This is how White boys need to be in the 21st century Dystopia; skilled, fit, aggressive, and topped up with controlled hate

If I had a son, he’d be like this kid in the blue shirt:


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The Fundamental Theorem of this Blog: We can defeat ZOG and take over the state just by having enough smart people in our group to overwhelm the Democracy-Idiocracy of 2040.
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30 Responses to This is how White boys need to be in the 21st century Dystopia; skilled, fit, aggressive, and topped up with controlled hate

  1. Porter says:

    It would have been even more inspirational if the tittering cameraman had dove into the scrum to aid the white boy. I don’t know that I’ve ever seen American whites form impromptu ranks. This–as much as aggression and hate–is key. If whites ever re-learn the emotional, intellectual, and physical power of the phalanx this genocide project will be over.

  2. RobRoySimmons says:

    Young man is in shape, and a brutal bastard at that.

  3. oogaboogaman says:

    Hats off to that young man. Does anybody what particular species of untermensch he was fighting? One problem young whites need to stop doing is the hands out what you gonna posturing, or face to face bs, if its come that far keep a fighting stance and be ready to bang. Also, buy yourself a telescopic baton they work wonders in a fight.

  4. trouble says:

    best youtuber imo, very practical

  5. 313chris says:

    If you had a son, he would be just like Derek Black.

    And with regard to that video, it looked like it was the skinny white kid who started the whole thing, dumbass. Not the kind of behavior to be gloating about.

    Keep jerking off to cell-phone video glory, you pathetic fool.

    • Peter Blood says:

      Get this riff-raff out of here.

    • Wally says:

      I think 313chris is from the comments section over at Occidental Dissent. OD has a good site, but some of the posters in the comment section are terrible. They are just constantly attacking one another for stupid reasons. One poster thought the bombing of Germany during WW2 was great. Mindweapon, I hope you don’t let people like that dominate your comment section in the future.

    • X says:

      If the skinny white kid started it, so what? He finished it, that’s all that counts. The day will come when skinny white kids start it and feel no shame in doing so. They will use overwhelming numbers if they want, they will do as they please with the lesser species, so what? They will dominate, if they choose to be brutal, then let them. 313chris is the pathetic fool and no doubt ‘jerks off’ frequently in his dystopian bedroom.

      Africa for Whites.
      Asia for Whites.
      White countries, every one.

  6. Heligoland says:

    Well done, Kievsky.

    You got under the skin of 313chris and exposed him as a troll.

  7. FN says:

    This is good to see. Outside of prison it is a rare occurrence to see a White boy school the animals. The big negroes and the latinos all think they are bad, bad dudes.
    Well they ain’t shit. A guy was an enforcer for the AB, he was 5’4″, and the “tough” negroes and latinos wouldn’t even look at him, they feared him so.

    It is the YKW who have BRAINWASHED Whitey into thinking he is weak. That is all it is, they’ve TALKED Whitey out of his balls.

    The animals KNOW when you are an Aryan, they smell it like any other animal, and they know when you are SWPL weakling, so that is why the INNER WEREWOLF, is our ticket to paradise. And I don’t mean the muslim paradise…

    • X says:

      Great comment, FN.

    • Gibbon says:

      “It is the YKW who have BRAINWASHED Whitey into thinking he is weak. That is all it is, they’ve TALKED Whitey out of his balls.”

      And a lot of this was unconscious projection. They’re afraid of blacks. Naturally they’d assume everyone was. Hence, we were injected with their “non-confrontational” (disingenuous) way of mastering the world. It doesn’t work for us, however, to cede the physical realm.

      • Gibbon says:

        Amendment: we were injected with their “non-confrontational” (disingenuous) way of mastering the world WITH OUT the will to power and the knowledge that all the deferent, false humility was the way of gaining it.

        At this point, we pursue all paths. Open, to the extent they are viable, and covert ala the Mind Weapon creed.

  8. This kid gets it. The lesser minos can’t be reasoned with, why should he?
    The scary thing is that he looks like he’s had very little training, he just got a mad-on at some dudes and went with it.

  9. White Dragon says:

    Hey I sent an e-mail to the account you gave me. I’m so sorry I think you didn’t get any of my e-mails so I sent you the old one I wrote two weeks ago in addition to the new one I wrote today. Look for Chad.

  10. Clytemnestra says:

    The skinny White kid did not look like he was a skilled fighter, but he made up for it with the element of surprise stemming from his own aggressiveness and viciousness. I think he shocked the crap out of the Negros when he stomped on the back of that Negro he knocked down.

    It is obvious to me that Negros KNOW that this is NOT typical behavior from Whites. Compare and contrast a fight between a Negro and another Negro and that between a Negro and a White. If a Negro knocks another Negro to the ground, the latter leaps to his feet as quickly as he can. He does not stay down. If a White knocks a Negro to the ground, you will see that the latter usually flops on his back and doesn’t make another move. Why?

    The Negro knows that if he stays down after a White has knocked him down, the White will back slowly away and leave as quickly as possible. He has every chance of surviving if he just stays still. A Negro also knows that if he stays down after another Negro has knocked him down, the Negro and several buddies will further stomp him into the ground. He better get up or he may die.

    That skinny little White kid who stomped the Negro he had downed represents an interesting possible new paradigm with White boys, because unlike any White guys I have seen who have the size and the fighting skill to take care of themselves, he did NOT allow himself to be hobbled by a White code of honor, like the Marquess of Queensbury rules. He is a “dirty fighter.”

    There is a lot we can learn from this skinny White kid and that is his great street-fighting instincts. There are some people you DON’T want to let live to fight another day. The one thing that the Zimmerman Brouhaha is that where guns are concerned, the government is hell-bent on criminalizing even self-preservation as a defense. If/when that happens, then look out! Whites better learn how to kill with their bare hands. It is very, very important that racially conscious White parents train their kids not only to be skilled fighters but to “fight dirty” as hell.

    • mindweapon says:

      Whites better learn how to kill with their bare hands. It is very, very important that racially conscious White parents train their kids not only to be skilled fighters but to “fight dirty” as hell.

      When the Zimmerman thing first came out I did a post on dirty fighting and martial arts training as a legally safer form of defense and counter-aggression. If GZ had been a trained fighter and duked it out with Trayvon and killed Trayvon with bare fists and feet in a fair fight, it wouldn’t have been a story.

      What GZ should have been carrying is something like a zap cane:

      Non-lethal. Tray Tray learns a painful lesson and goes home to burgle more residences; GZ doesn’t become the subjecvt of a high tech lynching.

  11. Peak Finance says:

    I have to jump in here:

    He is a “dirty fighter.”

    There is NO such thing as a dirty street fighter. If you want to fight someone “With honor” invite them to your gym, gear up, and knock the stuffing out of each other. On the street, you have to assume that every killing move and every maiming move is on the table, and act accordingly!

    Also, if you are trained, and happen to meet someone else in a fight who is also trained, it’s going to get really ugly, really fast: “When two tigers fight, the loser dies today, the winner dies tomorrow”

  12. PA says:

    Good video Korzeń. A good thing for any young (or not so young) man would be to start boxing. Heavybag work weekly, to get used to throwing punches.

  13. With the right techniques, it is possible to be unarmed yet kill another person. Recently, I read an where an urban “youf” invaded the wrong home and tried to terrorize the wrong old lady. Little did he know that she had taken a bunch of self-defense courses. She killed him by punching him in the throat and breaking his windpipe.

    I don’t want law-abiding Americans to lose a single one of their second amendment rights, but IMO, they are too reliant on them … to the point of carelessness and complacency. The gun in your bedside table is not going to do a damned bit of good if someone is attacking you in your living room or front yard and it is impossible to carry those things on your person all the time. That is why it is better to augment any target practice with as many self-defense lessons as possible.

  14. ZOGSLAG says:


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