Sample of two kooky responses by anti-whites to Zimmerman verdict; facts don’t matter to these people

Gary younge at the guardian newspaper

On 26 February 2012 Martin was on his way home, minding his own business armed only with a can of iced tea and a bag of Skittles. Zimmerman pursued him, armed with a 9mm handgun, believing him to be a criminal. Martin resisted. They fought. Zimmerman shot him dead.

“Martin resisted.” Meaning, he physically attached the neighborhood watchman. He could as easily have simply asked him, “hey, what’s up, my name is Trayvon Martin, I am staying in unit 5d with my parents, you can look it up.” But instead he physically attacked the night watchman.

To these kook, bad faith asshole liberals, Martin had a right to pummel the shit out of the neighborhood watch captain. That’s the dystopia these fuckers want for you, White man. Any attempt to defend anything you have from black criminals makes you the criminal! As Keith Alexander says, criminal rights are part of the New World Order plan to destroy the bourgeouisie — the middle class.

Then our old friend, Tim Wise, . using his daughter as a pawn, and claiming he’s going to sic her on the rest of usWhat a nut!

Which is to say, Trayvon Martin is dead because he is black and because George Zimmerman can’t differentiate — and didn’t see the need to — between criminal and non-criminal black people. Which is to say, George Zimmerman is a racist. Because if you cannot differentiate between black criminals and just plain kids, and don’t even see the need to try, apparently, you are a racist. I don’t care what your Peruvian mother says, or her white husband who married the Peruvian mother, or your brother, or your black friends, or the black girl you took to prom, or the black kids you mentored. If you see a black child and assume “criminal,” despite no behavioral evidence at all to suggest such a conclusion, you are a racist. No exceptions. That goes for George Zimmerman and for anyone reading this.

George Zimmerman the volunteer, non-paid Civil Rights activist

George Zimmerman, the Florida neighborhood watch volunteer who killed Trayvon Martin, had once protested the unfair treatment of a homeless black man by the local police, his father says.
Robert Zimmerman told Sean Hannity of Fox News on Wednesday night that his son handed out flyers at black Sanford churches in December 2010, outraged that a police lieutenant’s son was not arrested on the spot after being caught on tape sucker-punching Sherman Ware.
Ware was standing on the sidewalk when the cop’s son, Justin Collison, came out of a Sanford bar and punched him in the back of the head. The incident was caught on tape by an observer with a cell phone, but Collison was not immediately arrested, according to the Orlando Sentinel.
Once the video aired on local news stations, George Zimmerman and others demanded that Collison be arrested and Sanford Police Chief Brian Tooley be fired, according to the Sentinel.
Then one day after George Zimmerman went to black churches to urge action, Collison was arrested and Tooley was booted. Collison eventually was sentenced to one year of probation.
In another twist, according to the Sentinel, the sister of Sherman Ware, the man Collison attacked, took part in a Trayvon rally on March 19 at which protesters called for Zimmerman’s arrest.
“I stand for justice for Trayvon, for Sherman Ware,” Tonetta Foster told the newspaper.
While many believe that George Zimmerman should be arrested, he says he acted in self-defense on the night of Feb. 26 when he killed the black teen.

See that! No matter how GOOOOD you think you are, white liberal, you might end up the Great White Defendant. You look at George Zimmerman or Aaryn Gries or Matthew Heimbach:

being attacked by the Jewish media and feel all righteous and good and thinking, “taht would never be me.” Well, if you deal with blacks, you may wake up one day as the Great White Racist or the Great White Defendant. All your righteous liberal volunteering, all your ghetto passes and civil rights activism, volunteer or paid, won’t amount to anything. You Are White ergo You Are Racist.

All White people are implicit White racists; others made that decision for you. You can be weak and try to deny the identity that others have forced on you; or you can embrace your identity and join us, at the very least in your heart.

Someone who knows he’s a racist avoids contact and dealings with anti-whites, and all non-whites, having legal and cultural privilege over whites, are potential anti-whites, even if they act friendly to you. You never know when your colored friend may exercise thier colored privilege and call you a racist, so it’s best not to have them.

You want to be safe? Acknowledge that you are a racist and plan your life accordingly. We Whites can be among each other and be safe, because no one will exercise colored privilege over you. We are your friends, we are your racial family. Yes, I’m a racist! None of my best friends are black.


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13 Responses to Sample of two kooky responses by anti-whites to Zimmerman verdict; facts don’t matter to these people

  1. RobRoySimmons says:

    Its why anti-racism is a complete fraud, the coloreds will never allow you to forget race. Its really got to suck to be some childish womanish white person who believes in those lies only to have race thrown right back in your face. I include those teatard connedservatives in this group as well.

    Well said all around. As for this saga my WAG is that the Obama admin is more desperate for distraction than we can imagine, perhaps they really think they can re-ignite niggermania of those glory years 1992-2008 and have us all whoopin and hollerin for blacks, but IMO blacks are corn syrup fed fat loud mouthed has beens.

  2. Peak Negro. Nobody I know gave a damn about this trial and despite to media’s 24/7 attempt to make this a Great Civil Rights case, whites just didn’t take the bait.

    The libs don’t care about truth, literally do no care one bit about facts or accuracy in anything. It’s all about pretending to be morally superior by having the most fashionable opinions.

  3. Skeeter says:

    Love the “colored privilege” meme — so true!

  4. Ah, poor Tm Wse. I really do feel sorry for him, his daughter even more so.

    Once again he picks a poor argument about “telling the difference between a black criminal and regular kids.” Had he read TDO once in his life, he would understand that the difference between black criminals and regular kids is that black criminals are in the middle of committing, or recently completed carrying out a crime. Then he piles on the shaming language, two scoops’ worth, not realizing that this little boy has cried “wolf” far too often for his own good, and in the end, it means nothing.

    It’s a sad reflection of the state of our nation when someone like Tmmay can reproduce and pass his genes, and his half-baked ideologies, onto innocent children.

  5. aryandawn says:

    Obama should order a drone strike on Zimmerman LOL!!!

  6. Wow I didn’t watch the video at first, that’s out Matt on Russia Today? That guy is getting around.

  7. Snake says:

    “If Jorgé Zimmerman can’t make diversity work then neither can you.”

  8. Dear Tim Wise:

    I’d post this response on your blog, but you haven’t taken comments since your unfortunate “Tick Tock” Tantrum on the evening of the 2010 mid-term elections.

    Since THIS blog spread your Anti-White bigotry all over the internet, despite your attempts to “whitewash” your remarks, I am pretty sure you check in now and again to monitor what is being said about you here. So I am confident that you will read this post.

    I feel very badly for your traumatized daughter, so badly that I feel it is my duty to help heal her pain. My suggestion? A very effective way to console your baby girl is to remind her that an “innocent” black boy like Trayvon (who was simply visiting his dear old dad and his girlfriend) could have NEVER been profiled and shot in YOUR neighborhood, because thanks to the way your neighborhood has priced underprivileged people of color (not to mention poor or working class Whites, but who cares about them) out of ever moving there. Trayvon’s dad and his girlfriend could never afford to live anywhere near her.

    But I’m sure you know that, because you chose to move there. So, please “wise up,” because you only look like a bigger idiot than you if honestly think that anyone with living brain cells is going to buy your pious platitudes, you disingenuous hypocrite!

  9. trouble says:

    Worth sending this photo of Trayvon on the night of the killing to any liberal family members who think he was a little kid because of the photos the media use.

  10. Steve says:

    Imagine what would have happened to Zimmerman if he had actually been white.

    • mindweapon says:

      I know! It’s horrifying to see how incredibly, fanatically anti-white they really are! Facts don’t matter, burn the witch!

      • RobRoySimmons says:

        Or, imagine how bad it would be for the tv interrogator if the white called them anti-whites and stuck to his/her guns instead of tailgating? When they call us “racist” they get within our OODA loop, and frankly speaking very few whites have a clue how to regain superiority, instead they wander off into undergrad blah, blah instead of political war mode.

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