The Just Retribution will Not Be Averted

I recently found out that in China (and probably India and Korea as well) they have specialized math and science high schools that get those kids all the way through advanced topics in calculus — differential equations and multivariable equations. The best US students come out of high school with 2 years of AP calculus, which is pretty much just derivatives and integrals.

They don’t cultivate high achievement in math and science in the USA because then kids would see that tehre’s smart kids and dumb kids and be more ruthless self sorters into racial and class hierarchies. So they make sure the “bad boys” get to go to school with the smart kids, and the bad boys show off that they don’t play by society’s rules, and the authorities don’t punish them too harshly and don’t make them objects of ridicule but rather pander to them, and bad boys and/dumb kids (not always overlappping) win the big prize of adolescence — attention from the opposite sex while the smart kids play ith their star wars figurines and world of warcraft et cetera.

There’s an analog in the adult world. Jobs are not guaranteed any more, but it is possible to get welfare. We don’t have universal employment because so much stuff is automated. If food production is localized, you’ll always be able to sop up more labor, because those people will need to work to eat.

But right now we’re on the Automatic Cornucopia, so the government and corporations can play favorites. There’s outright welfare, there’s makework jobs like the black males on Segways working as meter maids and security guards and government workers in cities, and admittedly doing a good job at least providing eyes and ears around downtown Providence. But those jobs are for black people. There’s no such thing as “jobs for white people,” but there sure are the o ther way, and the liberals would argue this is justified till they are blue in the face.

So the government is able to dispose of a lot of money, so much so that they distort the economy. Money is a tool of ideology and culture jamming for them. They distort the economy and the culture to try to “equalize” people, though its temporary and is going to lead to hell to pay.

Federal and state budgets, and government hiring decisions, are some of the many tools of racial engineering. But a racially engineered society is like a bridge that’s engineered to collapse. What happens when there’s hyperinflation and government paychecks and EBT cards can no longer purchase the goods and services of hte Automatic Cornucopia? Because that’s how they are collapsing the system — people will get checks, but the money will buy less and less.

I suspect that taking down the USA was a decision from within(Kissinger, Rockefeller, et al), and the Chinese agreed at the top levels to go along with it. So they took awawy farming and manufacturing and made us all office workers and soldiers for their crazy Project for a New American Century. Victory abroad, boiled frog defeat at home.

The final touch is feeding poisoned food to the masses. The ultimate reason for GMO’s is not to “feed the world” but to control the food supply and to be able to introduce pharmaceuticals via the food supply. Such pharmaceuticals could include drugs that influence fertility, cause birth defects, or cause systematic changes in the brain. They could even put nanotechnology in the food.

So it’s a nightmarish dystopia they have mal-engineered of racial, and economic and ecological Hell. The whole planet has become their Witches Cauldron of dark magic — double, bubble, toil and trouble! I think it’s somehow their job, or their instinct to do so long as they get aweay with it. They are like a test for the rest of us — do we have it in us to systematically resist them, and eventually take them down and put more and smarter and less insane men in charge of managing the planet?

So how do we resist? In a nutshell, we do reverse engineering of what they are doing to us, and then we take countermeasures and develop strategies to retake power from them. So we bring back our farms and relocalize our food supply for starters. This will somewhat soften the blow of hyperinflation for us, or even give us a viable business. If food was expensive I would be able to go full bore into food production, and a lot of ordinary households would do so. I suspect it would become millions of local group efforts — the know how guys recruit armies of able bodied help and they create networks of backyard gardens and small farms and work as teams on all of them. A lot of old people own land and would gladly allow it to be rented.

The next thing to do is to take STEM out of the institutions and do it among ourselves. Some people are saying it’s not worth doing STEM any more because there’s no jobs. That’s falling into the ZOG trap; that’s exactly what they want you to do. They want to have institutional monopolies on STEM. Civilziatgion is massively complex and will always, always need STEM people, whether we end up going caveman again, or continue Automatic Cornucopia into the Sexy High Tech Vision of a Radically Democratic Future.

And you especially want to install advanced problem solving skills in your kids, and it is like “installing” it. It is not easy when the learner does not enjoy the learning as I do. As my kid puts it, “it’s like pulling teeth.” But it’s worth it. I got my 15 year old doing the product and quotient rules for taking derivatives, and next we’ll be doing chain rule, which I found daunting at first but now I find quite simple. Also, a typical problem is when to use chain rule versus when to use product rule/quotient rule, and sometimes you have to use the two in conjunction. The other thing she is learning at the moment is Dimensional Analysis, a topic that is heavy in chemistry but is a useful skill no matter what, and can get very complex. Dimensional Analysis is used all the way to the highest levels of chemistry and physics and engineering.

Whether or not she ever uses this stuff, it is engineering her mind to think in more complex and careful ways. She will learn jobs more quickly; she will be better at following recipes or sets of complex instructions; she is likely to make more rational decisions.

There’s going to be plenty to do; plenty of small time, local engineering and intelligently directed labor. The welfare dystopia of anti-white racial engineering is the project of mad scientists and malicious plutocrats that is doomed to spectacular failure.

Over at Eradica they believe that the Dystopia can go on indefinitely — long enough to snuff out the White Gentile race unless we somehow take them on. Reality, and hyperinflation have other plans for us.

The hyperinflation and Long Emergency is going to do its own social engineering that is out of the hands of the plutocrats, and will prove dangerous to them. They know about this possibility and fear it, which is precisely why the racial engineering has gotten so blatant. They are going all in — they have this tendency. Tim Wise and friends went all in on the Trayvon Martin-George Zimmerman affair; ignoring the facts that Trayvon was found with jewelry and a screwdriver. If Trayvon was a mechanical kind of guy, going around fixing stuff for people, don’t you think the liberals would have talked about it? Also, as pointed out in a previous blog post, Rachel Jeantel ginned up a gay panic in Trayvon over Zimmerman, suggesting Zimmerman was a gay sex predator on the hunt.

So liberals are not conservative or careful with their power. They have a tendency to bet all their chips on one hand, because they have a past experience bias. They have won and won and won so much that they see no problem with betting all their chips on every hand. They have attained spectacular heights of hubris; maximum chutzpah.

Racial engineering is just such a “bet all your chips,” gambit. They know they will lose control of the Automatic Cornucopia, and fear a just retribution. So they want to pre-emptively kill us off. It doesn’t look like it’s going to work, and the just retribution will not be averted.


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27 Responses to The Just Retribution will Not Be Averted

  1. That’s incredibly grim but it all matches with my experience. If you have kids, you have to do whatever is necessary to keep them sheltered and protected from evil influences- ideally out of public school altogether.

    • I’m not sure ‘sheltered’ is the best word. Marketing is so strong that at some point you have to help your children build an immunity, or partial immunity, to its messages. If they’re sheltered from the culture completely, when they do get exposed to it it can be like being exposed to smallpox at sixteen instead of six.

      I remember seeing my first tv commercial when I was about six years old. Up till then I’d only seen Disney movies and PBS, so I thought this commercial was real life, until my parents explained it to me.

      This is not to say you should try to be a permissive liberal parent (“At least if he’s doing it at home I can keep an eye on him!”). I’ve seen kids raised that way and it’s not something I’d want for myself or for my own kids. Some structure and discipline is essential.

      • ContemplativeMorrigan says:

        Occasionally I’ll mull over what my stance on race will be as a parent. For the most part I figure that I won’t really mention it explicitly to my kids, aside from surrounding them with white history and culture in their education and general upbringing. One thing that I keep coming back to is that when they make innocently “racist” remarks, I’ll tell them that there’s nothing wrong with what they said, BUT it’s something that should be kept for home and conversations with mommy and daddy. Until a kid is old enough to selectively filter what they say, talking about race around them could not only lead to trouble for mom and dad if the wrong adults hear them repeating information but could also make the poor kiddos very confused/ashamed/frightened if an adult hears them repeating some un-PC comment and decides to help clear things up for them.

        If the local high school is less than 15% black and mestizo and also has a decent honors program, it might not be the worst thing in the world to let your kid attend and get their fill of diversity so they’re vaccinated against the social justice seminars they’ll have to take in college.

      • One thing that I keep coming back to is that when they make innocently “racist” remarks, I’ll tell them that there’s nothing wrong with what they said, BUT it’s something that should be kept for home and conversations with mommy and daddy.

        That’s not a bad idea. I’ve never heard of CPS investigating parents for “racism” (except for one white trashionalist couple who named their child “Adolf HItler”––yes, really) but I’m sure it happens from time to time.

        It’ll sound weird, but I think one of the best ways to vaccinate your kids against the media is to expose them to propaganda analysis, which is overwhelmingly leftist. Think movies like “The Century of the Self,” “The Merchants of Cool,” and “Manufacturing Consent.” If someone creates a far-right version (“What Jews Think of Christians” – using only clips from TV shows like “Curb Your Enthusiasm”) you wouldn’t have to be too heavy-handed with that stuff.

  2. RobRoySimmons says:

    Party Line auto-pilot for sure, just read Kos the home for politically active cubicle sitters, kept in line only by constant political agitation of distraction. The Detroit issue which is the cancer cell to the Ponziconomy was basically ignored so the childlike whiners could be fed “GOP poopyhead” agitprop.

    Kuntsler knows these types, gotta suck to be him. Anyway I am of the opinion that the example of the Jim Jones cult can usually be overlayed on our predicament to predict a direction, or the example of the other cult the USSR, but either is helpful. I’m predicting a rapid crash of the present cult especially if Dear Leader gives many more of his “I’m effin depressed” speeches, hell if I woke up one day to hear that asshole talking about “revolutionary suicide” I would think nothing of it.

  3. “… we do reverse engineering …” Leaving aside the hateful aspects of Grosse Judentum’s misconduct in authority, it is my opinion that the Jews constitute the very model of group survival. However, the proper perspective is to do as they do, not as they say. This means, as Professor MacDonald is doing, studying them as deeply as one’s capabilities permit, in every way in which it is possible for outsiders to study an ethnic group; then deciding how that learning can help us, and how to put it into practice. (What they prescribe for us to do, contrary to their own practice, should be called out as political posturing. Their own conduct, contrary to what they prescribe for us, should be discussed in context of their prescriptions for our conduct,) Failure to respect an adversary gravely risks loss of at least the skirmish, if not the game.

    There should be more discussion of

    • Attila says:

      I’ve been saying the same thing for years, but the second you bring it up, you get accused of being a philo-Semite. You can’t learn anything from anyone if you don’t have at least SOME respect for them. While a lot of the Goyim were watching sports and getting wasted, the Yehudim got busy studying Torah, high finance and everything in-between. I’ve personally learned more from “The Joooooos” than from their raving detractors. Even learning Hebrew can do wonders to enhance your meme tool kit.

  4. Ryu says:

    I’m not so hot on STEM. The same discipline can be applied to any area. If only one could get the same mindset but NOT having to study STEM first.

    The key is to just find an area you love and are good at, master that. If I were the very best gardener in the world, I’d make alot of $$$ and know some STEM. It is a long term project. Some will not find Mathematics to their liking.

    Anger and awareness are not enough! The poor in El Salvador “know” that their elite do not care. Yet there will never, ever be a revolt there. Another ingredient is needed.

    • ContemplativeMorrigan says:

      I really enjoyed some portions of biology this spring and wish that my math education in middle/high school had extended beyond Algebra for Dummies. I understand why they are important disciplines, and if I wasn’t already the age at which most people only have a year of college left, I likely would have enrolled in several science and math courses before deciding between a STEM and liberal arts major. As it is, I have four or five semesters left in a discipline that, while not valuable in the tangible way that a chemistry or engineering degree might be, utilizes modes of thought that are natural to me anyway. Hopefully learning another language will exercise some of the same brain muscles as the STEM subjects I have neglected.

  5. oogenhand says:

    Reblogged this on oogenhand and commented:
    robertpinkerton is right: concentrate on Hebrew.

  6. Adit says:

    The Liberals, etc. have to go all in. Their guilt is undeniable so they have to win or die. Expect to see a huge flood of immigration (the past flood will seem like a trickle in comparison) before they are through. I suspect since they know they can’t get what they want, they’ll just try and destroy everything just for the sake of destruction. Think of it as a scorched earth policy, but they won’t mind committing suicide(after all what do they have to lose?) as long as they can murder the rest of us in the process.

  7. Brandon says:

    ….”and the just retribution will not be averted”. Yes.

  8. Ex-pat in Oz says:

    You lose me a bit with the GMO stuff– could you point me to a resource for further research?

    I think the Trayvon think is an “OJ” too far– whites have had it and no amount of MSM and Obongo whining is having the slightest impact.

    Game’s up.

  9. Peak Finance says:

    What would be really cool is if you can find a learning program, process or procedure that would help us adults, whom have not studied calc and diff eq for 20 years keep our skills fresh. This way if I ever have kids of my own to teach, or decide to help tutor kids in the area, I will know what I am doing.

    The most complex math that I remember is some intermediate statistics and some management accounting stuff. Don’t discount management accounting, it would be really useful to farmers.

  10. baaltanit says:

    Reblogged this on and commented:
    I salute Mindweapon’s dedication! STEM is absolutely essential for our people. Without it, no higher education is possible. STEM is not the pinnacle. STEM is the base camp. It is the foundation. From there you climb. In today’s economy you will get nowhere without graduate school. You’ll not achieve graduate school in the sciences without STEM. It is hard to convince people of the need for hard work. The harder the work, the less convinced people are of its necessity. Most people choose the easy road, then they conform their logic to suit their decision.
    I was once a musician. I became among the best in the world at my instrument. It got me knowhere. At my level, I hobnobbed with legends. They were starving. I speak four languages fluently. It got me nowhere. I knew many professional translators. I myself have been publsihed. It will get you nowhere. Sure there are exceptions. So too are there millionaire basketball players. I wouldn’t advise it as a career path.

    I salute mindweapon who has taken the road less travelled, the road of difficulty, the road of high civilization, the road of the future, the road of power, the road of the Aryan.

  11. The ultimate reason for GMO’s is not to “feed the world” but to control the food supply and to be able to introduce pharmaceuticals via the food supply.

    I always wondered what all those “flavor companies” in New Jersey were really putting in the food. Every once in a while you could smell a “syrup like” odor throughout the metro area.

    I think the cornucopia will last another generation, elite whites (like the ones doing STEM either institutionally or independently) will thrive, not just survive, but Eradica is wrong if they think there’s going to be some sort of shooting war with the Trayvon and Zimmerman army. I suspect that’s red meat for Rushbots needing a reason to bother voting GOP in the next election.

    You see, conservatives are terrified of Negro mobs, even though they are (presumably) heavily armed and don’t live anywhere near the ghetto. The GOP doesn’t want you to think about Big Ag, corporate globalization, or Wall Street, so they create an elaborate fantasy about fighting off the brown mobs. But come one, the last major Negro riots were LA and Katrina – they did what they always do, attack themselves and their own neighborhoods. You know, they are Negroes, what else are they going to do?

    Avoid street crime and the Trayvons aren’t a problem.

  12. White Dragon says:

    The Zimmerman verdict is not a victory for us. Last night on Political Cesspool, they said the defense lawyer Mark O’Meara, only took the case because he was convinced that Zimmerman wasn’t “racist”. If this had happened to any WN, all it would have taken is a bookmark to AmRen found on your browser and it would’ve been guilty. Richard Spencer was reluctant to say this on the show, because he probably wants people to go to his NPI conference in October.

    When it comes to STEM, I recommend it and applaud anyone who does so and succeeds, but keep in mind it’s extremely difficult. I originally majored in engineering (this was before I became WN), but failed BADLY, and had to withdraw. And when that happens to you in junior year of college you feel shame and regret, because you missed out on a lot of social opportunities like parties, dating, and clubs to study and go to the free-tutors only to find it was all for nothing. I feel better about myself especially now that I am WN, but of course like many recent graduates of whatever beliefs, it’s now hard to find and get a job. I’m not discouraging anyone I’m just trying to say that there is a lot of risk.

    If MW and baaltanit decide to make a WN calculus-study-club that would be great for anybody still in HS or starting college.

    • Ryu says:

      No doubt you could have gotten the engineering degree. You just quit too soon. Most do.

      Junior year. So you made it through calc 123 and diff eq. You must have stumbed upon Thermodynamics. That is the engineer killer. Either that, or you were an EE major and tanked in electromagnetism. But after one or two tries, you could have got it.

  13. Wally D. says:

    Edward Snowden is the ultimate mindweapon prototype. While he is ceratinly not a mixed martial artist, he is self-educated and was able to successfully infiltrate into the darkest reaches of the Inner Party, willing to sacrifice his life in paradise for the greater good of America.

  14. MW, STEM is not the only thing that should be installed in White children. THRIFT is the biggest weapon Whites have against the system.

    Question: What is the ONE group of White people (and “racist” White people at that) is NEVER bothered by FEDGOV?!

    Answer: The Appalachians.

    Question: Why?

    Answer: They appear to be too poor to bother with.

    The Duopoly despises them and categorizes them as “Poor White Trash.” Isn’t it interesting that to be considered White Trash, one has to be poor?! But they leave them alone.

    This system is consumer-driven. Kindly remember all those news broadcasts at Christmas exhorting people into thinking that they had to charge their credit cards to the hilt and consume, consume, consume to keep the economy going. “Keeping Up With The Joneses” has been a meme I’ve been hearing since I was born back in the fifties. McMansions, golf courses, bigger, fancier cars, flat screen televisions and Mac books in every room, I-phones, etc. ad nauseum ad infinitum. It’s all BLING that draws the Cargo Cult, led by FEDGOV and populated by Diversity like a beacon. And we are surprised when the looters show up?!

    Everyone here has heard the story of how Channon Christopher and Christopher Newsom were abducted and murdered by Negro thugs. Does everyone know that they were initially planning to steal an SUV? Does everyone know that what drew their covetous eyes in the first place was Channon’s brand new SUV? The attractive young White couple to rape, torture, and kill was just a bonus to them. The irony is that Channon’s daddy is probably still making payments on that damned thing! But it is sobering to think that those two just might have made it to their friends’ apartment if they had gone there in Newsom’s battered old work truck instead.

    What kind of shape would Whites be in if they could live below their means? Instead of paying two or three thousand dollars a month to mortgage a McMansion and five or six hundred a month – not to mention taxes and insurance – for an SUV, if they had a paid off car and lived in a paid off little house on an acre of land in which they could put a garden, fruit trees, and a chicken coop? They could use the balance to hire tutors who could REALLY educate their children. They could enroll in physical fitness classes that would incorporate self-defense. They could buy convenience stores and motels.

    Most importantly, the Cargo Cult would think that such Whites were too poor to be bothered with. Finding that the fruit on the lower branches was sparse indeed, they would be forced to move up the tree to the neighborhoods of DWLs and SWPLs where the fruit was a lot more plentiful and obvious.

    The kind of nonsense that we are dealing with is only going to stop when the Tim Wises of America find a low-income housing complex being constructed just around the block from their houses. Let’s make it our personal mission to make that day happen as quickly as possible.

    • RobRoySimmons says:

      And when the SWPL royalty moves to the hills to enjoy the scenery, them thar hillbillies just start picking away at the property.

      An acquaintance has a daughter who became a doctor and she had a job in Alabama and she started to antagonize the locals, locals sent her death threats, daddy armed her, law enforcement did not give a fuck, daughter took her mouth and moved north.

    • mindweapon says:

      Definitely. Actually, what I see in my little town is tens of millions of dollars extracted because everyone drives. If people didn’t drive, they’d have a lot more disposable income and could work a lot less. Instead of a car, a transportation budget, and that transportation budget is not more than 10% of income.

      Also, it’s astonishing that people don’t grow their own food. It’s just a little bit of work for a lot of reward. And you can make a game out of getting the most yields for the fewest inputs. I find that aspect of gardening very fascinating — building soil with discarded leaves and discarded wood ashes and of course discarded horsey doo doo. Hilling the potatoes with discarded boxes. I’m the horticultural input dumpster diver!

      I just ate a yellow squash right off the vine, before it got too big like a rough baseball bat, and I feel a burst of that fresh, living energy from it. My mother in law has a large vat of half sour pickles soaking in a brine solution with dill and garlic and peppers from the garden as well.

      When more people get involved in this we’ll get trade started.

    • Mr. Rational says:

      Does everyone know that they were initially planning to steal an SUV? Does everyone know that what drew their covetous eyes in the first place was Channon’s brand new SUV?

      The media made up the motive of theft; the SUV may have attracted the murderer’s attention, but if it was their objective they would not have abandoned it.

      The objective was murder, period.  The motive was hate, not gain.

  15. I respectfully disagree. The initial intent was to steal an SUV. For several weeks prior, there were reports of thefts and attempted thefts. In fact, the police suspected Davidson, Cobbins and the others of being involved, but did not act, because of all the past flack various police departments because of two factors made possible by Snivel Rights Activists.

    1) DWLs and people of color are sick and tired of hearing about The Color of Crime. The best way to get the crime stats of people of color down is to simply not report it. That way there is less chance of the White Proles getting a bellyful and taking matters into their own hands. To that end, police don’t file incident reports with crimes involving people of color much anymore unless people of color make such a hot, smelly mess of things that it can’t be covered up. Lower crime stats MUST mean there is less crime, right? Right!

    2) The Knoxville Police did not actively try to investigate these car jackings, because they already had strong suspicions that these Negros were involved and they were no long aloud to racially profile.

    The Newsoms and the Christophers should seriously consider filing a civil suit against the City of Knoxville for Wrongful Death based on the Knoxville PD engaging in de-policing.

    The original motive was to steal an SUV. That SUV drew their attention and its occupants distracted the would-be carjackers by providing them with fun and games. The fact that Davidson had just been dumped by his White druggie girlfriend, Daphne Sutton, after he had started beating her, had a lot to do with what happened to Channon and Christopher. With Sutton gone, Davidson had no way to vent his brutish, sadistic nature.

    Davidson was supposedly trying to woo Sutton back, but I don’t buy it. He and his friends wanted to throw Sutton to the wolves by saying she had been in on it all along, but the police were covering it up, because she was related to one of them. I fully believe that, if they had not stumbled across Channon and Christopher and Davidson had succeeded in luring Sutton back to that house, then Sutton herself would have been the White girl stuffed in the trash can. Too bad it didn’t work out that way.

    • Mr. Rational says:

      Again, if the intent was to steal an SUV, why didn’t the carjackers get anything from stealilng the SUV?

      They abandoned it, after murdering the occupants.  Murder WAS the motive.

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