Rachel Jeantel spills the beans on Piers Morgan; she incited Trayvon to commit an anti-gay hate crime!

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Trayvon mistook neighborhood watch for a gay predator cruising him! Rachel Jeantel challenged his manliness for not giving an ass whooping to the creepy ass-cracker (apparently ass-cracker is ghetto for homosexual; makes sense).

So this was an anti-gay hate crime by Trayvon! It’s hilarious how people like Tim Wise and the liberal talking heads went all in on Trayvon, and now they have been dealt a losing hand by Rachel Jeantel!

Spread this meme — that it was an anti-gay hate crime by Trayvon. Imagine if the liberals wanted it to be? Precious Jeantel’s words would be taken as proof positive and it would be trumpeted to the skies! GZ would be the new Matthew Shepard!


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9 Responses to Rachel Jeantel spills the beans on Piers Morgan; she incited Trayvon to commit an anti-gay hate crime!

  1. timmy says:

    ass-cracker is a interesting neologism, but the ass in this case just adds emphasis to ‘creepy cracker’ which becomes ‘creepy-ass-cracker’
    much as ‘broke nigga’ becomes ‘broke ass nigga’
    or if something is really impressive you might say ‘that’s some cool ass shit!’
    white people do a similar thing, say your buddy has an especially big bass boat
    instead of saying ‘that’s a big boat’ you say ‘that’s a big ass boat’

  2. So much stuff I could cover here, but I’ll say this: Spreading this meme to our LGBT brothers and sisters could be a good way to MW the system. If they only knew the true extent of black attitudes towards homosexuality ( a very virulent AND hypocritical attitude ), a lot of them would jump to our side, or at least be more sympathetic to what we’re trying to do.

    Yeah, they’re “different”, but that still doesn’t mean they want to (or deserve to) get raped by someone with a higher probability of STD, including AIDS.

    In my mind, this show trial came down to keeping up appearances that have been in place sine OJ got acquitted: That black men were untouchable by Whites. Finding this to not be true is a blow to their collective psyche, thus the rio-, err, protests.

  3. trouble says:

    I don’t think it’s a good idea to spread the meme that “ass-cracker” means anything because it doesn’t and thus is very easy to refute undermining the whole case. All those expressions have the same form: big-ass, jive-ass, scary-ass. The “ass-cracker” thing is just wrong – cracker is just cracker.

    “Creepy-ass” is the bit that hints at homosexuality / paedophilia as she explained at the trial. To her and Martin creepy-ass meant “pervert” or “rapist.”

  4. I am going to interject my own little sexist perspective into this whole George-Travyon brouhaha, because I think the racism angle has been done to death. IMO, this whole thing would have never happened if either one of them had been FEMALE.

    Men take outrageous risks with their own safety. Zimmerman obviously felt emboldened, because he was carrying a weapon. I don’t think he would have left his vehicle. In fact, he would have locked himself inside if he was unarmed. It didn’t help that Jeantel was egging Martin on, but he, of all people, would know how much “No Limit Niggas” like him scare everybody else who make a point of avoiding them as much as possible. In fact, that that “Cracka” was obviously following him was remarkable enough to him that he told Jeantel about it. Too bad she misinterpreted it. On his own, he might have suspected that Zimmerman felt he had an equalizer because he was armed.

    Women can make men do stupid things. I know a guy who can tell you the side-splittingly funny story about how, in middle school, he was forced to beat up a bully who terrified him, because a girl he had a crush on wandered onto the scene. (He had been desperately looking for a way to weasel out of the fight before she inadvertently forced his hand). It was a couple of bimbo eruptions that took out Petraeus and some other general in time for the Benghazi Hearings. It was a couple of black females who egged that black guy into getting his own ass “whooped” by Epic Bearded Man on that bus. It was Jeantel who goaded Trayvon into jumping Zimmerman rather than going home and calling the cops.

    She wouldn’t have to be a rocket scientist for a “Georgette” Zimmmerman to realize that Trayvon Martin was a tall, athletically built young black man with a long enough to reach to overpower her and take her gun, so you can bet that she would call the police, but remain locked in her vehicle with her gun in easy reach.

    “Tranisha” Martin would have hot-footed it home, locked herself inside her father’s girlfriend’s house, and put the police on speed-dial to let them know that a “creepy-ass cracka” like George Zimmerman was stalking her.

  5. pluto the dog says:

    I keep saying it- Zipperman wasn’t white. If the media would let people know this there would be no story and about a dozen white guys wouldn’t have been killed- another three or four dozen whites wouldn’t have been bashed – we will never know how many whites have been attacked because of trayvan/zipperman – mostly because the media doesn’t tell us.???

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