Tim Wise needs to teach white people the difference between whoop-ass and bashing

Jeantel admits that Trayvon was only planning on administering a (generally) non-lethal whoop-ass rather than a bash (to death).

Prosecution witness Rachel Jeantel, speaking to Piers Morgan on CNN last night, explained that George Zimmerman had misunderstood the beating he was receiving from Trayvon Martin, and so had the jury in his trial. Zimmerman was not facing a potentially life-threatening “bashing,” but simply a “whoop-ass.”
They don’t understand, they understand, “Oh, he would just bash, or was kill.” When somebody bash somebody, like, blood people, trust me, in the area I live, that’s not bashing. That’s just called “whoop-ass.” You just got your ass whooped. That’s what it is.
It was Zimmerman’s own fault for not understanding the cultural context in which he was being attacked.
Morgan tried to save Jeantel’s statement by asking her whether Martin would have “whooped ass” in self-defense. But the damage was done. For a split second, the camera caught a member of the audience reacting in shock, her jaw dropping at Jeantel’s admission–and her apparent expectation that Zimmerman should have understood the supposed cultural practice of “whoop-ass,” rather than acting to protect his own life.

I wrote to Tim Wise:

At your lectures you need to teach white people the difference between whoop-ass and bashing, so they don’t over-react in self defense and instead just take the whoop-ass they got coming. Zimmerman didn’t understand enough about black culture to know that Martin was just a whoop-ass him, not bash him to def.


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8 Responses to Tim Wise needs to teach white people the difference between whoop-ass and bashing

  1. RobRoySimmons says:

    If you kind of accept that to the psychopath anti-whites like Weasel that you are a second class citizen compared to Jubba Hut the Witness it is kind of liberating. But the connedservatives still scramble for that “respect” and that kills our outlook on life, giving us the permanent depression.

    Yes I am a white man and I am a second class ‘Murikan citizen lorded over by people whose only worth is psychosis over their victimhood.

  2. Anon says:

    She is just the best witness isn’t she?

  3. Heligoland says:

    Perhaps some youths from the area Miss Jeantel lives can help Mr. Wise improve his lectures?

    First, Mr. Wise can get his “ass whooped” onstage by a diverse youth.

    Afterwards, an even more vibrant youth can “bash” him.

    That way, the audience will be able to know the difference.

  4. mindweapon says:

    I talked about this angle with local middle class White people who are pissed about the liberal media. It went over very well! Especially when I said, “so white people need to understand that it’s just whoop-ass, it’s not lethal, so just lay there and take your blows, you’ll get a few bruises, maybe a bloody nose, but Trayvon doesn’t intend to kill you!”

    People are outraged that they aren’t allowed to defend themselves against aggressive blacks attacking them.

  5. Now Eric “Our People” Holder is spewing to the NAACP that Murkans have the responsibility to retreat before defending themselves. As someone who’s been there, you don’t always have that luxury, much less the time to think about it. You act, or act not. There is no try.

  6. There are signs it’s already here. From all the riot, err, protest videos I’ve seen, there are very few whites at these riots, err, protests. The ones I’ve seen were the usual wigger dudes and mudsharking chicks, as well as the occasional hippie-academic type, who are of course instigating a lot of it.
    They scheduled a riot, err, protest in my town. About 50 older blacks showed up, and life went on. I guess it was too hot and humid for the Section 8 crowd to care.

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