (worthy) others, we naturally have a right to spread our ideas to them.

So get good at something; fixing cars, house renovation/plumbing/electric/sheetrock/flooring or growing food, brewing beer, or meat cutting/butchery, or perhaps the medical field, and be someone who provides a tangible service to worthy White people in your community. Make money at your skill or trade as much as you can, but also use the value you create to influence good White people to come to our camp without fear but also without exposing themselves as dissidents.

I always did jobs for the adventure of the job, for learning a new skill or being part of interesting situations. I urge you to do that as well. Get a farm internship, or a CDL license and go to the oil fields.

One of my correspondents is starting his degree in Petroleum Engineering this fall because of this blog. He was originally going to major in history in the Northeast US and do heaven knows what; myself and another commenter persuaded him to go for a life of high adventure in resource extraction. He’s going to be economically independent in the economically contracting dystopia, and he’s one of us.

We are the greatest resource in the world; we have the potential to crush the criminal gang that is oppressing us. We need only “wake up,” like Gulliver in the land of the Liliputians. And I believe that economic contraction and the end of the prosperity inertia of the mid to late twentieth century will be that wakeup.


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The Fundamental Theorem of this Blog: We can defeat ZOG and take over the state just by having enough smart people in our group to overwhelm the Democracy-Idiocracy of 2040.
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22 Responses to Matthew Heimbach at the American Freedom Party Conference

  1. Heligoland says:

    To do list:

    1. Empower the awakened.
    2. Awaken the powerful.
    3. Breed.

  2. RobRoySimmons says:

    Well said

  3. My prediction remains, in the next 2 years “white rights” will become at least partially mainstream. It look like GOP party hacks like Anne Coulter are getting in early, still crypto, but barely.

  4. Wally D. says:

    If Harold Covington truly cared for the eventual success of the NW Homeland movement he has nurtured, all these years, he would step down as it’s leader allowing Matt Heimbach to assume the mantle. Heimbach is not only very articulate and intelligent , he is inspiring with the potential for greatness. His use of the term, “White Zionism” is a meme that needs to go viral. His recommendation for all of us to read Saul Alinski’s “Rules for Radicals” shows he knows what works, in the real world, even if the book was dedicated “to Satan”

    • Ryu says:

      Matty is a still a bit young. He needs some seasoning, some experience. There are no 25 year old generals in the military. Life has much to teach.

      I agree with Matt though. We will be a minority in 2030. The same thing happened in South Africa and all of the awareness didn’t change anything. Awareness by itself isn’t terribly useful.

      • Wally D. says:

        “There are no 25 year old generals in the military. Life has much to teach.”
        Matt has mastered the essentials of being a WN leader and Alexander The Great conquered much of the world beforing dying at age 33.

    • Thanatos says:

      Matthew Heimbach is fantastic. I love his style and his energy, and his heart is solidly in the right place. I notice he does not condemn socialism explicitly. In America, this would be a grave mistake. Socialism in this climate would be like throwing buckets of gasoline on the fire that is burning your house down. It would make it 1000 times harder for a diminished white majority to do what must be done to ensure our survival.

      Overall,though, not much to disagree with there.

      He may understate the effectiveness of political parties,though. I note that one of Mitt Romeny’s crucial downfalls was an inability to sell himself to whites.

      Imagine you’re an American white witnessing a commercial for a new shiny American Nationalist Party. Imagine it says to you, “We can’t promise you [X], but what we can promise you is that if you vote for us, our administration will be fundamentally different than what you’ve been seeing for the past 50 years. We care about issues that are important to you,(the white viewer) and we want jobs, education, and healthcare for Americans, not for illegal immigrants.

      Who would be able to resist casting their vote? Ron Paul as the solution to the Washington elite? Not even close. The third party that whites need to support is a Nationalist party that caters explicitly to them. No more of this “wait and see”,”hope and change” baloney.

      -“Would you like leftism or leftism with a side order of freedom fries,sir?”

      -“Gee, I don’t know, do you have anything that’s not leftism?”

      -“Certainly, sir! For the discriminating palate, we have pseudo-leftism!”

      No thanks.

      Real, radical* change, NOW!

      *I feel like a leftist saying that, however, the crucial difference is that all strains of leftism are a play on universalism or enlightenment values, whereas a nationalist party would represent a fundamental departure from all the strains of leftism based on these values (which is all of them) that have dominated American politics for the last century or so.

    • 1rw says:

      HAC said he’s looking for a successor, so I think Matt probably could go there and “intern” to be the northwest front leader in ten years

    • pluto the dog says:

      Hac does great work, he is an ideas man and always surprises. He bemoans the lack of new leaders coming forward – he wants to see men and women of “character” assume leadership roles

  5. We do need young people to head up these groups. Matt can’t do it all either. Who else will step forward?

  6. >>The Catholic Church spread by serving people; the catch was that in doing service such as running hospitals or schools, they spread their Catholic religion.<<

    Looking at the Epistles in the New Testament, it's clear that Christianity started as an underground movement of the oppressed to help each other out in a corrupt, brutal society. We can have the same thing.

  7. Trainspotter says:

    Matt definitely has a lot of promise, and it is encouraging to see a speech like this so well received by the crowd. Definitely a far cry from Merlin Miller’s pitiful denunciation of white nationalism, desperately trying to curry favor with a mainstream that, by its very nature, cannot accept us. How could it? Our values and requirements are directly at odds with the values and requirements of the system.

    The trend line is clear: there is growing recognition that the existing system will not be reformed, indeed that it is quite literally impossible to do so. To attempt reform at this point is nothing more than a mug’s game. This increased understanding is happening both within and without the confines of the movement.

    The way forward intellectually is that of the vanguard, dreaming the big dream, that of the white homeland. Our lodestar must be achieving a home of our own. On the practical side, it means creating networks on the ground. In my view, most of these should probably be informal and under the radar, but whether they are or aren’t, they need to ultimately cover the full range of white needs: economic, educational, cultural, social (including romantic), and so forth.

    Intellectually, at least, we live in exciting times. We are witnessing an inner break with system, and eventually that can manifest itself as a material break.

  8. Anonymous says:

    How does Matt Heibach expect to support himself? I read he plans to go to graduate school, but other than that… ?

  9. oogaboogaman says:

    Off topic. Man, f**k these niggers they’re a bunch of bitches unworthy of callig themselves descendants of the 1968 nigs who burned whole cities to the ground. I bought a shit ton of booze, weed, and good food for a planned Trayboon riots party. Now I’m stuck with all this shit and no TV entertainment.

  10. oogaboogaman says:

    Heimbach is great, I just pray he’s not COINTELPRO, a fag, or a pedophile. Otherwise, I have much love for him.

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